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I own nothing but the plot.

As Ginny flooed into the Burrow’s living room with James perched on her hip, she could hear the usual Saturday afternoon chaos happening throughout the house. Knowing Harry was only a few seconds behind her, she moved to the side and to set James down on his feet and brush the soot off of his robes. Feeling the fire flame behind her, she heard Harry’s feet step into the living room.

“Ginny I told you I would floo with James.” He said impatiently, reaching down to pull her up by her elbow.

“And I told you I was perfectly fine to carry him Harry.” Ginny responded as she pulled her arm away, her voice low so no one would hear what they were talking about.

“Ginny you can’t lift heavy things.” Harry implored.

“Sweet Merlin Harry – he’s four. He barely weighs 2 stone soaking wet – if that. He’s not heavy.” She whispered, while she brushed the soot off of her own robes and looked about for curious ears.

As Harry was about to counter that 2 stones was in fact heavy, Molly noticed them standing in the living room.

“Harry!” She cried, rushing over to envelope him in a tight embrace. “It’s wonderful to have you back!”

He pulled out of her arms, taking a deep breath of air into his lungs. It never ceased to amaze him that a woman of her size could do that to him – every time she hugged him. “Mrs. Weasley – Molly – it’s wonderful to be back.”

“Well I can see they fed you next to nothing while you were on that mission of yours. You three arrived just in time, lunch is on the table.” Molly scooped James up on her hip. “Hello there my little James – are you hungry?” She asked, kissing him on the cheek as he nodded. “Come now you two, you can finish your bickering later. Let’s get to the table.” Molly finished and swept James out of the room, not waiting for Harry and Ginny to follow.

They walked into the kitchen to find the entire Weasley family sitting about, minus Charlie as he was still off chasing dragons in Romania and Percy who had moved to America once the war was over to work on International Wizarding relations. Saying their hellos the couple sat down on the bench as Molly set James down on one long bench beside Ginny and began to set him a plate.

“Mum – he doesn’t need that much.” Ginny said reaching for the plate and getting her hand shooed away as her mother set the plate down.

“He’s a growing boy Ginny. He needs lots to eat.” She responded, placing a kiss on her grandson’s head before heading to her own seat. “Harry tuck in now. There’s plenty here.”

“Yes Harry – tuck in – Mum made extra just for you. George and I haven’t been able to eat anything all day as she was waiting for you to arrive.” Fred said from his seat on the other side of the table.

“Our own mother - making us starve because we’re having someone famous at dinner.” Fred chimed in, throwing his hand to his forehead and falling against his brother before the two of them fell into a fit of laughter.

Harry blushed at the twin’s attention – he knew they were kidding of course – but it still embarrassed him to have the attention drawn to him.

“Honestly you two – I did not say you couldn’t eat. I told you to leave the treacle tart alone. I know they are your favorite Harry dear.” Molly said, passing the basket of bread to Ron who sat at her left.

“Now that you’re home Harry – we need to go flying.” He said, grabbing a roll out of the basket before placing one on Hermione’s plate. “Who’s up for a quick pick up game after lunch?”

Harry nodded enthusiastically; it had been ages since he had been on a broomstick for pure enjoyment. As he dug into his potatoes, his mind wandered and he began to think about flying.

“Ok – it’ll be me, Harry and Ginny for one team. George, Fred and Bill can be on the other. One keeper, one seeker and a chaser/beater for protection – Hermione, Fleur, Amie and James can watch from below.” Ron planned out excitedly. He immediately began to eat faster, eager to get into the sky.

“Honestly you would think a man that plays professional quidditch wouldn’t care about playing for fun. You can be quite mad you know that.” Hermione said as she buttered her roll. “Have you thought that perhaps the rest of us want to catch up with Harry before you drag him off into the sky above us?” She asked, reaching for her goblet of milk.

“Hermione – you can talk to Harry whenever you please – it’s a fine day out. Perfect conditions for a fun game of quidditch.” Ron continued. As he was about to launch into a detailed explanation on weather conditions, a small voice piped up.

“Mummy can’t play quidditch Uncle Ron.” James said. “She’s having a baby – just like Aunt ‘Mione.” He stated before he started to happily eat his carrots.

