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Chapter 3: Going Back and WHAT?

Dear Ms. Hermione Granger,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the position of Head Girl. Also you will be returning tomorrow aboard the Hogwarts Express which is scheduled to leave at 9:00 am. Since this is short notice all of your books and materials for your final year have already been purchased. Please wear your badge and the Head boy and I will be waiting for your arrival at the Hogsmeade Station.

Headmaster Dumbledore

Hermione let out an ear piercing scream as soon as she read the letter. Everyone at the Burrow ran into Ginny’s room, where Hermione was currently at, thinking that she was being attacked. “’Mione what’s wrong?” “What’s attacking you?” Harry and Ron said at the same time with wands raised.

Hermione looked at everyone getting a little red in the face for making everyone think that something was wrong and getting them worried. “Nothing, just that I made Head Girl and I’m going back tomorrow,” Hermione said.

Everyone let out huge sighs of relief and starting congratulating her. Until Harry and Ron realized something. “Um…’Mione did you say your going back TOMORROW,” they once again said at the same time, yelling the last word.

“Yes, all my school thing are there already and I have to be at the train station before nine,” Hermione replied. “Oh dear we better start getting everything ready then. Come on then every one and come help me, lets leave these three to talk for a while,” said Mrs. Weasley.

“But ‘Mione you only got here two days ago,” said Ron. “Yeah we haven’t really hung out,” Harry said after. “I know guys but I promise I’ll make it up to you and it’s not really for that long of a time, it’s only a bit longer than a week. What's the worst that could happen?” Hermione said trying to make them feel better.

The next day Hermione gave everyone bone crushing hugs before boarding the train to go to her favorite place in the whole world.


Draco walked down to the Hogsmeade station a bit cheerfully; he was actually starting to like being a Veela more and more. After taking the potion that Snape gave him he was able to notice the change in his senses without them going haywire or having those painful headaches. The only sense to heighten so far was his sight. He was excited about this because now he could se much more clearly and for a farther distance then usual. He realized the change when he was reading and noticed he didn’t need his reading glasses, though Draco knew that the development of his heightened sense was far from being over he couldn’t imagine how it would be when it was completed.

Draco could see Dumbledore waiting seated on a bench a long time before he even reached the station. He walked over and sat next to Dumbledore when a thought struck him. Dumbledore looked at Draco and knew what he was going to ask before he even said a word.

“You’re wondering why Professor Snape said you had three months to find and mark your mate, aren’t you?” Dumbledore asked. Draco looked at him shocked at how he had figured it out but then again his professor did have his ways, “Yes,” Draco answered shortly.

“Well the reason for that is that if you don’t, the Veela in you will think that you are rejecting it and you will die, so the best thing is that you find and mark your mate,” Dumbledore said.

“WHAT?” Draco screamed, “You mean I can die if I don’t do it?” he finished more silently when the words finally sunk in.

“Yes, but I doubt that would happen in any case if you do find your mate but can’t mark her/him because they won’t let you then you have to visit me immediately. Understood?” Dumbledore said. “Yes professor,” Draco said.

They sat there in silence waiting for the train to arrive while Draco thought of what he had just heard. Now he was thinking that being a Veela wasn’t that great of a thing. He also couldn’t help but get a little mad that he wouldn’t be alone to think things through before the start of term because he would have to be spending the rest of his free time with Granger. Just then the train arrived.

Dumbledore and Draco both stood when the train pulled to a full stop and out came the Head Girl, Draco wasn’t even looking at her he was looking down still thinking about what he had learn in the two days.

“Hello Ms. Granger it’s good to see you again. You do remember Mr. Malfoy don’t you; he is the new Head Boy.” Dumbledore said as soon as Hermione walked over to them. At that point both teenagers looked over at each other. Their mouths dropped open; they both had the same thought in their heads, how much the other had changed. Dumbledore just looked at the two with a knowing look.

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