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Chapter 6~ Answer me now

Lily looked up from her breakfast as she heard the first owl screech.

“Expecting something?” James asked sitting next to her. Sirius sat on the other side of her and Remus and Peter sat opposite her. Lily sighed. Totally surrounded.

Without saying anything she returned her eyes to the ceiling to continue her search for her owl, Doc.

She saw him fly by, do a loop of the hall and fly out again.

“Stupid bird hates me.” She muttered. Drumming her fingers on the table as she waited. She swore that it did at least three loops of the castle before actually delivering her mail. Maybe it was the name thing, taking revenge because the other birds teased him for having a girls' name. Which made it kind of strange that he spent ninety percent of his time with Lindsay. Someone should tell that bird she was the one who christened him Daphne Octavia Celeste. (“But he looks like a girl!” She had protested. “And its such a pretty name…”)

“So care to tell us what happened yesterday?” James asked looking up to stare at what she was. (Which technically was nothing.)

“Huh?” Lily responded dumbly still searching for Daphne.

“Yesterday?” He prompted waving a hand infront of her face.

She looked at him. “What happened yesterday?”

“That’s what we want to know.” Sirius said from the other side of her.

Lily didn’t say anything.

“Ok. From our point of view.” Sirius said clasping his hands in a business like manner. “In three broomsticks. You run off to powder your nose or something, minutes later there was a scream, a particularly loud, shrill scream. You came out didn’t say anything but grabbed your jacket and left.

“Now. We could tell that you weren’t the one to scream nor were running in fear therefore we have deduced that you caused said scream. So what happened?”

Lily scoffed. “Nothing.”

“Oh come on. It was an awful lot of screaming for ‘nothing.’” Sirius said.

Lily smiled to herself. Looking up again upon hearing that blasted Daphne re-enter the great hall. With a final screech he dropped her letter above her head. Lily sighed as it fluttered down to her. Most birds actually delivered their owners mail. But not hers.

James looked above her head to Sirius who shrugged. He then raised his eyebrows to the falling letter and smiled.

James shook his head to say no but Sirius ignored him reaching out to grab Lily’s letter before she could.

“Hey!” She cried.

“Yesterday?” He repeated holding her letter out of her reach. “Oh. It says it’s from Lindsay.” He said standing up and walking backwards out of the great hall. “Bet there’s something real interesting in this…”

“Give me my letter Black.” She warned chasing after him.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Letter.” She said again holding out her hand.

“Tell me.”


“Then no letter.” Sirius said smugly shoving it into his back pocket.

Lily glared at him. “You think that will stop me?” She asked attempting to lunge around him for her letter.

Sirius stepped back quickly shaking his finger at her. “No grabbsies.” He sang.

“Nothing happened!” She cried in frustration. “They said some things and I got annoyed and sent a simple water charm at them. No harm. If they remembered the equally simple drying charm they would have been fine.” She said quickly before holding out her hand again. “Letter.”

Sirius frowned. She had actually given in. Dejectedly he pulled the letter from his pocket to hand to her but before she could take it if flew over her head.

“Argh!” Lily growled stamping her foot angrily as spun around. James had followed them and was now standing there wand in one hand and letter in the other.

“What did they say?” James asked calmly as Lily stalked over to him.

“What do you care?”

He shrugged. “Because I know you. Even if it was only a stupid water charm you never use magic to gain an advantage over people. Where as I apparently do.” He said waving the letter. “You could have easily gotten it back by now if you had of used magic.”

“You don’t know me!”

“They must have said something to make you retaliate.” He said ignoring her.


“So.” He repeated slowly. “What did they say?”

I know it wasn’t true so it. Doesn’t. Matter.” She said firmly.

James considered her.

She stared at him and he stared back. She narrowed her eyes at him and finally he held out the letter.

“It clearly does.” He said almost sadly.

Lily didn’t reply instead took the letter cautiously from his hand.

James sighed and left heading back into the great hall. Sirius looked between them and with a carefree shrug turned to follow him.

Alone in the entrance hall Lily looked around blowing the hair out of her eyes.

Nobody knew how to frustrate her more.

Just when she thought she had him all figured out he had to surprise her.

But he Didn’t know her. How could he?

Taking a seat on the bottom step and pushing her thoughts aside she finally opened her letter.

Dear Lily the laughable.
So you are friends with Sirius Black. I just don’t know what to think. So

Just friends right?


I had to ask.

I think its cool. I mean I have listened to you bitch about hating the people at Hogwarts for years. Ever since that day in fifth year after the defence exam and so on and so on. (If you were standing next to me would you have hit me by now? Oh how I love letters…) I know Hazel and Christie are bitches. And so not worth your time. So forget about them.

And you need help? Well in times like this I like to turn to the great Dr Seuss. A wise man who can rhyme is always worth my time. (Like it?) Anyway…

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Which translates to: Lily? HELLO???

