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A/N's: Well here ya go, the next chapter. I know you've all been dying for me to update and I'm quite impresseed with myself that I updated now, because I'm on my hols for a week and thanks to the fabulous-ness that are laptops and wireless internet in hotels I was not only able to write but also do another chapter banner and those can be just as important to me as the actual chapter. Anyway now that I have a laptop and will be regularly checking up on things I will expect reviews! lol Please leave them if you want, it makes me happy and a happy author writes faster!
Hey I just noticed a bit of a plot hole in the first chapter. It said right at the start she was sitting on a window sill in the Gryffindor common room early one morning waiting for Ron and Harry to come down to the common room, but she wouldn’t generally be there that early in the morning considering how she had her own common room. So to answer that little plot hole we’ll just assume that as Head Girl she knows all the passwords to the common rooms and went to the Gryffindor one to wait for Harry and Ron one morning.
You know I’ve also been wondering where Harry is. I seriously forgot about him, he’s probably buried under the pile of notes and sheets that litter my computer desk that contain all my fanfic ideas. Poor guy must be getting crushed, and the amount of paper cuts he must have. I’M SORRY HARRY!!!! Now back to the story
Anyway enough of the ramblings, my laptop is going to die on me now, so on with the story. Just so you know it is an in between chapter but it's meant to be that way. I still think you'll like it.
On with the story!

CHAPTER 7 A New Head Boy

Your scent eats through my heart
Your body soaks up my affection
And if I get to close
I, will scar my intention

It comes and goes like sunlight
Seeping into my mind
It keeps me stirring in deep of night
Your mood holds my destruction……

Coz I’m powerless to you
No chance for me now
So under control
No chance for me now
I’m fighting desire……….
Fighting Desire By Callar Door

Hermione was leaning against the back of the sofa, her arms propped over the back of it, intently looking at a dishevelled Anthony Goldstein, the lately absent Head Boy. She was spared giving an answer, with the portrait hole opening up again and the appearance of not only Professor Mc Gonagall in tartan tweed robes, but Professor Dumbledore in his usual attire, and the Ravenclaw Head of House Professor Flitwick in blue pyjamas, outer robe and a stern look on his face.

“Professors”, Hermione cried out in shock at their sudden appearance in the Head common room, her eyes wide. Her gaze flicked from the Professors, who were wearing unusually severe looks on their faces back to Anthony, now even more confused. Whatever the Head Boy had gotten up to, the teachers had obviously found out. And if Dumbledore was there, it meant it was serious.

“Mr Goldstein, if you would please come with us”, Mc Gonagall spoke curtly, fixing him with a cold glance. Anthony’s eyes bulged with fear and his gaze flickered over to a confused Hermione, who was still leaning against the couch, all too aware that she was the only one who didn’t have a clue what was going on. His shoulders slouched as if preparing himself for defeat and nodded his head. Professor Flitwick and Dumbledore proceeded out of the common room and Anthony followed them, his shoulders slouched in defeat, letting Mc Gonagall walk behind him.

“Professor?” Hermione called out, her eyebrows furrowed.

Professor Mc Gonagall turned around and eyed her favourite student with an appraising look. “If you could come to my office tomorrow evening around six, there are some matters that need to be discussed”.

“Of course”, Hermione replied numbly, wishing more than anything to understand what was going on. Mc Gonagall gave her a brief nod and left the Heads common room, closing the portrait behind her. Hermione sat there, leaning against the back of the sofa, in complete shock over what had happened, staring off into the space that had previously been filled up by the Head Boy and the Professors. Whatever had happened just there?

* * *

Friday afternoon for Hermione was a dull and tedious affair. For the first time in seven years of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she was not only not paying attention to her classes and studies, she did not actually want to partake in the lessons. The Professors were the first to notice, that Hermione’s hands were not always up in the air, ready to answer questions, and it wasn’t long afterwards that the rest of class noticed a change in her behaviour.

It was in the afternoon class of Herbology that Ron and Harry finally queried her about her lack of attention, becoming almost concerned with her. She then spent the next half hour relaying what had happened in the Heads common room the night before. Ron and Harry were more amused and surprised assuming what had happened to Goldstein than Hermione was. They were soon concocting far-fetched ideas and solutions to his absenteeism that made Hermione snort with derision. She let them mutter some more under their breath and finally put an end to the conversation by reminding them of their class work. What was also unusual, and certainly got tongues wagging among the seventh years was, the absence of the Head Boy Anthony Goldstein from class that day. Gryffindors shared two classes on a Friday with the Ravenclaw, Herbology and Arithmancy, and in both of them Anthony had not appeared. What had first began as idle speculation soon led to rumours and by the end of the school day the whole school was speculating on the gossip spreading around school, that said he had been stripped of his position and expelled.

