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[a/n:] Again, i really am sorry for killing off everyone, i promise everything will get better, PLEASE review!!! I realize the chapter pic says 1943 but i cant have that changed, sorry]

amazing chap pic by the tofuubeaver


“I want you all to witness, to fully comprehend, that no one can ever defeat the Dark Lord. Not a crackpot old man who had love as an answer to everything nor a foolish boy who thought himself as someone who can actually overpower me.” Voldemort paused before saying, “No one… AVADA KEDAVRA!”

“NO!” Hermione yelled as right before her eyes, the love of her life was taken away from her. “HARRY!”

The blinding light suddenly disappeared and all Hermione could hear was Voldemort’s laugh of victory.

He had won. 


“Harry” she moaned. “No please not Harry!”

Hermione opened her eyes slowly and gently. She saw a woman’s face in front of her but it was hard to make out who it was as her eyes was still adjusting to the light and everything else was still in a blur.

“Finally, you’re awake!” The woman cried, grinning broadly.

“wh—who are you?” she asked, struggling to fix her eyesight.

“Shhh, love, you need your rest.” She said. “No need to speak.”

Hermione glanced around the room as finally her eyes adjusted. It looked as if she was in the hospital wing. She was still in Hogwarts. She looked back at the woman beside her bed.

“What happened?” she asked, confused. “What am I doing here?”

“The Headboy found you near the forbidden forest, you were bleeding to death. You were certainly in such a mess, your clothes were all torn!” the woman cried.

Then it dawned on her.

Suddenly a great wolf launched unto Hermione. She screamed as it thrashed on her chest, ripping her clothes apart. It growled as it was getting ready to bite her. Fortunately, another wolf jumped unto it, stopping its attempts on eating Hermione. She watched as the two wolves thrashed at each other as she figured it must have been Remus. She smiled, but it soon faded as a death eater yelled “Avada Kedavra” at the wolf.

“NO!!” Hermione cried out, but it was too late as a flash of blinding green light erupted from the wand of the death eater and the wolf, Remus fell forward.

“Remus” she whispered.

“What is it you said dear?”

Hermione ignored her as she remembered how Remus came to his death.

“..Anyway you had several broken bones and scars after scars all over your body! It looked like you were in some kind of battle!”

Everything started coming back to her now. Her parents, Neville, Ginny, Ron, Draco and Harry, Everyone was dead, she thought as images of that night started to come to her. She stifled a cry.

“You’ve been unconscious for almost 2 weeks now, we were worried you were never going to wake!” she fussed. “What is your name girl?

Hermione looked at the woman standing in front of her. 

She ignored her question and said, “Where are the death eaters? Voldemort? Where are they?”

“Deatheater?? Voldemort? Child, what on earth are you talking about?” 

“Good afternoon Madame Kempton” Albus Dumbledore bowed to the woman before him.

Hermione’s jaw dropped. ‘Professor Dumbledore?’ she thought, ‘That can't be... he’s… he’s dead.’

She stared at the man infront of her. He certainly looked like Dumbledore only instead of his silvery white hair, his hair was auburn. There was also less wrinkles on his face and yet she could not be mistaken; it truly was Dumbledore.

“Yes, yes, Good morning Professor. Just in time, I see. She's awake. I’m very sorry to leave you two but I must attend to the other patients as well. I'll be back to check on you shortly but if you need me, just ring.” she told Hermione, nodding her head towards the tiny bell near her bed.

“Ah, I see you have finally awoken” The wise old man said.

Hermione jumped up her bed, ignoring the immense pain that shot through her body in doing so, and ran towards the Professor, hugging him tightly which surprised him.

“Professor!” Hermione sobbed.

Dumbledore stood there, confused before gently patting her on the back.

“There, there” he said softly. “Now you must go back to your bed or I’m afraid Madame Kempton will have my neck. There shall be a chance she feed me towards the giant squid. I believe it would be the fourth time she would threaten me in doing so.”

Hermione pulled back and gently sat down on her bed once again.

“Now let’s start by telling me your name”

“Professor?” Hermione asked, confused. “Don’t you rem—

“Good, you’re awake.” An old man who had a balding silvery-white hair wearing a bold look on his face said.

“Ah, headmaster” Dumbledore said.

‘Headmaster?’ she thought. ‘Professor McGonagall is the headmistress’

The older somewhat feeble man walked towards her bed. “I’m Professor Dippet, Headmaster, and you are..?” he said, holding out his wand hand. 

