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By: Dobby101 and Jessi_Rose
Title: How the Blood Came to Be
Rating/Warnings: 15+ (mild violence)
Beta Read By: Jessi_Rose and Arithmancy_Wiz
For the Staff: Thanks to PropMaster, Scarhead, and JaxGranger for keeping it a secret and validating the chapters! And to MadameSnape and Jay for allowing us to validate them the way we did! This story wouldn't be here without any of you!


A/N: This is an AU fiction.


Ring around the Rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down."

The Bloody Baron hovered in the dungeons next to Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington. It was his half Death Day Party, and of course, Nick was the only one to show. There were always ghosts around at his regular Death Day, but the half ones seemed to be a bit of a joke throughout the community- among ghosts and people alike.

"Why don't you just leave?" the Baron said in a very hoarse voice, motioning towards the door. "Nobody else is going to show up. I don't understand why you came anyway."

"Well, I always come to any party I'm invited to," Nick said. "It gets dreadfully lonely being a ghost, and I think you should know that, considering you're one too."

Nick turned to go, but halfway into the wall, he turned around and came back. "Actually, if you don't mind my asking and since you would be dreadfully lonely down here, can I ask you a very personal question?"

"Why, yes, if you really need to know." The Baron waited for his response.

"How did you get covered in blood? So many students have asked me over the years and I am really getting tired of telling them the same thing each time. But, of course, I don't have to tell them if you don't want me to," Nick said the Baron apprehensively.

The Baron's face broke into a wide smile. "I've always wanted somebody to ask that, but they all seemed too scared to do so. It all dates back to the Medieval Ages, when the knights were becoming stronger."


My breath was slowly shrinking into nothing as I ran along. The knights were coming to destroy him and I had no way of tracking how far they were behind me. But I had to stop somewhere, and the closest place was a small village nearby which was infected with the Death disease. So far, my town hadn't had the sickness near us, but it was spreading quickly. The people knew it would be upon us soon.

I wasn't sure why the knights were coming after me. Some motioned that our town had witchcraft going on among us, which was entirely true, but we denied it. I could've just blasted all of those ruddy knights away, but I had lost my wand about a week ago and it was nowhere to be found.

So I had no choice but to run. The next village infected with the Death disease was coming up, and it was the only place I could go safely. It was common knowledge that the knights wouldn’t dare enter a place with such an illness.

I could see the houses coming up and I ran a little faster. In the streets, there were people walking around, coughing, panting, and losing energy quickly. I tried not to touch anybody or anything as I moved through the streets. There was a small house in the distance that looked clean and I figured it was the only place I could stay.

I tripped on the step and came crashing down on the dirt below me, knocking my head hard against the door. I'm not sure how long I blacked out for, but when I woke up I was surrounded by peasants that I had never seen before in my life. Each wore a look of terror upon his or her face, which led me to believe that my chasers were not far behind. And though they may not enter the village, they had their ways of extracting me from it.

A mother, a young, frumpy woman with prematurely graying hair, composed herself and took a shaky step toward me. A little girl, about five years old, followed in her mum's footsteps, jumping from foot to foot as if she wanted to pounce on me. Then, a little boy, one whom held a look of disgust, stepped up behind his mother.

Before I had a chance to inquire as to their blatant and rude staring, I noticed that I was lying upon a solid wood bed, with tattered covers tucked around my body. I was at a loss of what to say, until I heard a hoarse coughing from the back of the shack-like room. The disease was closer than I thought.

I jumped up and out of my bed, swaying a little bit from my lack of posture, and searched through my jacket for my wand, then remembering that I had lost it, my hands dropped to my side. I stood defenseless in front of many strangers.

"Who are you?" the little boy spat. "Nobody with half a brain comes into this village."

"My name is James," I muttered. There was no need to tell them my surname. They could have been in contact with the knights.

"Well, my name is Elizabeth, this is Ethel and Salazar, my daughter and son. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." The woman stuck out her hand and I grabbed it and let it go in one fast motion. Ethel, her daughter, imitated her mother, but I just ignored her. The less contact the better.

There was an awkward silence that gave me a chance to look around the room. The outside of the house could mislead somebody into thinking there was just one bedroom contained within, instead of a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms with two cots in each.

"What are you doing here?" Salazar spat again, breaking the quiet. "Don't you know the Disease is here?"

"Yes, I do, but the knights are after me," I said absentmindedly, but immediately knew my mistake. Oops.

"The knights?" Elizabeth asked in fear. "You can stay here then."

That wasn't the type of treatment I thought I would get. But I would take any hospitality right now. "Thank you so very much. I will of course not be any burden to you."

Salazar huffed and left out the back door without another word. I looked after him, wondering what was wrong.

"I'm very sorry about him. He doesn't exactly fit in with everybody."

I knew exactly what she meant. When I was a kid, I lived in a village just like this one with all the normal children. I would always make things happen that I couldn't explain, until the day somebody came along and whisked me away to the Wizarding village. I never looked back after that day. I never regretted it.

