Chapter 92

By the time Amelia saw any of their group, hours later, she was hot, a little tired, a bit drunk, and having a complete blast. A while ago she’d seen glimpses of Billy doing some pole dances on a stripper pole she hadn’t noticed, before the pixie had turned and done some pole dances on George. Amelia had gone up to the bar to get a small refreshment (with some alcohol in it) and bumped elbows with Angelina, who was laughing as Fred, equally as drunk, told a joke. It seemed that they had been dancing up on the stairs and seen a bunch of people just fall right over in the middle of the floor.

“Ohmygod really!” Amelia gushed, laughing. “Zat’s like soooo friggin funny!”

“I know I know!” Fred was red-faced from laughing. “We zhould make zome kind of trick that makes yuh fall and stuff!”

Angelina waved her arms wildy, “Nooo, you should make a biiiig schtickypit! Make you schtick to the floor!”

Laughing, Amelia downed her drink and turned, going back to the floor. Harry was dancing alone and looking a bit stupid, but no one really cares when they’re half drunk, now do they? She grabbed him and kissed him sloppily; he grabbed her freely, moving in time with the rap music. The strobe lights illuminated them for a moment, casting an eerie halo-ish light over them, and she gushed,


Harry was confused for a moment, not quite getting it. “What?”

“I said I lub yew!”

He laughed, “Ooh! Okey me too!”

Amelia smiled and kissed him again, dancing with the beat of the music. After a while she heard a commotion from off to the side and was shocked and amused to see Hermione and Ron doing possibly the dirtiest dancing she’d ever seen; one could hardly call it dancing anymore. She grabbed Harry and made him look, he shouted “Git it, Ronnn!”

They didn’t notice them, however, and continued doing whatever it was they were doing. Harry and Amelia, laughing and pretty toasted, kept dancing, occasionally dancing with other random people that came near them, but always coming back together. By the time they were getting as exploratory as Ron and Hermione about their dance moves, Amelia had found out that it was well after midnight. Once again going to get a drink, she happened to glance over at some tables where people were sitting, and saw a large crowd cheering. Looking closer, she spit out her drink and stared. For, high on the table and drunker than she’d ever imagined to see them, was Billy and Ginny, laughing and grinding on each other, letting their hands roam over each other, and she even thought she blurrily saw their heads come together.

Now, though, she was back dancing. Harry’s hands roved freely under her skirt as she moved her bodies in ways she thought only he’d ever see. Fred and Angelina weren’t to be found, and Ginny and Draco had long been absent, occasionally seen before that getting very daring with each other. Just as Harry’s fingers were getting very close to some dangerous territory, Amelia foggily heard her name being called.

Looking over, she saw a tall redhead holding the waist of a small, very drunken brunette. Breaking away from Harry, she went over and made out the face of George through the haze in her eyes and the flashing lights.

“Hey!” he said, somewhat drunken as well. “Kara’s trashed, I’m taking her home!”

Billy hit his arm gently, “I am nut trashed, I’m prurfucktly fine! Look, yew even still haff got that lil thingermajigerg...”

Amelia laughed and nodded, “Alright, I’ll see yah later George! Bai, Bill!”

“Bauh baiiiieee!” she laughed, hugging Amelia tight and kissing her on the cheek. “Have funnn!”

Amelia laughed at Billy, watching them go, seeing her hand waving at her all the way out. Harry came up behind her and kissed her neck, before winking and going back to the dance floor.


“I’m sayin to yuh, Gerg, I’m tolly nut drunk,” Billy said.

“Sure you’re not,” laughed George, taking her keys as they went up the stairs to her and Genny’s flat.

Billy stumbled up the stairs with him, giggling, and said, “Damn its lick cold out herr.”

“Well it’ll be a little warmer inside...” George managed, starting to wear off his drunkenness. Weasleys had an amazing ability to hold their liquor.

Billy nodded, snuggling closer to him as he unlocked the door and opened it. It was dark inside, and evidently Genny and Charlie were still out or, well, elsewhere. George helped Billy inside and flicked on the light. It was a bit after two in the morning, but neither of them were very tired. Billy stared at George as he closed the door, seeing it was starting to snow outside. She slowly and fumblingly untied her laces, unwinding them and stepping out of her heels, going back to her natural height of below a head shorter than him. Then, she stepped closer to him and kissed him, a gentle kiss but one tasting of his favorite liquor- Firewhiskey. He let her for a bit, before they separated for air. This time, he kissed her, a bit roughly, and Billy let him, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing herself to him. George pressed her head to him, ravishing her mouth, his other hand wrapping around her tiny waist that brought him such a source of fascination.

