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Draco stood outside the portrait with his hands folded in front of him. He sighed as he listened to the noise seeping through the think castle walls. Draco only knew of one person who could make noise loud enough that it could be heard through two feet of stone. ‘Hermione’ He heard other voices. ‘And her obnoxious friends.’

Draco heard a skid, the sound of a shovel scraping ice, a crack, and a few good thuds. “Time to see what she has managed to destroy this time.” He said to himself and gave the old maid the password. As soon as he stepped inside the common room he almost screamed. He looked around. The common room was ten times the size it was when he had last left it, the floor was a huge foot high frozen solid puddle, the furniture was gone, the walls were hard plastic fences, and Hermione, Ginny, and Sasha were skating around wearing pads and viscously hitting a puck with a hockey stick.

Draco’s jaw hung open as he watched the three girls fly at the puck with their sticks. Sasha stole the puck from Ginny and Ginny slammed her into the wall. Once Sasha pushed Ginny off of her, she started yelling. “Immediate penalty, she just boarded me. Get the referee!!!” She shouted. Hermione skated over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Sweetie, we're in my common room there is no referee.” She said.

Draco watched all this, still stunned at what she had done. This topped it all. Just when he thought he had seen it all, he looked up. The furniture was floating about fifteen feet over his head. Draco looked back at the girls, who still hadn’t noticed him standing there because they were arguing about referees and boarding.

“HERMIONE!!!!” Draco shouted. Hermione froze. “Oops” she whispered. She turned, gave him her biggest smile and waved energetically.

“We got to go, see you around Hermione.” Ginny said when she saw the steaming Draco. She skated past the both of them and out the portrait. Sasha put a hand on Hermione’s shoulder pad and whispered “Good luck” before following Ginny. “Don’t leave me” she said but Sasha closed the portrait after receiving a glare from Draco.

After all he had left to stare at was the place Sasha had just stood he averted his eyes to Hermione. Draco began to walk forward and she began to skate backwards.

“Hey Draco."She spoke in a sickly sweey tone as she glided across the ice.

“Hermione…” His tone was low and fierce. She smiled sweetly. “Yes Draco?”

“What have you done?”

“Nothing really, just decorated a bit.” Hermione waved her arm around the room then pulled her helmet off. Her hair fell down onto her shoulders and in her face.

“Fix it, Hermione”

“Fine, fine.” Hermione pulled her wand out of her left skate and flicked her wrist. In about five seconds the common room had shrunk, the floor was a soft black rug, and the furniture was back in place. Hermione looked around and smiled then looked down at herself. She was still dressed in hockey gear. Hermione pointed her wand at herself and muttered a spell. Her sweaty pads and jersey was replaced with extremely short shorts and a tight tank top. The skates became soft white socks and her hair tied itself up. “Better?” she asked as she spread her arms and faced the rest of the room. The anger was long forgotten as Draco looked from her long pale legs to her chest a few times. “Much.”

Hermione frowned when she realized he wasn’t talking about the room. “Pervert.” She said as she watched him lie down onto the couch, taking up all the room. “Hey that’s the only couch long enough to lie on.” She said as she sat on the arm. “So?” Hermione heard him say. “So it’s a shorter walk to your room, and im a girl so I should get the couch.” Hermione traced the pattern on the fabric. “Im not moving, if you want to lie down then come lie down.” Draco said with his eyes still closed. “Where?” she asked. Draco held his arms out to his sides and wiggled his fingers. “Are you serious?” Hermione watched him as he sat up a little, leaned his head on the arm opposite of the one she was sitting on, and gave her a look that said ‘What-do-you-think?’

Hermione sighed. “Fine, but only cause my legs wont carry me to my room.” she stood from the arm and walked to the front of the couch. Draco had closed his eyes again and when he heard footsteps he had assumed that she had walked away. When he felt hands on his shoulder and opened his eyes to see Hermione crawling on top of him. Draco watched her as she laid her hands on his chest and positioned her head on top of them. He didn’t think she would even think about lying on the couch with him but there she was. Draco closed his eyes and opened them again; she was still there, with her tummy touching his and her legs crossed at the ankles.

There was silence for a while as Hermione stared into the fire and Draco stared at her. Draco put one hand on the small of her back and she seemed to snuggle closer to him, if that’s what you would call it. Finally Hermione spoke. “So why did you kiss me?” she asked as she watched the flames lick at each other. Draco inhaled deeply and Hermione rose gently with the rest of his body. He didn’t answer at first and Hermione wondered if he had even heard her. “Because I like you.” He said finally.

