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“Hermione come on out of bed we have to go!” Lily squealed as she jumped onto Hermione’s bed.

“Lily is five in the morning!” Hermione complained as she looked over at her clock. She pulled the blankets over her head, blocking out the Redheads squeals.

“We have thirty minutes!” Lily begged, pulling the blankets off Hermione. Hermione grunted as she dropped her legs over the side of her bed, glaring with temporary loathing at Lily. She quickly got dressed, only to realize her shirt was on backwards. She quickly fixed it, grunting angrily.

Her hair was still a mess as she walked down the stairs, finding Remus at the bottom. He looked at her and laugh, running his fingers threw his hair. “Good morning Sunshine!” He laughed wrapping his arms around her. She allowed her arms to lay limp at her sides, resting her head on his chest.

She closed her eyes, practically falling asleep on him. “What's good about it?” She mumbled in a low voice as she yawned. Remus laughed as he rolled his eyes and pressed his lips against hers. “And now it’s getting slightly better!” She laughed as she allowed him to practically carry her out of the room.

“You want a Piggy-back ride?” He asked laughing as she practically fell over her own feet. She yawned once more, rubbing her eyes. She nodded slowly, allowing Remus to hoist her onto his back. He smiled as she rested her head on his neck, almost falling asleep.

“What happened to her?” Sirius laughed as Remus met up with them at the front gate.

“Well ‘Mione’s not exactly a morning person.” Rmeus laughed, causing Hermione to grunt.

“I coulda told you that!” Lily laughed as she came into view with James.

“So you’re giving her a ride? You never give me rides! Not even when I ask!” Sirius said with a mocking anger.

“I don’t snog you Sirius!” Remus laughed, resulting in Hermione hitting his back with her fist lamely.

“You see what you did Sirius, you made her hit me!” Remus laughed, in a cheery voice.

“What the hell is your problem? Being so damn cheery in the morning.” Hermione said softly, her eyes still shut.

“One of us has to be!” Remus laughed, still holding Hermione on his back.

“Still its like two in the morning!” Hermione groaned mournfully.

Remus threw back his head and laughed, “Love its almost six O’clock in the morning!”

“Close enough!” Hermione said cuddling up to him, listening to the rhythmic beat of his heart.

“So we’re going to be stuck on this stupid train for three days?” Remus said stroking her hair as she yawned.

“No all year.” She said with her eyes closed.

“Well we can get off the train during the year, now we cant.” Remus said as Hermione half opened her eyes.

“Actually you can…I just wouldn’t advise it.” She said slowly, stretching her arm in the air.

“How long till you pep up a little?” He asked looking down at her with a smile.

“Why what's wrong with this?” She asked as she snuggled in more.

“Nothing, you’re just like, well practically dead.” He laughed, still playing with a lock of Hermione’s hair.

“Well that’s to…”

“HELLO YOU TWO!” James yelled as he entered the room, followed by a tray of coffee. “I was just passing by and thought you might like some coffee, I knew I did! I love coffee don’t you? This is my forth cup, wonderful bloody thing isn’t it? Coffee that is always so warm and…” James said rather quickly while jittering slightly.

“James you’ve had enough!” Remus laughed, taking the mug out of James’ hand and drinking it himself. He handed Hermione a mug, who reluctantly sat up and drank it.

“That’s much better!” She said warmly as the hot liquid began waking her up.

“What's wrong with you? Are you feeling all right? Is something wrong? Do you need a doctor?” James said quickly yet again.

“James…Shut up she’s just tiered!” Remus said as he rolled his eyes. “You see this is why they banned Coffee from Hogwarts!” Remus said pointing to James, Hermione laughed taking another long sip of the coffee.

“So I take it James is a coffee addict?” Hermione asked, for a moment ignoring James.

“What do you think.” Remus said pointing back to him.

“My precious!” James said rubbing the mug of coffee and downing it in one gulp. He shook his head, blinking rapidly. “Hey Hermione are you gunna finish your coffee?” He asked quickly with a needy look in his eyes.

“Yes James.” Hermione said almost mockingly.

“Damn!” He said storming out of the room to find more coffee.

“That was kind of creepy!” Hermione said finishing off her drink.

“You should have seen him the first time he had it!” Remus said with a shiver. “Expresso!”

“Gosh Pup slow down your gunna choke!” Sirius said as Hermione shoveled food into her mouth. Hermione looked up at him and growled yet didn’t stop stuffing her face. “Wow calm down!” Sirius laughed nervously.

“Merlin if she’s like this when she’s hungry…I wouldn’t want to see her on the rag, hungry, and right after a full moon!” Peter whispered, causing Hermione to throw something at him.

“I heard that!” She growled continuing eating.

“Students! Welcome to the first morning on what shall be your home for the rest of the year!” Dumbledore announced smiling. “Now children there is a tradition that each school does a little performance as they enter…any ideas?” Dumbledore asked smiling.

“Umm Professor…We could sing.” A voice said from the back.

“Yes the Hogwarts song!” Dumbledore said excitedly, causing a few people to groan. “Well what then?” he asked with the same wise old smile planted on his face.

“Double double toil and trouble! It’s flashy and would echo good in the halls!” Hermione said smiling, remembering hearing the choir singing it before.