I know you know the answer.

He's not joking.

I know this for a fact.

I, hem, got a letter from Sirius a while back and yeah…

I repeat. He's not joking.

So therefore neither am I when I say he is madly in love with you! You both shall get married and have little redheaded children and live happily ever after. I see four little munchkins. Lindsay, Lindsay the second, Lindsay the third and Bob. Oh what a happy family you shall be!

And I of course shall be around for tea practically every night…

What a good friend I am.

But in the mean time you talk of friends, if you want one go for James Potter.

There is a winner. Trust me.

I am an excellent judge of character.

And although I only met him briefly from what you have told me and also Sirius he is apparently everything one could want in a friend. But I will leave that for you to find out.

Hey, maybe you don’t want to be friends anyway. Wink wink.

Anyway I know this must be the shortest letter on record but I am so tired. And my clock just told me it is ten past eight. Oh how sad. I blame school.

So this should reach you by Halloween so happy haunting!

Forever Lindsay the lame.

Lily frowned and flipped the page over in confusion. There had to be more.

That wasn’t a letter.

Certainly not one from Lindsay. It was too short, too serious, and too strange.

“You okay?” Someone asked politely as they were forced to step around her on the stairs.

Now that was a complicated question. She nodded slowly knowing they didn’t expect an answer or care what it was.

“Just peachy.”


Halloween bites. Lily thought as she trudged down to the great hall for the big Halloween feast, wishing instead she could just skip it and go straight to bed.

It had definitely been one of those days where she wished she had stayed in bed after all.

Instead she had spent it with a million thoughts running a marathon through her head while she struggled to set her mind on any one task.

She had read that letter so many times and she could just tell something wasn’t right about it. She wanted to talk to Lindsay, not just scribble down another letter that could easily be misinterpreted.

She just needed someone to talk to.

Face to face talk.

About Lindsay. About James. About Hazel and Christie. School work, her parents.


Her diary was just not cutting it lately. She needed answers.

The sooner the better.

“No running in the halls.” She called half heartedly as some excited first years elbowed past her to get into the hall.

What was the use? At least they were enjoying Halloween and looking forward to the feast.

Taking a seat at the table she rested her head on one hand and waited for Dumbledore to start his speech. The sooner he started the sooner she could eat and leave. All around her people laughed and chatted.

She wanted to smack them.

How dare they have fun when she was in a bad mood.

“I’ve eaten lemons that are less sour that you look right now.” Sirius commented as he walked past.

Lily didn’t move. “Is that supposed to be a complement? ‘Cause I ain’t blushing.”

“No a complement would be that you look particularly stunning…well when you smile.”

Lily gave him a smile. A nice fake one.

“Slightly better. Are you okay?

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“Come sit with us.” He said motioning back to where James, Remus and Peter were sitting.

Lily considered it quickly then shook her head. “If it’s all the same with you I might just stay here.”

Sirius looked at his friends then back at Lily. “Are you sure you are okay?”

She nodded. “I’m fine now that someone asked.”

Sirius looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

Lily laughed. “Never mind. Thanks for asking.”

“Okay…” He said. “I guess I will talk to you later then.”

Lily glanced down the table to watch him great his friends. James asked him something and he shrugged. She frowned as they all leant forward and started whispering about something.

One could only guess what they were talking about.

At the moment she almost envied them. But then she had been offered a place next to them and she had declined.

If she wasn’t so stubborn she could have friends…and possibly a boyfriend too.

Or even just somebody to talk to.


“Hey Evans. Coming to our spook fest?” James asked after the feast when they were all back in the common room, most of the younger students trudging up the stairs to bed already.

“Your what?” Lily questioned with a huge grin appearing on her face. Possibly the first all day.

“Our spook fest to celebrate Halloween.” He said cheekily. “Something to cheer you up.”

“Ohhhh. I see…” She said playing along. “Well, sounds like it could be fun. Sure.”

“Well then go get dressed.” Sirius said appearing behind James.

Lily raised an eyebrow sweeping an arm down to the floor to indicate that she was in fact already fully dressed.

“Jammies. You need your Jammies.” Sirius said rolling his eyes.

“Why?” Lily asked.

“Why not? Our spook fest, Our rules. And any excuse to see you in your jammies Evans.” Sirius said.

“Excuse me?” Lily asked at the same time James did. She turned to look at him.

Sirius grinned. “Hush now,” He said propelling her up the stairs with a gentle push. “Jammies now and questions later, and just for us make ‘em skimpy.”

“Uh, perve.” Lily said. “Just for you I’m gonna find a floor length night gown that buttons to the neck, a robe and bed socks.”

“Mmm bed socks. Such a turn on.” Sirius growled as she made her way back up the stairs.

Lily barely blinked. “Strange, you are very strange.” She said disappearing around the bend of the stairs to the sound of his manic laughter. She could even have sworn that she heard James slap him.

