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Some Things Were Meant To Happen by lost_chilo
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Jade Mason had always known she was bad luck. She always managed to get herself stuck in situations that were very unlikely for other people to get stuck in. She was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but no one ever believed her; they would say something like,
“Yeah, sure you didn’t,” or, “No, offcourse it wasn’t your fault.” She was also dead clumsy, which didn’t help with her “I’m innocent” case.

Jade’s dad would always say she was paranoid, and that she was just a bit clumsy, but being ‘a bit clumsy’ didn’t help when your mum hyperventilated as soon as you approached the china-cabinet.

One morning, in between hiding her mum’s favourite, and now broken vase under the loose floorboard and being yelled at for doing something, which offcourse poor Jade really didn’t do, she managed to slip out the door and make her way to school.

Jade was in a large group at school, but didn’t have just one special friend. You couldn’t say that Jade was nothing special to look at. She was downright gorgeous, with her perfect tan, her coffee coloured loose curls that fell to her shoulders and her deep midnight blue eyes. She would’ve been the girl that all the guys wanted, but her clumsiness always got in the way of that.

The day’s lessons seemed to dissolve into the sweltering heat outside. The bell rang, and Jade walked out panting like a dog.

The Lightning Tigers as they referred themselves to were as usual, causing trouble. Today they were writing over the notice boards with paint stolen from the art room. Mr. Miller, the elderly year 2 teacher hobbled outside. The Lightning Tigers (who do they think they are?) scattered and dropped the paints. Paint splattered Jade. She went to pick up them up. A shadow fell over her.

“Principals Office. NOW!”


“School vandalism may seem amusing to some Miss Mason, but to others, it is selfish, obnoxious and a useless way to-“

“But Miss-“

“-To gain attention.” Mrs. Woods, the stern principal completed. Mrs. Woods could do this look that would silence the world and freeze a Concord Plane mid air. Her Voice was so sharp it pierced your ears, and you could still hear it hours later. Her face was horse like; her cheekbones jutted out and her jaws could stretch like elastic.

Jade found herself scrubbing the hall floor a few hours later. She mumbled a few insults at the Lightning Tigers (what a stupid name!) and Mrs. Woods, (she should be in a paddock grazing, not in an office) and finished her work.

She cycled home in furry. Along the way, unfortunately enough, her tyre busted and she went hurtling to her death- well close enough- the Bradburry’s rose bush. The bad thing wasn’t the thorns, but the Bradburrys garden was very precious, as she had been told thousands of times, as they held years of “flourishing beauty”

Jade was sure she looked like a porcupine, with all the thorns sticking out painfully. She ran home quickly. Cursing her very bad luck, only to realise she had forgotten the keys. Damn it. Maybe she could call Lewis and he could fetch the keys.

“Lewis!” Jade called hopefully to her enormous Doberman dog.

There was no response.

“Come on. Lewis! Lewie, boy, come on. Come on boy, I need the keys”

The huge canine lumbered over to the gate.

“Gooood boy! Now. Fetch. The. Keys.”

Lewis looked back for a second, then turned back to Jade and raised a big ear.

“Yes. Now get the keys. The keys.”

The Doberman bent his legs then settled before the gate, resting his head on his paws and began to slumber, soaking up the sun.

“Stupid mut!” mumbled Jade, sinking onto the front porch and laid her head on her bag and sighed deeply.

When she was six, her clumsiness was passed off as being a kid. When she was nine, her clumsiness was passed off as just a little fast for her own good. But in two days she would be 11. And she would just be clumsy. Clumsy old Jade, not just a kid, and not just a little fast for her own good.


“Happy Birthday, Jade!”

“Mu-um” groaned Jade, “I’m sleeping here!”

“Jade, you’re 11 honey! Come down and open your presents.”

At the word present Jade hopped out off bed in a matter of seconds, shaking off any sleepiness.


Mrs. Mason shook her head and smiled, “They’re down stairs, darling. What would you like for your birthday breakfast? Eggs? French Toast? Pancakes? Orange Juice? Kippers? Toa-“

“I’ll just have cereal thanks, mum.”