They had been dating a short time, and in that time they hadn’t kissed this passionately. It was sort of like blurry, loud fireworks mixed with a burning heat in their bodies. As her hands moved from his waist to his shirt, starting to pull it off, George pulled away and kissed her jaw, slowly moving farther down until he reached a spot on her neck that made her body tremble. Gently sucking on it, enjoying the way her breathing came oddly, George then looked back up at her, and had to restrain a groan of some sort. Her eyes were fogged over not with alcohol now, but with lust, and she was biting her swollen lip in an amazingly seductive way. Her hair had long fallen out of whatever it was she had it in when they all left earlier, and now it was all hanging off to one side, a dark brown so long and soft it just made him want to run his hands through it. And he did, he ran a hand through her hair, loving the feel, as he kissed her again.

The passion escalated when they broke again for air, and she ripped his shirt over his head, letting her fingers snake down his bared chest, feeling the scars, the dents and muscles from Quidditch. They now moved away from the front door, their shuffling footsteps on the wooden floor marking their progress towards the bedrooms. George’s hands roamed the vast expanse of her hips, cursing the fabric of her skirt that separated his skin and hers. Her soft lips left his and made a trail from his mouth down to his neck, his chest. As her tongue flickered over places that had the ability to drive him mad, George groaned and grabbed her by the arms, pulling her back up and pinning her against the hallway wall. As his hands left her arms to roam, he pressed himself against her, setting his lips against hers in another passionate kiss. Fingers playing on the skin of her stomach and belly button, tugging at the piercing in her belly button, he let them slowly circle up, under the tight vest and onto the swell of her small breasts.

Billy gasped aloud, breaking the kiss and making a small whimpering noise. George smirked, letting his thumbs play around, relishing the look it caused on her face.

Her chest was shaking as she breathed, and he whispered, “My goodness are you having fun?”

“Oiwullbe!” she hissed back.

Without warning, her small fingers found the crease in his abdomen that angled down, and started tracing it in a maddeningly slow way. George groaned, unable to help it, feeling the effects immediately. She smirked, rolling her fingers in the red hair below his belly button. George grabbed her bu her ass and lifted her off the ground, so that she had to wrap her legs around his waist, pressing unseen parts of herself against him in and even worse way. As her arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him again, he steered them into her bedroom, a complete tornado zone of clothing, books, pens, shoes and papers. Together they fell onto her bouncy bed (Good, it’s bouncy, he thought) and lay there, just kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. As they broke for air, again, he whispered,

“Are you su-”

But before he could even answer, she had rolled him over and was over him, kissing him in a way that told him everything he needed to know. Grabbing her about the waist, he rolled again so that he lay over her, and roughly grabbed her vest, ripping it open and exposing her. There wasn’t even a hesitation before he dove upon her again, kissing every inch of her skin and smirking at the small whimpers they elected. Her hands rose up and fumbled at the doings of his jeans; he took her hands in his and helped her un-do them, kicking them off and to the side. Then, their mouths still together, he ripped at her skirt, pulling it off roughly and sending it sailing through the air; it landed on a lamp shade and knocked it sideways. Gracing her unmentionables was a pair of underwear that looked like shrunken shorts, stretchy so that they outlined everything she had. George groaned; she laughed and slurred,

“Yew know ya like muh boy shorts!”

Like them? No, he hated them, they were impeding his trip to the Prize, as it were. Grabbing them, he moved to rip them down and off, but his own body weight hindered the operation; he only succeeded in stretching them down a little. Billy grinned and said,

“No, you’ve got to have room, see?”

In a devilish move that made him want to throttle her senseless, she arched her back into him, rolling her hips up and into his, so that she could whisk them off quickly. She let herself down slowly, feeling perfectly well what it had done to him, hearing his ragged breathing. Biting his lip and shaking his head, he let his hands explore the newly uncovered flesh, smirking in satisfaction at the moves and noises his explorations brought about. Her fingers ran the length of his spine and played with the waist band of his boxers, before her hands grabbed it roughly and pulled it down. George loved the feeling of her bare flesh, every inch of it, pressed against his, and he continued to touch her everywhere, just trying to know every place there was. She was doing this as well, her legs wrapped around his, hands running over his shoulders, arms, back.... He gently lifted himself, looking at her once more for approval, and she gave a slight nod, one hand still on his arm. He gently guided himself down, and he felt her wince, saw her eyes shut in pain, but she didn’t tell him to stop.

“Are you-”

“Just do it!” she whispered, breathing out slowly.

He waited a few more moments, kissing her softly on the body and a little rougher on the mouth, until her hands started touching him again and he felt her relax. Slowly, gently, he started a rhythm for her to follow, and after a few moments in which she winced a bit more, she tried to match it, sometimes falling out to wince, but still trying. After a few minutes, Billy seemed to have gotten the hang of it and reached, kissing him, grinning and whispering,

“Goodness, is that- is that all you have got?”

George smirked, immediately upping his pace and hearing the loud gasp she gave, her spine rolling a little. He watched her face in the midnight darkness, eyes closed for a moment before her dark eyes flared back open, biting her lips and matching his movements perfectly now, a gentle sweat on their skin. The darkness came alive with their vocalizations, then, each like a little light of passion flickering in the room around them, until they were burning with the passion, crying out- before the lights went out, and there they lay together, shaking and breathing deeply of each other in the darkness.

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