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Remus stared at her. “But it can’t be… I didn’t feel anything…”

”Mate, there’s no Whomping Willow, no Shrieking Shack,” Sirius pointed out.

“Really?” Remus retorted dryly. “I wonder why? Maybe it’s because I haven’t started Hogwarts yet—”

“We have a bigger problem than arguing over this.”

“What?” Sirius asked.

“The fact that there’s nothing for Remus.”

“That’s a bigger problem? Can’t we just ask Remus’s parents if little him and Moony can share a transformation room?”

“No, it’s too dangerous. He’s older and bigger and can kill him. We’ll have to make do with what we have. Maybe there’s a special spell? We can lock these doors, the ones to the Room of Requirement, and Sirius, you can stay with him, under your Animagus form, obviously. I can spend the night in the library or the kitchens…”

“But we need a spell that will hold for the night…”

“Library. Now.”

“The what?”

“Library, Black, now come on, it doesn’t bite.”

“Yes, it does! I have some horrible memories there…”

“Then you shouldn’t have picked up a biting book,” Remus injected. “Biting things usually bite.”

“Bites hurt!”

Lily raised her eyebrows. “Sirius… I hate to break it to you… but the book barely made a mark. It was gone within an hour.”

“It still hurt! Ask James! He saw the bite mark! It was red and my skin was dented…!”

“And nothing happened. Now let’s go to the library. We need to see if there’s a charm to lock doors for a long period of time. Colloportus probably wouldn’t work…”

“If we don’t…” Remus started cautiously.

“We’ll have no choice but to ask your parents…”

“No. You’re right. I can kill little me. Then I won’t be here…. Come on Sirius, let’s go to the library.”

Sirius regretfully got up and followed the other two out. He didn’t want Remus to kill himself… but who stored a biting book in the library? That’s enough to give a person a heart attack. And make them want to leave and never, ever come back.

Lily had found a house elf and asked him to unlock the library. The house elf beamed and said, “Yes, miss!”

Remus was completely silent. Contemplating the situation, no doubt. Sirius sidled up to him and whispered, “If neither works…”

“Don’t say that,” Remus snapped briskly.

“You have to face it,” Sirius said quietly.

Remus turned to him and sighed. “I know, I know, believe me. But I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m not safe to Lily or any other person for that matter. Let’s pray that won’t be true.” He sighed again. “Well, we have several hours until nightfall. We should find something in that time. I hope,” he added, almost inaudibly.

Lily was already in the library, pulling down books. Sirius eyed the shelves wearily. Remus smiled. “I promise I won’t let Lily give you a biting book. And I won’t give you one either,” he continued when Sirius began to speak. They followed Lily to a table and she smacked the books down.

They worked quietly and efficiently, sorting through the pages, reading paragraphs every now and then. The library was completely still and silent, save the sound of flipping pages and thrown books.

An hour later, the boys pushed away their last books. Lily continued to flip through hers. “Yes!” She pushed the book at them. “Locke’s Spell,” they read.

“‘Locke’s Spell is simply a complex spell that locks a door for up to a whole day. It is different from Colloportus. Locke’s Spell is specifically designed to keep things in or out. Dangerous monsters or criminals can be kept under this spell. It will work on any door. Only the caster can break the spell again. The spell cannot be fooled by the Imperius Curse or Polyjuice Potion.’”

Remus shrugged. “I suppose I fit under the category of ‘dangerous monsters’.”

Lily smiled sympathetically. “It’s a much stronger spell than Colloportus. Colloportus can be fooled and can be broken easily. The door that has the spell on it can also be broken down almost effortlessly. It is your only chance.”

“Locke’s Spell it is,” Sirius announced.

AN: Yes, who does store a biting book in the library? Another mystery for them to solve...

Sorry about the length (or lack thereof...) Not fond of this chapter... you?

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