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Chapter 5~Time to Leave

Dear Lindsay the lunatic,
How goes the shimmering and the shining?
You are an absolute nut job…

Lindsay, my love. I am almost ashamed to write to you, getting involved in a conversation like that! Do I even need to ask who you dared to mention??? Oh the shame. The shame the shame…

I seriously think we should somehow get Hazel, Christie and your all-girls-school angels together…like set them sailing for a far off island or something.

Is that too mean? Should we pack them sun cream?

So right after I sent that letter I had a run in with them. It was hilarious. They warned me to stay away from Sirius and James. Because they wouldn’t want me to get hurt.

Uh huh.


Interesting I say.

Because apparently they had noticed that lately I had become very close with them.

I may have laughed a little

I may have teased them a little.

And I may have enjoyed it… Just a little.

What a joke. I told them I wasn’t even friends with either of them and I somehow don’t think they believed me.

But the strange thing is I could have possibly become friends with Sirius Black. (I will wait while you pick yourself up from the floor…) And I don’t know when it happened.

But I blame you still. See he stopped to talk to me about you and since then we have surprisingly had a few real conversations and I have discovered he isn’t that bad.

BUT. On the other hand I still don’t know what to think of James Potter.

Its really easy for you to say that he seems really cool but you aren’t here everyday. People treat me differently because of him. I mean take Hazel and Christie. They stopped talking to me because they were jealous. Its been that way for years here; girls hate me and guys are scared of me…or him. I’m still not entirely sure.

I don’t get it, or more to the point don’t they? Its attention I don’t even want.
And then there is the question of why? I mean is he joking, is he not?

A question that has tormented me for years! (ah how I love to be dramatic…)

No really… is everything that has happened over the last 3 years an elaborate prank on my behalf, something that everyone has a good giggle over when I leave the room?

I mean look at him! He is like a male version of Barbie! (and no not Ken, because he just stood to the side in his surf wear while Barbie went horseback riding, had tea parties, fashion parades and whatever… HE only came back when Barbie decided to play happy families. You can’t even brush his hair! And oh, my, God if James Potter couldn’t do that…)

So lets review. James potter is popular, Quidditch captain, head boy (therefore smart) he's got the looks (repeat that I said that and you will die.) girls falling all over him and I hear his family is rich!

So what the hell does he want with me?

Help me Lindsay HELP!!!

I need a clue, my own thoughts are driving me insane! They are even worse lately and I don’t know what to think…

And on other mind boggling topics, you will never guess who has started talking to me… come on guess.

Emma Jansen.

Once again I will wait while you pick yourself up from the floor.

I know Emma Jansen, former clone is now breaking free… The world must be coming to an end.

See it started when I loaned her a book and afterwards we started talking about it and I discovered she is quite nice. You would like her. Strange sense of humor but really genuine… Surprisingly underneath that giggly exterior lies a real person. Which is why I can’t figure out why she hangs off Hazel.

She told me she liked my little stunt at tea that night with Sirius, Hazel and Christie bitched all night apparently… It was truly one of those moments that for the effect I needed to leave but it would have been awesome to see.

My heart was torn! To stay and watch or leave and let boil?

Ah what a great conundrum…

So that I guess is life in a nutshell here. I mean throw in a few classes and that is it. First Hogsmeade is coming up this weekend. Apparently I have to go as head girl, wonder how that will go for all…

Anyway it’s late and I should get to bed, missing you as always and yes, I can believe you could have an imaginary friend. Hey maybe I should find one…might be good company!

Forever, Lily the lonesome. (Ha!)

“You again.” Lily said without looking up from her book.

“Me again.” Sirius said leaning against the wall next to her. “We have ten minutes before class. Why are you standing outside transfig reading?”

“Why are you talking to someone who was standing alone reading?” Lily replied. Carefully she marked her page and closed her book, swinging around to face him. She grinned again. “And what else am I supposed to do with my ten spare minutes between breakfast and class?”

“Lily, Lily, Lily.” Sirius said with a sad shake of his head. “You are young and free! Shouldn’t you be snogging someone in a broom cupboard?”

Lily snapped her fingers. “Brilliant idea! And I still have eight minutes. I am off to find someone now!” She said looking down the hallway, left then right. “Ooh! He's cute!” She said pointing to a blonde just passing by.

Sirius caught her arm pushing it back down to her side. “I was joking.”

Lily looked at him. “No way! So was I. He’s like twelve!”

Sirius considered him. “Hey kid!” He called, “How old are you?”

“Ah… fourteen.” He replied nervously.

Sirius looked back at Lily. “See? Not twelve.”

“Well then it’s on.”

Sirius waggled his finger at her. “Is that sarcasm I detect?”

