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Draco stood at the bottom of Hermiones window hoping that she would walk by so he could view her sweet beauty at least once more before he retreated to his chambers.
Hermione stood at her window and light a candle.
Draco talked to him self for a moment.
“Oh what grate beauty stands in front of me. Quietly I must climb to see the beauty Called sweet Hermione. Her sweet beauty Hermione seems to be troubled allow me to climb and save the sweet maiden from such despair.” Draco quickly climbed up the ivy ladder to reach is fair beauty Hermione.
Hermione laid her hand upon her cheek and spoke softly “ Oh dear why can every one understand that love is not made by houses but by purity and he is the most purest form of love I have ever met.?” Hermione sighed “Draco where do you stand? Would you be willing to throw aside your house name like I? In the name of love? Or will you only lay it aside softly so it would be a small secret that you would hide?”
Draco reached the window and spoke softly at the beauty named Hermione.
“Shall I listen to you speak longer or shall I speak at this?”
Hermione jumped and almost fell out the window. She looked surprised. “Its not nice to sneak up on people like that you know? Draco I know we have had some troubles in the past and I will throw those aside to be with you.”

“Hermione my sweet I will throw all of my pride and my name aside to be with you. Hermione will you be my wife?” he said softly in her ear reaching up to kiss her cheek.
Hermione threw her arms around Draco and Spoke softly “yes Draco of course I will”
Hermione heard a door close behind them and she told Draco to meet her by the lake after there third class.
Draco agreed and kissed her before he climbed down the ivy ladder and then back to his dorm.
As Draco walked back to his common room he hummed softly.
Hermione stared out the window and wondered what she had just done. ‘I just accepted a marriage proposal from Draco Malfoy’ she thought to her self. ‘but he seems so different than he was.’
Draco entered his common room was in an uproar within seconds of him entering.
“What the BLOODY HELL???” he heard one person yell
“betrayal” he heard one whisper as he made it slowly to his room
He laid on his bed for a moment thinking of Hermiones beautiful face, her soft hazel eyes, her sweet cherry red lips.
Draco fell asleep fast thinking of his bride to be.
Hermione stared out the window from her four poster for a while before she drifted off slowly to sleep.
Hermione dreamed of a beautiful wedding in a sweet smelling garden what reminded her the garden of Eden lit with fairies and glowing plants she had never seen before.
Draco dreamed of nothing more than Hermiones sweet soft lips beautiful brown hair her sweet sent and her beautiful eyes.

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