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    Hermione tilted her head, curiously, “What do you think?”

    Her daughter, Diana, looked at it, obviously bored, her brown hair falling down her back, and her blue eyes shining brightly. She had once had the looks of her father, black hair and green eyes, but had changed them in rebellion against him.

    “I think that this is an obvious waste of time. And that because of moments like these-when my mother felt the need to broaden her horizons by staring at a picture of random colors, painted by some psycho who nine out of ten killed himself, and made me carry this 110 pounds school bag on my back the whole time she goggled this nonsense-I will have serious back problems.”

    “Very brilliantly put. I see a career in art in your future.”

    “Spare me,” she said humorously.

    “Though that does put the lifelong dream you have of becoming an Auror on hold.”

    “What a choice! I mean lifelong dream or something that makes me want to blow my brains out.,“ she said, imitating a lever with her hands, “How will I ever choose?” she paused and pretended to ponder the matter, “What do you know? I pick lifelong dream for 600, Alex.”

    “Wow, what a shocker! Never would’ve saw that one coming. Really you should give your writers a raise.”

    “Yes, let me get right on that,” she said while laughing and walking out of the art museum.

    Hermione looked after her daughter with a look of admiration. Diana was going somewhere. She, like Hermione had once been, was top of her class at her wizarding school despite her mostly muggle upbringing. She had had a lifelong dream of becoming an Auror since she could walk and spent most of her time working towards that goal. She was funny, kind, independent, and beautiful.

    Her looks were all her fathers, however. From her once black hair to the structure of her face. Even her once intense green eyes screamed Harry. She had lost contact with her dad for quite a while, only talking to him when he called on the holidays. She had only seen him physically about 10 times, and all visits had occurred before she was 7. He had wrote and called at first, but ever since she was 10 they had been limited to holiday calls.

    She did not know the whole thorny past between her mother and Harry Potter, nor did she ask. She knew it was a sensitive topic for her mom and for that reason she also never asked about her old friends or grandparents.

    She had never met her grandparents before and the only things she knew about them were the awful things she heard her mother repeat. The only people that she had known as her grandparents were the elderly couple who took in her mother.

    The couple had both died within the past year, however, leaving the diner to Hermione. Between her and her friend Gayle they had turned the diner into the most ate at place in their little town, though their only competition was a Chinese and Vegetarian place. After school Diana and Gayle’s daughter Kayla would help out as waitresses for extra cash. Those two, like their parents were best friends since birth, but Diana was also very close with the boy Lucas down the street.

    Hermione smiled brightly, their lives in America had turned out great despite what her mother had predicted.

    Diana returned at the door looking curiously at her mom, “Are you coming or what?”

    Hermione arrived back from her thoughts and nodded, “Yes, let’s get home I’ve been on my feet all day.”

    Diana climbed through Lucas’s window to find him reading a book, not noticing her at all, even as she sat next to him.

    “I take the book is good?”

    Lucas jumped slightly, “Yeah, um it’s pretty good. You’ve probably already read it.”

    She leaned forward and looked at the cover, “Yeah. Twice.”

    Lucas laughed and shook his head, his blonde hair blobbing slightly, “I should’ve known.”

    There was a comfortable silence between them before Ana stated, “So my letter should be here any day now, and I still haven’t told my mom.”

    “Oh, Ana”

    “I’m sort of hoping they’ll reject me.”

    “Don’t say that. You know they won’t, they’d be stupid to reject someone like you, and from what you’ve told me Hogwarts is not a stupid school.”

    “It just seems so surreal that the only magical school who is offering future Auror classes is my mum’s old school, where all her friends live and where their kids go to school.”

    “Ha, mum. You sound like you’re from jolly ole England yourself when you say stuff like that.”

    Diana chuckled back nervously, “That’s another thing. If I get accepted and we leave…England is a long ways away,” Lucas’ face immediately fell, “I don’t know how I’m going to handle being away from all of it.”

    “Well imagine how it’s going to feel for all of us,” he said rolling off of the bed, and onto his feet on the floor.


    “Nothing,” he said pacing the floor, his hands swinging in the air, “It’s just that I’m not sure how I’m going to feel when you’re gone. I mean I miss you like crazy when you’re not here and you’re just down the street. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be when I miss you and I can’t just run over to see you, or call to see how you’re doing because, Ana. I’m…”

    “You’re what?,” she asked searching his face for answers, “What are you saying Lucas?”

    Lucas climbed back onto the bed and kissed Ana right on the lips, “I’m saying that I’m crazy about you.”

    Diana looked into his eyes for a second before rolling out from under him, climbing out of his window, and running down the street to Kayla’s house, leaving Lucas alone in his room, very confused and alone.