At her son’s words, Ginny felt her stomach fall to the bottom of her toes. Her mind raced with scenarios of how the rest of her family was going to react to this news. Ginny looked from her son, who sat on her right, to Harry whose hand now hovered in front of him, his fork shaking slightly and was now turning a rather pale shade of white. It was then, she realized that the usual ruckus of lunch had died and each pair of eyes around the table was concentrating on them. She closed her eyes briefly and willed her stomach to calm itself. They could handle this, she could handle this. Anything couldn’t be as hard as telling her mum and then her dad and finally her brothers about being pregnant and alone. Now Harry was home and he was committed fully to her and to James and to the baby. It just meant she’d be pregnant when she got married. That wasn’t so bad was it?

Ginny’s hand, which was under the table clutching her napkin, reached over to squeeze Harry’s knee affectionately. This hadn’t been the way she expected to tell her family the news.

Arthur, who up until now had been quite quiet at the table, was the first to speak. “Ginny? Harry? Is what James saying true?” He asked, looking at the two of them.

“I’m going to be a big brother! Mummy read me a book all about it.” James said happily, wondering why the adults at the table had become so quiet.

“It’s true Dad.” Ginny confirmed. “We’re having another baby.” She looked nervously at her father and then to her mother, both of which shared a similar look of shock on their faces.

“Bloody hell Harry –“ George began.

“You’ve got strong swimmers!” Fred finished.

“George! Fred! Be nice to your sister!” Molly scolded.

“Sorry Mum. Harry. Can we name this one?” Fred started.

“We’ve got loads of good names.” George continued, reaching in his robes to pull out a large roll of parchment. “Of course – we’d been planning letting Ron have first dibs on the list – “

Fred grabbed the list from his brother and unraveled it, his finger running down the parchment, settling on something. “But as you know our dear brother ended up as a Prefect. An embarrassment we shall never live down. So we shall bestow our lovely names upon the offspring of the chosen one.”

George grabbed the parchment back and pointed to an untidy scrawl on the parchment. “Aha! What do you think about Buija? It means spark plug in Honduras!” He said excitedly.

“Ah yes – Buija – it could pay homage to our dear papa.” Fred said, looking down the table at his father.

Ginny laughed, she had to hand it to the twins – they could lighten up the mood in the room like no one’s business. Their impishness had infected her and she decided to try having a bit of fun with Harry. Closing her hand over his she stroked his palm with her fingers.

“Harry – that is an interesting name.” She began, playing with his fingers and looking up into his eyes where she could see the nervousness in their green depths. “Perhaps we should consider it?” She asked, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to see the amusement in her eyes.

Harry choked slightly on the drink of pumpkin juice he had just swallowed. He looked away from Ginny and seen that the rest of the family had returned their attention to him and Ginny instead of the twins. With the exception of Ron who was looking annoyed by their comments still.

“Um – well it’s an interesting name - Honduran you say?” He began, setting his goblet cup down and picking up his napkin to wipe his mouth, all the while continuing to clutch Ginny’s hand under the table. Even though he knew he had a place in the Weasley family, he also knew that being involved with their youngest made him come under scrutiny every so often. He feared that after lunch Molly and Arthur may take him aside and inform him they had finally realized he was the bastard they always feared he could be and cast him from the Burrow. He let this float in his head for just a second before he cast it out. No matter how they felt about him, he knew that if Ginny loved him they’d accept the fact that he couldn’t keep his pants on. He took a breath to continue. “And although Buija is a beautiful name – I think we’ll stick with some more traditional names.” He finished, looking at the twins.

“Thank Merlin for that. Besides – if Ginny had actually let you agree to Buija, we’d have known that you were both off your nuts.” Fred said, as he began ceremoniously rolling the parchment back up before slipping it into his robes. “However – if the two of you get stuck, we have more names for you to choose from - all with brilliant meanings.”

“Thanks Guys.” Harry said, chuckling at them as he picked up his fork. Taking a bite of the slice of chicken and vegetable pie in front of him, he smiled as the tastes flooded his mouth. He did miss Molly’s cooking while he was gone. “This is delicious Molly. You have to be the best cook in all of England.”

Molly blushed slightly as Harry’s compliment as her face broke out into a wide smile. “Thank you Harry dear. Would you like more?” She asked, getting up to fix him a plate of seconds before he could answer.

Harry gladly accepted the overflowing plate that she set in front of him but as he was about to dig into the generous helping of potato, he felt an elbow in his side. He looked at Ginny with a questioning expression. She gestured to the table, tell them she mouthed.

Harry cocked one black eyebrow at her and received an eye roll for it. Auror duty. She mouthed at him.

