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I looked into the mirror excitedly,
“This is it!!!” I told my reflection, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for, all the other students say that Christmas at Hogwarts is the most awesome thing ever!!! I can’t believe it’s Christmas eve, I have to go down to the feast soon, so I have to do my hair, Opal and Tissa say that Alice is going to do herself up completely!”

I stopped realising I was talking to myself again, that stupid idiot Jerry or something Potter said that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself! Ugh! Now I’m even believing what he said, heaps of other people say that talking to yourself is good for your ’inner connections!!!! what kind of talk is that! Meh, like I care.

I grabbed my brush and ran it through my red hair a few times, just to remove the tangles and Tissa walked in,
“Hey Lils,” she said and opened a liquid eye liner thing,
“Hey Tisse,” I said, I’m not really one for make up but I do wear lip gloss and mascara sometimes and I think tonight would be a good time. A ran a comb through my hair into a side parting and then took up my wand,
”Taglio! I held it steady and kept on trimming (cough cutting cough) my hair until it was just below my shoulders…perfect, I then slowly twisted my wand and repeated the process until the ends were in bouncy locks. I smiled at my reflection but it glared back at me,
“What choo lookin at girl?” it spat. I raised my eyebrows and took out some lip gloss and mascara.

Tisse looked magnificent – she had used her wand to create a side fringe and her silvery blonde hair, ever so long was dead straight…not that I can say that isn’t usual. But her leaving it out is and it looked great. Out of Tisse, Opal and I Tisse would have to be the more sophisticated one, she was wearing eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss, I think there might have been a tint of blush as well.
Opal looked great too, but there was nothing unusual about her because she always looked spectacular the only unusual part of her looks today was the fact she was wearing a big red and green hair-tie in her ponytail. Anyway – enough of look descriptions…basically we all looked good and we were very over excited.

We made our way down to the Great Hall and (amazingly) didn’t get lost. But I guess that was only because of the loud chatter coming from a certain double door entry. We looked around and realised we were utterly and completely over dressed. Our hair stood out and so did our faces, the only other 2 people standing out as much as us, were Jerry (James?) Potter and Sirius Black who were wearing reindeer antlers and big red noses, not to mention that half their hair was green and half was red.
“Let’s go sit with them, then we won’t look odd or left out,” whispered Opal. Martisse agreed immediately – she hates looking odd or out of place. I didn’t really want to go and sit with those two freaks but I guess I had no choice, Alice was sitting with them as well she had completely done herself up just like Tisse told me, her brown hair was full and wavy and her glasses had been replaced with contact lenses and I don’t know what it was about her but she looked amazing. Perhaps it was the fact that the normal forgetful expression was missing from her face? I don’t know.

Anyway so we went and sat down next to Jerry and Sirius who were singing very loud Christmas carols, all the girls we normally sit with looked extremely offended. I was about to try and convey to them why this exactly was but that Potter guy suddenly threw his arm around me and sung,
“A merry Christmas and a Haaaappppyyyyy Neeeeeeewwww Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrr!!!!!!! HiLilyyouprobablydon’t emembermebutIrememberyoubecauseyou’reveryprettyand – “
“Sorry you’re probably already sick of him, he’s talking fast today it’s probably just because he’s been talking about you non-stop since he met you a few months ago, he’s James by the way and I’m Sirius, Sirius Black.”

I was already lost
Why the hell has he got his arm around me? God he’s a good singer – EW stop it Lily, he’s a weirdo with a problem. Why is he talking so fast? Did he just say pretty? I really shouldn’t fantasize because I know I’m hearing things. God he’s cute – I mean – he’s strange. I wish he’d take his arm off me!!! He’s still babbling along talking way too fast for me. Oh thank God.
Yes well I am sick of him and of course he’s talking too fast – what do you think I am – an alien that understands Jerry language? TALKING ABOUT ME NON-STOP!!!! Crap – just great. Wait I feel good, someone was thinking of me. COOL!!!! God I’m such a looser, wouldn’t most girls just say something like? Piss off or something? I can’t it’s so sweet, he’s been thinking of me. *sigh* He is kind of cute I guess but there’s no way I would ever go out with him. Whoa Lily thinking a bit ahead aren’t you? Going out with you? Oh my God – Yes I know you’re Sirius Black I need some time to think you freak! Ok fine, I’ve shook hands with you know would you take this jerk’s arm off?

