Chapter 8

Racing back to the common room, I was out of breath. “Pirates 101” I muttered out breathlessly to the fat lady. I wanted desperately to get inside the common room, and escape the reality I had been meaning to destroy. The fat lady looked at me as if I had lost my mind, ‘pardon dear’. I just glowered at her, she knew what I had said and yet it hadn’t been clear enough to allow her to open the door. “Pirates 101”. I said more clearly as my mind became less flooded with thoughts of Draco and that kiss.

Finally after being stared at for the next minute by the portraits around me, the fat lady swung open and revealed the hole to the common room. I dashed inside and collapsed on the nearest armchair. ‘Oh god, what have I done?’ I thought. I slowly climbed up the staircase and into bed where I hoped for a peaceful night to overcome me. As soon as my eyes fell I knew my mind had gone against my wishes and I was in for a rough night.

“Hermione, you look like crap!” Lavender exclaimed. She was standing over her, but I couldn’t see her face due to the light shining behind her. I closed my eyes again hoping for it all to be a hallucination. No such luck. I opened my eyes to Lavender again. “What have you been doing all night…OH MY GOD you snuck out and snogged a guy didn’t you. Oh tell me was it Ron? Harry? It has to be Harry, oh what will Ginny say, she was your best friend and you did this to her. You naughty girl wait till I tell the girls hear about this!” with that comment Lavender ran off with a skip in her step with her new found ‘Gossip’. I shook my head at this, the way that Lavender could be worked up a the slightest ruffle of a hair. ‘That girls mind is always on sex’ I thought with distain.

I sighed and rolled over. She attempted to get back to sleep but knew it was impossible. Lavender had stirred her up too much to do anything I laid there unable to think of anything but Draco. His lips against mine made me tingle with the thought. It had only been a moment but it still felt like it was forever. It had shocked me right to the core and I was afraid to think of anything else. It had stirred feelings within me that I didn’t know existed and I had no idea what to make of it.

(back to the train)

“Oh I had wondered how your first kiss had gone! So it just happened. No lead up or pick up line. That is kind of dull you know Hermione!” Ginny complained.

“I’m sorry, next time I’ll make it more like what you want!” I answered a little hurt at the lack of enthusiasm.

“I’m sorry Hermione, but you were dating the big bad boy of school. No one knew what was going on and here you were and it just happened. I understand it meant something to you, but to me it just isn’t that juicy. I wasn’t there so I can’t judge though” Ginny replied. She seemed to be making up for her lack of enthusiasm before.

“No you weren’t. It was nice and it made me think of him differently that’s for sure.” I answered.

“Well continue, obviously something occurred or you wouldn’t be telling me!”

(back to story)

That morning I woke without any prompting. I wasn’t sure if I actually had woken up or I was just awake indefinently. I know I hadn’t slept that much. I was afraid to dream of him. I was afraid to see him.

“What’s the matter Hermione?” Harry asked worried. He was staring at me as if I had lost my mind.

I looked down and saw that I had pumpkin juice down my top and my elbow was presently situated in my bowl of muesli.

“Oh, I just didn’t sleep very well last night that’s all.”

Harry smirked.

“I guess Lavender exclaiming that you kissed Ron might have helped matters. How did that go?”

I laughed sourly.

“It’s Lavender, you know how she is, I walk in late from studying in the library and she automatically assumes the worst of me. I didn’t kiss him Harry I promise you I didn’t”

Harry just stared at me.

“I believe you Hermione, as if Ron would have the guts to kiss you, please he would have been bragging about how he was so macho at having pressed his mouth to yours or vice versa.”

I chocked on my latest attempt of pumpkin juice and started to laugh.

“Oh yeah that happened. Harry please, I don’t need that much detail.”

Harry looked as though someone had slapped him.

“You know with that tone of sarcasm it might seem as though you really don’t want Ron to kiss you, you wanted it last year. Now I know something is sus. Spill your guts darling.”

I gave him a withering look before signally him to be quiet. Ron approached the table and was about to sit down but something stopped him.

I looked up and saw Lavender winking at him. Ron turned the brightest shade of magenta I had ever seen. His blush seem to bypass all skin and focus primarily on his face. I could swear at any moment his face was about to burst into flames. It only became worse when Seamus began to wolf whistle in his direction. Ron stared down at me and half whispered, half demanded.

“Did you start these rumours? I don’t appreciate being followed by people assuming that we had done something when he hadn’t. Now if we had well that would be a different story. So, if you want to make out with me than just do it rather than sneaking around trying to get my attention with these silly rumours you’re spreading!”

I just reached over to find a bread roll and swiftly jammed it within Ron’s mouth. He chocked whilst Harry started to laugh out loud. Ron’s speech had eased a lot of tension that had built up over night.

The ease, however, lasted only a few moments when Draco walked into the hall. He caught my eye only a moment, but in that glance I saw it all. He had been up all night too. He had been thinking about it every moment he possible could. He wanted to talk to me, whilst I only wanted to avoid him.


“Oh come on Hermione, you can’t be serious, this is sexy male man meat we are talking about here. This is the stuff all girls dreams are made of. You can’t actually expect me to believe you didn’t want to throw yourself at him and kiss him passionately until your lips began to swell up. Listen girl, the passion better be coming or else I’m out of this story!” Ginny exclaimed exasperated.

I laughed at Ginny’s desperation.

“It’s coming Gin, it really is, but first we have to go through the awkward stage of what is next.”

Ginny sighed and reached down to pull out some snacks from her bag.

“Get talking, we only have an hour or two until the train arrives at King’s Cross”

I sighed and without remark began my story again.


School had passed slowly, as if a snail was in charge of making the clocks run. Every time I glanced up I swear I saw it go backwards. Each class I had was a reminder of what had happened that night. Even if it beared no resemblance to what had occurred, a sound startled me into this forever reoccurring day dream. Draco’s mouth against mine can be very distracting, even when it’s not there.

Finally it was over, my classes were done and I was free to leave. I thought I could make a clean break when a hand caught me around the wrist and tugged me in the opposite direction from the common room. I looked to find my kidnapper being none other than the subject of my dreams. Draco was kidnapping me.

For some reason though, this didn’t bother me. I was happy that he had pulled me away, some part of me wanted this, some part of me craved this. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Draco did seem changed and I did seem to want him.

“If you try and avoid me once more today, I think I am going to scream. Yes I may have dragged you way from the others but we do need to talk.”

By this time we had made it into an empty classroom, free from anything except us.

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