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A Marauder Story

Chapter 14

The Magic of New Year

A/N: Sorry for the wait and I hope you like the chapter. By the way, I’ve posted a new story ‘Not your ordinary movie romance’ so you know and 'Run Wolf Run'. Enjoy!!

Lily POV

December 31st

I woke up at half past eight and yawned tiredly, as I pulled myself out of bed. Tonight was the New Year Feast and Dance and I had to admit, I was dreading it just a little. Jess was going with Sirius and Emily was going with Remus, but I had yet to find someone. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been asked, but I just wanted to spend the New Year with someone a bit more special than a guy I barely knew.

Even though Jess and Emily both had boyfriends, they still had gotten a lot of guys asking them to go with them. Apparently, the fact that they were taken had made them even more appealing to guys. I wasn’t quite sure how that worked, but then again I wasn’t a guy.

I came out of my room still in my pyjamas, and sat in my usual place in front of the fireplace. It was incredibly cold now at Hogwarts, when we’d been in Italy it had been cold for about two days; I definitely preferred it in Italy.

Half an hour later, and I had showered and changed into a comfy brown sweater and black jeans, and was making my way up to the girls dorm. As usual, they were both asleep still. I sat down on my old bed and leafed through some magazines lying around.

‘Why are you on my bed?’ a sudden voice said, making me jump.

I turned to see Madison Taylor.

‘It’s my bed,’ I protested.

‘No, your bed is in the Head Dorms,’ she said.

‘That’s Madison’s spare bed,’ Leela added.

‘Yeah, you can’t sit on there,’ Ana added.

‘Oh sod off it’s just a bed,’ Jess snapped newly awake. ‘And shut up while you’re at it.’

‘Oh I’m sorry did we wake you?’ Madison said in a falsely sweet voice.

‘Yes you did,’ Emily said bitterly. ‘Again!’

There had been a lot more arguments between the five of them over the last couple of months. It’s a well-known fact that Leela is mad about Remus, Madison is crazed about Sirius and Ana is obsessed with James. The three of them disliked us a lot, because I had always been good friends with Remus, since day one. And for six years, James had constantly asked me out and I’d turned him down everytime, which seemed to annoy the three of them even more for some reason.

Emily grew up with Sirius and James, so they were like brothers to her and now she’d been dating Remus for over two months, and the three of them couldn’t understand what Emily had done to get Remus to change his views on dating.

For six years, Remus hadn’t dated a whole lot. He’d dated, but his girlfriends tended to last about just under a month when he did. Girls generally think that he’s the shy silent type, which was the reason he didn’t date, not because he’s a werewolf.

Jess had also been friends with Remus since first year, and she’d gotten along with James the same way I’d gotten along with Sirius – arguments (usually not serious) that had somehow slowly progressed into a strange friendship. As for Sirius, there’d always been a lot of flirty playful banter, and now they were dating.

So basically, the three bimbos were insanely jealous of our close relationships with the Marauders and would do anything to interfere. And they seemed to think waking the two of them every morning would do that somehow.

‘Okay, you know what,’ Jess said raising her voice. ‘I’ve had enough of this crap! It’s not our fault the Marauders are crazy about us! And it’s not our fault that the three of you are the most dull and stupid people on this planet!’

‘I am not stupid!’ Madison argued.

‘Yesterday you got a tampon confused with your wand and it took you twenty minutes to figure out why you couldn’t levitate your books,’ Emily inputted.

‘It was dark!’ Madison replied.

‘Look either you leave the easy way or the hard way!’ Jess warned.

‘You don’t scare me!’ Madison said, sticking out her chest trying to look scarier.

‘Well we’ll have to do something about that won’t we?’ Jess said.

In a flash, she had grabbed her wand and had thrown Madison out of the room and down into the common room. I could just see her land on the couch where she bounced off landing hard on the floor.

‘Now would you two like to take the stairs or the wand?’ Jess asked.

Leela and Ana ran out down the stairs faster then you could say ‘Marauder’.

‘That was good,’ I complimented.

