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"Where is she, I want the girl, she is the peice to this war" Voldemort nearly screamed at his deatheaters.
"My Lord we do not know, she has dissapered" a small and fat man said.
"Not good enough, CRUCIO"
The other deatheaters flinched but thought better him then them.
"I want her here and I want her now. Before Dumbledore finds out she exists"
"Yes my Lord"
The deatheaters said with a bow and apparating away.

Many miles away a 15 years old teenager woke up after a nightmare, but not any teenager and not any nightmare. Harry Potter was the savior of the wizardry world, but it didn't help that half of that world thought that he was evil or a least mad.
Harry went to look at himself in the mirror and what he saw made him jump in surprise.
His short messy black hair was turning brown mixed with red and long, he suddenly was taller althrough not fatter and he seemed to have a strange symbol on his right shoulder as a tattoo.
He was starting to freak out, so he decided he needed some help, but who would he right to.
Sirius might have the answer, but so would Dumbledore and many others. The Weasly's hadn't wroten to him all summer, that made Harry worry, but right now it was the last of his concerns, he decided to wright to Dumbledore, to tell him also about the dream.

Dear Professor Dumbledore:

It's Harry, I'm sorry to interupt your Holidays, but two things have happened over the night and I think they are important.
First my aspect seems to be changing, I don't know how to explain it, it's very weird.
And second last night I had a dream about Vold... I meen you know who and he was looking for a girl, who was a peice in this war. I don't know who she is but she seems important.
Sincerly yours.
Harry James Potter.

Just as Harry had finished the letter Hedwing returned from hunting.
"Just on time girl" Harry whispered to the snowy owl. "Take this to Dumbledore for me and be as quick as you can"
Hedwing hooted, bit Harrys finger and flew out of the window.
Harry layed on the bed and looked at the clock, it was only 3 am.
He fell asleep again and at 7 was woke up by a bang on his bedroom door.
"Get up you freak" Verons voice came through the door. "You have to make breakfast"
Harry opened his eyes and put some clothes on, which were know a bit to short for him.
He went down to the kitchen and started making breakfast.
Ten minutes later the rest of the family came down, it wasn't until ten minutes later that Petunia realised the change and she gasped in surprise. That made Veron look up from his newspaper.
"What's happened to you boy?"
"I don't know" was Harry's answer.
"Well you better leave it like that" Veron said.
Harry looked at the door with the hope that in any moment in would open with a wizard who was going to take him away.

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