“I heard from Hannah Abbot that he got caught with Professor Sinstra”, Ron exclaimed, as both he and Hermione were walking along the corridors after dinner. Harry was absent once again, though not as Ron had pointed out earlier on, like Goldstein had been doing for the last few weeks. To Hermione, she thought Ron was obsessing a little too much about Goldstein, which she readily pointed out to him with a smirk on her face, a moment later.

“Awww come on ‘Mione, don’t tell me you’re not the least bit curious!” he sighed, shaking his head.

“I am, I just don’t think he done anything with Professor Sinstra. Seriously Ron, where do you hear such things?”

“Hannah Abbot told me”, he objected, a little stung by her tone of voice.

“She isn’t really friends with him, apart from the fact they were both Prefects. Why do you care so much anyway?”

“Well if he gets stripped of his Head Boy duties, maybe I could be Head Boy”, he replied in a quieter tone. He looked up at Hermione, with a hopeful look on his face. “Maybe that way we can spend more time together that way”.

“Ron!” she smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Her insides squirmed uncomfortably, but she repressed the guilty feeling and continued walking.

“Back to Harry”, Hermione spoke, her mind wandering back to her other best friend. “Where has he been these last few weeks? I barely see him outside classes now, and even if I don’t live in the Gryffindor Tower anymore, it’s still weird how I don’t see him”. Ron shrugged his shoulders, not sure either where Harry was. He was beginning to feel very left out, what with Hermione off being Head Girl and fighting with him half the time, and Harry’s disappearances, he had been resorting to hanging out more with Dean and Seamus, something he felt quite desperate about.

“Wonder where the git is!” Ron grumbled. He was getting very irritated with always being left out. They walked along the corridor in silence. Up ahead of them was a broom closet and as they walked past it, Hermione had the distinct impression that he heard a girl’s giggling voice, followed by a manly laugh.

“Did you hear that Ron, coming from the closet?” Hermione asked, turning to her boyfriend on the right.

“Yeah probably just some couple”, Ron replied dismissively.

“Well they shouldn’t be getting up to such things in a broom closet”, Hermione replied sternly, turning around and making her way back to it.

“Come on Hermione!” Ron cried out exasperated. “Leave ‘em be, they’re not hurting anyone!” He let out a sigh and followed her back to the closet. Hermione was already there and she had yanked open the door, glaring imperiously at the hidden couple snoggging inside. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was. Ron came up behind her and gazed over her shoulder at his best friend, in a very compromising clinch with his baby sister, both extremely red in the face.

“Harry?” Hermione let out a surprised question. He blushed even deeper at this and shifted his gaze from Hermione to Ron, who was crossing his arms and glaring at his best friend.

“Harry, I know you’re my best mate and all, but what are you doing with my sister in there?” Ron was frowning deeply.

“Ron listen”, Harry began, gazing warily at Ron, but when Ron glared some more, he shut up.

“Oh honestly Ron!” Ginny said hotly, crossing her arms across her chest and glaring at her brother. “This is exactly why we didn’t tell you anything, you overreact to everything!”

“I’m not overreacting!” Ron retorted, his voice growing louder. “I just found my baby sister in a broom closet with my best friend, getting up to who knows what!”

“Ron”, Hermione tried to sound placating, but Ron just ignored her.

“Hey come on mate!” Harry cried out, crossing his own across his chest and gazing fiercely at his tall best friend.

“And you”, Ron cried, rounding on his little sister, who was also glaring at him, her expression much fiercer than that of Harry.

“Don’t you dare say anything Ronald!” she hissed, visibly shaking with anger. “I remember when you and Hermione got together, and we did not overreact half as much as you’re doing now!”

“I’m your older brother Ginevra!” Ron hissed, taking a step towards her, his height visibly intimidating. “Mum told me to watch over you, make sure you don’t get up to anything!”

“I’m a year younger than you!” Ginny cried out, glaring up at him. “And I’m not a little girl anymore. In case you’ve forgotten I’m turning seventeen in two months!”

“Ron!” Hermione cried out, tugging at his arm to catch his attention. He turned to Hermione, still fuming. “Come on, we should go now!”