Maybe Halloween wasn’t as bad as she though. Tonight could even be fun.

Entering her dorm Lily noticed the bathroom door was closer and an awful lot of giggling was coming from the other side.

Sighing to herself Lily hastily changed into her pyjamas grabbing the blanket off the end of her bed and her hairbrush as she left he room before the Hazel clones heard her and came out. She could always do without the snide comments about her appearance.

Returning to the now empty common room she took a seat on her favourite couch. Curling her feet beneath her she began to twist her hair into two neat braids all the while thinking about the girls upstairs who had probably been getting ready for this since the feast.

Lily frowned suddenly, dropping the part of her hair she was holding. Did this make her abnormal? The fact that she wasn’t with them getting ready?

“Why the frown Evans?” Sirius asked. “And what are you wearing? I said skimpy!” he said looking her up and down. Lily looked down at her PJ’s. Nothing special, Peppermint stripe pants and a green t-shirt.

“And no bed socks." Lily laughed wiggling her bare toes. “So where are the others?”

“Oh, Remus and James went for food and well, Petey is still upstairs. And I was sent down here to make sure no cat fights broke out between any scantily dressed females... without me getting a record of it. Ah I love jammie nights.” He sighed.

Lily just shook her head.

“So what got you frowning?”

Lily shrugged. “Just thinking.”

“Again? Yeah… I gave that up years ago.” He replied.

“You idiot.”

“Hey, no insults!”

“Hey if you want skimpy, turn around.” She whispered seeing Hazel and Christie sashay down the stairs.

Sirius turned so Lily couldn’t see his reaction but she could guess it. Both seemed to have produced new outfits just for the occasion. Hazel was barely dressed in a pink baby doll nightie while Christie on the other hand had chosen a tiny white singlet top and pink shorty-shorts with kisses on them. But there was no denying that both of them was could pull it off. Even Lily begrudgingly had to admit that even beneath the permanent sneer Hazel was gorgeous. As much as she disliked her.

“You approve?” Lily asked sourly.

Sirius turned around grinning. “Check out the makeup though!”

“Is it entirely necessary?” Lily asked looking away quickly as Christie caught her eye with a glare.

“What's not necessary is ghost stories for a spook fest. All we need to do is stare at Hazel’s face.” He whispered.

Lily smothered a laugh. “Maybe we could make a game of it. First to scream, shudder or cry loses.” She said.

Sirius, to her surprise burst out laughing. After a while Lily joined in drawing the attention of Hazel who expressed her opinion in the way of a loud indignant, “Uh.”

“What is she doing here?” Hazel asked directing herself at Sirius and not Lily.

She was invited. “ Lily said before he could answer twisting in her seat to face her.

Hazel didn’t look at her. “After what she did to us yesterday?” She asked indignantly

“Oh my god.” Lily muttered swinging around in her seat again. So like them, a little bit of water and the world was ending. “Would you get over that?”

“You!” Christie cried suddenly walking over to stand right in front of Lily. “You act like you are so much better than us but you aren’t alone by choice. It’s because no one anyone actually likes you.” Christie sneered. “And the ones that claim you do, ha, don’t be fooled. If you aren’t screwing them it’s all pity.”

“Oi!” Sirius piped up. “Outta line, Christie. Shut up or leave.”

Christie stared at him miffed that he had spoken to her like that. With a flick of her hair she stormed from the room Hazel in tow.

Lily screwed up her face. “So that was the thing that they said.”

“I know. I heard a whisper this morning.”

“I’m sorry.” Lily said her head down.

Sirius chuckled. “Me too, although rumours don’t bother me you don’t deserve it.”


“You are one awesome chick Lily Evans. And I think more people need to realise that. And I personally am sorry I never got to know you sooner.”

Lily raised her eyebrows at him.

“Really. I never could see what James did but now I can.”

“And what is that?” Lily asked uncertainly.

Sirius smirked at her. “You will just have to find that one out for yourself.”

“Now a question for you.” He said suddenly sitting up straighter. “What I want to know is if rumours don’t bother you why not tell James when he asked?”

Lily shrugged. Why didn’t she? Because she didn’t want him to get angry? Really didn’t want him to have reason to pity her? Think that she couldn’t take on a few whiney girls?

She opened her mouth to say something when the portrait hole swung open. James and Remus entered carrying an enormous amount of food.


Sirius looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

Lily knew that this conversation was not over.


A/N. i know i said the next chapter would be a while due to school but i am sick of thinking chemistry. i was starting to recite alkyl groups...
shudder. scary stuff
anyway. chapter six. what ya think?
me? i'm not sure. anyway really this may be the last chapter for a while. depends if i have another moment like now.
but you have no idea how guilty i feel
thanks for reading! make me feel less guilty! review!!!

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