‘Thanks we might actually be able to get some sleep now,’ Jess said, as she climbed back into bed.

A couple of minutes later, and there was a knock on the door. Emily and Jess glanced at each other and Emily climbed out of bed.

‘For the love of God, if you don’t sod off, I swear I’m gonna hex your heads so far up your-,’ she opened the door to find Sirius and Remus standing there.

‘So far up your?’ Sirius asked. ‘And I thought you were meant to be the young and innocent one,’ Sirius said, raising an eyebrow.

Emily smiled innocently. ‘Thought you were someone else.’

She kissed Remus and let the two of them in. Sirius sat down next to Jess and Remus sat with Emily on her bed.

‘Out of curiosity, who did you think we were?’ Remus asked.

‘Leela, Madison and Ana,’ Emily replied.

‘I’m going to take a wild guess and say you don’t get along,’ Sirius said.

‘They pretty much hate us,’ Emily said.

‘Why?’ Remus asked.

‘Because of you guys,’ Jess said.

‘Because of us?’ Sirius asked confused.

‘Well,’ I said. ‘You two and James are the most popular, smart and handsome guys in the school. You’re charming, funny, loyal determined and brave. Plus you’re the Marauders and you play Quidditch, which makes you even more irresistible to the females of this school. So naturally, you two get girlfriends and they’re obviously not gonna be popular amongst the female population and especially not with Leela, Madison and Ana. Oh by the way, don’t tell James I told you that – I don’t want it to go to his head.’

‘Oh,’ Sirius said. ‘I’m quite flattered Lillian – thought you’d be the last person on earth to compliment myself and the Marauders,’ he said with a grin.

‘Get over yourself,’ I told him. ‘Anyway what are you guys doing today?’

‘Me and James have some work to do,’ Remus said.

‘But we haven’t had any lessons yet,’ I said.

‘Not schoolwork,’ he replied simply, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

‘I do not wanna know,’ I said. ‘What are you two doing?’ I asked Sirius and Jess.

‘I am taking the lovely Miss Jackson out on a date,’ Sirius said.

‘So it’s just me and you Lils,’ Emily said.


‘No way,’ I said.

Emily and me were stood outside on the frosty Quidditch pitch.

‘Come on Lils – it’s easy,’ Emily said.

I was stood next to Emily’s broomstick the ‘Nimbus 1987’, whilst she was hovering around on James’s new broom ‘lightening streak 1987.’ I had refused to use James’s broom after seeing the kinda stuff the Australians and Italians had done on the same brooms.

‘I’m not a flier – I’ll fall off and die a very cold death,’ I protested.

Emily had suggested we go outside for a fly. When she’d said ‘we’ I thought she’d meant her fly and I watch, but when she’d returned from the broom shed I’d realised her intentions.

‘I promise you will not die,’ Emily said. ‘It’s incredibly simple once you get on the broom.’

‘I’m not so sure,’ I replied uncertainly.

‘Look I’ll do you a deal. You get on the broom and stay on for ten minutes and if you still don’t like it then I’ll never mention it again,’ she compromised.

‘Fine,’ I agreed.

Nervous as hell, I got on the broom. Emily guided me and told me where abouts to put my hands and how to sit.

‘Now just kick off hard,’ Emily said.

I closed my eyes for a second and then pushed off the ground with my feet. Oh God, oh God, oh God, I thought terrified, as I watched the ground get further away.

‘See easy,’ Emily said, shooting up next to me.

‘Oh so easy,’ I said sarcastically, as I tried not to look down.

‘It must be ten minutes by now I wanna go back down,’ I said.

‘Nope you’ve got nine minutes and thirty-five seconds left yet. I wanna show you something anyway follow me,’ Emily said speeding off.

‘How exactly?’ I shouted.

‘Lean forwards,’ Emily replied.

I leaned forwards and I shot forwards way too fast for my liking. I sat up again coming to a stop so fast that I almost fell off the end of my broom. I took a deep breath and gently lent forwards this time, following Emily up into the sky. I felt incredibly nauseous, as I flew straight through a cloud. I realised then we were no longer in the Hogwarts grounds.