Mrs. Mason looked slightly disappointed but served Jades cereal brightly. Mr. Mason entered the kitchen.

“Good morning my Jade- jewel! Happy birthda-“


A handsome Tawney owl swooped over Mrs. Mason, dropping a letter right in Jade’s lap. It flashed its amber eyes then took flight again. Jade looked at the envelope. It bore a wax seal with a badger, a lion, a serpent and an eagle around an H. She stared at the front of the envelope:

Jade Mason, The Kitchen,
32 Hamilton Ave, London

She ripped off the envelope and read it twice through.

Dear Miss Mason,
You have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hogwarts Express shall depart from platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station at 9:30am on September the 1st. You will find your booklist attached all of the items listed on it are available in Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley may be accessed through The Leaky Cauldron.

Yours sincerely,
Minerva Mcgonagall
Deputy Headmistress

Jade stared at the letter, mouth hanging open.

“Jade, Honey? What does that letter say?”

Wordlessly, Jade handed her mother the letter, who read it aloud to Mr. Mason. Jade’s parents looked from the letter back to Jade and gapped at her.


Jade and Mrs. Mason walked down the crowded street, in search of Diagon Alley.

“I don’t see it,” said Jade blankly

“I don’t either darling,” Mrs Mason replied.

Jade suddenly spotted a building she had never noticed before. It had an old sign hanging over the door that said The Leaky Cauldron. Jade pointed at it and tapped her mother’s shoulder.


“Where?” Mrs. Mason stared in the direction of her daughter’s finger, but only saw and old warehouse.

Jane sighed exasperatedly, “There, mum, right there.”

“Are you okay honey?”

“Yes, mum, look, it’s right there. Watch.” Jade stepped over to the building. Mrs. Mason stared at Jade blankly then said,

“Well, this must be magic. Will you be okay by yourself? I can pick you up at 3 o’clock.”

“Okay mum. I’ll be fine. Meet you at 3.”

“Bye darling.”

“See ya!”

And with that, Jade steeped into the Leaky Cauldron. She gasped as she looked around. Spoons stirred on their own accords in people’s drinks and different objects zoomed around the shabby bar. The people themselves were the most peculiar in the scene. They were all shapes and sizes and wore robes. Some had bandages obscuring their faces and others had skin that was definitely not human. The food and drinks whistled, hissed, bubbled, steamed unusual colours and smelt putrid or enticinglingly sweet.

Jade looked around uncertainly, not sure how to get to Diagon Alley. She heard a loud crash. Nearby, a family sat together. A girl with pink hair had just knocked over a cup of a honey-colour liquid. A tall man Jade took to be her father took out a long wooden wand and said “repairo” and the cup mended itself. Jade could hear some of their conversation:

“Nymphadora dear-“ said a slim woman with brown hair.

Tonks!” the girl interrupted

“-Tonks, I wish you would stick to brown hair…”

“No mum.”

The lady sighed, “Well anyway, Nympha-“

“Tonks!” the girl interrupted again.

“-Tonks, now that you’re starting at Hogwarts, we’re going to get you an owl, so you can send us mail. We would give you Harris, but we need him at home.”

“What type of owl would you like?’ asked a tall man.

“Well… Harris is a great owl, so I’d like a barn owl just like him, please dad.” replied the pretty girl with bright bubble-gum-pink hair and hazel eyes.

“No problems, Nym-Tonks.”

The girl spoke again, “You were both in Gryffindor, right? So will I be in Gryffindor?”

Jade had no idea what she was speaking about now, but was convinced this girl had also been invited to Hogwarts. It seemed, however that her parents were also witches and wizards. Jade listened again:

“Oh my,” said the father, “look at the time!”

“Let’s get to Diagon Alley.”

“Mum, dad,” said the girl, “I’ve been to Diagon Alley so many times. Why don’t you two stay and finish your drinks. I’ll go get my things, and you two can meet me in the apothecary later to buy my owl.”

