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Harry floated out of an unusually peaceful sleep to the sensation of soft lips trailing down his neck. At first he assumed was still in his dream as he had spent the night alone after Ginny had sent him off to sleep by himself. Not wanting to leave this dream he kept his eyes closed even as he took a deep breath and the scent of lavender filled his nostrils. When he felt a pair of hands trail to the hem of his shirt, Harry opened an eye and looked directly into a pair of twinkling brown eyes.

“Good morning sleepy-head.” Ginny said quietly before placing a loving kiss against his lips.

Harry blinked and let his surroundings come into a soft focus. “Morning Love.” He said cautiously, recalling how they had said good night to each other. His sleep addled brain wondered briefly where this loving, touchy Ginny had come from. He squinted past her shoulder and noticed that the room was still enveloped in a pre-dawn light. Knowing Ginny wasn’t a pre-dawn woman, he grew curious. “Why are you awake so early?” He asked, pulling her closer.

“Nausea woke me.” She answered, smiling when a look of concern passed over his face. “It’s okay. I feel fine now; I took some of the potion that Healer Finnegan gave me. I was just about to climb back into bed when I realized I missed you.”

Reaching up, Ginny brushed the thick fringe covering his forehead out of his eyes. “Poor Harry, I forgot this is new to you. Nausea is nothing for you to worry about. The little bit I’m feeling is nothing like I went through with James. I spent most of the first six months in the loo.” She kissed him lightly before she slipped out of bed. Retrieving her wand from her robe pocket, she used it to enlarge the tiny window in Ron’s room. Throwing back the curtains, she returned to bed and snuggled into the warmth of Harry’s arms.

“There. Now we can watch the sunrise together.” She said before lowering her lips to his.

Harry felt a jolt of electricity course through his body as her lips brushed his. As his senses became fully alert; he ran his hands down the curve of her back until he reached the hem of her shirt and let his fingers dance along her soft skin that was exposed.

Ginny made a low sound in the back of her throat as his fingertips came in contact with her skin. The roughness of his palms brushed against the small of her back as he worked her shirt up higher. When his fingers pressed against her sides, she pulled him deeper into the kiss; letting her tongue slip past his lips in a quest to find his.

A few moments later, she broke the kiss to come up for air and took a moment to look at his face. Even in his state of arousal; there was seriousness in the face she loved so much. It was a quality she knew he carried no matter what emotion he was feeling. Silently she lifted her eyes to his scar as she traced it softly with her fingertip. As she reached the edge o it her eyes searched lower and locked gazes with him. In the low light of the room, his eyes had turned a dark emerald colour. She never tired of looking into his eyes and was always fascinated by the way they could change shades of green depending on his mood.

As Ginny was about to continue her silent observations on his face, she felt a pinch on her bottom. Yelping, she swatted at his hand.

“Hey!” She cried, a giggle bubbling up in her throat.

Harry laughed and pulled her down for a kiss. “If you’re quite done examining me Miss Weasley – I thought we could return to something a bit more – fun?”

She attempted to squirm away from him as he tried to tickle her sides. But as the bed was just slightly larger than the bed in her childhood room, she had little success. Ginny squealed as Harry somehow managed to flip them over so he was now above her.

“Now I have you just where I want you.” He said, laughing as his fingers continued their tickling.

“Harry!” She said, breathlessly between giggles. “Stop!”

As he paused for a moment, Ginny took the opportunity to fid his ticklish spot and attack it. Breaking into laughter himself, Harry collapsed on top of her.

“Oof – Harry!” She exclaimed as his full weight pressed her into the mattress. “Guess that wasn’t my best move.” She said, as he shifted his weight above her and propped himself up on his hands above her shoulders. As if suddenly realizing his surroundings she took in a blazing sea of orange that was becoming visible in the morning light. “Oh Merlin –“ She whispered, “Ron would have a right good fit if he knew what you were doing in his with his sister right now!

