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Chapter 1: First Day, No Pay

Harry walked into the prefects bathroom, arranged his badge and locked the door behind him. There she was.

"We meet at last!" He said grinning.

"What took you so long?" she asked curiously.

"Later, enough talking!" He smiled and grabbed her by her waist and kissed her deeply.

She kissed him back and then smiled.

"I love you, harry!"

"I love you to, Hermione!"

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Yield Harry as he got up from his bed feeling sweat go down his face.

He looked around breathing rather loudly at the empty common room. Ron was sleeping soundly in an odd position to his right. And Seamus was talking in his sleep to his left.

"It was just a dream..." He told himself as he tried to calm down a little. He laid back down on his back starring at the ceiling, it took a while before he would fall asleep. What a night to start his fifth year at Hogwarts, it was the first Day of school and he was already having nightmares, how baby-ish! He thought.

Finally, Harry fell asleep and forgot about his dream. As he pleasantly slept, Hedwig came flying by the window from of the Gryffindor Tower right beside Harry's bed. She was carrying a letter, she patiently waited for Harry to wake so he could read the letter.

"Harry, hurry! Hurry!" yield out Ron as he was nudging Harry on the shoulder.

Harry turned around annoyingly and grabbed his glasses and placed them on his face.

"I'm up! I'm up!" He said as he pushed away the covers adn walked to his trunk to get his trunk.

"Where's my prefect Badge, Ron?" He asked.

"Oh right!" said Ron as he excitedly went over to his drawer and got the badge. "I polished it last night!"

He grinned. "Here you go!"
Ron handed Harry his badge and Harry laughed lightly.

"Please, Ron, I know I am prefect, it's no big deal, but I am happy that you are glad for me!" He smiled adn tapped him on the shoulder. "Come on, lets get dressed!"

Harry and Ron walked over to the bathrooms and changed in them with their Gryffindor robes, except of course, Harry's new prefect badge. He wasn't to pleased with the fact that he was honored prefect, you will see why.

He had also completely forgotten about his nightmare last night, I mean kissing Hermione? That would be a good laugh!

Both Ron and Harry walked out of the bathrooms at the same time.

"Common lets go to the Great Hall to see everyone!" said Ron meaning to show off that his best friend was prefect.

Harry laughed and was going to follow his best friend when he noticed Hedwig was sleeping by the window with a letter.

"Oh wait, I have mail..." said Harry as he took off the letter and read it out loud.

Dear Harry

How are things this year? I heard you were prefect, it is burning on first page of the Daily Prophet. Congratulations! I meant to tell you that me and Buckbeak won't be needing your help anymore, we have found an excellent place to stay.

Love, From Sirius

"Go on without me, Ron. I'll meet you after I write a letter back to Sirius" said Harry as he grabbed a parchment and quill.

"Alright, I'll see you down stairs, I can't wait to see Hermione's jealous face again..." he laughed and walked out of the dormitory to the Great Hall.

Harry laughed to himself and started writing a letter.

Dear Sirius

I am doing fine, so is everyone else. Of how seldom it is I get promoted in this school, it just had to be prefect. Where are you? I am sending food with this just incase.

Harry and Friends
Harry grabbed some crumpets, cakes and milk in a bottle and placed them all in a box and closed it safely and attached it to Hedwig who was sleeping. She obviously woke up straight away and gave out an unpleasant noise.

"Come on, it's Sirius!" said Harry to his snowy white owl.

She rolled her eyes, if it was possible for an owl, though Harry could see she meant to. Then she flew out the window, he watched her fly out safely and Then Walked out of the Dorms out of the Portrait of the Fat Lady. He stepped out as quickly as he could but bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry..." They both said at the same time.

Harry looked up and noticed the beautiful Ravenclaw prefect and seeker, Cho Chang. She smiled at him and continued walking. Harry turned around and watched her leave, did she have a spell or something on him?

He got out of his bubble and then set his robes in place to try and look good but his pitch-black messy hair would just stay as stubbornly messy. Harry walked down the staircases turn left and continued until there was a knight in armor pushed the axe it was holding and entered the prefects secret way to the Great hall.

He walked over to the Gryffindor table as all his friends: Seamus, Dean, Ron, Lavender and Parvati came and congratulated him for his nomitation as prefect. He politely pushed them away as they took back their seats and he walked over at sat in front of Ron and beside Hermione.

"Good Morning" she said smiling at him. "So how is it?"

"How is what?" asked Harry.

"Being prefect of course!" she said.

"Oh, well it's alright I guess, but I haven't really started yet..."

"Wait until you do, you are going to have to work with every prefect from every house..."