Recognition dawned on his face, nodding he cleared his throat. “Um – we have one more bit of news.” He said, watching as each set of Weasley eyes made their way back onto him. “Well, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, we caught Draco Malfoy during my last mission away. Now that that bit of unfinished business is over with – I’ve decided to leave active Auror duty. I’m going civilian, well, that’s what Mad-Eye Moody calls it. All that’s left is to go through the trial.”

There was a moment of silence before excitement broke out around the table. The twins shouted ‘brilliant’ simultaneously and slapped hands. Ron jumped from his seat and clapped Harry on the back. Hermione said congratulations from her seat, as she rubbed her stomach. Molly smiled with tears shimmering in her eyes, exclaiming that she was overjoyed he’d no longer be in imminent danger on the Weasley kitchen clock. Arthur shook his hand and asked what the plans would be and Bill suggested he look into work at Gringotts, telling him he’d still get the adventure he was sure Harry craved, but still be able to stay close to home. Fleur told him she was happy, but the congratulations were cut short when Amie started to fuss from her play pen on the floor. Harry smiled, while Molly told the lot of them to shush as they were disturbing the baby. He felt a calm happiness spread over him, and he knew he was where he belonged.


Ginny sat back against the trunk of the oak tree that stood at the edge of the meadow and looked up into the sky. High above her, five figures were swooping and dashing from one spot to another as they played quidditch. Even though they were far above her, she could pick Harry out. Aside from the fact that he was the lone dark haired figure on a broomstick, she could make him out by the way he turned sharply on his broomstick, the crisp way he flew in a straight line as he dove for the quaffle and by the way he looped back up and evaded a bludger that was shot at him by Fred. Immediately after supper Bill, Fred, George, Ron and Harry had rushed to the broomshed and took off into the sky. Because the players were uneven, Bill had taken on the role of referee. At last count, the twins were up by a score of 25, leaving Ron and Harry to play catch up.

“My, my, he does look good on a broom.” She mumbled to herself, feeling the same sort of longing go through her that she used to experience when she watched him on the quidditch pitch at Hogwarts. Back then, the feelings weren’t as intense as they were now. It wasn’t until after Hogwarts that she found out that his agility easily transferred to the moments they spent alone.

As she continued to watch, she heard Hermione waddle over to where she was sitting. Conjuring up a chair, the pregnant witch sat herself down beside Ginny. “You’ve been out here for almost an hour and it’s freezing out. I think you’re as daft as those five up there. How can they still be playing?” She asked, looking up into the sky and shaking her brown bushy curls.

“Come now Hermione, there’s nothing better than being up there on a broomstick. Of course, I’m rather selfish sitting out here. Watching Harry up there makes me want to drool.”

“Honestly Ginny!” Her friend cried in a scolding tone.

Ginny just laughed and rolled her eyes at her. Leaning forward, she looked Hermione straight in the eye. “Well as Harry and I will finally be married soon, I can say those scandalous sorts of things and can you honestly tell me that you’ve never lusted after my brother when he’s in his quidditch uniform?” She watched as a pink blush crept into Hermione’s cheeks. “Aha! I knew it! Mind you, it’s slightly revolting to me that you think of my brother that way. But I knew you had to. Every girl loves a wizard in a quidditch uniform. I’ve always loved the way Harry looked in his Gryffindor robes. In fact, I dare say if Harry follows Ron into professional quidditch we may end up with more babies than Mum and Dad!”

Hermione looked from her sister-in-law up to the sky and back again. Rubbing her hands along her arms, she shivered at the chill in the air. “Every single one of you should seriously consider checking into the Lockhart wing at St. Mungo’s. I’ll be inside when you come realize just how cold it is this afternoon. That or someone loses a toe to frostbite!”

Ginny watched as Hermione rose from her chair and banished it with a flick of her wand before she strode off towards the house as fast as her pregnant form could take her. Laughing, she sat back against the tree and refreshed the warming charm she had placed on herself before Hermione had arrived. Sometimes that girl can be such a muggle. She thought to herself as she made herself comfortable to wait until Harry and her brothers were finished playing.

Harry touched down swiftly and felt his face break out in a smile as he watched Ginny approach them. Her cheeks were slightly flushed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and turned her face up for a kiss. Harry willing obliged her, letting his lips near hers as he drew her closer.

“Oi! Harry’s touching Ginny again!” Fred shouted from across the meadow

“Don’t worry Fred! She can’t get pregnant while she’s already is!” Came the identical sounding answer.

