‘What are the bed arrangements? hmm, let’s see. I’ll go into the bed with you and we’ll sleep together. How does that seem?’ Hermione said sounding sarcastic.

‘Yeh, that’s the way Granger. I think you’ve fallen to the Malfoy charm after all’ Malfoy said taking off his top.

‘I was being…..ahhhh’ Hermione said noticing that Malfoy was nearly top less. ‘Don’t change in front of me.’ She said pushing him with her eye half closed but only just to look where she was going and into a open door and closed the door behind him. She then cleared her throat. ‘You have no charm Malfoy, so stop kidding yourself.’ She said walking over to the king sized bed and looking at the photo’s that were on his bedside table. It was a picture of that girl that came earlier, Mona. She then looked over to the door and in carefulness opened the drawer. There was more photos’ of girls. Hermione looked at some and recognised some faces who attended Hogwarts too. She then heard the door lock click open and she quickly closed the drawer and lied onto the bed. Malfoy came out, wearing only shorts. ‘Erm, what are you wearing?’ Hermione said disgusted.

‘What? This is what I wear usually when I go to bed.’ Malfoy answered and jumped into the bed.

‘No, no, no! You are not sleeping here.’ Hermione shouted.

‘Oh yes I am! It’s my room and my bed!’ Malfoy shouted back in the same tone.

‘Accio!’ Hermione said as blankets from the corner of the room came towards her and then she laid them neatly onto the floor with a pillow on one of the sides. ‘You will be sleeping here from now on.’

‘What? You can’t order me to do anything you useless mudblood! You’re use to sleeping on the floor; you mudbloods are always in sleeping bags, so you are sleeping there!’

‘You heartless, selfish, no charm ferret who just thinks about him self and girls. Who- who is not a gentlemen and I have no bloody idea, why I am here in your room in the first place. I should just kill my self right now because I can’t spend one more second with a worthless bug, and that bug is you! You don’t respect anyone. There is no respect in that pea brain of -.’ Hermione didn’t finish of her sentence because she found her self being kissed by the ferret. She tried pulling away so that she can shout at him some more but there was a force which didn’t let her and just pushed her back even harder with the kiss.

Malfoy looked at Hermione in confusion and she returned a look of anger and gave him a look which said what-the-hell-are-you-doing! –stop-it-now-right-now-and-don’t-give-me-the-innocent-act-or-you’ll-have-no-legs-to-walk-on. The kiss nor felt right and didn’t stop for a while. When it finally did stop Hermione’s mouth was dry and as was Malfoys and she even forgot why she was angry in the first place and spoke ‘what just…’ she said without finishing the sentence and running into the bathroom and drinking some water from the tap. After a few minutes she came out and wiped her mouth with her sleeves.

‘What’s going on? I know you didn’t kiss me on purpose like, as if, I would of punched you like I did in third year. What do you think these rings have some kind of rules or what? Like you can’t get angry with each other?’ Hermione said walking over to the bed and slipped herself inside the bed. She then closed her eyes and placed her tired head onto the pillow and sat there peacefully. Malfoy looked at her and then his famous smirk appeared again as he got into the bed too but as he placed his head onto the pillow but his head didn’t touch it because at that moment Hermione pushed him off the bed and Malfoy thumped onto the floor and moaned. ‘I said no, meaning no! Also, no funny business when I’m sleeping, ok!’ Hermione said with her eyes closed and turned her back to him.

I can’t believe she thinks that! Hello, as if. With her! Give me anyone else in the world but not her and yes, funny business would of accrued Malfoy thought then puffed ‘Yeh what ever’, wanting to get back up and push her off the bed but he wasn’t in such mood to do so.

Hermione heard this and flung her self of the bed with her wand pointing at Malfoy ‘Petrificus totalus!!’ she said yawning. ‘Look I mean it! Good night.’ Malfoy just looked at her, he was in the position that both of his hands were straight as a line in front of him holding the blanket and now he just blinked at Hermione with his entire body frozen stiff. She didn’t give him another glance and went back into the soft, warm king size bed. No. No! She can’t leave me like this!! Ah, it might effect they way I look! I got fragile bones you know! I am so going to get her back for this, if it the last thing I do!’

Hermione sat in front of the mirror just looking at the ring to see if there was a way to break it or something when she heard a yawn behind her. Malfoy was fast asleep on the floor in such a bent position with his arms still out like when she cast a spell on him. That must be sore after half of the night in that position Hermione thought to her self not feeling a little bit guilty. In the middle of the night Hermione had woken up because it was cold and closed the window and undid the spell on Malfoy. She was not as cruel as him and she knew for sure now that he won’t be doing any funny business with her for sure after that. Malfoy got up and walked himself toward the bathroom when Hermione felt the force, ‘stop! I can feel the force pushing me.’

‘Well, I can’t move one more step either. Come closer and stand outside the bathroom door.’ Malfoy suggested

Hermione got up and walked over to the bathroom door and Malfoy closed the door behind him. Hermione sighed and then knocked on the door ‘I can feel the force again.’

‘Gah!! I can’t walk any more. This stupid force! Just….Just come in! I have to pee’

‘Well can’t you pee in the bath?’

‘No! Quickly get in.’ He shouted back

‘Why? Can’t you just aim?’

‘No!!!!! Get in here before this bath room will be in a total mess.’


‘Get in!!!!’ He shouted in anger

Hermione quickly rushed in, closed the room and didn’t turn around. All she could hear was the sound of the wee and his sighing in relief. When it stopped Hermione said feeling a little sick with her hand at her mouth ‘Ewww that was torture!’ Malfoy washed his hands and got changed while Hermione was reading Malfoys potions book. They both went down stairs and the smell of breakfast could be smelt from the kitchen. They sat down at the dinning room, one in front of the other, which was the only way to be furthers from each other and no force. The house elves came in and placed the food in front of them but Hermione just looked at the house elves in a worried face. ‘Aren’t you going to eat that?’ Malfoy pointed to her plate after both of them didn’t have anything to talk about since the toilet incident.

‘No. I hate what you’re making them do, they should be free.’ Hermione commented

‘I WILL NOT HAVE A HOUSE ELF FORGETTING TO PUT SALT IN THE FOOD’ They heard a familiar voice echo through the rooms. Malfoy froze and looked at Hermione. ‘My dad’s here hide!’ he whispered.

‘Where? There is no place to hide!’ she whispered back, as the foot steps came closer and closer to the room.

A/N: Yeyyyy there was the next chapter! Did you guys like it? Well I hope you did!! Thanks mm24 for the idea. It inspired me to do that kissing when they are angry force thing!! What did you lot think of it? Dropping down a simple review would be great and will make me write more for sure. Thanks for all who have read (yes you too, who’s reading this right now) and Thanks to all who have reviewed me too *hugs*

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