“You ruin everything Ron” Hermione said tears streaming down her face. Ron didn’t look but Harry did send a very sympathetic look.

The hall slowly emptied including Harry and Ron as they realised Hermione was in a foul mood at the moment, while Hermione stayed in a dark corner. 

It was after the Yule ball, 4th year. All the teachers had gone as well and Hermione was just left there. She turned around and leaned her forehead against the wall while muttering “I’m so stupid!”

“Shouldn’t be talking to yourself now granger” said a sickly voice behind her. This wasn’t the time for him to be around.
“Go away” she muttered.
She sighed and turned around to look at him. Malfoy.

“Temper, temper Ms. Feisty. I see weasel got you in a stressed mood” it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. She scoffed.

“Stressed perhaps, angry-yes!” she replied. She slid down the wall. He starred at her for a while then joined her sitting on the floor beside her. They sat there in silence as Hermione sniffed now and again.

“Why are you here?” she asked. She looked at him as his gaze went across the room.

“Pansy was giving me a hard time, I wanted some peace and quiet” he muttered. Hermione whispered a small “oh”. 

Malfoy then mumbled something under his breath as he heard her sniff again. 
He moved his body slightly so he was facing her. He smiled a small smile and lifted his hand to Hermione’s face. He brushed his thumb underneath her eye, to rub away the tears.

“We don’t want to spoil that pretty face do we now?” he said. She looked into his eyes as if asking the question why. “You look so beautiful tonight. I wish I had just one dance with you, to see yourself in my arms and only mine. Not Krums…not weasels.”

She bit her lip as she drank in all of his words; she slowly but surely put her hand on his hand which was resting on her cheek.
“What’s brought this on Draco?” 

“I hated the thought you was with another man baby” Draco placed his lips on her forehead and she sighed. 

“I saw you” he looked at her puzzled “with pansy. She’s obviously still in love with you Draco”

“Well I didn’t see that, I was too busy looking at you. God, when you came down those stairs, I thought I was going to faint. Sweetie, you looked to die for…well still do” 

Hermione placed her hands on his cheeks, holding his face and moved hers.

 She kissed him sweetly on his lips; he held her neck to make sure she didn’t go anywhere.
He moved his legs so he was literally on top of her and she groaned in her throat.
Her hands moved from his face to run through his silvery blonde hair which felt so silky and soft on her fingertips. One small kiss turned into a passionate making out session. It shared such love only two people felt.
“I love you Draco” she whispered against his lips

“I love you Hermione and…” he paused, he moved away from her only to find her eyebrows narrow in confusion. “you know what I was saying, I don’t want you to be with another man..” she nodded at what he was saying. “Well I never ever want that to happen. Hermione granger?”.

She sucked in air, as what she thought he was going to ask, she whispered a ‘yes?’ to him. 
Draco got out of his pocket a small case and gave her it opened. What it revealed shocked Hermione the most…a ring, a solid gold ring with a bright ruby in the middle. She gasped


“Will you marry me?” he whispered but as she opened her mouth to reply, he placed a finger on it. “I know we’re young baby but I want you to always keep this ring to know I will always love you. if we fall apart, keep the ring, please, to know I love you with all my heart. If we make it, make it through the next 3 years and more, I would be one happy man if you married me then. If you want to say no…do, if you want to think about it…you can. I don’t want to rush things but baby, I love you and-”

He was silenced by Hermione forcing a kiss on him; he could tell this kiss was worth all she had. Yet it didn’t tell him the answer or what Hermione was thinking.
Hermione did stop the kiss then as he thought this and she whispered “yes” against his lips. She moved away slightly
“Yes I will marry you, not now, next year or the year after. We have plans to make, yes. Yes! I will marry you draco malfoy” 
He shouted a big “OH!” and wrapped her in his arms. They grinned, knowing this was the beginning of a great relation.

The next morning, Draco and Hermione woke up together naked in Draco’s bed yet ready to tell the world they were a couple. No matter what anybody said, they would love each other.

A/N: Thankyou!! It is a bit random but I enjoyed writing it. Review please people! But I'm not going to appreciate if you complain about the age that Draco and Hermione were at when he proposed. I've wrote what I wanted to and thats the whole point of fanfiction! Woop
Byeeee (:

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