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(Hermione’s Room)

'Hermione sat on the window seal of her room. She was still her normal self as she was holding a rather large book. She seemed to be lost in the pages, ignoring the wild storm going on outside. Her parents were home but the house was strangely silent. That worried Hermione and she looked up from her book. In her house silent never meant good. It meant her parents were probably fighting.

Hermione unlocked her bedroom door and silently walked through the halls. When she reached her parents door she noticed that the door was slightly ajar and from the inside came the strong scent of alcohol.

She pushed the door open a bit further and peered in. The bed sheets were thrown about the room and there was a large amount of beer bottles scattered on the floor. Her parents were not in there.

Hermione noiselessly walked down the stairs and into the living room. She heard voices from the other room and stopped were she was.

“Next time maybe you’ll listen.” She heard her father’s voice heavy from drinking. “Hermione and I are leaving for America tomorrow and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.” Her mother’s voice sounded scared and high. Hermione stood stiff. ‘Why were they leaving England?’ she thought. ‘And why are we going without father.’ She was pulled from her thoughts when she heard her father’s voice again. “Nothing I can do, eh?” He asked. “There’s nothing I can do.” He repeated. Hermione heard the click of a gun being loaded. She came out of her trance and ran to the family room.

There sat her mother on the ground with a bruise forming on her neck and her father standing over her with a gun in his hand. He had it pointed right at her heart. Hermione’s mother saw Hermione standing behind her father. Hermione’s father armed the gun. “I love you Hermione” Her mother shouted right before a bullet took her life. “Noooo” Hermione shouted as her mother took her last breath.'

“NOOOO!!!” Hermione shouted out in her sleep. She flailed wildly in her bed and got tangled in her sheets. Hermione kicked herself off of her bed and she fell to the ground onto her bandaged arm. She ignored the pain and sat on her floor. Tears were running down her face as she remembered the night that her father had ended her mother’s life.

Draco burst into the room and panicked when he didn’t see Hermione on her bed. He heard her soft whimpers from across the room and hurried over to her. She was crying and shaking. Hermione hadn’t even noticed Draco come into her room. She just clutched her arm and gasped for air. Draco gathered her in his arms and sat on her bed. He rocked her back and forth like a baby as she clutched her arm and cried into his chest.

Draco noticed that she was holding her arm. ‘She must have hurt it.’ He thought and carefully laid her on the bed. He left the room and came back seconds later with her potion. Draco pulled her onto his lap again and shushed her. Through her sobs he would open her mouth and coax down a little potion. After about ten minutes she had calmed down and taken all of her potion.

“Shhhhhhh what happened?” He asked looking down at her. Tears started to fall faster as she remembered it. “I had a dream” She said. “What about Hermione?” He rested his chin on the top of her head. Hermione didn’t answer at first. Draco stroked her hair.

“It was the night my father killed my mother.” She said quietly. Draco inhaled sharp and hugged her close to him. Hermione cried harder than before. Draco let her cling to his shirt until she fell asleep in is arms. He tucked her into her bed went to leave. He was at the door when he heard a small voice. “Please don’t go” She whispered with her eyes closed. “What” He was not sure if he had heard her right. “Please don’t go” She repeated and held the covers up as an invitation.

Draco nervously walked over to the bed and crawled under the covers with Hermione. She snuggled close to him and he wrapped his arms around her and smelled her hair. “It was his fault I changed” She said after a few moments of silence. He looked down at her to see her eyes slightly glazed over and staring into space. “Who’s fault?” He asked.

Hermione released herself from his grasp and sat up in bed. She sighed and looked down at her hands. ‘My father’s” She started. Draco sat up also and listened. “I was normal before that day. The day that he shot my mother. I was my normal book worm self. After she died he turned the gun to me.” Draco inhaled sharply. “He never shot me though. Never got the chance. Neighbors had heard my mother’s shrieks. They called the police and they arrived right after he killed her. They were too late and right on time. They saved my life. I went outside while they dealt with him. There in my garden stood several aurors. I knew none of them. An African American lady walked up to me, she was very pretty. She said that she was the mother of one of the students in Hogwarts. She said he was in my year. Mia Zabini, she introduced herself as. I was shocked at first and also scarred. I thought she would hurt me but I was wrong. She told me that when she had found out her husband was a Death Eater she had kicked him out and she became an auror. She offered me her home for the summer. I accepted but was afraid of what Blaise’s reaction would be when he found out. He was very kind though. I stayed in a guest room in the manor. For days I refused to leave the room. Blaise would apperate in and out bringing food and comfort.” She explained. Draco stayed silent as she continued.

“Finally I realized that I was wasting my life. Someday I could have a gun in my face again. If that was to happen then I was wasting the time I had left alive. I slowly started to leave my bed and venture outside. Blaise would always come with me. He would tell me that he was scarred for me even if all I was doing was walking in the garden. I wanted to go back to normal so bad but I couldn’t. I got my intelligence from my mother. I acted just like her when she was my age. Every time I saw a book or watched Blaise do his summer homework I would think of her. I didn’t want to think of her so I changed. I did the exact opposite of everything I used to do. Blaise didn’t judge me. He just helped me. Blaise was like my older brother.” She said smiling to herself. “That’s why he stood up for you” Draco said. Hermione looked at him confused. Both she and Blaise had agreed to keep everything that had happened between them over the summer to themselves. “When you left the prefects meeting he warned me not to touch you.” Draco explained seeing the look on her face. Hermione nodded but stayed silent.

“Were you scared?” Draco asked.

“When?” Hermione asked.

“When he held a gun to your face.” He had learned about guns in his sixth year with that whole Voldemort thing.

“I had never been more scarred in my life” 

“It won’t happen again”

“It might”

“It won’t”

Hermione smiled and slide back under the covers. Draco was up all night thinking about how he would never let that happen to her again. When he finally fell asleep he was awoken to what seemed like a few moments later. The door slammed into the wall and they both bolted up. “HERMIONE!” Someone shouted from the doorway.

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