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Hermione smiled as she stepped onto platform 9 ¾. After a few minutes of searching she spotted two red heads and one black head. Hermione grabbed her trunk and ran over to them.

“Hey guys,” she shouted as she neared them. “Hey, how was the Summer?”

“Don’t ask ‘Mione.” Harry said glumly as Ron and Ginny shrugged.

Hermione chuckled and stepped onto the train. “I’m head girl.” She said brightly as they entered a compartment.

“That’s great ‘Mione,” Ron said, sitting down. “Hey, did you get the letter about the new classes?”

Hermione nodded and smiled. The 7th years would all be doing Karate classes. Unknown to anybody in the school, Hermione had been doing Karate since she was 5, and was a black belt, one Dan.

“I wish I was doing them.” Ginny said.

“No you don’t,” Harry interrupted. “I’ve heard people talking about it, and I’ve seen matches on the TV, it really hurts.”

“Yeah, what do the uniforms look like Harry?” Ron asked. The letter had said that they would be given their uniforms in the first class.

“Its pant’s and a big wrap around top,” Harry answered. “The belt is tied a funny way, I can’t do it. I hope the work isn’t too hard.”

Hermione was silent for the rest of the trip and exited the carriage as soon as it stopped in front of the doors.

“To the first year’s, welcome,” Dumbledore started as the last of the first years were sorted. “To everybody else, welcome back. First, the Forbidden forest is Forbidden. And second, we have a new teacher with us. Sensei Rick Yang will be teaching Karate, a class now required for the 7th years. Now, did in.”

Dumbledore clapped his hands and food appeared on the tables. Hermione looked at the Karate teacher again and knew where she had seen him from. During the Summer she had gone to see an English Karate Foundation Tournament, and he had won lot’s of event’s. Hermione smiled as she realised how good their teacher would be, and then started eating.

The next morning, Hermione went down to the great hall with Harry and Ron and waited for McGonagall to hand out the timetables.

“Karate first,” Hermione said as she read it. “Then Potions and Charms.”

“Same here.” Ron and Harry said. After Hermione ate a piece of toast, she rushed up to her room to get ready for the first class. She grabbed her sports bag with her uniform and mits and pads, and, as it was early and no one else was in the room, she put on her mits and pads, and practised sparring her shadow. Then she put her stuff back in her bag and went down to the common room where Harry and Ron were waiting with bags.

“Ready to go?” Hermione asked. Harry and Ron stood up and headed towards the portrait hole, Hermione right behind them.

“This is going to be hell,” Ron commented as they lined up outside the classroom with the rest of the Gryffindor, and unfortunately Slytherin, 7th years. “As well as a whole lot of pain, we’ve got to endure it with the Slytherins.”

Hermione nodded absent-mindedly and looked down the hall where Sensei Rick Yang was walking. He unlocked the door and walked inside. As the students filed in, many of them gasped as they looked around. The classroom was empty except for the entrance door and door’s leading to the boys and girls changing rooms. The floor was polished wood and the walls were mirrors. Just like a normal Karate training area.

“Now class,” Sensei said loudly. “Just put your bags down at the wall and sit down in front of me, in one line,” Hermione dropped her bag and went to sit down, followed by Harry, Ron and everyone else. “Now, I’m going to give you a uniform and you’re to change, and then come out here and I’ll teach you how to tie your belt up.”

Sensei went down the line, handing everybody a uniform. When he was done, the student went into the changing rooms to get changed. Hermione, being skilled at this, was finished before the other girls had worked out how to tie the top up. She rushed out of the changing room and went back to her bag, where she stuffed her usual uniform in and went to sit back down. She didn’t do anything as everybody else came out, just sat their.

“Now, I’m going to give everybody a belt, and teach you how to tie it.” Sensei said.

He went down the line and handed all the students a white belt, and then went back to the front and explained how you tie it up. Hermione pretended to listen, but she had been able to do it for years. She went along with it though, and took a while tying it up. Sensei then showed them how to start a class, from lining up to bowing in, and then set them to work with the warm up.

“I want you to do 10 push-up’s, 10 sit-up’s and 10 tuck-jump’s,” he said while demonstrating how to do the things for the people who didn’t know. “Then I’ll teach you Shiko Dachi, and then some basics. Begin.”

Hermione quickly started the warm up, and had done the routine 3 times before everybody was done. Sensei then showed them Shiko Dachi, and finding out what it was and how much it hurt, the class groaned. Hermione just rolled her eyes and slowly went down. A minute later the legs were in a perfect rectangle because she was so low.

“Everybody look at Miss. Granger,” Sensei said as the class struggled. “Her Shiko Dachi is perfect. Have you done Karate before Miss. Granger?”

“13 year’s,” Hermione mumbled. “I’m a black belt, one Dan.”

The class gasped, and Sensei smiled. “Has anybody else done Karate before?”

Draco Malfoy stepped forward. “13 year’s, he said. “I’m on the same level as Granger.”

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