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Three Years Later...

My name is Marietta Stone. I live with other people like me, who are not my family, in a big, stone community. A big, cold, stone community, filled with squibs. And that really sucks.

Three years ago I came Here. I have lived Here ever since. My family think that I am dead. The whole world thinks that I am dead. I don't know anything about the fate of the world, it could have all crumbled into dust and I wouldn't have a clue. I am trapped in Here. We all are.

It's my sister's fault that I am in this place. I blame her for everything that has gone wrong for me in life. She sent me here. Actually, she did worse: Much, much worse. She wanted to send me to my death. She wanted me to die. Now I want her to die. And hopefully someday soon she will. I hope to responsible for this, but until then I must bide my time. All because I'm stuck Here.

Allow me to explain. On my eleventh birthday I had my wand-giving ceremony. Things didn't go too well, and basically I couldn't cast the cruciatus curse on an innocent lamb. My sister, Bellatrix, then pretended to be nice. She pretended to help me. Then she told on me and ruined my life.

My parents disowned me and took me to be killed by our 'Great and Honourable Leader', the Dark Lord. He wasn't very nice, though he almost pretended to be at times. Then he sent me Here.

When I first got Here, I was greeted by a woman named Sian Watford. She took me under her wing. She told me everything there was to know about this place, which wasn't a lot. I thought that I was one of only two squibs in the world (the other being an old friend, Sunesh Gaunt). I wasn't. All the people Here are squibs. Hidden away from the magical society. Hundreds of them were probably born Here. Pure-blood Muggles; some many they could form an army. They won't though, for most of them can't imagine anything worth fighting for.

I still remember my first conversation with Sian.

I had just been left in this place by the guard. And I had just realised that he wasn't coming back.

“Wait!” I called, rushing at the door. “No!”

I started thumping at the rotten wood.

“No! Let me out! Where am I!? Help me! No!” I screamed out at him, knowing that my attempts were useless.

An elderly woman walked over to me and grabbed a hold of my wrists.

“Stop,” she said calmly. And eventually, I did, although I was still breathing quickly and I could feel my heart thudding in my chest. This woman seemed able to hold some sort of invisible power over me.

“Where...” I asked hopelessly, practically begging.

“Don't worry. You just need to calm yourself down. Breathe slower. In through your nose, out through your mouth,” she kept a hold on my wrists, but in a helpful and comforting way. Perhaps she was scared that I would try to run away...

We stood in silence for a few moments, until I managed to regain my composure.

“Where am I?” I asked simply.

And then she said something that made me start hyperventilating all over again.

“You're in Hell.”

It was a lot to take in. Well, I had just turned eleven, found out I couldn't do magic, presumed that I would be murdered, given a seemingly new lease of life and then was taken to a strange new place. It was a hard time.

It takes a lot more to shock me nowadays. And I mean a lot.

I cried for a week after I arrived. Sian says that that's a lot less than most people. And I was crying for another reason on top of my initial horrifying experience.

A short while after I arrived, I had asked where Sunesh was. I had hoped that seeing a friendly face would make me feel more comfortable, but the second I mentioned his name Sian's face darkened.

“I- I'm- Oh, I'm so sorry, Marietta. He- He couldn't cope. He arrived in a state of shock but despite the fact that I tried to explain that this wouldn't be the end for him at all he- He took his life an hour after he came,” she clearly felt sorry that this happened and had a tear in her eye by the time she finished the sentence which she did at a slight rush. She helped me through that hard time, but that didn't stop it from being the most painful experience in my life, more painful than the time my younger cousin repeatedly slammed a heavy oak door into my wrist for eleven minutes.

Now death doesn't affect me so much. Lot's of people kill themselves when they arrive. They can't cope, though there aren't really all that many of them. Fifteen perhaps, since I arrived. They're all so young and it's an awful thing to have happen, but if I let it get to me, then I know I won't survive either. You just have to harden when you get here. I'm strong now. I haven't cried since that first week Here, and I don't plan on starting to again any time soon.

Sian ran a sort of homeless shelter, for the young people when they first arrive. That's where I stayed for the first year of my living Here. Then it was my time to move out and live on my own. So I moved next door. Well. Sort of. I built a house next door, with the help of Sian and the children in the shelter. I was barely more than a year older than any of them, but it felt like so much more.

I was going to work with Sian you see. I was going to help her. But in a different way to what everyone else thought. We couldn't let them know what we were up to, not yet. It was for their own safety to keep this low key. If anyone had even breathed a word of it, we would all have been for it...

I was helping my new friend, Sian, to raise an army. Lots of the young adults had started a group, to learn self-defence and fighting without magic. It was more of a hobby than anything else. I joined them just to pass the time, but I am still working with them and the meetings are still going strong.

However, Sian let me in on a secret; the biggest secret of all. And I am to be a key part of that secret. A monumentally big part.

All I shall disclose at the moment is that Sian discovered that people can very easily apparate Here. The problem arises when they can't apparate out.


We're going to take over the guards someday: I just know it. Whether it be tomorrow or in seventy years, I don't know, but I do know that we will at least do it someday. And that day I'll be there; fighting my corner.

Then I shall be free and I shall hunt my sister, Bellatrix, down. I'll hunt my entire family down. And then I'm going to take them out. And I'll kill Bellatrix last, so she can watch her family die; right in front of her very eyes: It'll be all her fault, but that's probably what she wants anyway.

It's thinking of things like that which makes me work harder. It makes me fight harder: It makes me stronger.

And I hope to Harry Potter that it makes dear Bella's bones shiver.

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