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    She had only an hour. Of course, when the roast is burning in the oven and the potatoes are being overcooked, it seems like only mere seconds. Hermione bustled around the kitchen, her hair swaying behind her in a fluffy fashion, sweat beads mixing ferociously with the hormonal tears she had been shedding only moments before. Swiping the moisture from her face, Hermione pulled the burnt roast from the stove, steam and smoke swirling around her face. She sat down on the floor, taking her place next to the roast she had given up on, and cried harder.

    “Stupid food. Impossible dinner. Not worth the bloody effort. Should just order a bloody pizza for Merlin’s sake,” Hermione muttered angrily, kicking the roast across the floor and reacting murderously to its inability to fight back at her.

    Ron waltzed in to the room tucking his white button-up into his trousers. He glanced curiously at his wife, who was standing from the floor with tear stained cheeks and puffy, malicious eyes.

    “Is something wrong, love?” Ron asked as he took a few long stride toward her. He cupped her face in his hands and brought her forward for a comforting peck on the lips.

    Hermione embraced Ron around the middle and let the tears continue flowing from her heavy eyelids. She sobbed incoherently, but Ron was sure he heard something like “family” and “baby” and “Molly’s cooking”.

    Ron soothed Hermione by running a tender hand through her hair, whispering sweetly in her ear, all the while trying to stifle his chuckles that were forming. Unable to keep them in any longer, he let one escape his throat which proved to be a grave mistake indeed.

    “You think this is funny, Ronald?” Hermione shouted as she shoved Ron backward. Her eyes narrowed and the golden flecks that were normally present in her coffee eyes were gone, giving her a frightening and almost demonic look. “You can cook for you entire bloody family! I’ve had enough of trying to impress you and everyone else with my homemaking skills! I don’t even have any!”

    Hermione’s chest heaved up and down while her finger was pointed mutinously at Ron. The look he was giving her in return only made her seethe more. He looked…accepting. How dare he try and belittle me by not caring how I feel!, Hermione’s mind exploded in thought.

    “Hermione, I’ll cook. Why don’t you go get ready and we’ll-” Ron started in a caring tone, but was immediately cut off by Hermione’s vindictive rant.

    “So now I’m not suitable to see your family? What, do you want me to dress up like Polly Homemaker and walk around like a brain dead tart! How dare you insult me that way Ronald Billius Weasley!” She spun on her heel and set off toward their bedroom.

    Ron sprinted to her, grabbed her by the elbow and swung her around unceremoniously. What in Merlin’s beard just happened?

    “You’re beautiful,” he ground out looking intently into her blazing eyes. “You’re beautiful. You are the smartest, most sophisticated woman I know. I just meant that you’d been crying and you look… Well, I know you wouldn’t want to look like that when my mum and everyone come over, you know?”

    Hermione barely nodded her head and left Ron standing in the hallway. She knew she was being unreasonable, but she couldn’t help it. It was like this baby was Satan Reincarnate, making her strike down those around her. But, she had to admit, being told she was beautiful and sophisticated made her feel astronomically better.

    As she splashed cool water over her face, Hermione looked into the mirror to see her glowing reflection staring back at her. She had a million different ways to tell the Weasleys that she was pregnant, but none of them seemed that great; they were rather dull and uninteresting. Of course, having a baby with Ron would be exciting news…but how to take the mickey out of Fred and George before they could come up with some weird plan to exploit Ron. Although it was sure to be a riot, Hermione knew that Ron was still rocky about being a father for the first time and she didn’t want anything to mess up how great he had been these last few weeks.

    Placing her delicate hand over the lump forming on her abdomen, Hermione sighed deeply. As strong as she showed herself to be on the outside, there was so much that she was feeling on the inside. For one, she wasn’t sure how she was spawning something that seemed to make her hormonally insane. Unless that was how their child was going to be…a perfect mix of Ron and herself was… Sweat broke on out her forehead, Hermione clamped her hand over her mouth and dashed to the toilet.

    After a half an hour, Ron realized that Hermione couldn’t possibly take that long to get ready for a visit from his family. Normally she would wear what she was comfortable in, she never wore make up and her hair was…Hermione’s hair. Getting worried about what Hermione was doing, especially after their tiff before she walked away, Ron put aside the cooking and went searching for his wife.

    He knocked tentatively on the bathroom door. “Hermione? You alright?” He twisted the brass doorknob and stepped quietly into the bathroom. “Hermione?”

    Hermione lifted her head from the toilet, her eyes were watering and her heart pounding. “I think our baby hates me.”

    Ron kneeled down next to her and scooped her hair into his hand. “What happened?”

    Hermione let her chin rest on the seat of the toilet and took a deep breath. “I was thinking about how this baby is going to be just like you and me. It’s…How weird is it going to be? You have to admit that we’re entirely different and -”

    “But that’s the best thing about us!” Ron relished. He took her chin from it’s position and turned her to face him. “We’re different. So the baby will get your brains and my…”

    “Sarcasm? Sense of humor? Straight hair?” Hermione laughed. “Really, Ron. Can we do this?”

    Ron sighed and ran his hands through Hermione’s tangled hair. “If not, we have help. Mum and Harry and Gin. They’ll all help.”

    “You’re family!” Hermione jumped from her seat, nearly knocking Ron to the ground. “I forgot they’re coming! I have to cook and,” she glanced in the mirror, “I look awful!”

    “Relax. I’ve taken care of dinner. You go get cleaned up.” He flinched, due to the last time he said that, but Hermione just nodded her head and walked away.


    As the seven Weasleys, Harry, Ron and Hermione all sat around the enchanted dining room table, a small silence filled the space. Hermione kept glancing nervously at Ron, who looked as though there was nothing to tell, that it was Hermione's job because she was the one that was carrying the baby. It was frustrating for her; her hormones screaming at her to jump up and shout at him for being so moronic...but her rationality telling her that he was just as anxious about the reaction of the family.

    "How is married life?" Harry asked while before sinking his teeth in the tender roast on his fork. "The only time I see you anymore is at work functions. Or when there's something new about Malfoy."

    Ron noted how peeved Harry sounded and fidgeted in his chair. "You know, busy and all that..."

    "Well the last time you called the clan here you were getting married,” Fred noted, staring determinedly at Ron's reddening face.

    George's eyes were fixated on Hermione's flush. "Yeah, so what’s it this time? Are you knocked up?"

    Silence buzzed around the table. Hermione snapped her head to Ron who was gazing endlessly at his roast and potatoes. Everyone’s eyes were on Hermione, some staring anxiously and some were trying too hard to contain their excitement.

    “Is it true?” Molly asked in a squeaky voice, her eyes were glistening with tears. Without waiting for an answer, she jumped up from her seat and ran to Hermione.

    Hermione smiled as Molly embraced her. The two women sat there for minutes, holding one another and crying happy tears.

    “Hem.” Ginny cleared her throat, causing the in-laws to break apart. “So, I’ll take that as a yes, then?”

    Ron looked at his little sister and smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, we’re pregnant.”

    Ginny laughed. “Well, Hermione, you look great. Don’t know what to say about you, Ron…You’re showing just a smidge too much.”

    Ron threw her an angry glance before getting up to stand next to Hermione. She was busy taking turns hugging the family, though she had held off getting anywhere near Fred and George for most of the night…

    A/N - I am so sorry for the long wait on this chapter. Lots of things have happened, and it was hard to write this. I want to give an extra special thank you to Mona. Without your encouraging words, this fic would have been long deleted. *hug* I hope you all enjoy!! ~Jessi

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