So I followed Salazar outside, into a green backyard. He was sitting with his back facing me, playing with some sort of stick. As I got closer, I saw a snake too and I recognized that stick. It was oak, about eight inches in length.

"That's my wand!" I said pointing to it, and Salazar looked up with disgust. "How did it get here?"

"It's your what?" he asked, now holding my wand within his fingertips, twirling it ominously.

"My wand! Please give it back. I need it!"

Salazar turned towards the snake and whispered to it. Why in the world would he be talking to a snake? That was only for the evil witches and wizards. Not for a Muggle.

"Are you.talking to that snake?" I asked incredulously.

"So what if I am? How did you get a wand? Nagini says that only the Evils from far away have these and they use them for bad things." Salazar stood up and walked right over to me with the most confidence I had ever seen in such a young boy. "You of all people shouldn't have one of these."

"If you give it back, I'll show you how to use it," I said slowly, with nervousness dripping through my voice. I shouldn't be doing this; only selected wizards can learn magic. But this boy was different. He was a Parselmouth.

Salazar seemed to consider this for a moment. His dark grey eyes showed confusion and eagerness. He stared at the wand in his hand. "Only if you show me how to use it."

I nodded, and he handed it over. I snatched it away from him and joy spread throughout my body. I had my wand back, finally.

"Now show me how to use it!" Salazar demanded.

I looked up and it was getting dark, so I taught him Lumos. And I was amazed when he got it down on the second try.

This continued for the next two weeks, me teaching Salazar how to use my wand. He picked up spells that even skilled wizards had a hard time mastering and, eventually, he carved himself a wand. Twelve inches, ash, snake fang. I'm still not sure how he managed it, but I'm guessing it had something to do with his Parsel abilities.

It dawned on me one day that my troubles with the inquisition might be over. That was until that fateful night when a man by the name of Richard III, the last King from the House of York, found my whereabouts. His men, who had been searching for me for nearly a month, alerted the new king at once and he made his way personally to finish me off. You see, Richard was trying to locate me after accidentally discovering my Wizarding abilities. When I refused to serve him, he declared that I should be decapitated.

Upon his arrival into the village of Dadlington Field, Richard was confused to see two men carrying wooden weapons, dueling in a friendly engagement. He immediately pulled on his horse's reins and stepped down onto the ground in front of us. I coughed wickedly while I quickly stowed my wand away into a pocket. Salazar, who was quick-witted, understood and did the same. We both stood up straight and looked onward towards Richard. I was praying he wouldn't recognize with my new wardrobe and freshly shaven face.

But my luck didn't continue. He noticed my body figure and knew immediately that it was me. Salazar stood by my side proudly and didn't seem intimidated by the man that was quickly swooping over to us.

"Sir Baron! Finally, I have caught up to you. This is your last chance. Be of service to me now or you will meet your unfortunate fate."

I sucked in a great deal of air before speaking. "My mind has not changed since the last time you sent your knights to summon me. Whatever the fate, I will not serve you."

"Then, surely the young man standing next to you will join my side?" Richard turned towards Salazar, giving him a piercing stare that could almost decide an answer.

Salazar fought it. I knew him enough to not fall down to somebody else's decisions. "No."

"Well, then, knights, kill him," Richard ordered, but his finger was not pointing towards me, instead the flesh was stretched out towards Salazar.

The knights flashed down with swords drawn high up into the air so that they gleamed against the morning sun. And before I knew what I was doing, I was standing in front of Salazar, taking the blow into my heart. I slipped away faster than I hoped into a neutral state. I was neither dead nor alive. Here I had to choose whether I would continue to stay upon the earth as the living dead, or go beyond into the heavens above.

With both my uninhabited body and Salazar in view, I grew frightened. What would happen to the child now that I was dead? Richard III stared at him with a terrifying gleam in his eyes; he would not spare the boy. My choice, a simple one at best, was to protect the defenseless, barely magical wizard that stood in the face of death. So I quickly did what I had to do and chose the life of a living dead person and got back down to Earth.

As soon as I was back, I didn't even have time to marvel at my new transparent body because Richard was towering over a crouched Salazar. I glided over as fast as I could and moved my body over Richard so he would sense the icy feeling on his body(flesh?). As soon as he saw me floating in front of him, his eyes widened and his face paled considerably. He stumbled backwards, hopped onto his horse and rode away without saying another word.

Right when he was out of sight, I turned back to Salazar and grinned. He was staring at me incredulously.

"You, I just saw you die, and now you're back as a ghost!" Salazar was in shock.

"Yes, it's something a wizard gets to choose when he dies and I just couldn't let you down, you needed me," I said to him. "You know, you are very talented, do you want to come back to the Wizarding community with me? I understand if you don't want to, but you do have very rare powers."

I stared at him expectantly. His eyes lit up and he smiled. He stepped forward bravely and took his wand out of his pocket. He did some motions with it, and in the air in front of me was a message.

"I would love to."

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