‘Where are we?’ I asked.

‘Just a little way outside Hogsmeade – within the boundaries (spells to keep the kids inside of school),’ she replied. ‘We’re almost there.’

‘Almost where?’ I asked.

‘You’ll see,’ was all Emily said.

A few minutes later, and we reached a huge mountain and for some reason Emily seemed to be heading to go into it instead of over it. Still incredibly terrified, I followed her down to a small alcove in the side of the mountain. She came to a sudden stop and hopped off her broom. I pulled up and this time I did slide off the end of my broom and hit the stone floor with a bump. I pulled myself up.

‘Are you going to tell me where we are yet?’ I asked, knowing the answer before I’d even asked.

‘Nope you’ll see,’ was all she said, before lighting her wand.

I followed suit. I could see my surroundings better now, and I could see that I was in a low roofed, narrow tunnel. Different kinds of black rock covered the ceiling, walls and floor. We came to the end of the tunnel to find a wall with the words ‘La niebla de la magia’ inscribed up on it. Emily tapped her wand twice on the wall and it lifted up to reveal…. another wall. Instead of tapping on the wall, Emily started to climb up it.

‘Come on,’ she said.

‘But what about the ceiling?’ I asked.

‘Watch,’ she instructed.

She grabbed a small chunk of the wall and placed her feet in two small footholds and began to climb. I watched in amazement, as she reached the roof and passed straight through it, out of sight like one of the Hogwarts ghosts. I stood where Emily had started and managed to pull myself up the wall, and through the ceiling.

I resurfaced on a coffee coloured marble floor about as big as one of the classrooms in Hogwarts. There were no walls or no ceiling; it was as if I was stood on the top of a mountain, though I knew it wasn’t high enough. It was then I realised where we were.

‘No way,’ I said.

‘Yep. ‘The Mist of Magic’,’ Emily confirmed. ‘James found it, then he told Sirius who told Remus who told me and now I’m telling you. It’s my third favourite place in the world.’

We were floating in the middle of one of the most magical places in the universe. The sky I could see wasn’t the ordinary blue colour but a light creamy colour. It was named ‘the mist of magic’, as a light pink sparkly mist hid the entire sky about 30 feet above us. The mist wasn’t actually mist but thousands of tiny creatures called Occamy. They glowed all the time and were tiny and pink - obviously.

Different magical creatures flew through the sky like Pixies, Doxies and Fairies and even rare creatures like Billywigs, Fwoopers (African bird in all kinds of colours) and Jobberknolls (tiny blue specked bird that is silent until the moment of its death, when it lets out a long scream).

Tearing my gaze away from the sky and mist, I looked down. There was a huge field like area surrounded by an extravagant forest. There was also a perfectly still lake filled with all kinds of creatures. The water was a gorgeous blue colour and you could just see some small creatures bobbing about in it. Lobalugs were normally found at the bottom of the North Sea, but I could definitely see a few in there. They’re simple creatures about ten inches long.

Along the rocky side of the bank, I could see a few Mackled Mabaclaw. They highly resembled lobsters only they were light grey with dark green spots, and on no account should they be eaten. A few beautiful unicorns were resting peacefully on the opposite side of the lake bank. I wondered if there were Merpeople in the lake. I knew there was in the Hogwarts Lake.

I glanced over to the fields of green grass. I was surprised to see a Moke scurrying along through, making its way to the forest. Moke could shrink at will, which was why I was so surprised to see it. The Moke is a silver-green lizard. I could see cute little Puffskeins searching through the grass for food too.

It was so incredibly pretty, like a picture you’d find in a muggle fairy tale book.

‘So what’s your other two favourite places in the world then, if this one is your third? I asked Emily.

‘My first favourite place is Hogwarts. But my second is a little place like this in the Maldives called ‘La Lagoona’, you have to go underwater to get to it, but it’s worth it,’ she replied. ‘By the way do you have a date for tonight?’

‘Nope,’ I replied.