Both of them looked at each other for a moment as they pictured Ron’s face if he knew they were in his room. In the same moment they fell into a fit of laughter, which soon turned into something more and as the sun rose silently outside – it was forgotten by both.


When Molly found her youngest, she was happily humming a tune in the kitchen of the Burrow. Ginny was busy arranging a bunch of fall flowers in an old milk jug for the table centerpiece.

“Those look lovely Ginny.” She said as Ginny turned to set them on the long table the Weasley family ate at.

“Thanks Mum.” She said, playing with a deep gold sunflower moving it to the centre of the bouquet before deciding she was satisfied. “I was sitting out in the garden enjoying a cup of tea and the flowers looked so pretty I thought I’d cut some for you to brighten up the kitchen.”

“They certainly brighten up the place.” Molly said, sitting down at the table and conjuring up a cup of tea for herself. Looking at her daughter she noticed Ginny was wearing a freshly pressed set of robes. “Ginny dear – why are you so dressed up? I am going to assume it has something to do with why Harry and James are sitting so quietly in the living room trying their best not to get smudged.”

Ginny laughed at her mother’s comment.

“Oh dear – they are? I did warn Harry not to let James get mussed before Colin arrived but I didn’t mean for them to sit in the living room and not move!” She exclaimed, shaking her head.

“Colin’s coming by is he?” Molly asked, sipping her tea. Feeling the need to have something to nibble on – she conjured a plate of biscuits and picked one up.

Ginny nodded and sat down beside Molly and grabbed a biscuit for herself. “Yes – he popped by the hospital a few days ago and I asked if he’d come by and take some photos of Harry, James and me.”

“That will be nice.” Molly paused and looked at her daughter. “Ginny dear, we never had much of a chance to talk yesterday after your big announcement. How are you doing?”

Ginny smiled while Molly conjured an extra cup of tea. “I’m doing fine Mum. My Healer said everything is going along nicely. Baby Potter is growing right along schedule.” Ginny said, patting the small bump on her stomach.

Molly smiled and sipped more of her tea. Reaching over, she smoothed down her daughter’s hair. The bright red waves bounced up as her hand passed over them, reminding Molly of how her hair had been so much like her daughter’s when she was younger. “In the excitement last night – you never said when the baby is due or if you and Harry knew the sex.”

Ginny relaxed against the feel of her mother’s hand. “I’m about four months along – so the baby will be due in March and we decided to be surprised on whether it’s a boy or a girl.” She reached for a biscuit on the plate and took a bite. “I would love a girl of course, but with the Weasley history behind me, it’ll probably be a boy.”

Molly sighed wistfully as she thought about her own pregnancies; with each one she had herself wished for a little girl and of course, with the exception of Ginny each turned out to be a boy. “I know dear. I wished that each of your brothers was going to be a girl. And although each one of them ended up being a boy I was never disappointed with any of them. And in the end, having all of the boys made you extra special.” She said, wrapping her arm around her daughter in a hug.

“Mum – why do you always know exactly what to say to me?” Ginny sighed and rested her head on Molly’s shoulder.

“Because I’m your Mum – that’s why. Don’t you know always know what to say to James?” Molly said, relishing the feeling of having her daughter so close. These days, with all of the children grown and out of the house, she didn’t have much of a chance to talk with her children and give them advice.

Ginny just looked at her mother and rolled her eyes. “Of course I don’t know what to say to James all of the time. When he asks me a question I can’t answer I just tell him I’m his Mum and that’s why!” She said, breaking into laughter.

Molly joined her daughter in the chuckle and gave her another squeeze. “You had better go make sure your boys are still in one piece in there – it’s awfully quiet in there.”

“Thanks Mum. Can you tell Colin we’re in the living room when he gets here?” She asked as she left the room.

Ginny peeked around the corner of the entry way to see father and son sitting quietly reading. The identical dark heads where close together and she could hear Harry’s voice as he described the finer points of being a Chaser. She smiled at Harry when he glanced up at her and made her way into the room. Harry finished the page on Chasing and closed the book over as Ginny sat down beside them.

