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Disclaimer: the same old stuff, i don't own any of the characters except the ones i made and the plot. this is all JK's.

Lily was the most beautiful girl James had ever seen, and he had been trying to show her how special she was to him ever since their fifth year. Her red hair and stunning green eyes had James trying to show off around her every second. He would torture Snape and boast about his position on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as Chaser. He asked her out every chance he had, but she always turned him down. James had never understood why. There were so many girls who would die to date him but he didn’t want anyone but Lily. She was everything he'd ever wanted.

James was actually being something other than a moron in the past few weeks. He had stopped asking her out and she realized that she kind of missed it. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, Lily couldn’t get over the fact of how cute he was. The way his hair fell down in front of his eyes in an unruly, but sexy way. The way he smiled at her when they were walking in the hallway. But he was so stuck up sometimes! Every time she saw him, he was bragging and he really got on her nerves! Although lately his conceited behavior had become either fewer and farther between or at least more bearable.

“Hey Lily!”

“Oh, hi, Remus,” Lily said to the man who had been one of her best friends all through Hogwarts.

“Our seventh year is almost over,” Remus started slightly nervously.

“Yeah, N.E.W.T.S are next week!” Lily exclaimed, “Speaking of N.E.W.T.S., I’d better go study!”

“Wait, studying can wait a few seconds,” Remus stopped Lily in her tracks. “Ummm…there was something I wanted to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Lily, I think you’re beautiful,” Remus began.

Lily felt her face heat up unexpectedly. Sure, Remus was cute, but they had been friends for a long, long time. “Really? I mean, thanks. But that’s not exactly a question.”

“Yeah, well this is: Lily, will you be my girlfriend?” It came out of Remus’s mouth in a rush.

It was barely a second before Lily answered, “Of course!”

Remus swept her into an embrace in his strong, muscular arms. He literally swept her off his feet. She looked up at his sweet, gentle face and kissed him fully on the lips.

“Hey, what's up?” James had just walked in through the portrait of the Fat Lady. His face contorted in rage as Lily and Remus broke their embrace to look at him. “Moony? Remus! Lily?” His voice softened as he spoke her name. “What the hell are you thinking man?”

James rushed at the couple angrily, and Lily screamed in real terror at the murderous look on James’ face. James slammed Remus against the wall and started pummeling him in the stomach. Remus took the beating submissively. He knew he deserved it. Lily was always James’ girl but she was so beautiful and she kept turning James down. Remus couldn’t help but be crazy about her. “She’s mine!” James yelled with every punch. “You knew that! What the hell?”

“James, stop it. NOW!” Lily yelled frantically, “Leave him alone!”

James pulled back reluctantly from the thoroughly beaten Remus. “I’ll leave him alone,” James said, breathing heavily, “but only because you asked me to.” With that he walked away, out of the portrait hole, seething at his friend’s betrayal.

“Are you all right, Remus?” Lily asked, truly concerned.

“Fine, fine.”

“Where’s James?” Sirius asked, coming back from Quidditch practice, with his girlfriend, Kara on his arm. “He wasn’t at practice. That isn’t normal for him.”

Lily reddened in the way only redheads can. “Well, something happened. Remus asked me out and James got mad.”

“Did you accept?” Kara piped in.


“Damn, you two are cute together. But I bet James isn’t too happy about the whole deal,” Sirius said.

“Yeah, we haven’t seen him since he kicked my ass,” Remus added in, walking up and sliding his arm around Lily’s waist. She tried not to squirm in his grasp as she didn’t quite feel comfortable so close to him anymore.

“He kicked your ass? OH MAN, I didn’t know that he would even go that far,” Sirius laughed.

“It’s not really that funny Sirius,” Lily reprimanded.

“Oh yeah. Sorry I guess.”

After all of the times James had asked Lily out, tried to show off for her, and now he was just trying to get on her good side, she had gone for Remus at his very first request. Did he really mean that little to her? If only Lily knew how much she meant to him! If he could only tell her everything he thought about her. Or if he could prove to her that he wasn’t just a stuck up jerk! He had sat near a window and watched the sunset under his Invisibility Cloak, hiding away so the world couldn’t see his embarrassment. It was a red sunset, the red of Lily’s brilliant hair. He couldn’t help but think about her every second.

James didn’t make his way back to the common room until the middle of the night when he was sure that no one else would be awake. He was too humiliated to face any of his friends.

When James climbed through the portrait hole, he sense movement in one of the chairs in front of the fire. “Sorry,” he said, resignedly, “I didn’t think anyone would be awake.”

“Hi, James,” Lily said, “I couldn’t sleep. I was worried about you. What took you so long to come back?”

“I was thinking,” James said vaguely, sinking down in the chair next to her.

“About what?”

“About this girl I like.”

“Who is she?”

“She’s beautiful and I’ve known her since first year,” James hinted.

“Is she in Gryffindor?” Lily asked curiously.

“Yes,” James answered, “She’s smart, too, but I can’t get the courage to ask her out.”

“Oh, come on, James. You know any girl would love to go out with you,” Lily scoffed.

“Not this one. I think I really love her, you know?” James said. Once he realized that he was rambling on too much, he changed the subject. “What about you and Remus?”

Lily found herself able to explain herself perfectly to James. “Remus is sweet and a great friend. But even though, it’s only been a day, I feel like he’s a little too possessive of me. I don’t know if I’d really want to be more that just friends with him."

“Then why did you go out with him in the first place?” James asked.