‘Well you know how people say that the way you spend the first moment of New Years Day is how you’ll spend the rest of the year, so don’t go by yourself,’ Emily informed me.

‘I know,’ I replied sullenly.

‘Maybe we should head back – you could find a date at lunch,’ Emily offered.

‘I guess you’re right – thanks for showing me this place,’ I said.

‘No problem.’

We climbed down, and to my unhappiness, remounted our brooms. I managed to fly my way back to Hogwarts in one piece fortunately. It was time for lunch so after putting the brooms away we made our way to the great hall. Remus and James were sat at the table deep in discussion and both wore the same mischievous smiles. Oh no, I thought, the New Year Prank.

‘Please tell me you’re not pranking the last New Year we’ll ever have at Hogwarts,’ I said.

‘It wouldn’t be New Year without a Marauder Prank,’ James said.

‘But you’re Headboy surely you don’t still pull pranks and stuff,’ I replied.

He glanced at Remus who quickly shook his head.

‘No of course not, but this is a special occasion,’ James said.

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t say anything more on the subject. A few minutes later, Jess and Sirius appeared hand in hand, back from their date. I realised that everyone seemed to be staring at them for some reason, as if they were about to perform a song and dance. Jess sat in between Emily and me, whilst Sirius sat between James and Remus. It was then Jess realised that everyone was staring at them.

‘Why am I being stared at?’ Jess asked.

I shrugged, as did the others. A few minutes of more staring:

‘They’re starting to freak me out,’ Jess said.

‘Oh I know why,’ Emily said realising. ‘You and Sirius have been dating for a week.’

‘Okay,’ Jess said. ‘Care to elaborate?’

‘Well a week is how long Sirius’s relationships last, so they’re waiting for Jess to run out in tears, and for Sirius to look guilty for about two seconds before moving on to some other girl. Hence the cycle continues,’ Emily finished.

‘Oh,’ Jess said, not looking bothered. ‘Did you just say hence?’

‘Yes I did,’ Emily replied.

‘Okay,’ Jess said. She got to her feet and turned to the stares. ‘Okay people Sirius and me are still together – I promise I’ll inform you if we break up – now would you please all return to your sad little lives.’

And they did.

‘I’m really like that?’ Sirius asked, looking at Emily for an answer.

‘Err,’ she said.

‘In the past you were,’ I said for her.

An uncomfortable silence fell upon us. James glanced over at the Ravenclaw table and then he broke the silence.

‘Hey Em – you know that Ravenclaw girl Tiffany Andrews – what’s she like?’

‘Why?’ Emily asked.

‘Thinking of asking her to tonight’s dance,’ he replied.

‘Well yeah,’ Emily said in a positive voice, ‘she’s really - ouch!’ Jess had stood on her foot. ‘Horrible. Ghastly in fact. And she has a boyfriend,’ she said in a more negative voice.

‘The boyfriend doesn’t matter,’ James said.

‘Right of course it doesn’t,’ Emily said, rolling her eyes. ‘Well alright but so you’re warned she lost her virginity at 14 to Gregory Goyle and has been pregnant at least three times.’

‘What! You’re serious?’

‘You can’t make this stuff up,’ Emily said solemnly, whilst Jess tried not to laugh.

‘Well I guess I’m still dateless then,’ he said. ‘Who you going with Lily?’

‘At the moment, me myself and I,’ I replied.

‘I’ll take you,’ he said. ‘I mean just as friends and it would be practical seen as we’re the Heads and we’re dateless,’ he added quickly.

I thought about it wearily. He made a good point, and we were friends and he hadn’t asked me out in ages. Maybe he was being genuine. But what if he wasn’t? Ah, what the hell I’d risk it.

‘Sure,’ I replied.

I tried not to look at Emily and Jess who were smirking.


I clipped my necklace around my neck, and checked my appearance in the mirror.

‘Lils you look great,’ Jess said.

‘Yep James is going to be speechless when he sees you, which does not happen very often I might add,’ Emily said.