“My favorite men – you both look quite handsome. What were you reading?” She asked, reaching over to try and smooth down the out of control hair on James’ forehead.

“Quidditch Through the Ages Mummy. We found Uncle Ron inside!” James said happily, ducking away form her hand.

“Sounds fascinating.” Ginny said, giving him a quick kiss on the forehead instead. “Now why are the two of you hiding away in here when it is so nice outside?” She asked.

James slid off of his spot on the couch and onto the floor. “Cause Daddy said you’ll hex him if I get dirt on me.” He said with a big smile.

Ginny looked from her son to his father and began laughing when Harry blushed a deep red. “Really?” She asked James who was now nudging along one of his wizard figurines.

“Uh-huh. When Daddy was helping me put on my robes he said we had to read a book because if we got dirty before we got our pictures taken you’d hex him.” He responded, looking at the adults in front of him, wondering why they were so confused by it all.

“I see.” Ginny said, edging closer to Harry’s spot on the couch. “Now Harry – what sort of hex was it that I was going to use?”

She watched as he shifted nervously beside her, preparing himself for a quick getaway if necessary.

“Well, I didn’t word it precisely like that.” He began, searching his mind frantically for the right words to use. “Have I mentioned how beautiful you look today?” He commented with a smile.

“Harry – flattery will get you nowhere.” She said, as she slid closer even closer to him. Smiling, she placed a hand on his thigh and leaned up to his ear. “Although it does help.” She whispered before laying her lips against his cheek in a kiss. “Since you get cute when you’re flustered, you’re off the hook for now Potter.”

Harry let out the deep breath he had been holding and relaxed his shoulders. As he was about to respond, the pair was interrupted as Colin Creevey burst into the room, stopping in front of them.

“Hiya Ginny! Hi Harry!” He exclaimed. “Mrs. Weasley told me you were in here.” He held up his old battered camera that Harry was sure was the same one he used while at Hogwarts. “Shall we get started then? I can’t believe that Harry Potter is actually allowing me to photograph him! Been awhile since the old Gryffindor days hasn’t it?”

While Harry sat in his spot, Ginny immediately rose to greet her friend and give him a warm hug.

“Hello Colin! How’s things?”

“Great! Dennis and I have been asked to travel to Romania to do a piece on dragon handlers. I was just telling your mum that we were planning on featuring Charlie – she was quite excited.” He explained, giving her a hug in return.

“That’s brilliant! When do the two of you leave?” She asked, threading her arm through his, a smile on her face.

“In a few weeks.” He responded and Harry watched as Colin looked down at Ginny, whose smile had faltered slightly at Colin’s response. “But don’t’ worry - I told the Prophet that I couldn’t go anywhere until after your big day. Of course I didn’t tell them what exactly I had to photograph – just that it was much more important than some dragons. I know it’s a private affair. And I hear a double congratulation is in order! A brother or sister for James! The two of you must be so excited! Harry – spot on you old dog!” He exclaimed thrusting out a hand towards Harry who grunted a hello and reluctantly reached to shake his hand.

Ginny’s face broke out into a smile and she gestured to Harry to stand up. As he stood, she noticed he was standing rigidly and his mouth had faded into a tight line. Curious of his mood swing, put her free hand on his arm and gave him a quizzing look when she caught his eye.

Harry returned the look with an impatient roll of his eyes; he wasn’t looking forward to being under Colin’s lens this afternoon. He felt slightly bad about his attitude change as he could tell Ginny was quite excited about this little event but having Colin around made him feel on edge. The all to close memories of being in the spotlight of the press had lifted to the surface.

“James? Why don’t you take Colin out to the back yard and wait for Daddy and me there? I just want to ask Daddy a question alone before we start taking pictures. We’ll be out in two shakes.” Ginny asked, looking over to where he was quietly playing.

“Sure Mummy! Come on Uncle Colin – I’ll show you the gnomes in Granmum’s garden!” He said, hopping to his feet and leading Colin out the door by his hand.