“Hmmm, and I thought it was ever so subtle.” Lily mused opening her book again.

Sirius groaned.

“What's wrong?” James asked appearing behind them with stack of toast and Remus and Peter in tow. Lily looked at them but quickly returned to her book.

“She-" Sirius said through a mouth full of toast. “is ignoring me.”

Lily looked at him curiously, standing there with his arms crossed and a pout on his face like a small child. While she was distracted James slid the book from her hand. Marking her page with his thumb he flicked the cover over.

“Byron, Life and Legend. Interesting. I have read a bit of his work.”

Lily furrowed her brow, leaning forward to take the book back. “You have?”

“Surprised I can read or by what I read?”

“Both. I have never seen you with a book in your hand. School texts included.”

James shrugged. “Maybe I only read under the cover of darkness.”

“Maybe -" Lily began when Sirius leant forward in between them.

“Speaking of darkness- Halloween tomorrow.” He said.

Lily looked at him. “How is that related in anyway to darkness?”

Sirius shrugged. “Halloween, scary…dark. I saw the connection. Besides books bore me.”

“Fair point.” Lily said as McGonagall appeared. Lily made to follow her into the class room.

“Where are you going? I never got to ask you my question!” Sirius said following her.

“Which was?”

“Well its unimportant now.” Sirius sulked. “The moment is gone. Squashed like an insignificant bug. Pushed to the side carelessly like a…a…”

“Brussel sprout at tea?” Lily supplied helpfully.

“Exactly!” Sirius exclaimed with a snap of his fingers.

“Good-good. Glad we sorted that out.” Lily said taking a seat. A moment later James sat next to her. Always a great danger when she didn’t have a friend to always sit next to.

“Sooo… Hogsmeade tomorrow.” James said almost fifteen minutes later after McGonagall had set their tasks.

Lily nodded. “Yes it is.” She said barely looking up from her work.

“Oooookay. Going?”

“I have to.”

“Ah. Right you are.” James murmured. “Looking forward to Halloween?”

Lily sighed. “What’s with the questions?”

“Ah. its called conversation.” James said.

“And why would I want to start one with you?” Lily shot back.

“Oooooh.” James cried clutching his heart. He straightened up after a moment. “So how come you can talk to my friends but not me?”


“Simple question.” James replied with a smirk.

Lily laughed dryly. “That I don't have to answer.”

“Fine. Answer me another one. “Mind the potatoes? What the hell does that mean? Is it like code for meet me in the astronomy tower at nine?”

Lily laughed again. “Do I really seem like the kind to meet anyone in the astronomy tower at nine?”

“So what does it mean then?”

Lily tapped her nose. “Meet me at eleven. When I mention carrots its nine.”

James raised his eyebrows. “And brussel sprouts?”

Lily grinned. “Oh come now I can't share all my secrets.” She said cheekily. James stared at her.

Lily rolled her eyes. “For pranksters you guys really don’t know how to take a joke.” She told looking away again. He didn’t say anything more but started working silently.

“Halloweens nothing special.” She said suddenly.

“Excuse me?”

Lily looked at him. “You asked if I was looking forward to Halloween. I was answering you. It’s called conversation” she said mimicking his earlier statement.

He smirked. “Okay so we are going to play this game. Why is that Evans?” He asked cocking his head to the side thoughtfully.

“It was more fun as a kid…back before I knew dragons, ghosts and witches existed. Know what I mean?”

“Nope. Not a clue. Long line of wizards remember? I grew up with that stuff. Hell, my great-great-great uncle Winston haunts the third floor. But the scariest thing about him is his jokes… “

Lily sighed again.

“No, I can see what you mean. Halloween has lost its thrill.”

“Exactly. We used to try to freak each other out. Making up spook stories to tell.”

“Spook stories?”

“Oh you just haven’t lived! You know ghosts chasing children, zombies and murdering maniacs on the loose… The kind where you don’t sleep because there may be someone at the window.” Lily said excitedly. “We would get all dressed up… my sister was always Alice or a mermaid…a fairy princess. Had to be girly and pretty like but me and Lindsay were always witches. Ironic huh?”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.”

“There’s a lot you probably don't know about me.”

“Well let me find out. What's she like?”

Lily scoffed. “A complete cow.” She said after a minute.

James looked at her. She shrugged.

“You heard me.”

“So Lindsay’s story was true?”

“Ah probably not. She tend to embellish the truth. What story?”

“She told us when you first met you gave your sister donkey ears.”

Lily licked her lips. “Oh yeah. That…Well is true.” She said delicately. “But it was an accident and they disappeared after a while!” She added in her own defence. “And anyway Lindsay shouldn’t have been peeking over the back fence.”