I smiled slightly. I was dressed in soft green dress robes that made my eyes look even greener if possible. My hair was loosely curled and I wore dark heels to match my robes. Emily was wearing dress robes of periwinkle blue and silver heels. Her hair was straight, but curved against her face. Jess was wearing dark purple dress robes and her hair was also curled, but was clipped up. Carmine red heels were upon her feet.

‘Well you guys look gorgeous too,’ I complimented.

It was almost seven, which was when the evening officially started. The Great hall was going to be crowded for the first couple of hours, as everyone would be there. But at ten the first, second, third and fourth years would be leaving and then at eleven the fifth years would leave, and then at one the sixth years would and then us seventh years were free to leave when we wanted.

‘Well I guess we better get going,’ Jess said.

We made our way down into the Gryffindor Common room where the guys were waiting. They all looked as handsome as usual. Jess and Emily were both greeted with a kiss from their dates. James smiled at me.

‘You look gorgeous,’ he said.

‘Thanks, you clean up quite nicely yourself,’ I replied.

He offered me his arm, which I took. The six of us made our way down to the Great Hall. We entered, music from the Ageing Apes filling the room. There were tables around the edges of the hall so there was room for people to dance.

We saw Bellatrix Black enter with Rodolphus Lestrange, we also so Narcissa Black with Lucius Malfoy. The girls of these couples looked far more cheerful than the guys did. I was incredibly surprised to find Leela with Peter, and was even more surprised when she looked over here and smiled shyly straight at Emily, who was holding hands with Remus.

‘Did she just?’ Emily asked.

‘I think she did,’ Jess said.

‘She smiled at you,’ I said, to Emily.

‘Well that was weird. Are you sure she wasn’t smiling at Remus?’ Emily asked.

‘She was smiling at you,’ Jess said to Emily.

‘Well she came with Peter maybe she’s decided that if she can’t have Remus she can still have a Marauder,’ I said.

‘Maybe,’ Emily said, before going to dance with Remus.

‘Dance?’ James asked me.

‘I’m not really a great dancer,’ I said.

‘It’s easy trust me,’ he said.

I followed him out on to the dance floor. He put one hand lightly on my waist and with his other hand he took my hand. I placed my remaining hand on his shoulder, and we danced. I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I’d danced before and Emily had taught me the basics. She’d had a few years of practise and it was actually how she’d met Sirius. James was a very good dancer – I figured he must’ve been taught too.

‘See you’re a good dancer,’ James said.

‘Thanks I just haven’t had a lot of practise,’ I replied.

We danced for a couple more songs, when we stopped for some drinks. I could see Leela dancing with Peter, wearing a smile on her face. I wondered what that was all about. Had she gotten over Remus? Or was this some scheme to try and get in his good books by going out with one of his best friends. I shrugged to myself and looked around at the other couples.

I could see Narcissa and Malfoy sat at a table eating and talking, but it was more Narcissa talking and Malfoy nodding along, whilst stealing glances at Emily and Remus. It was the same with Bellatrix and Rodolphus only he was looking at Sirius and Jess. I could see my ex Amos Diggory with Eve Abott and wondered if she knew what he was really like. I doubted it. Ana and Madison were with sixth year Ravenclaws but didn’t look ecstatic about it. I noticed they kept shooting glances at Leela and Peter, but I couldn’t tell whether they were evil glares or just glances.

I felt somebody staring at me and turned to see Snape looking at me, but he turned quickly when I made contact. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Serverus Snape. I know I definitely didn’t want to go out with him or be involved anyway romantically with him. But as I friend maybe. He’d never actually done anything particularly nasty to me, sure he’d called me a mudblood about a thousand times, but that was only ever in the presence of the Marauders or Malfoy. He’d warned me and Emily about Malfoy, which was a good thing, and he was always polite to me.


By now the Great Hall was much more empty, as it was only the sixth and seventh years left. I’d had a nice time so far. I’d danced with all three of the Marauders, and even a couple of sixth year Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, but mainly with James. I’d eaten, drinked and chatted with Emily and Jess. We always got together at a dance and had a little gossip about what people were wearing, who they were with etc. Not in a bitchy way just a gossipy way.