“Okay Tonks, that sounds fine to me. Don’t go to Olivander’s yet though- we want to see our little girl buy her first wand!”

The pink-haired girl laughed and made her way to a small room towards the back of the bar. Jade made to follow, but being so clumsy she tripped over a chair leg and landed face-first onto the earthy floor with a loud thud. The girl turned around and eyed Jade, sprawled across the floor. She smiled warmly then knelt down and helped Jade up.


“That’s fine. Are you okay?”

“Yer,” Jade grinned brushing her clothes, “I’m just really clumsy.”

The pink-haired girl grinned back, “That makes two of us. I’m Nymphadora Tonks, but I hate the name Nymphadora, so call me Tonks. My mum insists on calling me Nymphadora- but then again I suppose it would be wierd calling your own daughter by her last name, esspecialy since your daughter's last name would be your last name too. Well I'm not your daughter am I? So you can call me Tonks.. Am I rambling? Sorry- I tend to do that sometimes."

Jade laughed, “No it's okay. I’m Jade Mason.”

“Cool. So are you going to Hogwarts?”

“Yep. Do you know how to get to Diagon Alley?”

“Sure, come with me.”


“No probs. So your parents are muggles then?”

“My parents are what?” asked Jade.

“Muggles. Non-magic folk.”

“Oh. Right. Yes, they are. We didn’t know that magic really existed until I got my letter.”

“Oh, wow. Must have been a shock.”

“Yep. Big shock. What about you?”

“Well, we traced back my family lines and we’ve all been witches and wizards so far. I’ve even got three cousins going to Hogwarts this year too, and one that’s coming next year. I’ve never met them though. I think they’re like half cousins twice removed or something like that… um… you see, my mum’s family doesn’t get along very well…But I think their names are Sirius, Narscisa and Belatrix Black. Regulus Black is coming next year.”

“Oh cool, I wish my family were magical… Oh, and that’s great, you can finally meet your cousins!”

The two stopped, and Tonks tapped some bricks on a wall. A hole opened up in the midst and the two girls ducked in. Jade found they were in a bustling crowd of magic folk, along a long strip of various (very interesting) shops. The two bought all their supplies together and had lunch.

Tonks filed Jade in on the magical worlds and explained a heap about a sport called Quidditch and about the four school houses and a lot about different products you could buy at a place called Hogsmeade. She also shared with Jade that she could morph. To Jades shock, Tonks could screw her face up in concentration, and then become the forms she was thinking off. Jade explained different muggle contraptions to Tonks and told her all about soccer and basketball. Jade liked the company of Tonks very much, and found that they were both as clumsy as each other. The two made wonderful friends and agreed that they would meet on the train to Hogwarts.


September approached at a rapid rate and Jade got more exited and nervous each day. Finally the first day of September arrived and Jade and her parents exchanged farewells. Jade stood on the platform alone and remembered Tonks’ words: “You have to step in between platform nine and ten.”

Jade readied herself. I must be mad to do this she thought to herself. Then she jogged through the middle of the two platforms. Instead of colliding into the brick wall, she glided into a station packed of young witches and wizards and parents saying their goodbyes to their children. A gleaming red steam train sat upon the tracks and had its name engraved on the front: Hogwarts Express.

Jade looked around eagerly for Tonks. After navigating her way around the crowd (and knocking a few people over in the process), she saw a familiar face, but this time with violently purple, waist length straight hair and orange eyes. Jade waited politely until her parents had gone then popped up behind Tonks who had just toppled over her luggage.

“Hey Tonks! Cool hair,” said Jade brightly, helping Tonks get her trunk up.

“Oh! Hey Jade! Thanks. Did you get here all right?”

“Yep. Thanks to your instructions.”
“Good. Let’s get a compartment before they’re all full.”

“Okay,” Jade agreed, so they gathered their trunks and went aboard the train. After sliding open a few, they found an empty compartment and settled down.

“I hope we get to the same house!”