Ginny twisted in Harry’s arms and shouted harshly at her brothers. “The lot of you can just shut it!” She yelled, pointing at the twins. “Or the next time either one of you ever take a poor unsuspecting girl home, I’ll be sure to fill them in on all those deep dark secrets you wouldn’t want them to know and I’ll be sure to talk really loudly so that Mum will be able to hear as well!”

The twins stopped in their tracks and looked at their younger sister as she stood glaring at them, a murderous look in her brown eyes. Fred looked at George and he looked at Fred and the two of them smiled at Ginny as they turned to approach the couple while Ron and Bill touched down.

“Ginny – “

“Dear sister – “

“You know we were only teasing – “

“So let’s just keep all those secrets to ourselves?”

The twins stopped in front of them and Ginny could see the pleading in their eyes. She looked from one to the other, contemplating whether or not to let them off the hook.

“Well, you see – I’m pregnant at the moment – I’d like to say I will keep those secrets to myself but well I can’t promise anything. And now that you’ve interrupted me and my future husband, we’ll be going indoors to find a quiet spot where no twins can bother us.”
As the last word came from her mouth she stepped out of Harry’s embrace to grab his hand and pull him across the meadow the Burrow leaving the twins behind.


“Checkmate Harry.” Arthur said as he moved his knight in front of Harry’s king. While it destroyed his king, Harry looked up and smiled at the Weasley patriarch.

“Once more I see where Ron has inherited his mastery of chess from.” He said as he started to clean up his broken pieces. “The day I soundly beat one of you at chess I’m taking an ad out in the daily prophet.” Arthur chuckled at Harry’s admission and started to sweep his pieces off into a case where once locked away they would rebuild themselves and prepare for their next battle.

“You’re an admiral player Harry.” Arthur replied and glanced over to the left of their table. “But I think you were slightly distracted by our present company.” He mentioned with a smile while he picked up the chess case and rose from his chair. “I think I’ll go find Molly. She mentioned she wanted to talk about the wedding with the two of you.”

As Arthur left the room, Harry looked over to find Ginny sitting quietly on the sofa by the fire, a sleeping James tucked beside her, his head in her lap, as she read one of her healing journals. A wave of love washed over him as he watched her free hand move down to their sleeping son’s head and stroke it gently, pushing the fringe of black hair off of his forehead. James was curled up against Ginny’s thigh, a small home sewn quilt tucked around him. His face was peaceful in rest, his little mouth partly open as his breathed evenly. Harry watched as Ginny looked up from her reading and caught his eye. She shot a quick flash of a smile at him before ducking her head back down to continue reading.

He moved over behind the sofa and began to knead Ginny’s shoulders, receiving a small purr of satisfaction from her. Laying her journal on the arm of the sofa, she leaned her head back to look at him. “Lost again did you?” She asked, as she rubbed a soft cheek over the knuckles of his hand on her shoulder.

“I did. Your father seems to think it was the fact that I had a distraction of the red-headed variety in the room.” He said, as he knelt against the back of the sofa and kissed the mass of red hair he loved so.

“I’m a distraction am I?” She said softly, feeling his warm breath in her hair.

“The best kind.” He whispered in her ear, letting one of his arms reach down to grab her hand in his and link their fingers.

They sat for a moment in silence, the only sounds in the room coming from their sleeping son and the fire that cracked merrily in front of them. The moment only broken as a quiet cough came from the doorway. The couple looked up to see Molly and Arthur standing in there.

“Hi Mum. Dad.” Ginny said, watching the older pair come into the room. In Molly’s arms was the big wedding book she was using to plan the future nuptials. Her parent’s sat down on the couch opposite her and James.

“Ginny dear, I think now would be a good time to talk about the wedding. Seeing as everyone has gone home and little James is sleeping.” Molly set the book on her lap and pulled it open to a page half way through the book. “Harry dear, would you mind taking James upstairs quickly? His room is just off the second floor landing.”

Harry nodded and picked up James, letting his head lay against his shoulder. As he reached the doorway, he heard Ginny rise from her spot on the sofa. “I’ll come with you Harry.” She said, pushing his up the stairs.

She followed behind him, watching the identical sets of black hair climb the stairs to the second floor. Reaching the landing, Ginny slipped in front of him and led the way to the room James would be sleeping in. Pushing the door to the side, she walked over to the bed to pull back the covers. Smoothing the sheet back, she watched quietly while Harry set their son’s prone form down on the flannel. He tenderly tucked the blankets around James and laid a kiss on his forehead. James rolled over onto his side as Harry straightened up – his hands seeking out his stuffed snitch. Harry glanced down as he felt Ginny’s arm snake around his waist.