“All who agree.” Dumbledore asked, quite a lot of people put their hands up, making Hermione smile.

“Professor I have a better idea…” James said with a sly smirk.

“What is that Mr. Potter?”

“Lets show them what Hogwarts is about!” James yelled, bringing his broomstick in the air.

“Okay so what we’ll do is play some up beat music, and we all fly in, doing tricks and stuff!” James said with a wide smile on his face.

“James not all of us can fly!” Lily said quickly.

“You guys can…Oh most of you are girl you can make up a little dance routine to do bellow like…uh…What's it called?” James asked scratching his head. “Spazz?” He asked with a quirked brow.

“I think you mean Jazz…Actually that could be kind of cool!” Hermione said beaming.

“Well we have three days to put it together.” Remus laughed, running his fingers threw his hair.

“I used to take Jazz…I’ll come up with the routine and Hermione will make it into a spell that automatically teaches everyone it…you can do that right?” Lily asked looking at Hermione.

“Yea…I’m sure I can figure it out.” Hermione said with a smirk.

“Perfect! It’s set then you two make the dance and well work on the stunts!” Sirius said high-fiving James.

“We’ve created a monster!” Lily said placing her head in her hands as Sirius ranted on about how great this would be.

“Scratch that…Three,” Hermione finished as Remus and James jumped into the conversation, bringing it into full swing.

“So what do you think?” Lily asked Hermione out of breath as she stood in the middle of Hermione’s Common Room.

Hermione gaped at her as the fast jazz music came to a stop. “Wow it’s amazing!” She said causing Lily to do a pirouette and curtsy.

“Thank you.” She said smiling as she looked around the room. “So have you figured out what you are going to do?” Lily asked her, with her hands on her hips.

“Yes…There’s a complexed spell I can use… Should be a piece of cake!” Hermione said confidently.

“Great, what are we going to wear?” Lily asked looking down at her black leotard and green shorts.

“How about, umm…well the stunters will be wearing their Quidditch robes of course, how about…you’re the dancer you make the outfit!” Hermione said, as she could not find an answer.

“Fine I will!” Lily said dramatically, flipping her hair and leaving the room in a sarcastic fit or rage.

“What has got her knickers in a knot?” Remus asked as he came into the room, sweat pouring down his face.

“Nothing.” Hermione said rolling her eyes. “What happened to you?” She asked noticing his state.

“Well me and the guys kinda went on the roof and practiced what we were going to do behind the train.” Remus said rubbing the back of his neck, knowing she would object.

“You could have gotten hurt!” Hermione said with a shocked look on her face, just as he had predicted.

“But I didn’t and we won’t do it again we have everything figured out.” Remus said taking Hermione’s hands in his own. Hermione pulled away in disgust, wiping his hands off for him with a rag that was on a table.

“Your very lucky Lupin!” Hermione said rolling her eyes at his confident smile.

“To have a girl like you? I know.” He said wrapping his arms around her.

She pulled away slightly, looking up at him with a quirked brow. “Flattery will not stop the fact you acted like an idiot.” Hermione said in a haughty voice.

“Well it helps doesn’t it?” He asked with a quirked brow.

“Maybe a bit.” Hermione said with a sly gleam as the flickering torches instantly lighted the room.

“So are you going to enter your name in the cup?” He asked her as he held her tightly in his arms, swaying gently from side to side.

“I don’t think so…After what happened to…Henry…I mean Harry.” Hermione faltered, making a cold chill run down her spine.

“Oh yes, I remember you telling me that.” Remus said with a small smile, running his fingers threw her hair.

“Well yea…I just know how dangerous they are.” Hermione said as she looked deeply into Remus eyes.

Remus took her face in his hand, tilting her head and bringing her face closer to his when suddenly…

“Its PRONGS MAN AND HIS SIDEKICK PAD-LAD!” James said as he jumped into the room, wearing what looked like one of Lily’s leotards and tights. Sirius soon filed in after him, not as chipper.

“Why do I have to be the sidekick?” Sirius asked angrily, in the same attire.

“ ’Cause these are my girl friends clothes!” James laughed his hands on his hips in a Superman matter.

“James… What the hell is wrong with you?!” Remus asked cringing as he turned his head away from the boys in tights.

“Like you don’t wear Hermione’s…” James started when yet another person walked into the room.

“ Have you guys seen my…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO PRATS DOING IN MY DANCING CLOTHES?!” Lily howled, in a voice that almost scared Hermione.

“Lily…I…we…” James said looking at her in shock. Lily stalked over to them grabbing both of their ears and leading them out angrily. “Come on baby you know you like it!” Was the last thing that was heard from James before they disappeared from sight.

“Hermione…I…I think I’ve gone blind.” Remus said dramatically, blinking his eyes furiously.

“Actually they didn’t look that bad…” Hermione said with a small smirk.

“What?!” Remus yelled, feeling a bit jealous.

“I’m playing!” She said rolling her eyes.

“…Playing what?” Remus asked looking at her with a confused look in his eyes.

“It mean I’m just joking.” Hermione said as she looked around the compartment.

Remus’ eyes traveled around as well,” Playing…I…I don’t get it.” He said scratching his head, tumbling the thought around his mind.

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