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A/N: LAST CHAPTER! this is during OotP. just so you don't get confused.

Chapter Twelve: Clichés Are the Best Ending

Remus sat up straight in his stiff chair as Dumbledore walked into the Black library, signaling its chatting occupants to be quiet. He looked around the room, silently counting the members who were there.

"What was so urgent Albus?" Molly asked, wringing her hands as she watched the old man.

"Has someone else been killed?" Sirius was leaning against a bookcase, his arms crossed across his chest lazily.

"No, no. I am here to proudly say that an old friend will be joining our ranks. She has been out of the country for nearly twenty years but has been living in the States for the past decade. I am sure that three of you will know her well." he looked over at Sirius, Snape, and Remus, although his gaze lingered on Remus the longest.

This confused Remus a little. Who does he know who has lived in the States for ten years?

"She will be arriving shortly. I must ask, however, that your questions be kept at a minimum." the group nodded and suddenly all of them leapt up, grasping their wands as a floorboard creaked in the hallway.

Albus told them all to stay where they were and walked out, soon returning with someone wearing a grey cloak, the hood covering its face.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce the Order of the Pheonix's newest member."

The mystery person took down the hood, revealing a woman in her early thirties. Her dark hair was short, down past her ears in thick curls. Her eyes shone with laughter, but at the same time contained pain and a look of growing up too fast. Something Remus knew quite well. Her skin was pale, but still desperately held onto some pigment.

She looked so familiar, but Remus didn't know where he'd seen her before. She smiled, showing a set of pearly white teeth.

"Hello." she said softly, taking in everyone in the room.

For some reason Remus' insides did about seven backflips at the sound of her voice. It sounded so familiar, so close to his heart, but he still couldn't place her.

"No..." Snape whispered, earning him the attention of everyone in the room, "It can't be..." he walked up to the woman, staring at her with an open mouth.

Snape suddenly launched himself at her and she laughed as she hugged him back, "It's nice to see you too Severus." She pulled away and smiled at him, and Snape, to everyone's surprise, actually smiled back.

"How have you been? It's been so long! Where were you?" he asked, leading her to a chair where she sat down.

"I've been... okay. I was living in Oregon. You know... miles of forest and hardly any people." she said giving him a knowing stare. Severus just nodded.

"Alone?" he asked.

"Yeah. Not exactly the best ten years of my life." she replied, not as used to the stares of the Order members as she used to be.

"God I've missed you!" Snape pulled the woman up and hugged her again, and she just smiled as she looked over his shoulder and at Remus.

"It's not..." Sirius said, as the woman and Snape pulled away, "Is it really?"

She smiled, "Hello Sirius." She laughed as he clambered over to her and hugged her until she turned blue.

"Um... Sirius. Who is that?" Harry asked, looking at the woman with curiosity.

"This, Harry, was one of your mother's best friends," Remus' head snapped up and he turned all attention to the woman in front of him. It couldn't be...

"Harry, this is Chase. Chase, this is Harry." Remus' mouth dropped and he felt all the air in his lungs leave him.

"Sirius I haven't been called Chase in a very long time." She said, shaking hands with Harry as his green eyes stared at her in awe, "Call me Helena." she said with a wink.

"Wait a minute! I've seen you before! I have to go!" Harry ran out of the library but then turned and came back just as quickly, "Will you be here in the morning?"

"I'll always be here Harry." Helena said, winking at the teen.

He grinned and ran out again, climbing the stairs hastily.

"Well, let's go everyone." Sirius grabbed everyone but Helena and Remus, and pushed them out, leaving the old lovers alone, and most likely locked, in the library.

Helena nervously looked over at Remus, watching him as he gazed down at the floor.

"Why'd you really leave?" he asked, still staring at his feet.

"Remus I- I don't know how to tell you." she whispered, tears beginning to line her eyes.

Remus stood, his peircing amber eyes melting Helena's insides, and walked to her, "What do you mean you don't know how to tell me?" he asked a little angrily.

"Lily never told you? She didn't mention anything?" Helena asked, hoping her friend had at least made it easy for her to tell Remus before she died.

"She never said a word. She always said that you would tell me one day." he looked at her and his sad eyes pleaded with her.

"Remus... I- I'm... I'mawerewolf." she said quickly, hoping he had caught it and she didn't have to repeat it.

"What?" Guess not.

"I'm a werewolf." Helena repeated, still refusing to look Remus in the eye.

Remus' mouth dropped and he stared at his old lover for quite some time before he managed to croak out, "You're a- a...?"

"A werewolf." Helena said again, tears blurring her vision. "He's going to run away screaming, I know it."

Instead Remus stood there and asked, "Is that why you left? Because you turned into a werewolf?" he paled, what if he got out one night and hurt her?

"No. I had been a werewolf since... since the night my mother died." Helena stated, "I left because... well, remember when we watched the sunset and I ran away before it sank completely?" she paused and saw Remus nod, "I ran because it was a transformation day. And I forgot. When I got into the forest it started. After a few minutes another one found me and we... we..." Helena stopped, trying to compose herself.

"We had sex. The next day I woke up in the hospital wing and that's when I found out." she said, a tiny tear leaking through her dark lashes.

"Found out what?" Remus asked, dreading the answer.

"That I was pregnant. I had to leave. I had to get away so I could have him and live in peace without Addison breathing down my neck." she confessed to a shocked Remus.

After a few unbearable seconds Remus asked, "Where is he? Your son?"

Helena choked back a sob and said, "I did- didn't have him."

"You didn't... Did you have an abortion?" he asked cautiously. But he knew that would be the farthest thing from Helena's mind when it came to it. She always said that she loved children.