“Yer. That would be cool, when do-“

The compartment door slid open and a beautiful girl with flaming red hair, stunning green eyes and a nice petite frame peered nervously inside.

“Uh…I’m Lily… do you mind if I share your compartment?”

“That’s fine,” said Jade and Tonks in unison.

Lily looked relieved and settled onto the seat.

“I’m Jade Mason.”

“And I'm Tonks. Just Tonks.”

The red head flashed them a stunning smile and said, “Nice to meet you guys. Is it your first year at Hogwarts too?”

“Yep, sure is. We met at Diagon Alley.”

“Oh. So both your families are magic?”

“Well, mine is,” said Tonks,” but Jade’s the first in her family.”

“Same with me. I didn’t know magic really existed until I received my letter.”

Jade giggled, “That’s exactly what I said.”

“My sister was sooo shocked and angry!” Lily then described her horse-like sister, and Jade had a vivid image of a young Mrs. Woods.

The train departed and the three girls became a great trio. Tonks was the one who was very funny and amusing and knew all about the wizarding world, Lily was the one who responsible, smart, organised and witty, and Jade was the one who held it all together and balanced it out. All three were very loud and funny together, and were all exceptionally pretty (Tonks when she felt like it). Tonk told them all about different magical creatures and they decided to call themselves The Sphinxes. Tonks wanted to be called The Three Veelas, but Lily said that was too conceited. They had decided on Sphinxes because they were clever and also, Lily reassured tonks, very pretty.

The train finally started to slow down. The three had already changed early into the ride. Lily was emersed in a book, Tonks was fast asleep, stretched across a whole seat with her amethyst hair obscuring her face, and Jade was resting her head on Lily’s shoulder, examining a complex star chart, sharing a box of Pepper Imps with Lily. As the train halted, Lily tucked away her book, gently woke Tonks and ushered her two friends off the train.

They looked at the castle in awe as they rowed across the black lake, led bye a massive but friendly man, Hagrid. They finally went through the huge entrance and were greeted by the stern deputy headmistress, Professor McGonagall. She led the nervous first years to the Great Hall where all the older students were already seated. One at a time, she called out a student to be sorted. Tonks’ three cousins were sorted early into the list:
“Black, Bellatrix.”
A very pretty girl with heavy lidded eyes and soft dark hair took a seat.
In a matter of seconds, the hat had shouted, “SLYTHERIN!”

The girl’s sister came next. ”Black, Narcissa.”
She was sorted into the same house as Bellatrix.

Next their cousin was called out. ”Black, Sirius.”
A very handsome boy took a seat. A lot of girls in the crowd giggled. He had beautiful, stormy grey eyes and his cousin’s soft dark hair. The hat sat upon his head and sorted him quickly into Gryffindor. The Gryffindor table applauded, the girls clapping especially hard. The Slytherin table hissed and shocked faces were visible… since when did a Black become a Gryffindor?

Lily’s name was called first out of The Golden Sphinxes.

“Evans, Lily,” called the stern lady.

Lily gulped and Jade and Tonks gave her thumbs up. Lily approached the stool and placed the worn hat on her flaming red head. Hersorting took much longer than the other students’.

Lily gasped as a voice spoke in her ear,“Mmmm… I see, I see…but I wonder… Ravenclaw would be perfect for you. Mmmmm…Should she? Ravenclaw would be fitting…Mmmmm…Very well then. It will be GRYFFINDOR!” the hat said the last word to the hall.

Lily was slightly surprised that the hat hadn’t put her in Ravenclaw after all that talk, but she seated herself down in Gryffindor to tumultuous applause. After a few more sortings, Jade was called up and sorted into Gryffindor. She took a seat beside a beaming Lily. A couple more students were sorted then Tonks was called up (wincing when the stern teacher said Nymphadora. The sorting had yelled out GRYFFINDOR! Then Tonks joined them, grinning from ear to ear.

The three girls grinned at each other and hissed their congratulations. Then a wizard with twinkling light blue eyes and a long silver beard stood with a friendly smile upon his face. The school came to a complete silence immediately. The wizard had an aura of power and great respect.