“No, I’m going to sort this out!” he replied aggressively.

“And what are you going to do, punch Harry for being with your sister?” Hermione enquired, her voice firm and level. She raised an eyebrow at him. “Come on, you need to calm down and I think we should go now and leave them be. Maybe you might still have a best friend after this!” She glared at him pointedly, and Ron sighed, looking down. She smiled over at Harry and Ginny and began walking away, not letting go of Ron’s arm in case he got any other ideas. They walked on in silence, and Hermione could feel Ron still breathing heavily.

“Come on, it’s not that bad!” she tried, linking his hand with hers and smiling up at him.

“Not bad?” Ron fumed, “That’s my baby sister!”

“Yeah but Ginny had a point, she’s the same age we were when we got together, do you remember?” Hermione replied.

“But she’s my baby sister!” Ron stressed the emphasis of the last two words as he stopped and gazed down at Hermione.

“Well who would you rather she get together with?” Hermione piped up, placing a finger to her mouth, as if deep in thought. “Terry Boot again, or maybe someone else?”


“Well come on, you know Harry. You know he’s honourable and frankly I’ve noticed a few months ago that he was into her. You know Harry better than others, you know he wouldn’t try anything stupid with Ginny, because she would hex him so fast, he won’t know where the Bat Bogies came from!” She grinned at this, and she felt Ron relaxing next to her.

“I suppose you’re right!” he sighed and smiled down at her. “As long as they don’t get up to what you and I get u to!” Hermione laughed at this and kissed him on the cheek, knowing full well that if she answered that question it would only incite him. Best to let him think his sister would never try anything of the sort.

“Come on, I have to go to Professor Mc Gonagall’s office, she wants to speak to me”, Hermione sighed and they trudged on towards the second floor corridor, where her office lay. When they reached the door, Ron gave her a quick kiss and walked on down the corridor. She waited until he had rounded the corridor and knocked on the door, smiling to herself. Professor Mc Gonagall opened the door and gazed imperiously down at Hermione from her impressive height.

“Ah Miss Granger, come in please!” Mc Gonagall said, stepping aside and opening the door wider. Hermione smiled nervously up at her Head of House and stepped inside, sitting down on a chair Mc Gonagall had pulled out for her.

“Now Miss Granger, I’m sure you’ve been wondering about what happened last night”, Mc Gonagall started and Hermione nodded her head. “Now bear in mind, the only reason I am telling you this, is because you are Head Girl and you will most likely want to know what happened to your co-Head. Miss Granger, I would like to ask though, why you have never told myself or another teacher of the absence of Anthony Goldstein?”

“Well Professor”, Hermione began meekly. “At first I thought he was just spending a lot of time in the Ravenclaw common room or with his friends, and when he missed the first few Prefect meetings he apologised profusely and always gave me an excuse. I just didn’t want to interfere in his life and I thought that since I was perfectly capable of handling most of the duties on my own, I didn’t see the need. I’m sorry Professor, I should have noticed something much earlier and told someone, but I was content with having the time to myself”. She looked slightly ashamed at her Head of House and gazed down at her hands on her lap.

“Very well Miss Granger, though I am a little disappointed in you!” Mc Gonagall replied sternly, though her features softened and she continued. “Anthony Goldstein has been sneaking out of the castle quite regularly these last two months to go to Hogsmeade village, to the Hogs Head in particular. We have only discovered this recently when Professor Hagrid visited that same pub and discovered Mr Goldstein, in a corner, drunk”.

“He’s been going to Hogsmeade to drink?” Hermione cried out astonished, “But why?”

“That is not important. What is important is that we stripped him of his duties and he has been suspended for the moment. Whether he shall return to Hogwarts is another matter to be decided at a later date, but the reason I have called you here, is to inform you of the situation and to tell you that you shall be getting a new co-Head, though he is still to be chosen”.

“Thank you for telling me this Professor”, Hermione replied politely.

“That is all Miss Granger, you may leave now”. Hermione nodded her head and rose from her seat, making her way out of the office, her head reeling from what she heard. She made a beeline for the Gryffindor common room, intent on telling both Ron and Harry about what she learnt, and not even five minutes later she was seated comfortably on an old sofa next to the fireplace, wrapped in Ron’s strong arms, telling an eager Ron, and a slightly wary Harry what Mc Gonagall had told her.