“Oh” Hermione said softly. “Why do you like me?” She asked another question. “I like you because you’re not afraid to stand up to yourself or me. You’re not afraid to fight, or be different. You’re not afraid of anything.” He said and she stayed silent. “And you’re pretty.” His last comment made her smile. “Cool” She whispered. Draco wrapped his other arm around her waist and they both feel asleep, together.

Draco woke early the next morning to the feel of hot breath on his neck. He looked down and saw that Hermione had moved from the spot on his chest. Her head was resting on his shoulder and her arms were around his neck. Suddenly a loud noise sounded from the band on Hermione’s wrist. She screamed and fell onto the floor and Draco shot up to see if she was okay. Draco peered over the side of the couch to see Hermione banging to strap on the floor and moaning “Make it stop.” She held the source of the noise to Draco’s face and he inspected it more closely. It was one of the Weasel’s contraptions. A portable alarm clock that made an extreme amount of noise when they go off, to be sure they wake you. Draco pushed a small blue button on the side and the fire truck like noise stopped.

Hermione fell to the floor once more and Draco looked down at her. “What did you set that for?”

She opened one eye. “To wake me.”

“Why would you want to be woken at this god forsaken hour?” Draco looked out the windows. “The suns not even out yet.” Hermione bolted into a sitting position. Draco backed away from her. “I’m late.” She said and hurried to her room. “Wait! What are you late for? Hermione!” Draco called after her. Then he remembered the date, it was Saturday. “Merlin, so am I.” He said to himself and raced to his own room.

“Draco, hurry up! Please get out. Please!” She whined from one side of the bathroom door. Draco had beaten her to the showers. “No, Hermione you have to wait.” Draco answered her please from inside the bathroom. Hermione scowled and went back to her room. She did a cleaning spell on herself and dressed. With her robes billowing behind her and her broom over her shoulder, Hermione marched out of the portrait hole. Draco followed her, they were dressed the same, both carrying a broom over their shoulders.

They didn’t speak a word to each other while they walked down the halls. It was too early for small talk. Once they reached the Quidditch Pitch the separated. Hermione went to the left, to where the Gryffindor try outs were being held and Draco went to the left to where the Slytherins were being held.

Harry separated the group according to what position they were trying out for. “Alright let’s start with chasers. All first, second, and third years who are trying out to be chaser please mount your boom.” Harry directed half of the group. “First let’s see how long you can ride.” He said and waved them into the air. “Dirty.” Hermione commented. Sasha and Ginny snickered from the Beaters group and Hermione smirked.

“Miss Granger!” Harry called not looking up from his clipboard. Ginny started to ‘ooohhhh’ and Sasha whispered “You’re in trouble.” But everyone heard. “Weasley! Aprilaire!” They both skipped forward along with Hermione.

Draco, who was on the other side of the pitch, looked down on Hermione. “Five seconds and she’s already in some sort of trouble.” He said to himself. He watched as Harry pointed his finger at the three and they doubled over with laughter. “Malfoy, watch it!” Someone shouted. Draco looked over to see a bludger coming his way. He ducked then looked down at his own try outs. Draco glared at the boy who had aimed the bludger at him “You’re supposed to hit the other team” He shouted. “Not me! Next!” The boy lowered his broom to the ground and stomped to the stands.

“You needed us, Sir.” Hermione mocked. Harry scowled and chose it would be better if he didn’t yell. “It’s your turn.” He said through his teeth. “Thank you for the notification, Sir.” Hermione smirked. She mounted her broom and flew off. Harry tossed her the Quaffle and she flew towards Ron. He was flying back and forth, trying to guard all of the poles at once. Hermione scored five times without difficulty. She punched the air as she was flying back to the ground. Sasha and Ginny, who were up next, high-fived her.

After twenty more minutes everyone had tried out and Hermione had made at least seven more comments. They all stood in front of Harry waiting for him to call out the names of his new team. “You all did an excellent job but unfortunately I can only keep so many.” Harry said and smiled at them before looking back down at the clip board and reading off the names. “Keeper for this year’s team is Ronald Weasley.” Ron smiled and Seamus and Dean patted him on the back and cheered. “Left and Right Chasers are Seamus and Dean.” This time they made even more noise and started acting like animals. “Our beaters are Ginny and Sasha.” They started to dance “Yeah Baby!” Sasha shouted. Harry smiled and everyone else laughed. “Our head chaser is Hermione.” Hermione bowed in front of them all “I’d like to thank Harry, for keeping me in line.” She paused. “Or at least trying to.” She started to clap and everyone followed and laughed. “And our seeker is of course me.” A great cheer erupted from the group. “Way to go Harry, we all knew you could do it.” Ginny said with fake tears in her eyes. They all made fun of him because he didn’t have to try out.

“To the Great Hall!” Seamus shouted and led the way.

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