“Good evening. To our new students, welcome, and to our old students, welcome back. The new students, and some of the older,” he added,” should be informed that the forest is strictly forbidden. Mr. Filch has also added to his list of banned items, and the list is on his office door. Now, our stomachs are empty, so let the plates fill.”

And with his last words, food appeared on the golden plates. The feast was brilliant. Pumpkin juice and Gilly water filled every jug. Potatoes, chicken, lamb, vegetables, pastas and stews were prepared in every way possible. The whole school erupted into speech as soon as Dumbledore had finished his speech.

“Hey, Tonks,” Jade began, but Tonks was looking across the table. Right across Tonks was her very handsome grey-eyed, dark-haired cousin, emersed in conversation with two equally attractive boys, one seated across Jade and one seated across Lily. The one seated across Lily had a mess of jet-black hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. He was staring at Lily, mouth slightly open. Lily hadn’t noticed; she was talking to a ghost whose head wobbled dangerously on its ruff. The wizard across Jade had sandy blonde hair and large light blue eyes. He had a cute, innocent look to him. The three boys seemed to know each other very well; Jade figured they knew each other before they had started at Hogwarts. Many girls, she noticed had turned to watch the three.

“Tonks,” Jade continued, ”Tell him.”

“Okay,” she said uncertainly, then turned back to merely looking at him.

Jade sighed and rolled her eyes, “Hey,” she said to Tonks’ cousin.

The attractive boy turned his head to Jade. He flashed her a gorgeous smile, “Yeah?”

“Er… Are you Sirius Black?”

He looked a bit surprised but continued to smile and replied happily, “Yep, I sure am.”

“Well, Tonks here,” she said, pointing at Tonks, “Is like your long lost cousin, twice removed or something along those lines.”

Sirius’ beautiful mysterious eyes widened, “Really?”

This time Tonks replied, “Yep. Something like that.”

“Wow. I never knew that. Tonks… I’ve heard that name, but it was a last name.”

Tonks grinned.
“Tonks is my last name. I hate my first name.”

“Oh,” Sirius looked slightly shurprised, then scrunched up his face in thought “then you’re my…my mum’s half-sister’s daughter.”

This time Tonks looked slightly surprised. “Oh. Okay. My- My mum doesn’t really get along with y-“

“I don’t either,” Sirius butted in ferociously, “I don’t get along with my family. James here is my brother more than my blood-brother Regulus.” He said bitterly.

“Oh- sorry,” said Tonks.

“That’s fine. Um… I’ve met your parents,” he said in confusion, “You don’t look like them at all.”

Tonks laughed. “I do, actually.” She scrunched up her face in concentration. Jade realised that she had never asked Tonks what she actually naturally looked like. In a matter of seconds, long wavy brown hair fell just past Tonks’ shoulders, just like her mother’s. She had liquid- brown eyes and slightly raised cheekbones. She was very pretty in a cute way. Sirius gaped at what she had just done then grinned. “Cool!”

She grinned back. Then the cute Sandy-haired boy joined the conversation, “You aught to be an auror when you grow up. You’d get in really easy, doing that.”

Tonks nodded, now back to her purple hair then said thoughtfully, “That would be cool…but I’m way too clumsy.”

The boy laughed then said to all three of the girls, “Oh, right, I’m Remus Lupin, this is Sirius as you know and this here’s James Potter.” He said, pointing to the black-haired one. James stopped staring at Lily and snapped out of his daze,

“Wha-Oh, yer, I’m James,” he said to everyone, but only looking at Lily, “and you are…?”

“I’m Lily Evans.”

“I’m Tonks- just Tonks.”

“And I’m Jade Mason.”

A/N: Hey guys :) okay, so it takes a while to get into this story, but bear with me- I promise it gets better! And nothing is in first year anymore, this was just an intro. Thanks. Please leave reviews! Constructive criticism would actually be good- this is my first solo fan fic (I co-write with my cousin).

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