Lost Series
Part Two: Abandoned
Chapter One
Whispered Regrets


*does a little dance* PART TWO OF “BROKEN” !!! This is “Abandoned”, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoy it. And, hopefully, it will be just as good, possibly better than “Broken”. So, without further ado, I give you the first chapter to the next installment of “Broken”…


-Lily’s POV-

Two days left of one month detention

“Hogsmeade!” a shrill voice screeches as James flinches slightly. He doesn’t look up as Sirius comes bouncing towards us, but instead continues to work on his essay. “Yo, Prongs! Hogsmeade in one hour! No work!”

“Go away, Sirius.”

“C’mon, mate, let’s go have a snowball fight or something. I am so way bored. I need something to do for the next hour.”

“Entertain yourself. I’m busy,” James mutters, still not looking up. It is at that moment that Sirius makes a very dangerous move.

He grabs James’ book and paper, pulls them away from him, and tosses them onto the table. “Look, dude, you’re bugging me. Stop acting like Evans, get off your ass, and come do something with me.”

“Padfoot…” James begins, standing up. Sirius seems to shrink back slightly as James straightens his shirt and stands at his full height, looking down slightly at Sirius as they aren’t fully the same height. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you,” he continues, turning to pick up his bag, “Not to touch my things when I’m working.” James neatly packs away his book and parchment, snaps his bag shut, and then turns back to Sirius. “Next time you insult Lily, bug me endlessly, or continuously disrespect my wishes, I will personally rearrange your face.” Shouldering his bag, James walks off in a huff. By now, the whole common room has come to a dead-like silence and everyone is staring at James’ retreating figure. When the portrait finally snaps shut, the heads are turned in Sirius’ direction. Shrugging, he heads over to Remus.

“Does he ever learn?” I question, looking over at Jayde.

“Who cares?” she mumbles, staring at the book in front of her. “Lily,” she sighs, exasperatedly.


“This is impossible. I can’t cram all this information in right before a trip to Hogsmeade. How the hell am I supposed to finish this paper?”

“You should’ve done it sooner.”

“Like you, right? Of course. Look, I’m gonna head up to the girls’ dorm so I can concentrate on it. Will you come get me at departing time?”

“I’ll try to remember. I think I’m gonna stop at the library before going to the Heads’ house anyway. Don’t let anyone distract you.”

“Never.” Jayde stuffs her things in her bag before running upstairs. Gathering my things, I head out of the common room…


When I finally arrive in the library, it is to find the place almost empty. Smiling slightly to myself, I head down towards the Restricted Section. The librarian tries to stop me to ask for help, but I just mutter a quick sorry and say I’m extremely busy. Surprisingly, lying has become quite common for me these days.

Upon entering the back rows, I can hear the sound of someone else present nearby, but I dismiss the thought. Just as I am reaching for a book, however, I hear someone give a frustrated sigh as a book is closed. Deciding to investigate, I head over to the last shelves and find James sitting at the end of the isle, leaning against the shelves. His bag is open beside him while he has books scattered randomly and is writing something furiously down in his notebook.

“The library always seems to be the quietest, huh?”

“Tends to be,” James responds as he looks up. “Stupid question, what’re you doing here?”

“Just browsing. And you?”

“I really don’t feel like working all through detention and giving the satisfaction to McGonagall that I didn’t do my essay yet, so I’m trying to get as much done now.”

“Oh God, I totally forgot about detention.”

“Yeah, well, it starts in one hour.”

“Same time as the trip. Well, that stinks.”

“No kidding. I was really looking forward to going. I haven’t been outside in ages.”

“Didn’t you go out the other day?”

“No. Considering I was let out of the hospital wing only a few days ago, I haven’t had the chance. I’ve been working nonstop.”

“You know, you always surprise me.”

“And why would that be?”

‘You don’t seem like the kind of person that works and tries all the time.”

