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A/N: Check out Kissing NataLynn people! I've had major huge AP Goverment tests so I havent had time to see if my last chapter was validated but obviously I found time to do it! YAY : ]

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns EVERYTHING...(tear).

Chapter Two: Siriusly Breaking Noses

Fuming, Sydney couldnt believe flames werent bursting from her ears but she knew her face was red as Lily's hair. Lily and her had finally grabbed extra robes and covered themselves up. They both knew that the moment they stepped on Hogwarts grounds, the marauders were going to get in trouble for their little nudity stunt.

"HOW COULD THEY STOOP SO LOW?!" Lily was pacing in their compartment pitifully. She was almost in tears. The embarrassment was still there, because after they had screeched in shock, many students came by to see what the problem was.

Sydney clenched her fists and tried to take deep breaths wondering what to do now. They had to get revenge but how? They were good students and to pull something on the Marauders was not only academically suicidal but also impossible. A prank on the Marauders? It just didnt seem comprehendable.

Lily glanced at her watch and groaned.

"I have a prefects meeting soon."

Taking a look at Sydney's upset face, she shook her head furiously and tried to get it through her head that they were partially naked in front of half the student body. Student body...ugh.

Lily left their compartment without a word and walked to the meeting with her head low staring at the ground in dismay. As Sydney watched her leave she felt absolutely sick inside. How could the Marauders do that? Actually she had quite a gut feeling that Sirius had suggested the ludicrous plan. Poor Lily. Sydney could take the embarrassment but Lily was very shy which made her a bit more grudgeful against these type of stunts. It was easy for Sydney to laugh at herself, but Lily was different.

Sydney got up from her seat and decided to take matters into her own hands. Sure, the Marauders had run off when they heard their screams but it was a train, not Hogwart's school grounds, they could run but they couldnt hide.

She left the compartment and looked down into each compartment as she walked down the corridor. There were still a couple giggling first years and some snickering second years, but she couldnt find the wretched four. But she stopped infront of the " Bratty Blondes" compartment. She rolled her eyes as the name went through her mind.

Why in the world would anyone want their group called the " Bratty Blondes", it was so ridiculous and stupid it worked for them. It was made up of Fancy, Lindy and Sandy, the biggest fakes at school. Sydney and Lily secretly thought their names were stripper names. Fancy being the head honcho wasnt actually blonde but dyed her black roots blonde to look like some platinum blonde hooker. Lindy was actually blonde but was so stupid that even if she was constantly made fun of she wouldnt know until she actually strained herself to think about it. Sandy used to be nice but hey people change.

The three of them were busty, blonde, and bitchy. It was a well-known fact that they hardly approved of anyone else unless they were the Marauders. Fancy actually quite fancied (pardon me hehe) Sirius. And it sometimes seemed that Lindy like James, but she was so dense that no one could really figure her out. Sandy was really just a follower, that wanted popularity. Oh yah they were popular but not exactly in the good way.

Sydney had stopped in front of their compartment because they were giggling obnoxiously and were looking at the ground of their room. She knew something was up. It wasnt hard to figure that Sydney and Lily werent friends with them but they hardly got in their way. She slid their door open and cleared her throat ready to catch the Marauders but surprisingly there was no one on the floor.

"What do you want Lane?" Fancy asked in an annoyed voice.

"Have you seen Sirius?" Sydney asked looking around their compartment. She wasnt in the mood to argue with Fancy so she kept things short.

"Yah I actually have..." She said smiling secretively. She gave out a yelp suddenly and cast a dirty look at the floor. Sydney looked in the direction of the floor but nothing was there. Fancy rubbed her ankle like it was pinched or something. She frowned and wondered what was going on.

"He actually just left, something about Potter having a meeting or something."

Sydney let out a curt laugh.

"No need to lie Fancy, I think we all know that James would never be at a prefects meeting."

All of sudden there was a sudden silvery glow and there stood James Potter himself looking quite upset. Sirius was on the floor with a "shoot me" expression.


"How in the bloody hell...."

"James! You thick-skulled git!"

James waved Sirius off his shoulder and put his hands on his hips. Sirius rolled his eyes and plopped himself on the compartment's seats. It was obviously going to be a long discussion about his academic status.

"I'll have you know I'm sure Dumbledore saw the genius, kind-hearted and fair person I am!"

"And obviously oh so modest too."

Sirius chuckled as he pushed Fancy off him. Sydney sent him death glares as if saying, " I'm not even going to start with you."

"Well if you were supposed to be at a meeting...why arent you there?" Sydney asked gloatingly. Reality suddenly hit James and he pinned on his Head Boy badge as he ran out of the compartment.

Sydney eyed the silvery material that lay on the floor. She knew exactly what it was but she wondered how James and Sirius had gotten a hold of the invisibilty cloak. Sirius seemed to realize she was eyeing it and picked it up to put in his pocket.

"It's James..."

Finally Sydney had gotten to Sirius, so now she could yell and scream all she wanted to. As she opened her mouth to yell at him, he interrupted her instead.

"I know what you're going to say..."

"Do you really? Well what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Sydney...dear Syd, I think that you know how I feel. We could shag now or maybe later in your compartment."

Fancy growled in anger at his comment and stared at Sydney with irratation. It was beyond Sydney as to why Fancy would be mad at her when Sirius was the one who said the ridiculous remark.


Sirius laughed and nodded furiously in glee.

"Oh that! Well why didnt you say so?"

Sydney swore under her breath and clenched her fists some more. Sirius had it coming. He wasnt going to find it as a surprise. So it was okay right? She wiped his smug look of his face when she pulled back her fist and punched his face. The crack of the nose breaking gave Sydney a bit of pride and a bit of fear that she'd get in trouble. Sirius held his nose as he yelped out in pain.

Stalking out of the " Bratty Blondes" compartment, she felt quite proud of herself for punching him. Feeling alright after the "Blondes" crowded around him to comfort him, she went on to her own compartment.

She went on to read a novel of hers when Lily came in, slamming the door angrily. Sydney looked up in worry as Lily plopped herself on the seat, crossing her arms in the process.


"Oh yah..." Sydney mentally slapped herself for not remembering James coincedental Head Boy badge.


"I punched Sirius'....I think I broke his nose."

Lily automatically quieted down and widened her eyes. She jumped off her seat onto Sydney's.


"Siriusly...." Sydney said with a mischievious gleam in her eye.

"SYD! That's more than a weeks worth of detention!"

Sydney chuckled and rolled her eyes. Only Lily could think of punishment at a time of glory. Staring outside at the upcoming grounds of their wonderful school, she thought about how it was their last year. Sure there were a lot of insane years before this one, but Sydney had a gut feeling that this was going to be one chaotic year.

A/N: Okay...there's another chapter people. Hope you liked it! ALSO, please take the time to takes...what? two seconds? So please give me the 411 on how you feel about it.

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