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AN:Remember to please give your input and suggestions concerning Harry’s Birthday party and please review the more reviews the faster I will get the next chapter out (How’s that for blackmail?) I hope you will be ale to visualize the house. I made floor plans so I wouldn’t get confused in it myself. CHAPTER 8 HOME SWEET HOME They flooed back to the Black house and spent the next couple of days trying to keep themselves busy. Mr. Weasley found Harry who was playing chess with Ron. "Harry, did you know that there was a car out in the garage at your house?" "No Mr. Weasley," Harry replied, "we never went outside." Harry was remembering the old Ford Anglia that he and Ron crashed into the Whomping Willow in their second year, leaving Mr. Weasley without a car. "Well I was wondering if I could try and get it running then we could use it to get all of your things to the house on Saturday and we could also use it to get you kids to King's Cross in September." Mr. Weasley said nervously. Harry smiled, knowing how Mr. Weasley loved to tinker with muggle things. "Well you can just have it since I'm the reason you lost your car in the first place." Harry answered. "Oh Harry that was an accident, besides I can't take your car it's too much." Said Arthur. "Well how about we make a deal." Harry suggested. "What do you have in mind?" Arthur asked. "Well how about you use the car whenever you want, and you can teach me how to drive." Harry answered. "I think that will work." Arthur agreed, "How about we start on Sunday when we go to pick up the Dursleys." Harry nodded in agreement. Early Friday morning, when Harry went to breakfast he heard the angry voice of Mrs. Weasley. He stopped not knowing if it was something he should intrude on. "It's not safe!" He heard Molly say. "But mum we're adults." Said Fred. "We can make our own choices." He heard George add. "Families are being attacked more and more, they've already attacked the Burrow. They will go any Weasley they can find. I can't stop you from working in Hogsmade. The only thing that keeps me sane is that there haven't been any attack during the day, but living there in a flat, you’re just at too much risk." Molly argued. "Mum we can't stay here with the order." George replied. "It's not like we can have our friends visit." Added Fred. "You can come with us." Harry announced, coming into the kitchen, and then realizing he was eavesdropping as his face turned red. "Um sorry, I overheard." "That's okay Harry." Said Molly "Maybe you can talk some since in to these two." She said as she got up from the table. "Harry it's not that we don't appreciate the offer..." began Fred. "But we don't want you to get crowded." Finished George. "Fred George didn't anyone tell you?" Asked Harry. "Tell us what?" The twins asked in unison. "The place is HUGE. We'll have plenty of space and there are plenty of rooms. There's also a cellar that you could use for your creations, besides maybe the muggles will give you some new ideas." Said Harry convincingly. "Well maybe for a while." Said George. "Just to make mum feel better." Added Fred. Harry noticed the mischief glint in their eyes and grinned. "We'll be going tomorrow so can you be ready?" Asked Harry. "I think we can manage that." Fred grinned. "When are the muggles coming?" Asked George. "Sunday." Answered Harry. "Don't you bother those muggles." Said Molly and under her breath added, 'at least not right away.' The rest of the day was spent by everyone getting ready. Harry was in his room and began cleaning Hedwig's cage when he heard a noise. He turned to see Phineas Nigellus in his usually blank portrait. "Hello Harry," said Phineas. "Hi," said Harry. "I see you've calmed down since the end of the term." Said Phineas. "Um yeah, I guess I have." Harry said, embarrassed. "I suppose I should apologize to Professor Dumbledore for the tantrum I had, and all the things I broke." "There was no lasting harm done, the items were easily repaired but I do know the Head Master still feel bad for keeping things from you." Said Phineas. "I realize now that he did what he thought was best, and in doing so it still hurts that he would keep something like that from me." Said Harry. "Have you told your friends about what happened with the prophecy?" Phineas asked. "Um well no." Said Harry. "Why is that?" Asked Phineas. "Well I don't want to worry them about...” He trailed off "I guess I'm starting to understand." Said Harry "Thanks." "Don't mention it." Said Phineas "If you ever need some advise, I'll be here just hanging around. Oh and Harry?" "Yeah," answered Harry, looking at his feet. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about Sirius. I've begun to understand why he took the path that he did even though it was against the family." Said Phineas. "Thanks, that means allot." Said Harry and looked up at the portrait to see Phineas starting to nod off. Harry finished up with his things and went to find Ron. When he found him he was in the kitchen writing a letter. "Who're writing' to Ron?" "Hermione, I thought I'd tell her what's been going on and about the house." Said Ron. "Well give her my best and see if she can come visit some time. She'll get the room next to yours." Harry added, he couldn't help grinning. He had known for quite some time now that they both liked each other. Hopefully this year they'll get over their stubbornness and admit it. The next morning Harry didn't wake until he heard Ron moving about the room."Morning Harry." Said Ron when he noticed Harry waking up. "Ugh." Harry groaned. "Rough night?" Ron asked. He had heard Harry tossing in his sleep a little when he had woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. "Not that bad, I think I'm just nervous about living in my dad's house. I just couldn't sleep that well." Harry yawned. "Is that what's been buggin' you? I noticed you've been pretty quiet, I just thought it was..." Ron trailed off. "You thought it was Sirius." Harry finished. "Well yeah." Said Ron. "I guess I haven't had much time to dwell on Sirius with everyone around. Since I've gotten that letter from him it did make me feel a little better. I still miss him terribly. It's just one more thing that's happened because Voldemort is after me, but I'm starting to realize it's Voldemot's fault. I've got to be more careful not to let him get to me and let others get in the way." Said Harry. "Harry what's happened to you? You're starting to sound like Hermione." Ron laughed, trying to lighten Harry up. "Well I guess I'm just growing up,” Harry joked back. "But I'm sure I'll have relapses into youth. I have strict orders to keep up the Marauders name. Care to join me in that?" Harry asked. "I'll have to think about it." Said Ron, trying to look serious, then rolled his eyes. "Well okay if I have to." He then sounded excited "You got anything in mind?" "Not yet all I've been doing so far is embarrassing myself." Harry laughed. 'But don't ask' he thought to himself, the last thing he wanted Ron to know was that he groped his sister, even if it was an accident. "We better get our things downstairs. Mum and Dad will get the rest later." Ron said. Harry dressed and finished his last minute packing before taking Hedwig in one hand and grabbing the end of his trunk with the other. Ron came back in to help him carry it downstairs. Mr. Weasley arrived through the front door and told everyone to get his or her things loaded in the car. The car was a big old black Cadillac, it was however in relatively good shape. Mr. Weasley had obviously expanded the trunk space to accommodate everyone’s belongings. They loaded up and drove to the outskirts of London, finally coming up on a long lane leading to the 'Potter Mansion'. He then drove to the gate at the side of the house; Arthur reached up to the dash of the car and pushed the green button opening the gate. He drove through the gate, which enclosed behind them, and stopped by the west side entrance. Dobby was there to greet them he took their luggage, and with a pop, sent it to their rooms. They spent the rest of the day looking about the house and playing Quidditch out back in the large yard. Towards suppertime Ickus announced the arrival of Fred and George. Harry and Ron went to the front hall to meet them. "So this is the new pad?" Said Fred. "Where did you want us Harry." Asked George. “Well let’s go up so you can choose." Said Harry. With a pop Dobby appeared next to them. "Master Fred, Master George Dobby can take care of your things for you." "That's okay Dobby we're heading up anyway." Said George. Dobby's ears dropped, obviously disappointed about not being able to help. Upon noticing this Fred added "Dobby would you be a mate and let mum know we're famished and we'll be down to supper in a bit." Dobby smiled greatly then popped out of the room. "Always keep'em happy, you never know when you'll need a favor." Said Fred with a grin. The boys made their way to the second floor and started looking at the different rooms. Fred and George decided on the corner bedroom that was done in purple and yellow. The twins always had a bit of a strange taste. "So Harry, where can we set up shop?" Asked George. "How about we take a look in the cellar and see what's there." Replied Harry. "But let's go eat first." Ron suggested with a growling stomach. After supper Harry, Ron, Ginny, and the twins headed to the cellar to see if they could find a suitable place for Fred and George to set up shop. At the bottom of the stairs there was a wine cellar, a fruit cellar and a large room with a passage leading west to the dungeons under the garage and stables. About halfway down another passage leading south to a single room. This room looked like a smaller version of Snape’s classroom, only less depressing. Fred and George immediately agreed this was their new research facility.

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