James laughed. “From the whole of ten minutes I knew her I must say she is a character. She must make life interesting.”

“Oh for sure.” Lily said leaning forward on one hand. “Without her I would have been grounded less, I would have more money and definitely wouldn’t feel the need to hide from so many people.”

“But then would you have as many memories?”

“Now that’s a definite no.”

James laughed again. Lily looked up at him.


“That grin.”

“What grin?”

James shrugged. “You had a goofy grin on your face. It was cute.”

“Okay…” Lily said slowly, growing uncomfortable. She sat up straighter and picked up her book again.

“Sorry.” James said.

“Whatever.” She said distractedly hoping to end the conversation.

“What does ‘whatever’ mean?”

Lily looked around. “It means whatever.” She said with a half shrug.

James chuckled to himself. “It means shut up James.”


“Awesome. So do you have any idea what we are supposed to be doing?”

Lily shook her head. “Just copy the notes down.”

“Better idea, you copy them down and I will get them later. Maybe we can study together. Or,” James said seeing the look on her face. “I can copy them now and we will have no reason to talk after we leave this class.”


“What are you doing?” Lily asked as Sirius slid in next to her almost making her spill her butterbeer. She looked up from her book to see the other three sit at her table.

“Sitting.” James replied. “Saving you from being alone.”

“What if I didn’t mind being alone.” Lily fired back.

“Fine then.” Sirius said with a lazy smile. “We are sitting here because on a day like today a ghost might jump out and eat you. Its for your own safety.”

“Ghosts don’t eat. Especially people.” Peter mumbled in confusion. Lily looked at him sadly for a moment before she turned to look at James.

He seemed to know what this particular glare meant for he held out his arms out in protest. “Hey I didn’t say anything to him.”

“No.” Sirius said tapping his nose. “I was eavesdropping.”

“Shamelessly. “Remus added.

“Right.” Sirius amended. “I was shamelessly eavesdropping.” He said proudly.

“How do you put up with him?” Lily asked.

“With a spell that allows you to suspend one by their ankles.” Remus said quietly.

Lily raised her eyebrows at them. “Still using that one are we?”

James smirked and pulled his eyes away from her to look at the glass in his hands.

Lily waited until he looked up again. His smirk grew.

“No comment.”

Lily shook her head and drank the last sip of her butterbeer. “Let me out.” She said nudging Sirius in the side.

“Why?” He asked as he stood.

“I’ll be back. I need to pee.” She almost laughed at their reactions. “Sorry. Was that the wrong thing to say? Please excuse me gentlemen,” She said with a little curtsy. “I am just off to powder my nose. Better?” She asked turning to weave her way through the crowded bar.

“Much better.” Remus called after her.

While she was ‘powdering her nose’ the bathroom door opened and she heard what was unmistakably Hazels voice.

“Of course I’m not jealous.” She was saying. There was a murmur of agreement before she continued. “Just because she is sitting with them doesn’t mean anything.”

“Well,” Christie added taking the spotlight from her friend. “It could mean something. You know what they say about girls who are seen with that many boys…”

“What do they say Christie?” Lily asked pushing the door open to stare at Christies reflection in the mirror.

Christie smirked at Lily as she expertly applied yet another coat of dark red lip gloss.

Lily crossed her arms and tilted her head. The look on her face clearly saying ‘Well?’

“Oh come on Lily.” She said swinging around. “You didn’t go from loner of the year to best buddy of the year without someone getting something in return.”

“Just what are you implying Christie.” Lily asked coolly.

“Just that I no longer think it’s a pity thing.” She said with a laugh. “Sweet and innocent Lily isn’t as nice as she seems.” She said as the other girls laughed.

“Ooh, bad girl. “Hazel added in a purr. “Tell me was it just for the popularity?”

Lily shook her head. Leaving. Now. That’s what she was doing.

She could still hear them cackling as she closed the bathroom door behind her. Grinning to herself she pulled out her wand.

Oops did she do that? she thought as she heard them scream. Carefully she opened the door again.

“Oh what happened Chris? You’re all drenched!” She squealed in a voice definitely could be described at wannabe clone. Christie glared at her, not taking her eyes away as she drew her wand and mumbled something under her breath.

Uh oh Lily thought, letting the door swing shut again just in time. She stifled a laugh as the curse hit the door. Now it was time to leave.


A/N. GUESS WHAT!!! this makes it chapter 5!!! WOO!!! reveiw make me as happy as i am now because this chapter has been a pain! it didnt flow and it annoyed me and i put it up about a week ago but i deleted it (sorry) coz i didnt like then i fixed it and now i hope i dotn change my mind by tomorrow... anyway cheers!!! love you all!!!!

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