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Lily paced the living room floor with an air of anxious excitement. Every few seconds her eyes would dart to a clock that hung on the wall. Her hands moved with the same nervous joy that her feet did. One moment she would be wringing her hands together, the next she was rubbing her wrists, then she would pace with her hands behind her back. She released a frustrated sigh, as her eyes jumped back onto the clock for the tenth time in thirty seconds. She could swear that time was purposely moving slowly...just to make her miserable. She paused for a moment, biting her bottom lip, her emerald eyes showing thoughtful worry and joy as her mind dotted on whatever it was that was plaguing her thoughts. With another sigh, she shook her head and resumed her fretful pacing and glancing.

Thirty minutes later, Lily's pacing had become frantic and the happiness that could be seen through her worry earlier was fading...quickly.

'Where is he?' she thought anxiously, her eyes now flashed between her hands, the door, and the clock. She braced herself. He wasn't even late yet, in fact, it was still a bit early for him to get home. 'Why can't he come home early...just this once?'

Deciding that pacing was no longer easing her growing stress, Lily made her way to the kitchen. A strong cup of coffee might do her some good...she froze as she reached for the coffee.

"Lily, you hate coffee, you idiot," she spoke aloud to herself. "James drinks coffee, not you."

Turning her attention from the coffee, Lily made her way to the cupboard and pulled out a large mug and some hot chocolate mix. She put that on the stove and mixed it with milk, water, and (her favorite) a pinch of cinnamon. Once she had the hot chocolate in the mug, however, she didn't touch it. She had no real desire for anything to drink, she had only needed something to do. She returned to the living room again, this time with the hot chocolate mug in tow. Her pacing resumed, this time with no wringing of her hands. She just kept repositioning them on the mug as she returned her glancing at the clock on the wall.

Finally at three till seven she heard a pop in front of the door. She practically flew to the door, dropping the mug, and spilling all of its contents. She flung the door open expectantly, her face lit in a bright smile that fell rather quickly when she found that the man at the door was not her husband.

"Well, don't look so chipper to see me Lily," Sirius scoffed good naturedly, letting himself into her house.

"Oh it's not that I just..."

"Had special plans for Prongsie dearest?"

"Well...sort of..."

"Well, James will kill me for ruining those, but I couldn't keep myself from divulging in your excellent cooking, Mrs. Potter," he teased. Lily shot him an annoyed look.

"Tough luck, Sirius," she said, smirking slightly as she followed him into the living room. "James is cooking tonight."

Sirius made a face before his grey eyes caught on the spilled mug of hot chocolate.

"Lils...?" he inquired, looking back and forth from the remnants of the hot chocolate to her. Lily gave him a weak smile. She was not a clumsy person, and Sirius knew it.

"I just...really want to see James..."

She laughed at the slightly disgusted look that Sirius made. With his dirty mind, she had a feeling he wasn't enjoying the visual she'd just given him. It was his turn to shoot her an irritated look.

"Not funny, Evans," he said using her maiden name. "Prongs and I are close, but even I don't want to picture the two of you going at it."

"Then leave," she smirked. "And I'll cook you a very big dinner tomorrow night."

"Really?" he asked enthusiastically. Lily could picture his dog-form wagging his tail in delight and his mouth water with hopes of food.

"Really," she promised. He grinned brightly before shooting her a slightly suspicious look.

"So what did James do to earn himself'celebration' he's getting tonight?" he inquired, raising his eyebrows suggestively. Lily smirked.

"You'll find out tomorrow at dinner," she said, guiding him to the door. "Good night Sirius."

He laughed and made to open the door, only to have someone on the other side beat him to it. Sirius' bark-like laughter filled the room as James Potter stood in the door looking startled to find his best mate and his wife standing in the door, almost waiting for him.

"What are you doing here Padfoot?" James asked, a bewildered look on his face.

"I came to steal your dinner, but your wife says you're cooking tonight, so I'm saving myself while I can."

"Bum," James chuckled as Sirius waved good-bye and apperated away at the doorstep. When he was gone, James turned his gaze to Lily, who had started wringing her hands nervously again. "So what did you tell him to really get him to leave?"

"That you were getting a very tonight, and he'd be ill advised to stay."

James' face lit up as he looked at her before he tilted his head to the side. She could see him taking in her anxious appearance with light worry. Unable to take his questioning gaze much longer, Lily turned from the door and walked back into the living room for the fourth time that night. She flicked her wand and the cup of hot chocolate cleaned itself up. She heard James follow her. She started pacing again. From the corner of her eye she saw him sit down on their sofa. He was relaxed, waiting for her to tell him whatever it was that was on her mind. She released a nervous sigh before she joined him, falling right into his arms. He gave her a comforting smile, and she felt her courage build up. She returned the smile.

"You know," she started. "I love you more than anything in the whole world."

"Well that's a relief," he teased. "I thought that those darned books might beat me."

Lily made a thoughtful face.

"Ah...I'd almost forgotten about those...yes they do take a nice bit of love from me, don't they? Maybe I should go tell them instead..."

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry," he laughed. "I'll be good."

"Good," she said, taking another deep breath. "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and well, I figure we don't always have a bunch of time together because either you're off doing something for the Order, or I'm off doing something for the Order, or I'm at the Potions Mavens Clinic until all hours of the morning, or you're in the Magical Correctional Facility getting hexed all the time..."

"Lily, honey, you're rambling, just spit it out."

"I'm pregnant."

There was a very long pause. Lily watched James' face with extreme caution. He looked as though she'd just slapped him in the face. His mouth was hanging open. She got the feeling that out of everything he'd expected her to say, it hadn't been that. Her anxiety returned and for a brief (very brief) moment she feared he might not want the baby that was growing inside of her. But her fear dispersed as she saw a slow, but very jovial, grin begin to light up her husband's face.

"Run that by me one more time," he said, his voice hardly daring to believe her words. Lily released a relieved giggle.

"James Potter, I am carrying your child," she grinned. For a second she thought he was going to faint, but he saved himself and jumped up for the couch and let out a very loud, very excited whoop. He swooped down and picked Lily up into his arms. He swung her around jovially, making her laugh at his enthusiasm.

"Say it again!" he requested, his voice ringing with laughter. She giggled, thought he was silly, but complied anyways.

"We're having a baby!" she yelled, laughing with him.

"Girl or a boy?"

"I don't know James! I'm only a month into it!"

If James heard her at all, he gave no indication because he was now rubbing her stomach happily, a boyish grin lighting up his face. Lily shook her head and rolled her eyes at his cheer.

"Hey James," she cooed softly. He looked up at her with bright eyes. A seductive grin crossed her lips. "What do you say we celebrate...properly?" She raised her eyebrows suggestively. His face lit up in a mischievous smirk and he slid up to her slowly, their eyes locking. He gave her a sexy, lopsided smile before he let his lips hover just above hers long enough to get a light sigh out of her. When her breath hit his lips his boyish grin returned.

"Hear, hear!" he cheered, pecking her on the lips happily. "I'll call the boys! This calls for a party!"

Lily sighed, in disbelieving amusement this time, as her ecstatic husband dashed away from her and into the kitchen to floo them. Her eyes darted to the clock on the wall for a final time. It was going to be a long, happy, and very loud Marauders night. And just when she'd gotten rid of Sirius too...

A/N: I always hated it when my boyfriend would do that. Start to work me up and then do something so stupidly predictiable that you're reminded why you both love them and hate them. LoL. So this is dedicated to all the boys that we have a love/hate relationship with. Boys: we love you! Don't tease us! LoL


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