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“Ron would you please stop thinking about her?" Harry said as he watched Ron looking out the window with an emotionless face.

"I wish I could." Ron said slowly, sighing deeply as the rain pelted the window of drawing room of the Black house.

"Mate…You haven’t moved out of this room in three days, why are you even in here?" Harry asked, looking around the room.

Ron scoffed softly, turning his eyes to Harry. "Hermione was here in this house before you this summer Harry…And this was the very room we shared our first kiss." Ron said his eyes now looking at the ground. "It’s all my fault, if I hadn’t started that fight Hermione would have never been bitten and she would be helping us now." Ron said running his fingers threw his fiery hair.

"Ron you can’t blame this on yourself, you know it’s not true!" Harry said, placing his hand on Ron’s shoulder. Ron walked away from him, allowing one of his long slender fingers fall apon one of the keys of an old dusty piano in the corner. The note was flat, and out of tune causing him to sigh.

"Harry…I have to blame my self because it is my fault!" Ron said turning back to him, his face slightly pink in frustration. Harry looked at him sympathetically, ever since their trip to see Hermione he had not been the same.

"Ron… I know you’ve been hurt but…"

"HELL YA I’VE BEEN HURT!" Ron bellowed his face now completely red. "How would you like it if Ginny went away, and you missed her like crazy. Every moment of your life was focused on her! How she was, what she was doing, and if she was okay! The for one day, you have a short time to see her and some other bloke comes along and kisses her?!" Ron yelled furiously.

"Everything okay in here boys?" Remus asked as he opened the door slowly, making sure nothing was wrong.

Ron glared hatefully at him, with the same look in his eyes he had when he had caught Ginny kissing Dean in their sixth year. "We’re fine." Harry said quickly, causing Remus to leave the room with a quirked brow, closing the door behind him.

It’s working Remus thought to himself with a smile. Dumbledore’s plan had been perfect, having Hermione going back then having all their memories obliviated. The only problem was that he hadn’t counted on Remus remembering everything.

He smiled as he walked into his room, opening a chest with a flick of his wand. He took out a picture, it was of him and Hermione. Hermione looked the same as always, and yet Remus’ looks had changed a bit.

He sighed as he put the photo away, he had been waiting twenty years for Hermione. Everything was so clear, the way she smelt when they first met, the way she smiled when anyone called her pup. He remembered the joy that over came when he saw her in the golden trio third year.

Still then it didn’t matter, she was only a child yet she wasn’t a child anymore. He scolded himself so many times, telling himself how sick it was to be so helplessly in love with someone half his age. Still when he had fallen in love with her they were the same age. He looked around the room, soon Hermione would be back in his arms that had felt hopelessly empty for so long.

Over all the things he remembered about Hermione the most vivid was the night she was taken from him, the night he vowed too never love another. He had promised her he would wait for her, and he did just that. He had waited countless minutes that seemed like a total loss to him. The worst part of all was the fact that he was the only one, who remembered her, so he could not seek out compassion from his friends.

He rose from his bed, walking over to his dresser pulling out a small velvet box that had held what he was going to, or did give Hermione for their first Christmas together. The box was empty, yet still it held so much. It held the memories of her, and yet still resembled the emptiness of his heart.

He took out a book from the same box that had held the picture, crossing off another day. He flipped threw the paged, so many years and years worth of X’s marking the time till she would be his once more. He placed the chest back at the bottom of his draw, hiding it magically. He closed the draw, looking into the mirror the bureau held. He was wrinkled, his eyes were withered as only a small glimmer was left.

He sat on his bed, knowing no one would approve them being together, after all he was old enough to be her father. Still his passion for her was as alive as it was for her twenty long cold years ago. He opened a small box on his nightstand, taking out a small golden orb. Suddenly the wings fluttered out, torn and old.

It was the snitch James had so frequently played with. He should have given it to Harry, after all he had known James for nearly eleven year where Harry had only known him one. Still this was the only thing he had left of James, left of his best friend. He let it flutter a bit from his hand, so much slower than it used to. Slowly he reached out a hand, grasping it tight.

Here he was Remus Jake Lupin, the last of the Marauders. Other than Hermione of course, who by now must have been one of them. His eyes flared as he remembered Peter, he had trusted him just as he had all the Marauders and look what had happened. He laid back on his bed, covering his eyes with his hands.

He remembered the look on Harry’s face when he told them not to kill Peter four years ago. He had never looked more like James. In fact he had never acted so much like James either. Saving his enemy, regardless of what they had done to them. James had saved Snape, in their seventh year just as Harry has saved Peter. He chuckled as he thought about Harry’s personality. He had received James forgiving heart and compassion, along with Lily’s temper and love.

He sighed as he brought himself back up, walking towards the door. He started down the hall, listening into Harry and Ron’s conversation.

"Harry…I don’t know what I’m going to do I love Hermione so much."

"I know mate…But she has to live her own life. It won’t matter what happens between Remus and Her anyway when she gets back here Remus won’t remember anything that happened between them."

"Well that’s true…still I don’t know what I would do if I lost her again."

Remus heart sank, not only was he had his own dreams of love stolen from him so long ago but now he was stealing someone else’s. He continued down the hall, feeling slightly sick. Remus had always been the realistic one of the group, yet everytime he needed help James had been there to help him listen to his heart. "Why did you have to leave James? I have never needed you more." Remus said softly, looking out the window at the dark and cloudy sky.

He let his feet hit the steps heavily, causing the sound to echo threw the hall, as he made his way into the kitchen. "Hello Molly." He said in a dour voice, dropping himself in a chair.

"What's wrong dear? Do you need a cup of tea?" She asked as she wiped her wet hands off on her apron.

"I’m fine." He said rubbing his temples. Molly didn’t question him further, knowing he had been through enough lately.

"Well Dumbledore is coming over later." Molly said as she walked out of the room with her warm smile on, trying to comfort him.

"Okay." Remus said pushing his hair back, a habit he had adapted from James. Molly shook her head as she walked out of the room, his eyes looking at the ground. He listened to the silence of the room, his heightened sense of hearing picking up on Harry and Ron’s conversation yet not being able to make out the words. If he focused he would be able to tell what they were saying, yet at the moment he had no desire to know.

It could have been moments he sat there, it could have been hours either way he was taken aback when he felt a hand lying on his shoulder. "Everything alright Remus?" A warm old voice said. He turned his eyes and looked up at Dumbledore with a sad look in his eyes, immediately looking at the ground.

"Dumbledore, I have to talk to you." Remus said as Dumbledore placing himself in the chair across from him.

"If it is about you remembering Hermione being in your seventh year, I know." Dumbledore said with his hands on the table, one over the other.

"You…You know?" He asked with a shocked voice as his head tilted to the side.

"Remus…I know Occomacy if you do not remember, I have know for some time…And obviously if you remember there must be a reason." Dumbledore said smiling at Remus over his half moon glasses.

"I…I had always wondered why the spell didn’t work." Remus said shaking his head.

"Well… Obviously you had a reason to remember." Dumbledore said with a wink as he walked out of the room, to seek out Harry.

Remus sighed, only a few more months before this loveless nightmare would all be over. He looked at the waxing quarter moon, knowing the next full moon was in only a few days. He took a deep breath as he stood up, walking up the stairs back into his room when he fell onto his bed. Staring at the ceiling until he fell asleep, memories of him and Hermione dancing around his otherwise tortured mind.

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