“Because I was happy to get asked out by a guy other than you!” Lily exclaimed, “Any other guy would be too afraid to ask me because you would beat them up like you beat up your own friend, Remus!”

“Yeah, about that,” James tried to explain himself. “I’m sorry about that. I was just kind of hurt, I guess. I’d asked you out so many times and you never accepted but you said yes to Remus.”

“I can understand that,” Lily nodded sympathetically. And their conversation went on like that. They talked about some of the most intimate things that they hadn’t even told their best friends. Lily realized how genuine and considerate James was while James grew to love Lily more than ever. They talked about Remus and James’s dream girl, but James was adamant in not telling Lily her name. The sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds, and James and Lily both exclaimed how fast time had flown since they had been talking.

“Well, we better get back to our dormitories,” Lily said, “It’s going to be a long day after no sleep.”

“Yeah, okay.” James was slightly frustrated that Lily hadn’t discovered that the dream girl James was talking about was really her. He had tried to make it as obvious as possible without saying it out loud.

“Wait,” Lily said before he turned away. “You never told me the name of the girl you like,” she said expectantly.

James turned around slowly, contemplating his move. This was his chance to make her believe him. “You know her name,” James said simply, “I’ve been trying to tell you ever since fifth year. It’s you, Lily Evans.”

Before Lily could utter a word, James swept down on her and gave her an incredibly romantic kiss. It was amazing, beautiful, and most of all, perfect. Lily had to admit it made her heart jump into her throat like Remus had never made her feel before. Remus. Her boyfriend. It wasn’t fair to him at all.

Lily broke off the kiss and missed the feeling of James’ lips on hers immediately. “James,” she said breathlessly, “I’m with Remus. We can’t be doing this.”

James, looking hurt and resigned, said, “All right. I understand.”

“Hey, aren’t you up a little early?” Remus said, walking down from the guy’s dormitory.

“I’d ask you the same question, if I didn’t know you’ve always been an early riser,” Lily teased making James feel even worse than he was before.

“Yeah, don’t like the moon much, but the sun wakes me up bright and early,” Remus said, stretching exaggeratedly.

“Well, I’m tired. Couldn’t sleep all night. See you later,” James mumbled almost incoherently.

“Okay, well see you at breakfast,” Remus said cheerily.

“No, I don’t believe you will,” James muttered so that no one but he could hear.

And what he said was true. Lily didn’t see James in any of their classes all day and was worried that he had gotten the wrong idea about them the night before. They had never talked like that before without getting into a fight or argument. Then, Lily realized that it was never James who had picked a fight with her. She had always thought him a snob and never really paid attention to him. She felt bad and wished she could kiss him again. When Remus kissed her after Potions class, Lily felt guilty about the previous night but she couldn’t help thinking how much better it felt to kiss James.

Later, Lily decided to confide her thoughts with Kara, Sirius’ girlfriend. Kara told her what her heart told her: to break up with Remus. She couldn’t tell him in person, she would chicken out. Lily grabbed a pen and paper to scribble a note to Remus. She felt bad dumping him after one day but she felt that her conscience would be clear if she didn’t have to feel that guilt.

James heard the rumor spreading around that Lily had broken up with Remus. Though he felt sorry for his friend, he was enormously pleased that he had gotten through to Lily. Or maybe he hadn’t. Maybe Lily was just playing him and Remus to see what they would do. But he had to take a chance. He couldn’t stand the humiliation of being turned down in front of everybody once more, so he scribbled Lily a note and fell back to sleep.

“Meet me at the edge of the Forbidden Forest tonight at midnight,” Lily read the note out loud to Kara who nodded encouragingly. “It’s probably Remus trying to romance me into going back out with him.”

“Or maybe it could be someone heard you were single and jumped on the opportunity,” Kara said, knowing full well that the secret admirer was James.

“I guess I’ll go but if it’s Remus I’ll hex you until you cry for mercy!” Lily warned jokingly.

“I’ll take that chance.”

Lily was waiting outside on the edge of the forest for what seemed like half an hour. It was cold, freezing cold. She couldn’t stand looking at the romantic scenery while thinking that she had been stood up by some guy who thought he was being cool. It was crushing to think that Remus had done this to her to get revenge for dumping him so quickly. Then James popped up out of nowhere, interrupting her depressing thoughts.

“I see you got my note,” James said.

“Why did you keep me waiting so long?” Lily asked shivering. “I was feeling rather stood up.”

“I would never do that…to you,” James said, “The reason it took me so long was that I was nervous,” he admitted. He moved toward her and put his arms around her waist to keep her warm. “Better?”

She looked into James’ dreamy eyes. The beautiful scenery didn’t matter anymore. It was just her and James.

“Yes,” Lily said, “but why were you nervous?”

“I was afraid that you would say no,” James said.

“Say no to what?” Lily asked breathlessly, having a good idea about what he was talking about but she wanted to hear him say it.

“Lily, will you be my girlfriend?”

It sounded so sweet coming from his lips. Lily realized that she loved James more than anything; she always had. She had just kept denying it. But now, there was nothing to deny. “After last night, you showed me how sweet you were,” she said slowly, “Of course, I’ll be your girlfriend. You're everything I've ever wanted.”

James grinned, remembering that he had thought the same thing about her. Lily could tell he wanted to leap up and down like an excited 5-year-old.

“I love you, Lily.”

“I love you too.”

A/N: Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my story. Now please take a few seconds more and rate and review. I love to have feedback from my readers! Thank you!

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