When they had left the room, Ginny turned on Harry who stood beside her, staring silently at the wall in front of him.

“And what exactly was that Mr. Potter?” She asked quietly, staring up at him while she rose to her full height.

He looked down at her and immediately felt bad for his actions. He didn’t mean to act the way he did but he couldn’t help it. “I’m sorry Gin – it’s just that Creevey is such –“

“Such a what?” She interrupted.

“Well he’s a member of the press Ginny. I just worry that something will get leaked to the papers – and then we’ll have a moment’s peace.” He said, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Now wait right there – Colin is my friend and in all these years he’s never once leaked anything about me to the press. I doubt he’d start now!” She said sternly, poking him in the chest.

He sighed; he knew there was no way out of this. It wasn’t his fault really; he just didn’t trust members of the press. “Aw Gin – let’s not argue about this.” He said, running his hands absently through his hair.

She paused for a moment and looked at him. Laying her arms across her chest she looked watched him fidget under her gaze. “It’s not just the press thing is it?” She waited until he looked at her and seen a flicker in his eyes. “You’re jealous aren’t you?” When he just looked her, she nodded her head. “That is it. I thought we were over this Harry!” She said, walking closer to him and pulling him reluctantly into her arms she squeezed him tightly in a hug. “Harry Potter – I’m marrying you. I’m pregnant with your baby. I never once thought of Colin in any way other than as a friend.” She stood on her tip toes and placed a kiss on his lips, smiling against them when she felt him relax. “I would never choose anyone but you Harry. I want you to remember that. Besides you know I prefer the man I'm with to be the dark brooding type, that gets moody over little things and of course he should be more inclined to play quidditch - not take pictures of it. Colin is a brilliant photographer but he’s too sunny and positive for me.”

Harry sighed and buried his face against her neck, when she felt him smile against her hair she squeezed him into another tight hug. When he pulled away, the smile was a bit sheepish but still on his face.

“Come around have you?” She said, nudging him in the ribs, laughing when he nodded his head silently. “Good let's go outside and take a nice family photo. This will always be the best one - once we have more than one child, they'll be making faces and poking at each other all of the time. I've looked through Mum and Dad's photo album - after Bill there's not a sane photo in the lot - worse so when George and Fred came along.”

Keeping her arm around his waist she pulled him out into the sunshine.


Standing in the kitchen of Ginny’s flat, Harry began to clean up the dinner dishes while she took James for his bath. Preferring to clean dishes the muggle way, he picked up the stack of plates and bowls and placed them into the warm soapy water and began to wash them and set them one by one onto the drying rack he had conjured while filling the sink with water.

As he did so, a smile crossed his face as he remembered Ginny and her mother going head to head that afternoon. It was quite the sight to witness as Molly insisted that they all stay for dinner at the Burrow. Ginny argued that an early night was important for James to start his week off right. Molly had countered with the fact that Ginny needed a well cooked meal as she was eating for two. This had led to Ginny ranting that she was a perfectly good cook, which had led to Molly agreeing on the grounds that she had taught her herself. As both women were about to throw their hands in the air and let the tempers fly; Arthur had quietly interjected and suggested that Ginny and Harry could take a plates of dinner home with them, thus allowing their daughter to have a nutritious meal and letting them get James into bed at a decent time. Arthur always seemed to be the voice of reason when the two Weasley women butted heads and they decided to agree with him. Setting the last bowl into the drying rack, Harry wiped his hands dry with a fresh towel and picked up a plate to start drying the dishes.

Ginny walked into the kitchen with James as he was finishing with the last plate in the rack. She looked about the kitchen and saw nothing moving about on its devices. “Doing it the muggle way Harry?” She asked, going to the cupboard for a glass.

He stacked the final dish as she removed the milk from the fridge. Pouring half a glass she set it at the table as James climbed into his chair.

“I don’t mind the muggle way. Helps me think sometimes and you know I’m half daft when it comes to most cleaning charms.” He said as he rounded the table to sit across from James.

