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Chapter 6: The ball

" Come on Ginny! Hurry up!" Hermione said. "I'm all set, yet you still can't get the hair spell right. Here, remebebera! Now let's go!" Hermione was laughing and grabbed Ginny's hand and practically drug her down the steps into the common room, where the boys were waiting. Ginny greeted Harry with a peck on the cheek. Hermione just took Rons arm.

The four just talked about anything random until they reached the great hall. Earlier that day the girls made a plan. They knew that the boys probably wouldn't want to dance, like at the Yule ball. If this was the case, then they would drag them onto the dance floor.

Actually the boys were acting, odd. They WANTED to dance! They all had a great time. Then the first slow dance came on. Ron and Hermione decided to take a brake and watch Harry and Ginny dance. They were so cute! They weren't only cute, but close. They weren't just shoulders/waist, but it was as if Ginny was loosely hugging Harry and had her head on his chest.

Then the song ended and they went back to being 'The foursome'. Even though Hermione was still a bit sad that Ron was only her friend and 'date' only for this one night, she didn't let that stop her from having fun with him, Harry and Ginny like always.

About forty-five minutes after the past slow dance, there was another one. Hermione went to sit down and looked up when Ron didn't sit next to her. Instead, she say him standing in front of her with his hand out. "Would you care to dance?" Ron asked. Hermione answered by taking his hand smiling and let him lead her out onto the floor.

There was something about this that reminded Ron about something. He didn't know what until Hermione's hands came off of his shoulders and into his hair. When she was playing with his hair he remembered the dream. All of a sudden Hermione pulled away from him a bit. This worried Ron, but she was just getting a better look at him.

Hermione couldn't take it any longer. It was half way through the song and Ron had to know how she felt. She just had to know if he felt the same. Hermione wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and whispered in his ear "i love you." Ron was waiting for her to say the next part, but she never did.

Ron was filling with joy by the second. Since his dream never came true, he leaned down and confessed: "i love you to." and then brushed his lips over hers.

Right as the song was ending, Hermione put her head on Rons chest and they were just as close as Harry and Ginny. Neither of them knew that the song was over until Harry tapped Ron on the shoulder and told them.

About two hours later, the dance was over. When everyone went back to their common rooms, they were all up until at least four in the morning talking. Before they headed up though, Rn and Hermione had one last kiss.

"G'night Ron." Hermione whispered.

" G'night 'Mione."

Hermione went up to her dormitory and found Ginny. She was also wearing a dazzy look on her face that finally showed what she was feeling since her and Ron hooked up. "I know that look." Ginny said when Hermione shut the door.

"What?" she replied. Ginny just looked at Hermione with the expression clearly saying 'I'm-not-buying-that! -You-know-what-I-mean-now-spill-your-guts!'

"Ok, fine!" Hermione said. "Well, at the dance we..." her eyes looked the other way, "kissed."

"I knew it!" Ginny said. "I told Harry that I saw you two kiss! So, who confessed first?"

"Well, I did, but it sounded kind of like I said it as a spur of the moment sort of thing. Ron really was the one who truly confessed first." Hermione explained. All of a sudden Ginny got this look on her face. Hermione recognized this look. It was the look Ginny gave when she was planning something. Something, mischievous. "What?"

"Oh nothing, nothing." Ginny said with a big smile on her face. "It's just that, now I can annoy you with 'OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo! Hermione and Ron, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' and the whole 'I saw you on a date, or a mini-date, or whatever you want to call it!' It is going to be soooooooooooooo much fun!"

"Yeah, well, you and Harry have been together all year! You don't here me saying anything!" Hermione said laughing!

"Hey, only since he defeated Voldemort!" Ginny shot laughing because she knew that it was barely true.

"Yes, but everyone knows that you two have fancied each other all year, and me and Ron have noticed ever since second year!" Hermione said.

"Yeah, well, people have known that you and Ron were going to hook up since you guises first year! i have even heard people *cough*Fred and George*cough* wagering when you and Ron were going to realize that you two fancied each other!" At this, they both laughed. Then Hermione grabbed one of her very fluffy pillows and threw it at Ginny! They were laughing all night, Thankful that everyone could be completely happy again!

That night Hermione had a dream of an elegant wedding. Her groom was, of course, Ron and they had two beautiful children. Harry and Ginny lived right next door. What were the odds? Little did they know that that would be their future! And all because Harry defeated Voldemort, a big dance was held and Ron confessed his feelings for Hermione.

A/N: Hey, thanks for reading my story and i hope that you liked it! please tell me if you did or didn't! flames welcome! The sequal and trilogy are finished! YEY!!! Now go and read them... please? ^_^
BTW, the sequel is called, "Do You Still Love Me"
*TRILOGY IS UP!!!!!!* when you are done with the sequel, go onto that! ^_^ it is called, "done" ^_^ looking forward to your review!

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