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Bill and Fleur’s wedding is today, but I’m feeling oddly detached from all the festivities. I think Ginny is avoiding me, and that is only making it worse, because I've trained myself not to feel for her anymore. As if to rub it in, the cosmic forces that be have made it so that Ron is never seen without Hermione by his side, and when she’s not, she’s glued to mine, asking time and time again what my plans are for taking down Voldemort.

“Harry, we seriously need to think through on this one! I mean, in the past, you’ve mostly gotten by on nerve and luck, but this is…Voldemort we’re talking about! And don’t you think for one foolish second that Ron and I aren’t coming with you!”

Oh yes, a lovely conversation indeed.

“Hermione, I’ve already told you –”

“– Don’t even argue about it! We already told you we started this journey together, and we aren’t going to back out now in your hour of need!” I notice a small heated flush creeping up her face, and I brace myself for an impassioned speech. “Because what it all boils down Harry, is that you need us! Don’t you think Dumbledore wouldn’t have told you to tell us about Horocruxes if he didn’t intend for us to help you?”

“Don’t you think Dumbledore might’ve forgotten to mention I’m supposed to go it alone, seeing as he died and all?” I grumble.

Hermione turns away, muttering something about needing to get a glass of punch for Ron or something. Way to go Harry, I think to myself miserably, picking at the damp grass with the toe of my shoe as I try to loosen my tie. Pull out the Dumbledore’s-dead-and-we’re-screwed-without-him card why don’t you?!
“You look distraught.”

I turn around and see Gabrielle, holding her flower girl head piece in hand. “Is something bothering you?”

Her English is much better than Fleur’s, and I can’t help but smile when I watch how she tucks her hair behind her ear just like her sister…must be that Veela charm or something…

”I’m just…tired, is all,” I tell her, still trying to loosen my ever so uncomfortable tie, which isn’t a complete lie, seeing as we did do so much in so little time this past week; helping with Bill and Fleur’s wedding, Tonks and Lupin stopping by to announce their wedding (which they thankfully decided to have just the wedding ceremony itself for, no party, in light of the other one happening at the same time, and they just didn’t have anytime to plan it, seeing as the Order has been swamped with problems since Dumbledore’s death) – oh yes – and my birthday.

My seventeenth birthday. Thank god; no more Durselys.

“Oh, well, that’s understandable,” Gabrielle says, and it takes me a moment to realize she’s talking about how I’d just said I was tired. “But you know,” she adds quickly, suddenly blushing, “if you ever wanted to – “

“Gabrielle?! Where are you?!”
Fleur’s frantic calling interrupts whatever she was about to say, and she quickly gives me an apologetic little smile before running off, and I can’t help but notice as a few of her little friends that are attending the wedding seem to giggle as she runs by, glancing between her and me furtively, as if they know something we don’t.

Cute, I grumble inwardly as I allow myself a small grin. They like me.

I finally get fed up with the stupid tie and rip it off from around my neck, stuffing it into my pocket. I decide to head back up to the house and change, and then take a walk or something. It has been awhile since I last visited mum or dad…

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