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Chapter 1: Transformation

Draco laid on his king sized four poster bed writhing in pain. He glanced at the clock and it read 12:05 am, he had been enduring this pain for five minutes and didn’t know how much more he could take. It was August 19, Draco’s birthday, and the Veela in him was coming out thanks to inheriting the gene from one of his grandparents which just had to skip his father and be passed on to him. Draco couldn’t take it anymore so he let out a loud scream, one of the teachers were bound to hear him.

Draco was spending his summer vacation at Hogwarts. He really didn’t want to spend it at home, for fear of what might happen to him. Lucius Malfoy was in a very foul mood lately and as much as Draco hated to admit it he was afraid of his father when he was mad because it almost always ended with Draco being punished for one thing or another. The reason for Lucius to be in such a state was the Ministry.

The Ministry had finally come to realize that he was a Death Eater, all they needed was proof. They started interfering with anything that had to do with Lucius Malfoy to see if they found anything that could be used as proof. The Ministry had even gone as far as trying to strip the Malfoys from all their possessions, including the clothes on their backs if possible. Fortunately, Lucius used the little influence he still had to prevent this. Even though the Ministry had lightened up, it didn’t stop Lucius from being in a foul mood.

Draco had told his father that he was staying to get extra training on Potions, which wasn’t entirely a lie since he did spend most of his time with the Potions Master. Draco couldn’t describe the amount of relief that he felt when his father consented to him staying with the thought that the training would help Draco to get a higher grade then Granger when the school year began.

As soon as Draco screamed the pain had lightened. Draco now lay covered in sweat and shaking slightly, which was how Severus Snape found him. Snape ran to his godson to see what was wrong and to check to see if he had a fever with how much sweat was covering Draco’s body. After concluding that his temperature was normal Snape looked at Draco and noticed the changes in his appearance.

It clicked right away in Snape’s mind what had happened. Snape knew that this was a very painful and tiring experience and that rest was the best thing that Draco needed at the moment. Snape gave Draco a potion for the pain and then a Sleeping Draught, sighing in relief when Draco fell into a peaceful sleep.


Draco woke to a tapping noise and looked around for the source when he noticed there was an owl at his window. He let the owl in and untied the letter; he gave it a small treat before it took flight again. The letter was from Dumbledore.

Mr. Malfoy,

I am writing to tell you to please meet me in my office as soon as possible to discuss a few matters.


P.S. Happy Birthday

Draco decided to get ready to meet the headmaster and get the meeting over with. Walking into the bathroom, Draco looked at himself in the mirror. His short hair that he used to spike up had now grown long enough to hang in his eyes. His eyes had changed from steel-gray to the lightest shade of blue with gray specs. His height had even changed, which was what probably caused him so much pain. He had grown 3 inches making him now 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Draco couldn’t help but give his infamous smirk and help to think that this was a transformation he could live with.


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