Then before Hermione could finish her sentence someone came sneaking up behind them and interrupted.

"Well, Potter...Go on, show off to your girlfriend and sidekick! I, of course, was expecting a badge like this!"

It was of course Draco Malfoy showing off his prefect badge, yes, this was the only disadvantage of Harry being prefect: cooperating with Malfoy.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"As Prefect, you should know that interrupting others is just rude!"

Malfoy just glared at them all and didn't say another word for he knew Hermione was right. Harry, Ron and Hermione laughed as well as the other Gryffindors.

"Maybe Malfoy being prefect won't bo so bad!" said Ron as he continued to chuckled at Malfoy who was now gone.

Hermione smiled and then grabbed her books.

"Come on, Ron!" she said getting up. "We don't want to be late!"

"Your right we don't." He answered not moving from his seat.

"Well...Come on!" she snapped.

"Calm down Hermione, we have five minutes!" He said grabbing a roll of bread.

Hermione placed her books on the table and then place her hands on her hips. Ron rolled his eyes and got up.

"Alright! But I still think it's not fair that prefects miss the first class!"

Harry looked up at him.

"Yeh, but it's replaced by ‘prefects duty' lessons, just the sound of it puts me to sleep."

Hermione and Ron left the Great Hall to their Transfiguration Lesson, while Harry walked out of the empty Great Hall to his ‘prefects duties' lesson. He walked slowly for he had much time, how he hater walkinf past Professor Snape's office. He tried to walk faster but something made him stop. He heard voices, one familiar and one strange voice.

" late. I mean she..."

"I know...don't remind me, as painful as it is to forget h-(a cracking noise)- I can't." said the familiar voice of Professor Snape

"I understand."

"But there is one thing you could do for me..."

"I'll do it, I owe you, tell me, what is it?"

"Do what ever it takes to make H..."

Harry tripped and didn't hear what was said afterwards, the talking stopped so he figured they must have heard him. A little frightened, Harry ran to a door at the end of the hall way and closed it behind him quicklky and breathed out in relief.

Chapter 2: The New Society

"At least you've shown, we were just about to start without you!" said a very tall, grey eyed and black haired boy came to Harry with sparkling and cheery eyes. "Come on! Take a seat!"

Harry smiled and sat at the farthest seat from Malfoy. There were exactly eight people sitting on straight lined chairs and the boy who spoke to Harry at first. Everyone seemed so perfect wanting to fulfill their prefect duties so badly, this didn't really fit for Harry.

"Welcome new prefects!" he said smiling and holding his arms out cheerfully. "My name is Westley Finn, and I am a Ravenclaw Head Boy. I will be helping you around to fill in your prefect duties. Every tuesday at exactly eight o'clock in the morning, you will be coming here to discuss all the goings on in your houses! As you can see you are two in each house this year to have the prefect jobs. There are two head boys and two head girls in the whole school whihc are usually pronounced that role around their seventh year, though I was named Head Boy in my sixth year..."

Westley seemed nice, but a little to Gilderoy Lockhart-ish. Harry looked around for the other Gryffindor prefect, there was only one other girl who had brown straight hair tied up in a pony tail and she had a few freckles and looked nervous. Westley was talking away and Harry wasn't paying attention, he looked around so more in this place he had never seen before. A room with very neatly placed paintings of what seemed to be passed prefects and head boys and girls.

" I think I should see if everyone is correctly here!" said the Head boy grabbing a parchment.

"Ethel Pryce?"

At that moment a short black haired girl lifted her hand.

"Terry Boot?"

A curly haired boy with piercing blue eyes lifted his hand.

"Julia Chase?"

A tall and beautiful red haired girl smield and said: "present!" and she winked at Westley who smiled.

"Um, Ralph Graham?"

A short messy brown haired boy lifted his hand.

"Draco Malfoy?"

He lifted his hand slowly.

"Robin Mcloed?"

A red and dark haired girl with a pale face lifted her hand.

"Harry Po...Harry Potter? Well, how nice it is to have Mr.Potter as prefect, indeed!"

Harry shyly lifted his hand up and everyone turned in his direction.

"Hermione Granger?"

Harry looekd up at Westley.


"Yes of course, is she here?"

"Um, no..." answered Harry confusingly.

"Then who are you?" asked Westley softly to the same girl Harry was looking at earlier.

"I'm Halley Gellar..." she answered in a low voice.

"I'm afraid your in the wrong place, we are so sorry for the mix up..." said Westley giving her a smile.

"Oh it's alright, I'm sorry!" she said and got up to leave.

Westley watched her leave and looked back at Harry.