“He’s always so peaceful when he sleeps.” She said quietly, her arm rubbing his back softly while they watched James sleep. “We should probably go down to talk with Mum and Dad. I think she’s been waiting all day to get us alone. Our announcements at lunch threw her off.” She rose up on tiptoes to kiss Harry’s cheek, “Come on – let’s go face Mum. We can watch our little angel later.” Taking his hand, Ginny led him out of the room and closed the door to James’ room over before headed down the stairs.

Walking into the living room, Ginny and Harry were assaulted by white lace and ribbons flying about. Looking for her parents she found them on the couch, locked in a somewhat passionate embrace, totally oblivious to the activities around them.

“Mum! Dad!” Ginny cried waving her arms about her head as ribbons tried to entangle themselves in her hair.

Molly pulled away from her husband and yanked her wand from her sleeve. Pointing it towards the ceiling, Molly stunned the enchanted ribbons and lace causing it to fall onto the floor at Ginny and Harry’s feet.

“Ginny! Harry! James is tucked in nicely?” She asked, tucking her wand back into her sleeve and patting down her mussed hair.

“Yes…. He didn’t even wake up when Harry set him down.” Ginny said, deciding to ignore what they had walked in on. She sat down on the sofa, pulling Harry down beside her. “Some ribbons get out of control?” She asked, noticing that her father was quite quiet and very interested in something on the ceiling.

“Oh yes – I opened the book and they just exploded into the air. Your father and I were just trying to figure a way out on how to get them under control before you and Harry returned from upstairs.”

Ginny sat back against the sofa, snuggling up against Harry’s side, pulling his arm around her and raised an eyebrow at her mother’s explanation. It was an unlikely story that the book had just exploded, Ginny wasn’t sure what it was about that sofa her parents were sitting on, but when they sat there and went unattended they acted like teenagers.

“I see. Well thank goodness you got them under control when you did. Imagine if Harry and I had been longer upstairs.” She said dryly.

“Yes, yes. Now, let’s talk about the wedding shall we?” Molly said quickly, changing the subject. “Harry – you’ve been home for a week now. We have a few details to tie up before the ceremony. First, the wedding date – if the two of you still want to hold it two weeks from now it’ll be around Halloween - “ Molly began as she began to flip through the pages of the book on the coffee table.

“Actually Molly, there’s something I wanted to mention to all of you.” Harry interrupted, looking over at Ginny as she sat beside him. “Draco Malfoy’s trial is supposed to go ahead starting next week and there is no knowing how long it will take the Wizengamot to decide on a ruling.”

“Well he’s obviously guilty.” Ginny stated, a feeling of foreboding gathering in her even as Harry tightened his arm around her in a reassuring hug.

“I know Love. But they’re going to need to go through all of the evidence to reach the ruling we all know they are going to decide on. And –“

He was cut off as Ginny leapt off the couch and stood in front of him, her hands on her hips and tears welling up in her eyes. “Harry Potter – if you think that we are postponing our wedding because of that git Draco Malfoy – you have another thing coming!” She shouted, staring down at him.

“But Ginny – “ Harry began, rising to try and calm her down but having no luck as she pushed him away and began to pace.

“No buts Harry! I’ve waited too long to marry you. I’m not waiting any longer!” She said, her tears finally falling over her cheeks.

“Dear – Harry has a point – it would be horridly stressful for the two of you to marry in the middle of that trial. Harry will be in the spotlight. Everything the two of you do will be under scrutiny. Do you want that?” Molly asked calmly.

“Mum, I know all about that – but who knows how long the trial will drag on for? Until Christmas? Next Easter? The birth of baby number two? James’ fifth birthday? We don’t know! I refuse to let Draco Malfoy run my life from his cell block in Azkaban. Not to mention if I wait much longer to marry you Harry – I’ll be as big as a house and won’t fit in my dress. Magical alterations can only go so far Mum! You’ve mentioned that yourself. Bad enough we’ve already had a child before we’re married, I was hoping we’d at least commit to one another before the second one arrived!” Ginny shouted, from where she stopped pacing near the fireplace. Her shoulders shook slightly as her tears began to fall more freely after her rant, making Harry’s heart twist with worry.

“Ginny – please calm down. You know being this upset can affect the baby.” He said as he made his way over to where she stood. All he wanted to do was make her feel better. He reached out to stroke her shoulder and was met with another shove in the arm to push him away. Her brown eyes dark with emotion even as they filled with more tears.

