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A/N: Okay. Sorry for the long wait... I hope you can forgive me, because I love you guys and all that jazz:) Also, it wasn’t my fault. It has been raining a lot here in Sydney, Australia, therefore... Well nothing. I don’t really have an excuse. I am just lazy. Hope you like the chapter. Enjoy!

Clarification: These are Lily's memories. Present day Lily will not appear until the epilogue. Clear?

Disclaimer: I. Own. Nothing!

"I always thought the Socceroos were sissys. But what great sissys. Go the Socceroos."
~ David Tench

Chapter 2: Self Absorbed

2. Self Absorbed


Pretty much all of this statement was incorrect. Severus Snape was not poor or little… In fact, sometimes, I was not sure he was even a boy.

Oh, God. I have been hanging around Potter way too much. I am a cruel, cruel person.

Oh well. Severus isn’t exactly what you call polite to me, so I don’t see why I have to be polite to him. Except for the fact that what Potter was doing to him was inhumane and completely wrong.

Anyway. Back to the situation at hand.

Potter glanced up, saw me, and grinned at me like I was a particularly juicy piece of lettuce (don’t ask… he has a slight obsession with leafy greens… God knows why. I hate lettuce. It makes me gag – ARGH! The distractions keep coming!)

‘Why should I, Evans?’ he asked keeping his wand on Severus. ‘Don’t you like seeing Snivelly’s underwear?’ He ended this statement with a nonchalant flick of his wand, which caused Snape to flip around, bearing a pair of faded grey underpants. The crowd that had formed around him laughed and Sirius Black was grinning twirling his wand between his fingers.

I felt heat rise to my cheeks. I had had enough. This was a blatant disregard of school rules. Not to mention basic human rights.

‘Expelliarmus!’ I shouted, my wand aimed at James.

But the brilliant bolt of green light just missed him by a hair, as he jumped out of the way just in time.


Oh well. Better luck next time.

But the point of the spell still worked, seeing as, in his shock that I would dare try and hex the almighty James Potter, James had lost concentration and Snape had fallen into a heap on the floor. And because everyone, including James side-kick, Black, were so shocked and amazed I had a violent streak, Severus had managed to crawl away unnoticed (much like a worm – OH MY GOD! I am turning into James!)

I rubbed my hands together, trying to appear laid-back, however much I was turning into Potter. ‘My work here is done,’ I said cheerily, flashing Potter my brightest smile. I started to walk away from the scene, contemplating what I was going to have for lunch.

Chicken sounded nice, but what if they –

‘Y-You tried to hex me!’ James spluttered in disbelief behind me.

I spun to face him, my hair going everywhere. ‘Yes, Potter, yes I did. Do you want me to do it again?’ Silence. ‘Good.’ I turned around again.

‘You hexed me.’

‘Yes, James, I did. I thought we established that – ’

‘To save Snape.’

‘And do you know why?’ I asked, turning slowly to face him. ‘Because I like him better than you. He doesn’t hex random people in the halls. He doesn’t think of himself as being higher than others. He doesn’t have an ego the size of Russia. He doesn’t annoy the hell out of me!'

Well. Alright. One lie out of five truths. I did like Potter a smidgeon more than Snape. Sue me.

Potter let out a strained laugh. ‘Evans, you make it sound like you fancy him!’ Black laughed at this comment.

Laugh it up boys.

My eyes narrowed. ‘Maybe I do.’

Potter didn’t have to force a laugh this time. This time it came naturally. ‘Oh really?’ he asked, his dark eyes sparkling. ‘Prove it.’

I held his gaze in a silent dare. After a moment, I raised an eyebrow. He smiled, evilly.


I followed Snape’s greasy trail, Potter and Black following curiously behind, to the wall of the castle. He looked quite shocked to see me there.

‘What do you wan - !?’ he abruptly closed his mouth as I pressed my lips to his.

Oh my Merlin, ew, ew, ew! I screwed my eyes shut in distaste; keeping in mind I was only doing this to make Potter mad.

My eyes flew open and I ripped my mouth from Snapes.

Why do I want to make James Potter mad? OH MY GOD, IT SOUNDED AS IF I WNTED TO MAKE HIM JEALOUS!!

I twisted around to look at Potter, only to find he was in limbo. Shock, rage, jealousy, hurt, depression and humiliation flashed across his face. He slowly turned away and walked up to the castle. Black stared at me for a moment before shaking his head and running to comfort his best friend.

I felt guitly. Not only had I hurt James Potter to a point where he was almost catatonic, I had also led Snape to believe I liked him.

Speaking of Snape, he was in shock also. Only a disgusted shock.

‘I’m sorry. You see, it was –’ I started awkwardly.

‘Don’t ever touch me again, Mudblood.’ Snape hissed, getting up and walking away.

I was now in shock. I had been REJECTED! BY SNAPE! SEVERUS GRAY-UNDERPANTS-WEARING SNAPE!! Anger coursed through my body as I aimed my wand.


I am a walking contradiction.

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