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The next morning found all of the inhabitants of the Burrow awake at the uncommonly early hour of six o'clock. Everyone was woken up by the cries of the twins, Molly and Marie, impatient with their sleepy parents and anxious for the presents that awaited them under the Christmas tree. Once awake the entire Weasley clan and Harry shared their enthusiasm. All came eagerly into the hall pulling on dressing gowns and saying, “Merry Christmas!” heartily to each person they saw.

Fred and George carried their nieces downstairs, riding atop their shoulders, with all four singing gaily. Everyone joined in as they came downstairs and into the living room. Harry met Ginny at the bottom of the stairs and paused in the middle of the song to say, “Merry Christmas!” and give her a warm kiss. She simply smiled and pulled him into the room where everyone else was waiting impatiently.

Quickly the two had piles of presents pushed into their arms, as they tried to sit down on an empty couch. Mr. Weasley looked around and said, “Well? What are you all waiting for?” With a round of laughter the ripping of paper began punctuated by squeals of delight from the little girls as they unwrapped on treasure after another including two pygmy puffs, a gift from their favorite Uncles Fred and George.

Ginny was delighted by her own stack of gifts. She'd gotten the usual Weasley sweater knitted by her mother this time in pale green with a darker green stripe along with a gold watch with her first name engraved on the inside. There was a pretty pair of embroidered slippers from Paris from Bill and Fleur. A book on Quidditch teams was from Charlie and Katrina. A brand new firebolt appeared from Fred and George, “for our favorite little sister” they said. Ron and Hermione gave her a set of lavender scented bath salts and soaps. From Owen there was a model of a dragon he appeared to have chewed on. The twins gave her a small hand mirror with big pink roses on the back that they, “picked out special for Aunty Ginny”.

Harry surprisingly hadn't given her anything yet. She suspected that it would come later and so she didn't worry about it. Molly and Marie ran over to her with expressions of delight as they hugged her and clapped their hands over the functioning miniature set of Quidditch balls she'd given them complete with a little gold snitch that flew around their heads and soft, plush bludgers that butted them playfully. This was to go along with the toy broomsticks they'd been given by Harry. He was the next one they went to, hugging him and exclaiming over the little brooms that floated so that their toes skimmed the carpet. “Thank you, Uncle Harry.” they said dutifully and then ran back to explore the rest of their gifts.

They would've sat there for much longer talking and watching the little ones play if Hermione hadn't ran out of the room still struggling with morning sickness and Ron, who never missed a chance to eat, hadn't asked as his stomach gave a large growl, “Are you ever going to feed me, Mum?” causing all of the conversations to dissolve into laughter as they all got up and went back to their rooms to dress carrying their new things. Mrs. Weasley, was already dressed and went to start breakfast.

Back upstairs Harry asked Ginny to wait in the hall as he went in his room to retrieve her present. Instead she nipped into her own room to fetch his own gift. Coming back into the hall she found Harry standing in the hall holding a cardboard box with small holes in it. It was identical to the one she held in her own hands except the bow on one was pink and the other blue.

Quickly they traded boxes and Harry watched Ginny open hers to find a small gray kitten with a pink collar and a tag bearing the name, Annie. After hearing her own squeal of rapture Harry concentrated on the box in his hands that was wiggling and moving excitedly. Lifting open the top Harry's eyes teared up as he looked down at a black puppy bearing a blue collar and his own tag proclaiming his name to be Snuffles. The tears didn't last long though as the energetic little dog jumped up licking his new master's face and startling a laugh out of Harry as Ginny looked on smiling.

He didn't have too say anything as he looked over at her. The look in his eyes told her more than mere words ever could. Silently she kissed him, trying not to squash their new pets in the process, and Harry smiled as the two animals inspected each other. “Merry Christmas, Harry.” Ginny said again as she turned and they finally went to change for breakfast.


One of the first things that Mr. Weasley had done when the house was being remodeled was to enlarge the kitchen and purchase a larger table and more chairs for times like this when the whole clan was at home. In fact this was something that Mrs. Weasley had insisted on. It was a good thing she had because with the additions to the family every available chair was full. By the time everyone had out things away and managed to get dressed it was somewhere around ten thirty and closer to lunch time than breakfast. Mrs. Weasley was still in the kitchen when her now extended brood (minus Percy) came down to the table.

The table was piled high with everyone's favorite breakfast foods. Ron entertained everyone and distinguished himself by eating half a pound of bacon, four helpings of eggs, and an appalling amount of toast with his favorite marmalade. He ate as usual, like this was going to be his last meal. Hermione sat beside him, slightly green in color, with only a few nibble pieces of toast and a glass of milk. She scolded him weakly as he gulped down another large glass of fresh orange juice and he did slow down ever so slightly.


After breakfast everyone bundled up and went outside in to the snow that seemed to come just for that perfect Christmas morning. Of course, it wasn't long before a snowball fight broke out between the men and women. The men though they out numbered the females found themselves hard out to defend themselves against Ginny and Katrina's amazing abilities. Little Owen even tried to do his part patting down little snow balls until he got distracted by the piece of gingerbread he had tucked into his pocket.

The fun was dampened however when one of the men accidentally hit one of the little girls right in the face with a particularly well packed snowball. The game was pronounced a draw as everyone stopped to see if Marie was ok. Fleur quickly ran to pick her up and began soothing the poor child who cried more from the shock than the hurt. She soon let up and to atone for it the men set about making a magnificent snowman complete with charcoal eyes, button nose, and his own dilapidated broom.

Soon after Owen fell asleep in the snow and they all went in for hot coco and the warm chocolate chip cookies Mrs. Weasley was pulling out of the oven. The rest of the day passed quietly as everyone wandered about the house happily. The men started a chess tournament in Mr. Weasley's study as the women helped Mrs. Weasley to cook Christmas dinner and Hermione played with the children feeling much better than she had at breakfast. Of course they surpassed themselves with a spectacular dinner with all of the traditional trimmings.

More chairs were needed however as everyone made room for Lupin and Tonks who came to dinner together. They had a grand time swapping stories and everyone lingered over desert as though they didn't want the night to end. The eggnog just being finished off as everyone sat about in the parlor listening to the same Celestina Warbeck broadcast that they heard every year. This year though it was turned down so that the sleeping children wouldn't be disturbed. The singer finished her program with a trill as the clock struck midnight and the mirror above the mantle commented, “Shouldn't you all be in bed?”

And so sleepily everyone said goodnight and Lupin and Tonks flooed home. The others drifted upstairs worn out after what had turned out to be a very merry Christmas.

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