Clover nearly screamed in frustration but then noticed that she and Hermione were alone. She smiled at her, a slight blush coming to her cheeks. "Sorry about that," she muttered.

Hermione smiled. "It's alright. I can relate. My friend, Ronald..." she trailed off slightly angrily. "Well, let's just say, we don't have the same views on...anything really."

Clover laughed and nodded. She knew the feeling. "Was that the red head from earlier then?" she questioned. "The one from breakfast?"

"Yeah, how did you know?" Hermione asked in surprise.

Clover shrugged. "I just figured it had to be him because the other one's name was Harry," she explained. "I think so anyways...."

Hermione laughed. "Yeah, that's right. Hey, would you like to go out onto the grounds. It's a lovely day. We could watch the boys fly. Harry and Ron are out there too."

Clover debated on whether it was a good idea. She would have to be in the same area as James but....Hermione said it was a nice day. "Alright, I'm in," she said with a smile.

"Great" Hermione smiled back and the two made their way upstairs and outside.

Hermione was right. It was a lovely day outside. Clover smiled as they approached the Pitch. "Ron seems like a nice guy," she commented. There had to be some conversation somewhere, right?

Hermione glanced at Clover before averting her eyes. "Oh, I suppose he can be times." she agreed.

Clover smiled as if she knew some really juicy secret. Hermione's reaction had been a bit...suspicious. "Hm.....he's pretty cute too," she said and pretended to be examining her nails while watching her reaction out of the corners of her eyes.

Hermione flushed a deep shade of crimson and turned her head away from Clover. After a moment of silence she turned back to Clover with a big smile. "I don't know. I rather like that Hart." she said.

Clover shuddered slightly and glanced at Hermione. "You can have him," she said with yet another shudder. "He's an egotistical, womanizing prick."

Hermione laughed. "Sounds something like Malfoy" she said. Suddenly she stopped walking and gasped. "I am so sorry! I didn't mean that! I shouldn't have said it!"

Clover stopped as well, feeling slightly confused. "What?" She didn't mind James being compared to a Slytherin. Though he was better looking then most of the Slytherins in her year......She shuddered once more. Now that was a scary thought.

"Well, you don't know Malfoy so I suppose that didn't mean much" Hermione shook her head and continued walking, Clover alongside her. "It's just...well, no one - not even Hart - could be worse than Malfoy" she spat the name like it was dirt on her tongue.

Clover thought for a moment, going over all the Slytherins she knew. "I dunno. I've met a few that could be worse," she muttered. Then, she thought of something. "Malfoy?"

Hermione looked her in confusion. "Yeah...why?"

Clover couldn't help but chuckle to herself. So that's what Lucius's kid looked like.....She smiled and shook her head. "Nothing." It figured his son would be just like him.

Hermione peered at her for a moment before taking her seat and turning to watch the boys fly. They had arrived at the stands and climbed all the way to the top.

Harry noticed Hermione in the stands and waved at her. Hermione waved back, smiling widely.

"And that's Harry, I'm guessing?" asked Clover with a smile. He was kind of cute but he reminded her too much of James.

Hermione smiled, following Harry's progress with her eyes. "Yeah" she said somewhat distractedly.

Clover glanced from Hermione to the figure that she was watching, Harry. "Ah. So it's Harry you like then," she said with a nod.

Hermione turned to her with incredulity written all over her face. Then she actually cracked up laughing. Once she regained her composure she swatted away a few tears and looked at Clover's confused face. "Yes I like Harry. I love Harry! But he's like my brother! We've been through a lot together...Ron too"

Clover nodded in understanding. "Been friends since first year then?" She loved most of her close friends like sisters so she could relate. Seven years together could do that to people.

"Yeah" Hermione responded shortly. "How about you and the other three? Are you close?"

Clover shrugged and glanced out at three dots hovering in the air. "Well, me and Bade are. Hart and Madden just annoy me," she explained. "But they're really close. They would do anything for each other."

