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I own nothing, nada, rien, nichts, niente, so don’t sue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 4: A Shoulder to Cry On The next morning, Harry woke to find that Ron had already gone down to breakfast, which was fine in Harry’s opinion. Harry took a moment, decided he wasn’t hungry enough to confront Ron and Hermione again, and began wandering the halls. This time though, Harry knew, he was not alone. He wondered who was under the invisibility cloak following him. Lupin, perhaps. Or maybe Snape. Harry shuddered at this thought. That was the last thing he needed, Snape finding out his deepest secrets. Harry had an idea to find out who was following him. After rounding a corner, he used the Transius spell to go where Dumbledore was. He found him in an office looking over papers. Harry hid behind some curtains just as a disheveled Tonks ran in. “I’ve lost him,” she said. “What?” exclaimed Dumbledore. “How?” “He rounded a corner, and he was gone when I rounded it,” replied Tonks. Well, thought Harry, at least it’s not Snape. He then used the Transius spell to appear outside Dumbledore’s office and walked by humming. He saw Tonks and Dumbledore look up at him out of the corner of his eye, and he was fairly confident that Tonks began following him again. He wandered for about an hour before running into Ginny coming into the house. She turned from locking the door to see a very disheveled Harry staring at her intently. “Hello, Ginny,” he said quietly. “Harry,” she squeaked, then ran and gave him a hug. “It’s so good to see you. I never saw you yesterday. Where were you?” “I wasn’t feeling to well,” Harry lied. “So I just wandered around for most of the day.” “That doesn’t seem like a very good solution to not feeling well,” stated Ginny. “Yea, well, it actually helped.” “Do you want to go get something to eat?” asked Ginny. “I’m starved.” “Sure,” replied Harry. “Do you mind if I ask you some questions.” “Not at all.” “Well, for starters, why is the order based out of Snape’s house now?” “Umm, well, Harry, it seems Kreacher managed to tell Malfoy where the Order was located,” said Ginny. Harry gasped. “So, about a week into summer, Sirius’ house was attacked and destroyed. Luckily, we were still at the Burrow. Only one person was there. He was killed, but I never heard who he was. I’m guessing its not some one we know, seeing as how no one has told us yet. Anyway, we needed a new location, and Dumbledore found this the best.” “Oh.” And Harry, on sudden inspiration asked an unusual question. “How did you find my letters, Ginny?” Ginny seemed to think for a moment then said, “Well, they didn’t seem like you were writing them. Yea, they were your handwriting, but the words didn’t sound like what you would say. I mentioned this to Ron and Hermione, and they said I was being silly. Why do you ask?” “Well,” sighed Harry, “it seems you know me the best.” He then told her about the Death Eater and the letters. “And so, I was wondering if anyone figured out that it wasn’t me writing.” “Oh, Harry, I’m so sorry,” said Ginny sympathetically. “I should have said something to Dumbledore. That’s horrible. Not getting any letters. No wonder you look so awful.” Harry could tell that she really cared, and his emotions were always near the surface these days. He smiled broadly at her words of kindness. But his smile soon changed to tears of sadness as he thought of what Voldemort would do if he ever found out how he cared for Ginny or any of the others. Ginny seemed to realize he needed silence, so she pulled him into a hug and let him cry on her shoulder. After a few minutes, Harry felt a need to explain everything to her, so he did. He told her everything. He told her about his life with the Dursleys, Sirius’ love, Snape’s hatred, what really happened in the graveyard during the tri-wizard tournament, and, finally, he told her everything about the prophecy. At this point, Ginny began to cry, too. She now understood what kind of a tortured life Harry must live with this incredible burden on his shoulders. She also felt her feelings growing beyond sympathy into something deeper, but she dared not tell Harry about it for fear of pushing him over the edge. After a few minutes, Harry calmed down enough to look Ginny in the eye. He said, “I’m sorry to burden you with all this. I really shouldn’t have told you. Now you’ll probably try to protect me like the rest.” “No, Harry,” she said. “It is good for you to share these burdens with others. It can help you get through all this. Have you told Ron and Hermione?” “No, and don’t tell them” responded Harry a little more forcefully than he intended. “I don’t want to spoil the love they have for each other by making them worry about me.” Ginny seemed to understand. Harry stood up and said, “I do need to talk to them though. I kind of started the summer off on the wrong foot with them. I’ll see you later.” Harry found Ron and Hermione entangled together, playing a game Harry had never seen before. They looked up, and Harry saw that they though he was still angry. “It’s O.K. guys,” said Harry. “None of this is your fault. I was just in a really brooding mood yesterday, and I needed an outlet. Unfortunately, you two were the closest.” “It’s all right Harry,” stated Hermione. “Here, why don’t you try playing Twister with us.” And soon Harry was laughing and joking with his two best friends; the weight of the world much less on his shoulders. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to me(sounds wierd), OrangeMage, max_wiseacre, baby_gurl, SammyD, and again to AgentJ. You make me want to sing, but I will spare your ears and your sanity. Also, reviews make me all warm and fuzzy inside... Ok, not quite warm and fuzzy but they do put me in a good mood, which is always a good thing (ask my sister, she'll be delighted to tell anyone).

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