    Diana finally reached Gayle’s house, bursting through the door and up the stairs to Kayla’s room. She opened the door to find Kayla coming out of her bathroom door, towel drying her long black hair .




    “Lucas. He…kissed me.”


    “Lucas kissed-”

    “No, I heard you the second time. On the mouth?”

    “Yes, on the mouth.”

    “So, it was…” she let the sentence trail, looking at Diana knowingly.

    “My first kiss.”

    “But why?”

    “He says he’s crazy about me.”


    “I know,” she said, beginning to pace back and forth on Kayla’s floor, “But I mean I’m leaving soon. To go to England. It’s far away, out there, England is. I mean what if I come back and he has a new girlfriend and he doesn’t care about me anymore? And I am just not going to be able to handle a long distance relationship. And I mean I‘ve never really thought of ever having a relationship with a guy or kissing them before, I mean I always think about school first, but now… And then he‘s like my best friend, so what if we don‘t work out?”

    “Wait. Are you actually thinking of having a relationship with Lucas?”

    “I don’t know. I mean, I guess,” she said taking a slight pause from her pace but then starting again, “And then there’s-”

    “Honey, stop pacing before you burn a hole through my floor, stop the talking, and take a deep breath.”

    “I can’t, Kayla! Lucas kissed me!”

    Both friends grabbed each other by the hand and jumped up and down, screaming, until Gayle came in the room, making Diana go home since it was already midnight.

    Hermione walked down the stairs of her house, turning towards her kitchen. She gasped in surprise when she saw Diana sleeping in a chair, her head resting on the table, still fully dressed in her clothes from the day before.

    “”Ana?” she said tapping her daughter gently on the shoulder, “Get up.”

    Ana groggily picked her head up and looked at her mom, “What?”

    “It’s noon on a Saturday. Usually by now you’re out watching a movie with Lucas and Kayla.”

    “Right. Lucas. That’s probably something we should talk about,” she said getting up from her chair and pouring her and her mom a cup of coffee.


    “Me and Lucas kissed.”

    “On the mouth?” her mother asked disbelievingly.

    “Is that so unbelievable?”

    “No,” her mother said chuckling, “It’s just that it’s you and, well, Lucas.”

    “Do you want the details?”

    “About the kiss that took place between two of the most well-mannered kids? The details must be completely dirty.”

    “You, are impossible!” exclaimed Diana, taking her cup of coffee and rushing to her room, “I’m never telling you anything,” she shouted.

    “Aw, don’t be like that,” said Hermione, still giggling, “I want to know all about your first kiss with Mr. Loverboy.”

    “Nope., not going to happen,” replied her daughter, sticking her head out of her bedroom door.

    Hermione suddenly got very serious and walked into her daughters room and sat down upon the bed, “Okay, I have had all of my fun. Now please tell me,” her mother begged, pulling her daughter’s shirt.

    Ana laughed and sat upon her bed next to her mother, her true best friend, and told her everything that had happened.

    Afterwards Hermione began giggling again, “Like I thought. The details were completely dirty.”

    Diana went to playfully hit her mother but Hermione quickly got off of the bed and exited to the kitchen.

    “So, since you won’t be heading to the movies with Kayla and, Lucas,“ she said in a dreamy voice, “You want to go watch something, just you and me?”

    “Sure, but only if you promise it can be something horrible that’s been out for a while so that we can go and make fun of it without too many people yelling.”

    “Oh, I’ve taught you well,” Hermione said, then stuck her head in the doorway, “It’s a date, but don’t worry I won’t tell Lucas in case you’re afraid about him becoming jealous.”

    Diana threw a book at where her mother’s head had once been and laughed whole heartedly.

    They arrived home after the movie, both with cups of coffee in their hands, despite the hot July afternoon. Coffee addicts, there was no doubt about that.

    As they walked up onto the porch Hermione was surprise to see a letter sitting there.

    “What’s this?” she said picking it up, her breath running short when she read the stamp that held the seal.

    The stamp of Hogwarts.

    Her mind began to race. What could they want?

    Ana looked at her mother’s worried face, “Something wrong, mom?” she asked looking at the letter and catching the stamp also, “Mom,” she said coercing the letter out of her mother’s hand, “Maybe there is something we should talk about.”

    She walked into the house, her mother following closely behind her, “What is the meaning of this Diana?”

    Diana cringed at the name. The Roman Goddess of the moon-which was full the day she was born- and fertility-the reason she was here.

    “Well, you see, mom. I was reading the wizarding paper and I came across this article saying that Hogwarts was offering classes for people aspiring to become Aurors, but they were only offering it to students who went there. Well you know me, I don’t give up. So I wrote a letter to Dumbledore, explaining my situation and I guess that is his response.”