“Mummy can I have a pumpkin pastie?” James asked, before using both hands to lift the glass of milk to take a drink.

“Magic word?” She asked, going to fetch the cookie jar from the counter-top. “You’re still hungry after eating all of Granmum’s dinner? I think you have the same sort of tummy as Uncle Ron!” Bringing the cookie jar over, she set it on the table.

“Please?” James said, reaching to take a biscuit out. Ginny held his hand for a moment. “Just one. It’s almost bedtime.” She cautioned, reaching in and grabbing three. Handing one to James, she set one in front of her and handed one to Harry.

All biting in happily, they crunched silently until James spoke up.

“Mummy?” He asked, looking up at her, his little face revealing to her that he had something quite serious to tell. She watched as he used his free hand to play with fabric of his pyjama shirt. It was another indication to her that he was pondering something quite important.

“Yes Quidditch-Bug?” She asked before popping the last of the biscuit in her mouth.

“When you get married to Daddy – can I be called Potter too?” He set down his cookie and traced his fingertip through the crumbs. “I heard you talk to Granmum and you called the baby Potter. I want to be a Potter too Mummy.”

Ginny blinked for a moment, a little surprised at her son’s question. She glanced over at Harry who seemed to be equally as surprised as she. It was something Ginny knew would happen during the ceremony – a ritual would be performed to have James take Harry’s name. But she had never thought that it would have been something James would be worried about.

“Oh Quidditch-Bug – of course you’re going to be a Potter. When Daddy and I get married, we’re going to have a special part that is just for you. You’ll come up to the altar with Daddy and me after we’ve performed the joining ceremony. Remember when Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron got married?” She paused when he nodded slightly - although just two at the time, his memory of that day still hadn’t faded from his mind. Ginny continued, “Then Uncle Remus will perform the renaming ritual, which will change both our names. You’ll always be a Weasley just like Mummy will always be a Weasley, but we’ll be a Potter too. How does that sound?”

Ginny looked down at him as he nodded and she could see the relief dawn on his face. She reached over and drew him into her lap to give him a big squeeze. Kissing him on the cheek, she rested her chin on the top of her head.

“Now do you feel better about everything?” She asked quietly, waiting to feel his head move underneath her. She looked over at Harry who was watching them and smiled at him. “You know what? I think its bedtime; tomorrow morning is going to come really early and Nanny Edgy is really excited to have you spend the day with her.” Giving him one final squeeze, she set him on his feet.

Harry looked at the two of them and felt his throat constrict slightly. Clearing his throat, he reached over and took the glass that James had left. Swallowing a quick drink, he stood.

“Hey Mate – would you like me to read you a story tonight? Let’s give Mummy a bit of time alone. She’s got an early day tomorrow too.” He grabbed James round the waist and swung him up in the arms and held him beside Ginny’s face. “Give her a goodnight kiss.” She turned up her face and felt James’ little lips brush against her cheek.

“Night Mummy, love you.” He said, as Harry pulled him up and held him against his side.

“Love you too Quidditch-Bug. Don’t make Daddy read too many books.” She said, looking at the two of them.

Leaning over himself, Harry placed a light kiss on Ginny’s lips. “I love you too. Be back in a bit?” He said, smiling when she nodded.

“Sure, I’ll be in the bedroom.” She said, watching at the two of them left the room.


Ginny was tucked up in bed when Harry finally finished the last story James had picked out. The candle beside her bed was lit, throwing a soft light into the room as she scribbled away on a piece of parchment. She paused to watch while he pulled off his robes from the day and climbed into an old pair of pyjama pants and faded old Hogwarts shirt before climbing into bed beside her.

“What are you writing?” He asked, sliding up beside her to lay his head against her shoulder and looking down at the parchment.

“Just some things that we need to take care of before the wedding.” She said, tilting the list so that he could skim it over. His eyes glanced over the page. Formal dress robe fittings for Harry and James, invitations, rehearsal, vows, new house, honeymoon? He stopped after the word honeymoon and took note of the two just before that.