"No. Jorge... Jorge beat me the day I was supposed to leave. He beat the baby out of me." she said, the tears finally cascading down her cheeks. Just saying it made all the feelings she had come back up. All the hopes she had had of having her son, and raising him washed away as she thought back to that day.

"Oh no... Helena..." Remus reached out to her, but pulled his hand away as soon as he was close enough to touch her.

"I left anyway," she went on, "I couldn't stay. I couldn't face him. Or you. Even now I'm afraid of him. He's a Death Eater, Remus."

Remus and Helena stayed in silence for a long while before he finally said what he had always dreamed he would tell her, "Helena, I- I'm a werewolf."

Helena's head slowly lifted and she looked over to the man she had loved, disbelievingly, "What?"

"I'm a werewolf too." he repeated, the silence getting to be too much for him.

"But you..."

"Helena, that day, the day you got pregnant, I ran into the forest too. I remember finding another wolf and we... slept... together. Helena was that...?" he asked, that day just as vivid in his mind as yesterday morning.

"I don't know. Can I... can I see...?" Helena walked to Remus, her heart racing from the closeness of them.

She brushed away a curly wisp of slightly grey hair from his temple and gasped slightly at what she saw. She lightly traced a scar on Remus' face and a tear escaped her.

"Oh God." She rubbed her thumb over his cheek and another tear slipped out.

"Helena? Can you lift your shirt?"

"What?" she asked, watching him grow red.

"I- I mean... Your neck... can I see your neck?" he asked, blushing feriously.

"Oh, of course." Helena turned and she felt Remus push the material of her cloak and shirt down.

Remus sucked in some air as he saw very distinct bite marks on Helena's neck. The wounds were completely healed, but he knew that they had been very deep before.

"Helena..." he said, lightly rubbing the scars.

Helena let the tears fall down her cheek and she managed to say, "So it was you. He was yours."

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that Helena. I'm sorry I wasn't there." Remus said, a tear finally escaping his eyes.

Helena shook her head as more tears fell and as her love for him grew, "No, I left without telling you. I left without saying a word. It's not your fault Remus."

"It is. I shouldn't have let you leave without telling you how I felt. How I still feel. I- I love you Helena." Remus grasped Helena's hand and squeezed it before bending down and softly pressing their lips together.

Helena's eyes widened as a forgotten feeling rushed to her. She wrapped her arms around Remus' neck, pulling him closer. Remus parted Helena's lips and deepened the kiss, feeling her mouth for the first time in years. He softly caressed her cheek and Helena fell into his arms, her knees having given out.

As time went along, and Helena and Remus had yet to part, Helena had the strangest feeling that she was apparating. The squeezing sensation quickly passed though and she didn't realize until Remus pulled away from her that she wasn't in the Black library anymore. Instead she was in a small room with a large bed in the center, and not much else.

Helena looked at Remus, shocked, but he just grinned at her. She smiled and pulled Remus down to her, his scent filling her lungs. Soon they landed on the bed, pulling off each others clothing. After a long night, Helena snuggled closer to Remus, his spicy smell intoxicating.

She was on the brink of sleep when she heard Remus mumble groggily, "I love you."

Helena looked up into Remus' beautiful eyes and grinned, "I love you too." she kissed him lightly on the lips and sighed as she laid her head back down.

"You know," she continued, playing with some of her hair, "You never told me what happened to the girl in the book. The one you were reading the day we won against Slytherin."

Remus smiled and kissed her forehead, "She was almost killed when the muggle she was in love with shot her with a silver bullet."

"Oh..." She hadn't expected that.

"But later on she fell in love with a member of her clan. Another werewolf." he grinned at Helena, "And they lived happily ever after."

Helena groaned, "Don't say that line. It's so cliché." she whispered, her eyes closing slowly.

"But you can't deny it fits." Remus chuckled, pulling the covers closer to them.


"I wonder where they went." Molly whispered as the group returned to the now empty library.

Sirius grinned, "I think we should stay clear of Remus' room for tonight." he suggested, laughing at Molly's horrified expression.

"Molly they're adults. And besides, they haven't seen each other in eighteen years. Of course the first place Lupin would take her is his bed." Snape said, laughing along with Sirius as Molly left, shaking her head in shock.


When Helena woke the next morning and walked down to breakfast she found Sirius and Severus grinning at her, Remus blushing slightly, and Harry glowing with excitment.

"I knew I'd seen you before!" he exclaimed, running to her.

Harry held out a small photo album and pointed to a picture at the center of the page it was opened at. It was of Lily and Helena during sixth year. They were outside and it was after the semi-finals that they had won against Gryffindor. The two girls were hugging, smiles on their faces as Helena's teammates poured pumpkin juice over her head, soaking Lily as well.

Below that was a picture of Remus and Helena on their second week, kissing underneath the beech tree by the lake. Helena smiled and winked at Remus who stood and wrapped an arm around her, kisisng her temple. Sirius', Harry's, and Severus' eyes widened before they smiled and sat back down at the table.

"Will we ever get to do that again?" Remus asked, his head resting on Helena's.

Helena grinned, "We better if we're going to live happily ever after."

Remus laughed and looked down at her, "I thought that line was cliché."

"Well, it is." she said honestly, "But it fits nicely." Helena said before they kissed tenderly and sat down for breakfast.


A/N: i'm thinking about re-writing this fic. a friend of mine looked it over and he pointed out some things that have actually bothered me about this fic since the beginning. so once i have the time i'll re-write all of it and then post it as a new story and see what you guys think. but don't get your hopes up! it'll be a LONG time before it actually comes out. the characters will be the same and so will the plot to some extent, but it will mostly change. let me know what you think about that idea. anyway, thanks for reading guys, you're the best! i love hearing from you!! so r/r! right now!

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