“Wow, did anybody see that one coming?” Ron said, obviously awed. “I mean I never knew the guy had it in him! Seriously those Ravenclaws are all so uptight, he just seemed like another Ernie Macmillian to me”.

“Ron!” Hermione admonished him, though it was without any real feeling. “Don’t talk about the Ravenclaws like that!”

“Well my money’s on Ernie becoming Head Boy!” Harry sighed somewhat lazily, not really interested in what they were discussing, and Hermione noticed, with a wry smile on her face, he seemed much keener to be somewhere else.

“Yeah I expected him to be Head Boy too. Wonder why he wasn’t chosen?” Ron replied, staring off at the ceiling, seemingly deep in thought.

“I’m sure Dumbledore has his reasons”, Hermione mused, focusing her attention on Harry. “Tell me Harry, are you sure you want to be here, you look a little distracted!” That wry smile had by this point turned into a full-blown smirk and was growing wider.

“What?” Harry asked somewhat lazily. Ron frowned at his best friend, his attention now fully focussed on Harry.

“You’re not going to go off with Ginny again are you?” he asked suspiciously.

“Ron!” Hermione cried, jumping up in his arms, her head turning around to glare at him. “I thought we talked about this. You need to lay off Harry a bit. It’s sweet that you’re protective of your sister, but she wants her own space. You promised you’d do it for me!” she pleaded with him, and Ron’s glare softened as he smiled at Hermione.

“Sorry”, he added sheepishly and he had the decency to look sheepish at Harry too.

“Look Ron, if you’re not okay with it-“ Harry started, sitting up straight and gazing evenly at Ron, who was still looking rather wary, but when Harry started on a conversation, Hermione guessed would end in Harry telling Ron he’d back off his sister, she elbowed him in the ribs.

Ron immediately realised what was going on and interjected, quickly adding, “No mate it’s alright. I’m okay with you being with Ginny, I’d rather it was you than some idiot Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw”.

“You sure Ron?” Harry asked cautiously, his hopes lifting somewhat.

“Yeah Harry, as I said I’d rather it was you, and sorry for earlier on”, Ron shrugged his shoulders.

“No problem mate”, Harry grinned.

“Honestly boys!” Hermione sighed, shaking her head at the complexity of men, or the lack of. How can they get over such things so quickly? “I think I’m going to head to bed, I’m tired and I’ll see you all in the morning”. She stood and gave Ron a quick peck on the cheek and waved at Harry before opening the portrait door and heading out. She casually made her way along the school corridors, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the deserted corridors and lack of students. Today had been a good day for her. Malfoy had been too distracted with the news that Anthony Goldstein had been suspended to bother Hermione, or worse tempt her in some devilish way, and her and Ron had actually gotten on well all day, there were no fights and save for how tedious school felt that day, she had survived it all rather well. Tomorrow would be another day, but for now Hermione was just glad she got a moment to relax and think.

As to the matter of who would become Head Boy, she was certain it would be Ernie; he was the only candidate in her mind that would qualify for the position, since Anthony had been dropped. It was with a twinge of guilt and regret, she conceded to herself that although she loved Ron very much, he would most likely not become Head Boy as he was too rash and too prone to getting himself into trouble. The same went for Malfoy. No, she thought to herself, smiling at the thought, Ernie was the only one who could become Head Boy, and she could share the duties and common room with him very well. She rounded the corner and came upon the painting of a young couple in medieval style clothing, the boy with his unruly auburn hair was frowning down from his impressive height, while the girl, a plain looking girl with raven coloured hair carrying books in her arms and wearing an ornate dress with a travelling cloak. Hogwarts first Head Boy and Head Girl looked down at Hermione, the boy giving her a curt nod, while the girl smiled shyly and when Hermione uttered the password, opened the portrait and let Hermione through. Hermione sighed to herself now that she was back in her common room, she quickly shrugged out of her cloak and threw it onto the back of the nearest chair, loosening her tie and slipping off her shoes. She padded her way across the common room, intending to pick up her things later on, and made a beeline for the sofa closest to the fire. She was so caught in her own world, it was not until she sat down, did she realise there was another person in the room. Hermione looked up, letting out an audible gasp, her mouth hanging open in shock. She sat up straight and walked towards him, not quite believing her eyes.

“Don’t tell me you’re Head Boy?” she cried, aghast, still not believing her eyes.

“Afraid so Granger, looks like we’ll be sharing a common room for the year”, Malfoy replied, his trademark smirk growing ever wider now that he would always be around Hermione Granger.

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