“Vows? New house?” He asked, sitting up straighter in the bed so he could look at her more closely.

She leaned over and set the parchment and quill on the night table beside her. “Yes, vows. You know it’s those little words we are going to say to each other. It’s those words we’re going to use to pledge ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives and beyond. Harry – it’s how it’s done in the wizarding world. It’s how it’s been done for centuries. Muggles have started to write their own vows for their weddings these days, but it’s just a fad someone took to after attending a wizard wedding.” She said, as she looked at the expression on his face which was a cross between panic and shock. “Don’t you recall Bill and Fleur’s wedding? Remember how frantic Bill was just before the ceremony when he couldn’t find his parchment? He had given it to Charlie for safekeeping and it had slipped his mind.”

Harry toyed with the idea in his mind, and a mild panic crept over him. “Ginny –“

“Don’t Ginny me – vows are vows.” She said, patting his thigh above the blankets.

“But it’s a speech, in front of people. Remember when I had to give that speech at the Ministry – when I accepted that Order of Merlin. I’m rubbish at them!” He said, looking above him at the candlelight dancing on the ceiling.

Ginny sighed and cuddled up against his side. “Harry – it’s not a speech – it’s our vows. You’ll be fine; the words will come to you. If Ronald can come up with the words to tell Hermione he wanted to spend his life devoted to her – you can find the words to tell me the same thing. It only matters to me. Just remember that. Ok?”

Harry’s tension eased slightly as he pondered Ginny’s words. It was true – if Ron could find words to express how he was feeling, he supposed he could as well. “But a house too - We have to find a house in two weeks?” He asked, feeling the tension return to the back of his neck. Ginny sensing he was worried, reached behind him and started to knead the muscles in the back of his neck.

“Well Harry – if you remember as well, we’re having a baby? We don’t need to find a house before the wedding – although it would be nice. But we do need to find one sooner rather than later. This flat was great for just James and me, but we have no room here for a baby.” She explained, her fingers brushing against the hair at the nape of his neck. “You need a bit of a hair cut before the wedding as well – I’ll ask mum if she can trim it a bit for you. But back to the house issue – I’ve been asking around and there are a few spots that are up for sale. I was thinking my next day off we could go see them. “

Harry reached behind him to cover her hand with his own and pull it down between them while the other one went around her waist. “I know love. It just seems like a lot.” He frowned, his brow creasing.

Ginny pulled away from her fingers and reached up to rub the wrinkles away from between his eyes. “It’ll be fine Harry. Just as long as we find a place before Baby Potter arrives. You wouldn’t want your second born sleeping in a dresser drawer would you? Mum and Dad had to do that with Percy when he was first born. They haven’t always lived at the Burrow you know and look at what he turned out like.” She joked, kissing him lightly on lips when he finally smiled at her.

“Baby Potter?” Harry said, returning the kiss with another smile.

“Well we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl so we can’t use he or she or a real name. I thought it was a good choice.” Ginny said, “Oh that’s another item for the list! Baby names, we need some ideas.” She was about to reach over to the night table for the list but Harry held her close.

“You can add it in the morning.” He said, moving down until they were both lying against the pillows. He tilted his head down to look at her. “You know what? I think you’ve been spending too much time with Hermione.”

Ginny giggled and pulled the covers up higher. “Perhaps I have been, you know she gave me a wedding planner just after you left. Remember that homework planner she gave you and Ron the Christmas of your fifth year? I think she found this one at the same shop. Mum’s got it. She writes everything down in it.” She yawned and snuggled against Harry’s side. “Did James get to sleep ok?”

Harry nodded, “He was asleep before I finished the last page of the book. He didn’t even more when I stepped on one of his wizarding figures and it jabbed my toe.” He felt Ginny relax against him as he rubbed her back in slow moving circles. A few moments later, when he felt her fall into sleep he lifted his free hand and flicked it at the candle, sending the room into darkness.

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