Hermione looked at his hand uncertainly. Her mind was swarming with disbelief. ‘Professor Dippet? Wasn’t he the headmaster from 1925-1956? And wasn’t he also supposed to be dead?’

‘What is happening’ Hermione thought, ‘why am I seeing dead people?’ she asked herself. Dead… Harry’s face suddenly flashed through her mind and she couldn’t help but sob.

The two men stepped away from her, startled at the girl's reaction.

“Oh my” Professor said, “I must have upset her with my forwardness”

Hermione’s cries have gone louder as the two old men tried their best to comfort her.

“Hush” Madame Kempton suddenly came barreling her way in. “What did you two do to her? Out!! Out you go!”

“Now madam—

“Don’t now me Headmaster! You both upset her!” she said, “Now out you go”

Without another word, as if she had more authority than the Headmaster himself, the two old men obeyed her and walked out, with the Headmaster shaking his head disapprovingly and Professor Dumbledore looking almost amused.

“Here” The woman handed her a glass. “Sleeping draught, it will give you a dreamless sleep”

Hermione drank the glass while still sobbing hard. A few more seconds later her eyes were starting to get heavy, and yet her tears were still coming out.


“Harry” she breathed, waking up in the middle of night.

She glanced around the room and saw that the other patients were fast asleep. She sat up and looked over at her bedside table. There she saw a vase of red roses, water and the daily prophet.

Hermione quickly snatched it. She had to know what happened to the others, what happened to Voldemort and its supporters. To her dismay, the paper contained nothing but useless information about the weather, and about the next Quidditch tournament.

‘There has to be something here about the war’ she muttered, flipping the pages of the newspaper until she reached the last page. “This must be old” she said, turning back on the first page and checking the date. 

Published September 23, 1945

Hermione couldn’t believe it. The paper looked new to her but how is it that it was dated back 50 years ago.

“1945?? This cant be right” she muttered.

“Oh it’s quite right!” a healer from a portrait said. “It just came in this morning dear, now you go back to sleep”

“Reading the paper at this time of night” Hermione heard her mutter as the healer shook her head and clicked her tongue.

Hermione couldn’t believe her ears. ‘1945? She was in 1945? How in the world did that happen?’

She tried so hard to remember the very last thing that happened before she passed out. 

‘Voldemort, I remember Voldemort killing— killing Harry’ she thought, tears forming in her eyes. ‘I remember him casting the killing curse on me and I casted a spell.’

She closed her eyes and tried to remember what spell she used but nothing came to mind. Images of the whirlpool flashbacked. She felt a chill went up her spine as she remembered the feeling of it eating up inside her skin. ‘I should have died with them’

She wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly feeling very cold. She began crying once again, remembering finding her parents dead body at their own house, how she saw Neville and Ginny’s body, how she witnessed Remus’, Ron’s, and Ginny’s death. She remembered Harry and the look he gave her before his life was taken away from him.

She sobbed harder as she rose from her bed and ran. She ran as far as her feet can take her. Her footsteps were making loud echoes beneath the walls of the corridors. She ran down the stairs, passing the Great hall and finally she stopped in front of the Huge Front doors. Images of all the students preparing to fight came into her mind. She opened the front doors and ran outside, still sobbing, with another image of all the dead bodies lying around the grounds. 

She kept on running even though her knees were starting to give out and her whole body was throbbing with immense pain, she ran until she was near the forbidden forest. She stopped suddenly and looked around. ‘This was where he—

She dropped herself on the ground, kneeling, and burst into tears. “Harry” she whimpered. “I need you now”

“Harry!” whispered. “Come back” she sobbed.

A drop of rain hit her on her forehead but she didn’t mind. “HEY YOU!” A voice yelled, “Hey!”

Soon after, the rain came down hard. Hermione heard someone running towards her but she didn’t care as she had her back turned from him. “Hey! Are you bloody mental? What are you doing out here?” the man said, shaking her shoulders from behind.

Suddenly Hermione felt very worn out that she fell backwards in time that the man from behind caught her.

“Wha—” the man cried in shock. “Hey miss”

Hermione fluttered her eyes open to see emerald green eyes looking back, with jet-black hair covering some features of his handsome face “Harry” she whispered before sleep took the rest of her in.

[A/n: Another chappy has gone by…. What did you think of it? Reviews, Constructive critism would be very much appreciated!!! Pleasey please?? Next chap should be up in a few weeks… since it’s already done… I’ll post it up if I get enough reviews *wink*nudge* LOL]

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