The Marauders had pulled their prank about an hour and half ago on the fifth years and under and all the Slytherins. They had put something in their food, so that everyone’s eyebrows grew to an incredible speed and density, their ears became larger than an elephants, their hair changed into a single pink strip across their head leaving the rest bald and so basically everyone looked quite ridiculous.

Currently, Emily was dancing with Sirius, whilst Jess danced with Remus. Leela was dancing with Peter again, and had been doing that pretty much all night. The song finished and Emily sat down next to me. We both noticed that Leela had stopped dancing with Peter and was making her way over to us.

‘Is she coming to talk to us?’ Emily asked out of the corner of her mouth.

‘I think so,’ I replied.

‘Hi Emily, hi Lily,’ she said looking nervous. ‘Look erm I know this quite a few years later, but I wanted to apologise for being such a bitch to you both. It was stupid and I know now that Remus is happy with you Emily and I’m not going to try and interfere, as I know it’s pointless. So I’m sorry.’

‘Oh,’ Emily said, obviously not having a clue what to say.

‘Well thanks I guess,’ I said, also not having a clue what to say.

‘I know asking forgiveness is a little too soon, but I hope one day we meant be able to come friends,’ Leela offered, before heading back to Peter, leaving us in our shock.

‘What happened to you two?’ James asked, sitting next to me, whilst Remus sat next to Emily. Jess and Sirius were sat at a table laughing and eating.

‘Leela just..,’ Emily said.

‘Like apologised to us,’ I finished.

‘What do you mean?’ James asked.

I repeated what Leela had said to us to Remus and James. James looked at surprised as we had.

‘Well she was right it is pointless,’ Remus said, putting one arm around Emily’s waist and taking her small hand in his, making Emily smile.

‘Hey what’s going on?’ Jess asked, as her and Sirius came down.

‘Leela just apologised to us – it was strange,’ I said.

‘What like a genuine apology?’ Jess asked. ‘No way! Seriously?’

‘Yep, well I think it was genuine anyway,’ I said.

‘Huh I wondered what inspired that?’ Jess said, more to herself than anyone else.

She got a few shrugs as an answer.

‘Well she seems happy with Peter at the moment,’ Emily said.

‘Do you think she’s gonna start hanging around with us now she’s dating a Marauder? Do you think she thinks that buys her a ticket in?’ Jess asked suspiciously.
‘I dunno. I guess we’ll find out soon enough,’ I said.

‘I guess you’re right,’ Emily said, before her and Remus went off to dance some more.


It was now one minute to midnight and people were starting to pair off. I instantly began to grow nervous. Do I have to kiss James? I mean I came with him, would it be rude not to? Do I want to kiss him? Thoughts similar to this ran through my mind taking up thirty seconds of the time. I glanced over to James, where a few girls were hovering close by – Ana been one of them. He looked like he’d quite like to be anywhere else. He caught my eye and smiled nervously, showing that he was feeling exactly like me.

Twenty seconds to go. Oh god, I thought. I glanced around me. It seemed like everyone was stood with someone now.

Ten seconds to go – James looked straight at me.

Nine, eight, seven – I found myself walking over to him.

Six, five, four – his hands were lightly on my waist.

Three, two – his face was barely an inch from mine.


I closed my eyes and felt his lips against me. It was the most unusual and greatest feeling. It felt like electricity going through me and my heart was speeding at an unnatural rate. I ran my hand through his hair and I felt his hand touching my bare neck. It was amazing. His tongue gently brushed my lower lip, which I happily allowed. It felt like we were kissing for eternity and like all time had stopped for us. But the he pulled away, leaving me a little breathless. My body was crying out for him to kiss me again, it was the most incredible sensation feeling his lips on mine.

‘Happy new year,’ James said to me.

‘Happy new year,’ I managed to reply.

A/N: Hope you liked it!! I know it wasn’t very eventful action wise but there will be more of that next chapter I promise. There’ll also be some James/Lily action. Don’t forget to review and to check out my new story ‘Not your ordinary movie romance’ – also a Marauder time set story!! Thanks for reading!

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