I actually nearly said that last line out aloud but thank goodness I didn’t or I would have been in deep shi- I mean trouble. I was about to say something when Dumbledore stood up. A respectful silence fell over the hall – except for of course James (I had a feeling it wasn’t Jerry) and Sirius who were finishing off their last round of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. They finished off cordially and bowed at the applause Dumbledore had started. I sat very still, annoyed at the people clapping at their stupidity and didn’t clap. Opal was clapping and Martisse was looked disgustedly at the pair.
“Well, well boys, that was quite a performance!” he paused, “I hope everybody here has a very Merry Christmas tomorrow. As you know classes will not be running so yes you are allowed to sleep in,” James let out a whoop and a boy with sandy hair nudged him. Dumbledore chuckled slightly and then finished off with,
“I hope the new first years have a very memorable first Christmas here - tuck in!” Delicious foods appeared in golden platter before my very eyes and I could see Martisse’s eyes practically popping out. She may be ‘sophisticated’ but food is definitely her weak point. After a few moments of thought, she grabbed a bit of everything in site and started wolfing down her food. I began loading my plate with roast chicken, pumpkin, creamed potatoes, honey carrots, gravy, little bon-bons and much more. I heard a very strange sort of sound coming from next to me then a big splat just near my arm. I made myself turn to face the sound. James Potter was grabbing the food and literally shoving it into his big mouth. Shepard’s pie was flying out in all directions and splatting in various places.

EW!!!! That is so disgusting! He’s worse than Martisse and oh my God, he’s chewing with his mouth open, yuck! God, he just keeps on shovelling that food into his mouth, it’s like he’s never seen food in his life before!!!

I picked up my knife and fork and began to eat my food, trying to ignore the continuous series of splats next to me. All of a sudden I felt a hot blob sink into the skin of my right arm,
“That’s it!” I turned around and slapped James Potter across the face, his mouth dropped open, revealing well – I won’t go there. He just stared at me, there was series of
“Oooooooooooooo” s from the Gryffindor table and Sirius burst into peels of laughter, but he soon quietened at the icy glare I shot at him, boy I reckon it could have silenced anyone!!! James was sooooo stupefied when the food in front of him melted away that he yelled,
“Hey!” I twisted my mouth to the side a bit and chuckled. I helped myself to some dessert, I was about to put a spoonful of my favourite chocolate mousse into my mouth when I saw a big brown blob smoosh into my face. I could feel Christmas pudding sliding down my face.
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I’ll get you James Potter! I grabbed a treacle tart and shoved it into his face, he glared at me and on went the chocolate mousse, it went on for a while, Martisse and Opal were just sitting dumbfounded the whole time. The sandy haired guy moved from his seat next to James and sat next to Martisse,
“How long do you reckon this’ll go on for?”
“No idea,”
“Oh God”


“Albus, don’t you think we should stop them?” said Minerva McGonagall
“As a matter of fact Minerva, it’s Christmas eve and I think we should leave them be,”
“Yea I ‘gree sir, the ‘lil tykes ‘re ‘aving a food figh’” Hagrid said knowledgably he leaned his elbow onto the table,
“OWWWWWW Hagrid you git!” squealed the charms Professor,
“Sorry, I didn’t see yer there’”
“YOU NEVER SEE ME ugh! That’s it!” Professor Bins smooshed a plate of jelly into Hagrid’s beard,
“Hey!” and so the food fight spread and soon the whole hall was amidst with treacle tarts, jelly, chocolate mousse and plates of ice cream, many girls were screaming and boys were yelling.


James froze, he was staring just past me at the teachers table, I pinched his nose causing him to open his mouth and stuffed in a huge scoop of ice cream. He must have had such a shock because he spat it out (ew) and started laughing and yelling
“GO HAGRID!! YEA WHOO!!!!” I turned around just in time to see Hagrid stuff some chocolate mousse on Professor Bin’s face, the whole hall roared and everyone started chucking pies at each other, where the pies came from I don’t know but then again, this is a school of magic…

Dumbledore stood up and yelled for silence, many girls stopped screaming (cough Martisse cough Opal cough Alice cough, cough , cough) and he wished us a Merry Christmas and sent us to bed.

So that’s how it all began, the story of the start of a great hatred I had for James Potter and I don’t know what state of mind (if he has one) he is always in when he asks me out because he knows I AM BLOODY WELL GUNNA SAY NO!!! It was definitely a Christmas to remember for me because no other Christmas since then has been the same, even when in fifth year Alice pulled a cracker and a few mini dragons came out! That was a palaver!!! But all I can say is, when it’s a Christmas to remember, it is a Christmas to remember…

Martisse: Well what did you think?
Remus: Please leave a review and tell us!!!
Opal: So much for hatred because we all know how they turned out!!!
Sirius: No Sh-
Opal: Sirius…
Sirius: Ummmmmmm – I meant no sh—ugar
Opal: pft yea yea whatever
Dumbledore: You’ve taken the time to read so please review!!!!!

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