"Where is the real Hermione Granger?" he asked.

"She is Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall, on the fourth floor" answered harry who was getting excited that Hermione would be working with him.

"Than Harry, go get her, please!"

Harry got up quickely and ran out the door.

Harry ran passed Snape's office and was glad no one seemed to in there. He continued running up the marble staircase to the first floor, then the second, then the -oops, the staircases moved, Harry ended up on the sixth floor-. Then he went down two stories and was finally on the floor with Transfiguration. He stood at the door catching his breath, panting and he knocked.

"Mr.Potter?" said McGonagall in astonishment. "Aren't you at Prefects Duty class?"

"Yes, I mean I was, but there was a mistake!" said harry as he looked at Hermione and Ron and smiled. "Hermione is prefect."

"Excuse me?" said the Professor. "Did Miss Granger get a letter?"

Professor McGonagall turned to hermione and she said that she didn't get a letter.

"No, you don't understand there was a mistake, they sent the wrong letter to the wrong person." said Harry. "Westley sent me here"

"Well, I will ahve to talk with Dumbledore, Westley and the other teachers at the end of the day," she answered convinced that Hermione was prefect, but she still had to verify. "As for you, Harry, go back to your lesson!"

"But..." said Harry who was interrupted.

"I assure you, we will have this little mix-up fixed up in no time, hurry on, now!" said McGonagall pointing out the door.

Harry did as she said and walked out, when he got to the first staircase he met someone he really didn't intend to: Peeves.

"Mornin' Potter! Going to Prefects duty I presume?" said Peeves with a very unusual smile upon his face.

The poltergeist floated away softly without even pulling a prank or making Harry look ridiculous. Harry turned around with one eyebrow up and watched peeves leave, he wondered if he might be fading or something. He didn't let that bother him, he wasn't going to complain so he continued his walk down to the dungeons again into the prefects class.

"Where is, uhh..." said Westley now looking for his sheet. "Hermione Granger?"

"MgGonagall wouldn't let me take her." said Harry taking a seat while Malfoy chuckled. "She has to check with you and Dumbledore."

"Quite understandeable." said Westley putting his sheet down. "Now! To start off, presenting your househeads and old prefects!"

At that moment eight other people walked wearing prefect or head badges, one of them caught Harry's eye: Cho Chang. When she walked in, she smiled at Harry, which made him blush slightly.

"The Ravenclaw prefect and head boy and girl !" said Westley holding out his hands to present them. "Cho Chang, the prefect and Drusila Owen, the head girl and of course me, the head boy!"

"The Huufflepuff prefect and head boy and girl!" he said again. "Wiliam Johnson, the prefect and Hugh Cleese, the head boy and Rachel Norm, the head girl!"

"The Slytherin prefect and head boy and girl! Sophia Whyte, the prfect, Katrina Perry, the head girl and Marcus Flint, the head boy!"

Harry's jaw dropped when he saw Marcus's ugly face. ‘He is PREFECT?' he thought as he watched Marcus flint smiling evily at Harry with his crocked teeth. Meanwhile, Malfoy got up and slapped Marcus on the back, this was the end, they would co-work to burn Harry to the ground into ahses. Harry sank into his seat and he noticed that the Slytherin girls looked good, that gothic look with the odd clothes was kind of cool, but they were still slytherins.

"The Gryffindor Prefect, head boy and girl! Johnathan Saw, the prefect, Andrew Cohn, the head boy and Michelle, the head girl! Well that about raps it up for taday, for the last five minutes I will let you all to know each other, next class is the real work!"

Westley went over to the Hufflepuff prefect, Julia Chase and started talking with her, but it looked more like flirting. Harry watched the people talking to each other, the two Slytherin Girls, Robin and Sophia talking away, Marcus Flint and Malfoy talking about what seemed to be Quidditch. Then before he knew it, three Gryffindors came walking up to Harry while he got up himself.

"Hello Harry!" said a blue eyed, curly brown hair in a pony tail girl.

"Hello!" said Harry giving them a smile.

"I'm Johnathan! Pleased to meet you, Harry!" said a blond haired boy with glasses.

"And I'm Andrew Clerk! Gyffindor Head Boy!" said a very handsome dark brown haired boy.

"I'm Michelle Cohn, Gyrffindor Head girl, nice to meet you!" said the same girl from earlier.

"Harry Potter." said Harry intruducing himself.

"Well of course you are!" said Johnathan laughing. "Who didn't know?"

All four of them laughed and then before they knew it, it was time to leave. Michelle, Andrew and Johnathan said goodbye to Harry until next tuesday and Harry wlaked off to Charms class.

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