“You know what will make me feel better Harry Potter? If you would just sod off. You may want to think about what I said. I don’t want to wait to get married. I don’t care if you are in middle of a trial – Mad-Eye Moody can arrange for us to have one bloody day of happiness. I’m going to bed – don’t bother joining me tonight.” She shouted at Harry before looking at her parents and realizing they were still present and rushing from the room. He turned to follow but was stayed by Arthur who had laid a quiet hand on his shoulder.

“Leave her for a little while Harry. She’s just worked up. Pregnancy will do that to witch.” He said quietly.

“Yes Harry – just come sit down for a moment.” Molly said, gesturing towards the sofa opposite her. “If I know my daughter as well as I think I do; I know she just needs a little bit of time to calm down. You can go check on her later. For now – just have a sit down.”

An hour later, Harry crept up the stairs towards Ginny’s room. He wanted to check on her before heading into Ron’s room to sleep. Molly had told him before he headed up the stairs that it was fine for him to share her daughter’s room, but Harry didn’t feel comfortable staying in there with her and just quietly said he’d stay in Ron’s old room.

He paused at the 2nd floor landing to check in on James to see he was still sleeping peacefully and although he was diagonal across the bed, the blankets were keeping him warm. Closing the door gently, he continued on his way. He reached Ginny’s door and found it closed tightly, and no light was evident in the space where the door ended and the floor began. Taking a deep breath, he placed his hand on the door knob and turned, finding it locked, he sighed and slipped his wand from his back pocket. Whispering the unlocking spell, he pushed the door open.

Letting the door close quietly behind him, he let his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room. Ginny lay curled up on her bed, her back to him and deep under the thick quilt covering her bed.

“Ginny?” He whispered as he approached her. Getting no response, Harry lowered himself onto the small bed beside her.

Sensing his presence, she turned her head slightly and opened one red, bloodshot eye and hissed something that sounded like sod off before facing the wall once again. Harry sighed and ignoring her, he wrapped one arm around her waist and tried to pull her close to him despite her resistance.

“Ginny – I know you must be awake.” He whispered, letting the scent of her shampoo fill his nostrils. “Look – I’m sorry I upset you tonight. I didn’t realize you would react that way. I should have talked with you before now about the wedding. And you’re right – we shouldn’t let that git control something as special as getting married. I just thought that if we waited until after the trial, we could get away for awhile, just me, you and James and be a family. We won’t be able to do that. I might be able to get one, maybe two days off during the trial.” He felt Ginny relax slightly as he finished speaking, taking this as a good sign, he pulled her closer against him.

“I don’t care if you have twenty days off after we’re married or if you only have two. I just want to get married. I want to put my dress on and feel pretty and spend the day with our family and our friends and not worry about anything else. I want to do it just like we planned before you left – trial or not.” She said quietly, her eyes staring at the wall in front of her.

He leaned his head closer and laid a kiss on her temple. “Okay – we’ll set the date for Halloween. It’s a Friday – I’ll talk to Remus and Mad-Eye on Monday about cancelling the trial for that day. Then we’ll have Saturday and Sunday together as well.”

Ginny turned in his arms and found his eyes staring brightly in the dark. “Are you sure?” She asked, as she let her fingers play with the fabric at the neck of his t-shirt.

Harry nodded, not trusting any words to come out of his mouth. He could see the hurt and anger on her face and in her eyes as they looked at each other and that look caused an ache in his chest to know he did that to her. “I am.” He whispered, reaching up to stroke her hair gently.

Ginny smiled slightly and kissed him lightly on the mouth. “Good. We’ll tell Mum and Dad in the morning. And Colin Creevey is coming by tomorrow afternoon to take some pictures.” She placed a finger on his lips when he opened them to question her. “I asked him if he could do this for us last week when he stopped by St. Mungo’s to see me. He’s over the moon to be coming up here so you have to be nice. But don’t think you’re staying in here with me tonight. I’m still mad enough to hex you. Ron’s room is made up for you.” She finished, shoving him until he fell out of bed and onto the floor. When he landed on the rug beside her old bed with a thump, she smiled slightly and turned her back to him and pulled the covers up to the top of her head. Harry sat on the floor in the dark, staring at her quietly until he heard her breath even out in sleep.

A/N: I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter - I apologize for the delay in it. Life got in the way for a bit and then my Internet was down for a week - but things are back to normal! (I hope!)

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