“Trust me, I do. Most things come naturally, though.” James grins as I roll my eyes. He starts to pack away his things as I notice suddenly the differences around his face. He looks as if he hasn’t slept in days and looks as if he’s been stooped over a lot. There are heavy, dark bags under his eyes and his eyes are slightly bloodshot. He is paler than I have ever seen him and he looks to be thinner. But, the worst part about it all is that his hands shake as he puts his things away.

“I think you need to take a break,” I say as he finishes and starts to stand up. Immediately, I step forward to help him. I can feel him breathing heavily as he leans against the shelves.

“No, I’m fine,” he mutters, stepping forward. He stops, his hand going to his side. “Maybe you’re right.”

“You could probably just doze off in McGonagall’s class.”

“Are you kidding me? She’d have us working… again. Besides, my neck and back are killing me. I can’t do much more leaning over.”

“I think a Hogsmeade trip is just what you need. We should ask her if we can make up the detention on Monday. How bout it?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” James only smiles down at me before we head off in the direction of McGonagall’s office…


Eventually, we manage to convince McGonagall to let us go to Hogsmeade and in no time, James and I are back down at the Heads’ house, changing for the day. “So, I’ve got a question,” James says as he walks downstairs forty minutes later.


“What’s up with you and lying and getting out of stuff and all that crap?”

“I’m sick of being known as a know-it-all and a teacher’s pet and all those other names. I just want to be known as Lily Evans.”

“Okay. Just wondering.” I turn around as James heads towards the bathroom and immediately do a double take. His wet hair is hanging limply around his face instead of bouncing around aimlessly. He runs a hand through it before entering the bathroom. I try to process the scene I have just witnessed as I realized what’s happening to me. No matter how hard I try to stop the feeling, I can just tell what is going on with me. I am falling fast for James Potter…


After getting over my sudden dawning moment of realization, I push the thought aside and walk down with James to the Great Hall. He smiles nonstop and seems to be always laughing. I don’t know why I haven’t noticed this side of him before. “Hey, Evans, what’s up?” a soft voice whispers in my ear as I turn around.

“Lucius! Hey!” I embrace him as he hugs me back. After we pull apart, I turn to say something to James, but find him already walking off towards his friends.

“I thought you had detention today,” Lucius says, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

I let the piece slip back out from behind my ear as I smile. “I managed to get out of it. Good old me.”

“Yeah and you unfortunately dragged Potter with you.”

“Well, how else am I supposed to get out?”

“I love how you think. Just using the stupid bastard.” I cringe slightly at the name given to James as Lucius’ crew laughs harshly.

“That’s not nice. He never did anything to you.”

“He exists, Evans, there’s nothing worse.”

“God, Lucius, can’t you even call me Lily for once!” I suddenly snap before I turn and start to walk away. What is wrong with me?

“Hey, babe, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it in a mean way,” Lucius says, pulling me back to him and holding me close. Uncomfortable, I pull away and only smile a fake smile before starting towards the departing crowd. Thankfully, we are soon heading towards Hogsmeade…


“Lily! Come sit with us!” I wave over to Remus as he motions for us to come sit over. I point to Lucius and he nods whilst smiling. James instantly smacks his hand. Remus turns to glare and yell at James as I start towards their table, bringing Lucius with me. Once we have seated ourselves at the table, James picks up a conversation with Sirius and tries to ignore us. Jayde starts to say something to me, but I tune her out as I watch James.

He runs a shaking hand through his now dry hair as Sirius sighs and mutters something. Remus responds to the comment with a frustrated look. James just puts up his hands in defense before brushing through his hair again. “I gotta get something for my mum anyway. I’ll just do it now,” I hear James say as he starts to slide away from Sirius and Remus. “Jayde, babe, I’m leaving. Scoot out.”

“No way. You’re staying.”

“I have to buy something.”

“James…” Jayde starts whining. Glaring at her, James maneuvers over her and out of the table.

“Ha,” he says, sticking his tongue out at her. She only responds the gesture as he waves and walks away.

“Where’s he going/” I question as Sirius slides over to Jayde.