    “You wrote a letter to my old headmaster asking to be an attendant of my old school? You know how I feel about all of that! Why would you do this to me?” Hermione screamed.

    “I didn’t do it to you, mom! For once I was thinking of myself and only myself! You should know what that is, you’ve been doing it my whole life! Thinking only of yourself!” Ana screamed back, knowing that she was losing control, as was her mother, and that she was saying things she didn’t mean.

    Hermione felt as if she had been slapped in the face and before she could reply Diana was out of the door, her face streaming with tears.

    Diana ran to the first person that came to mind. Lucas. She climbed through his window to find him watching a movie.

    “Having a movie day without me, I see.”

    He turned his head to look at her and when he found her in tears he quickly got up and rushed to her side. As she spilled the whole story out to him, he stroked her hair consolingly.

    As she finished she looked at him and said, “She teased me about the kiss.”

    “Our kiss?”


    Lucas looked slightly offended, “Why?”

    “Just jokingly really. I told her about it and asked if she wanted to know how it happened and she said something along the lines of ‘the details about the kiss between two of the most well mannered children I know? The details must be completely dirty.’”

    Lucas chuckled, “Let’s just give her something to talk about then.”

    Before she could say or do anything, Lucas’s lips crashed into hers, lingering on her bottom lip. He pulled back slowly and looked into her eyes before bending his head down to kiss her again. This time with more passion than the last two kisses. They stood there kissing for a long time before Lucas brushed his tongue along her lips. She opened her mouth bigger, both of them pushing their tongues in the others mouth.

    They would’ve probably stood like that forever too, had their friend Kayla not walked through the window, a pile of movies in her hand.

    “Guess I’m interrupting.”

    Ana jumped away from Lucas quickly and asked, “Kayla?”

    “Yeah. I just ran to my house to get some more movies.”

    “You had a movie night without me?” she asked ,still a little flustered.

    “Well we thought it might be awkward with us being in the same room again so soon and all,” said Lucas.

    “But it seems your tongues have found a way to comfort each other,” Kayla said fiercely, “And I’m so happy!” she screamed, her tone suddenly happy.

    Diana walked through the front door, hoping that her mom had calmed down. After watching a movie with Lucas and Kayla she decided it was time to return home to have the talk with her mom that she had been dreading.

    She walked into the living room to find her mom sitting there watching old reruns.


    Hermione turned her head and mumbled a barely recognizable, “Yes?”

    “I just want you to know that you don’t need to be upset about Hogwarts because….I’m not going.”

    Hermione stood still for a moment before jumping at the couch and turning to her daughter, “Not going? Have you gone mad? This is your dream!”

    “But you don’t approve-”

    “Don’t hand me that crap, Ana. If the only thing bothering you was that I didn’t approve you would be headed to Hogwarts tomorrow. There’s something else, and I think I know what it is,” Ana looked down at her feet, “It’s Lucas,” when Ana made no reply Hermione started again, “I can’t believe you, Ana! I mean I understand liking guys a lot, I mean how else would I have found myself 16 and pregnant, but you have to look past that. Think of your future, that goal you’ve been working towards since you could talk.”


    “No buts. You’re going, that’s it. Whether you like it or not. I don’t care if I have to escort you there.”

    “They won’t allow you on the train so you can’t make me. Besides we never even read the letter so for all you know he could‘ve turned me down.”

    “Oh, contraire. You see, you left the letter lying on the floor. Well, me and my curiosity, I picked it up and began to read. And since Dumbledore is not an idiot, of course you got accepted, and I have gotten offered the newly open Potions Professor slot. He has also stated that an exact replica of our house has been made on the campus, to help persuade us to go. So, my dear daughter, I will be on the train, making sure you get to Hogwarts safe and sound.”

    Ana felt anger boiling in her and stomped off to her room, “I hate this!” she shouted.

    Hermione shrugged, configured a glass of wine, and sat on the couch, figuring out her thoughts. It would be difficult going back there and facing everyone, but it seemed that she would have to think of her daughter and her future, since her daughter had obvious become slightly mental as a side effect of snogging.

    Hermione sat at the table. She hadn’t gone to sleep at all, waiting for any sign that Ana wanted to make up. She looked at the clock on the wall that read 2:19. She sighed and configured another glass of wine. She must’ve dozed off for a bit however, for she was awoken by Ana at 3:06, her eyes saying that she hadn’t slept either.

    “Is the coffee at Hogwarts any good?”

    Hermione smiled warmly scooting her chair next to her daughter, beginning to rub her hair gently, “The absolute best.”

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