Hermione nodded. "That's the same with Harry and Ron" Then she turned to Clover. "What is it between you and Hart? You seem to particularly hate him, but the feeling doesn't go both ways."

Clover sighed and leaned back a bit, giving Hermione a weak smile. "It's a long story," she sighed.

"Well, I would say we have time but look who comes this way" Hermione nodded across the quidditch pitch where five figures could be seen flying straight for them.

Clover moaned and sunk lower into her seat. "Stupid git always has the worst timing," she muttered.

Hermione laughed just as the five boys touched down, grinning widely and shaking back their windswept hair.

Brilliant flying there, mate," commented Madden to Harry. "Only seen moves like that with one other person." His eyes passed over Hart, who grinned.

A small blush rose up into Harry's cheeks. "It was nothing" he said.

Ron slapped him on the back and turned to the other three. "Don't mind him. He's always modest!'

The three boys nodded. They could tell. He really didn't seem like the rub-it-in-your-face type. "Still, brilliant flying all the same," said Hart.

Hermione cleared her throat and cocked an eyebrow with a small grin.

Harry spun around and smiled. "Oh, hey, Hermione" he greeted. Then he caught sight of a smiling blonde over her shoulder and his grin grew. "Who's this?" he asked.

"Oh! Harry, Ron, this is Clover. Clover, this is Harry and Ron" Hermione introduced. Ron nodded to Clover but Harry took her hand in a friendly gesture, holding it for a little longer then necessary.

Hart looked slightly annoyed when Harry held on for so long. He gave a little cough, which earned a glare from Clover.

Harry looked on with confusion at the glaring couple before he was interrupted by a timid voice a few levels down the bleachers.

"Er...Mr. Potter?"

Hart looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. "Yeah?" he said, still looking around.

Harry, who had been in the process of turning to face the stranger, shot back around and narrowed his eyes suspiciously at Hart.

A look of horror passed quickly over Clover's face. Her elbow quickly rammed into his side. He was going to blow their cover!

Hart shot her a quick glare but his gaze quickly fell to the floor as he realized what he had done. He could feel Harry's gaze upon him.

"M-Mr. Potter" came the voice again, with fear etched in every syllable.

"Yes?" Harry said, reluctantly peeling his eyes off Hart to look at the small first year.

"Professor Dumbledore said that he will see you now" The moment the boy relayed the messaged he turned on his heel and scampered away.

"Oh! Oh dear, we have to go, Harry" Hermione said urgently, tugging on Harry and Ron's sleeves.

"Bugger off, Hermione! We heard the message. We're coming!" Ron said, shoving her arm away.

Clover glanced between Bade and Madden before she took Hart by the arm. They needed to get out. Now. "Well, you lot have your meeting or whatever so see you later," she said quickly. She began tugging on Hart's arm but he wouldn't move. His eyes were stuck on Harry.

"Is your last name Potter?" he asked, his eyes still not leaving Harry.

Harry, who had been staring wide eyed at Clover after she spoke, peeled his eyes away to meet gazes with Hart. "Yeah..." he said slowly. "Is yours?"

Hart let out a bout of nervous laughter. "Of course not," he said and shook his head. "That'd be weird, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah...." Harry agreed suspiciously. Then he averted his eyes back to Clover.

Harry's gaze was making Clover feel uncomfortable. "Well, we should probably get going so you can go to your meeting or whatever," she said slowly.

"Good idea. We need to leave as well...right now!" Hermione agreed, once more tugging on her friends sleeves.

Harry peeled his eyes off Clover slowly and looked down at Hermione in surprise, as if he didn't even realize she was tugging on him with all her strength. "Oh, right! Well, see you around then" he said to the others.

Ron gave a little wave and the four of them started off back down the bleachers. And as they walked Harry whispered something to Hermione that he didn't intend to float back up to the students they had left behind.

"Did you hear her voice...?"

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