“He wants to get something for his mum for Valentine’s Day,” Remus says, poking Sirius.

“Stop, Moony.”

“Whatever. You stop.”

“Stop what?”

“I dunno. Just stop.”

“Fine. I will. Wait…”

“You wanna get out of here?” Lucius asks I watch the two boys, amused.

“Where to?”

“The Shrieking Shack, possibly?”

“Ooh, romantic in a way. I like. Let’s go. Guys, I’m gonna head off with Lucius. See you later.” Jayde only waves as Sirius salutes me and Remus nods…


Once at the Shrieking Shack, I go to move closer to Lucius, but he pulls away. “We need to talk,” he begins, putting on a grim face. I nod, bracing myself for anything he has to say. “This…” he stops, looking down at the snow on the ground. “This isn’t working. We aren’t working.”

“What’re you saying?”

“I can’t go out with you, Evans. It’s just not for me. I mean, seriously, you’re a Gryffindor. What was I thinking?”

“Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. Makes total sense,” I manage to choke out as Lucius nods and steps back. “Bye, I guess,” I whisper. He nods again before turning and heading off. As soon as he is out of eyesight, I collapse to the ground and begin crying. I always knew from the beginning that he wasn’t someone I should be dating, but I always wanted to believe it would work. I wanted to believe that a Gryffindor could date a Slytherin. I guess I was wrong.

Sighing, I wipe my eyes with the back of my hand and look up at the sky. As if that does anything anyway. My tears just fall faster as I start thinking of a new topic. James. He was right, I was being used. James. He’s so perfect, it shouldn’t even be legal. Seriously, James is one of the nicest people I know, not to mention he is so smart and he absolutely loves to be a happy person. There isn’t a flaw in his personality.

“Hey, Lily!” a cheery voice calls out as I tear my gaze away from the sky. I wave at whomever is approaching me as I try to hide my tears. “What’s up?” Crap, I hiss as James comes bouncing towards me, a bag in his hands. “Where’s Lucius?”

“You can call him Malfoy, James,” I mutter as he stops.

“How come?” It takes him a few moments before he realizes the situation, but when he does, he comes running towards me. “Lily, I am so sorry. Look, I know girls really hate it when…”

“Don’t even say I told you so! You know, I thought you were better than that!” I yell, jumping up.

“Woah, what?” James stands up too with a confused look.

“You were going to say Look, I know girls really hate it when I stay I told you so, but I was right. It is so you!”

“Lily, that never even crossed my mind!” James yells back as my tears start falling again.

“Sure! Try to make me believe you are the saint you portray to be! I’m done buying your shit, James!”


“I hate you, James!”

“What the hell? Stop it! Lily! Come back here! Lily! Stop! LILY! DAMN IT!” I ignore James’ choked screams as I continue to run off. I don’t want to turn around and see him falling apart. I can’t… because it will just absolutely tear me apart…


Wow… Part Two… Anyway, chatting time. I thought this chapter was WAY confusing. Like, MAJOR mood swings happening all over the place. I know the one month detention thing might be a little screwed up considering the time frame we’ve already been through in “Broken” since the detention assignment, but it helped get this chapter started, so I’m sorry. Well, all in all, I wasn’t particularly fond of this chapter, so please do criticize. I love reviews and I can’t seem to say that enough !!! Thanx !!!

Jayde PP


One more thing to say. Yeah, well, actually, no, this is new. That chapter and notice was added a lil while back, so this is actually recent. To avoid any confusion, because this is PART TWO OF BROKEN, there is a new summary and banner for the story. Don't be thrown off cuz the summary has changed and the banner now says "Abandoned". It's just for the second part. Speaking of the banner, omg. It's beautiful. Gorgeous. Outstanding. Amazing. Wonderful. Awesome. Astonishing. Seriously, it is beautiful and I wish I could post both banners because they are equally marvelous. So, just to clear any confusion up before it starts. Thanx !!!

Jayde PP

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