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Dumbledore smiled serenely, “And you would be?”

“Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Lily Evans,” Lily stated. “We got sent back to my room. Hopefully, there’s not much of a problem?”

“I assume then you are muggleborn. Well, certainly your parents understand. But I advise you go talk to them. Tell them everything. I’ll put a spell to make them forget when you leave. Go with her, Remus, Sirius.”

The boys nodded and bade Dumbledore goodbye. Lily walked briskly out the door without a second glance. As soon as they were in the corridor again, Lily exclaimed, “What am I supposed to tell them!”

“The truth is always a good start.”

“Sod off, Black.”

He stuck his tongue out. Lily smiled. “How mature.”

They walked to Hogsmeade quietly. They came to the silent agreement to Apparate to Lily’s house, explain everything and hope that Dumbledore knew what he was doing. He knew most of the time… but he was too trusting.

“Hello!” Lily called brightly to her younger self. James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus were standing around her, staring avidly.

“Who are you?” Little Lily commanded.

“I’m you… in eight years.”

Little Lily raised her eyebrow. “Then what do they call me?” She jerked her head to the boys.


Little Lily stared for a minute then asked who the boys were with the elder Lily.

Lily waved her hand casually. “Remus and Sirius. I hope you can tell the difference.”

“No, she… you…can’t. We’re twins!” The older Sirius yelled out dramatically, pulling close Remus to him, who was saying, “Actually, I have no clue who you are.”


“Yes, you are.”


They quieted.

“Now, little me, we’ll call you Lilyette until we leave. It’ll be better. We can distinguish. Although we shouldn’t talk too much. The Sirius and Remus with me we’ll call—”

“Moony and Padfoot!”

“Huh?” James asked.

“You’ll figure it out when you’re thirteen,” Moony said, bored.


Lily beckoned them. They walked out to the sitting room where the Evanses, the Blacks, the Potters, the Lupins, and the Pettigrews were sitting, with their other children. The Evans family looked completely confused, while Hallie Potter was trying to explain.

Everyone’s attention was on the three teenagers as they entered. No one said anything for what seemed like hours. Finally, Padfoot, not used to uncomfortable silences, said in a cheery attempt, “Hi, everyone! We came for a visit.”

Madeleine Black gazed at the older version of her son. More discomfort followed the comment, and Lily said, “We’re here by mistake. Something happened. No one’s sure what. We’re sorry for frightening, um, Lily. Now, I believe I have to explain something to my family.

“Dumbledore has assured me that as soon as we find a successful way to get back to our own time, you will forget what we’ve told you. In two years, all of this will be important, but again, you will forget everything.

“The Blacks, the Potters, the Lupins, and the Pettigrews are wizards, as am I. Time travel is possible. Unfortunately, we don’t know how we got here; therefore it might be a while before we leave. We just want you to know that magic exists.”

“So the chair she blew up when she was four was magic,” Padfoot interjected.

Lily blushed slightly and continued. “We’ll leave with that information. They,” she waved her hand casually at the families, “can explain more. But if you need to contact us, we’ll be at Hogwarts or in Hogsmeade. Good-bye.”

She Apparated and Padfoot and Moony waved and followed.

Lily walked straight up to Hogwarts without pausing to see if the boys were with her. They ran, meeting her up at the doors. She knocked loudly, knowing that the spells around the school would announce their presence. A few minutes later, Dumbledore, wearing that serene expression of his, opened the door. “Ah, back so soon?”

“They’ve been told everything they need to know. Additional information can be provided by the others.”

Sirius whispered almost inaudibly to Remus, “She sounds like an advertisement or something.”

Remus nodded absently and listened to Lily request a stay in Hogwarts. Dumbledore smiled. “But of course. Although the dorms are closed till the beginning of the year, I’m sure you can find something.”

Lily nodded and entered the school. Dumbledore departed, telling them that he would inform the house-elves that they were here. And if they wanted to do any research on time travel, the house-elves would have instructions to let them in the library.

Sirius led the way to the Room of Requirement. He paced as they waited for the handle. Three times later, Remus pulled open the door. Lily raised her eyebrows at the scene. It was a bedroom, with three separate bathrooms to opposite sides, but only one huge bed. “Exactly what were you thinking of, Sirius?”

“I swear I asked for three beds!”

“It probably just put them as one,” Remus said, the lone voice of reason. “Besides, we’re not going to do anything anyway. Lily’s shared beds with both of us before, when her house was being painted and when that thunderstorm scared her. We’re not going to do anything. We’re mature enough to be reasonable.”

“We’re also teenagers with raging hormones,” Sirius said.

“We’ve all dated before and managed to control ourselves. So why can’t this be any different.”

“How about,” Lily started, “we think of each other as siblings who can’t afford a second or third bed. That way, when our hormones start to go, we can think, ‘Incest,’ and be disgusted.”

Sirius shrugged and joined Remus in sitting down on the bed. A comfortable silence followed before Lily gasped.

“What?” Sirius looked around at her.

“I just asked for a moon chart. Tonight’s the full moon!”

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