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“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” Lily tapped the Marauder’s Map, safely in the confines of her dormitory.

She looked around the map until she finally found James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black, who were huddled in the Gryffindor common room, undoubtedly discussing the whereabouts of their now missing map. Lily had had it for all of 22 minutes and they were already going insane.

“And they won’t be getting it back for a long time,” she whispered, glaring at the name of James Potter as she jumped off her bed, tapping the Marauder’s Map once again, and muttered “Mischief Managed.”

“Mr. Filch!” she shouted when she had let herself out of the portrait hole.

“What?” he growled, stopping mid-step, his annoying cat, Mrs. Norris, following.

“Um, I confiscated this from Potter, Black, Lupin, and Pettigrew,” she said proudly, hoping to get away from him as soon as possible.

A look of utmost glee overtook his face as he grabbed the map out of her hands. “Isn’t Potter supposed to be Head Boy?” he growled, stopping her as she had begun walking back to the common room.

“Yeah…” she muttered shamefacedly.

“I’ll get him this time!” he whooped, setting off at a run toward McGonagall’s office, she guessed.

Feeling only a little guilty, Lily thought better of going back to her dormitory and checked her watch. It was 5:36. Dinner would be in 24 minutes and she really didn’t feel like facing James Potter. If only she knew where Rose and Jade were, she’d have someone to protect her.

“Well, I guess I could go to the Library, he’d never look for me there,” she said to herself.

“Loony Lily, talking to herself!” said an extremely annoying sing-song voice from right above her head.

Cautiously, she looked up and narrowly dodged a stink pellet that Peeves had shot straight down upon her. She barely avoided the next 15 as well, and was grateful when he floated down the corridor, cackling madly about the Marauder’s being in trouble again.

“Well, they deserve it,” she assured herself, but instantly began feeling guilty. Maybe she just should’ve left Remus’s name out; he’d always been so nice to her; this was how she repaid him?!

Lost in guilty thoughts, she didn’t even notice when she came to the Library and Madam Pince had to hold the door open for her so she didn’t run into it.

“Thanks,” she muttered, scanning the Library for any familiar faces.

“Lily!” came a shout from the left corner. Lily spotted Jade’s shock of black hair and grinned, running to the table that she was sharing with Rose, all three of them ignoring the complaints of Madam Pince about how kids these days had no respect for books.

“How’d it go with Potter?” Jade asked excitedly, not bothering to keep her voice at an “appropriate level”.

“How did you know about that?” Lily asked, eyebrows knitted.

“How’d it go?” Rose repeated, ignoring Lily’s question.

“It didn’t,” she said clearly, occupying herself with an unopened book in front of Rose.

“Come again?” Rose said, mouth hanging slightly open.

“It didn’t go, because I didn’t go,” Lily said, meeting her friend’s eyes.

“WHAT?!” Jade shrieked.

“Honestly, girls, shh!” Madam Pince exclaimed from the front desk.

“Why not?” Rose asked, shooting looks at Jade.

Lily shrugged, going back to occupying herself with the unopened book in front of Rose.

Rose leaned over the table, placed her hands on Lily’s shoulders and shook her. “Woman, don’t ignore me!” she warned playfully.

“Where’s Remus?” Jade asked.

Rose cocked her eyebrow. “Why do you care?”

“Well, it’s a Library. Libraries usually have Remus Lupin in them,” Jade said, stating the obvious and staring at the bookshelf behind Rose’s head.

“I got him in trouble,” Lily said guiltily.

“What’d Miss Head Girl do this time?” Rose complained, placing her hands behind her head.

“I found an enchanted map of theirs and turned it into Filch…” she replied softly, staring at a crack on the table.

“How could you?” accused Jade. “Now I won’t get to see Sirius for a month!” she wailed.

“Yeah, even you aren’t that much of a snitch,” Rose agreed. “Why’d you do it?”

Lily mumbled incoherently.

“What?” said Rose, an amused expression on her pretty face.

“I wanted to get back at Potter! Happy?”

“Get back at him?” asked Jade. “For what…?”

Lily’s brow furrowed in concentration. What was she mad at him for? She shrugged.

“Oh, you like him!” said Rose in a sing-song voice.

“I DO NOT LIKE JAMES!” Lily burst out.

“Ha! You do like him!” accused Jade. “You called him James!”

“Again!” added Rose.

“Again?” Jade asked.

“Yeah, she did the other day, too.”

“I don’t remember. Refresh my memory.”

Lily took the moment for granted and silently slipped out of the Library. “Whew…” she said once she was safely out.

“Lily!” The loud voice snapped through the empty corridor like a whip and made Lily jump.

“Yeeesss?” she said, facing Sirius.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” he accused, his gray eyes scanning hers.

“Of course not,” she said in a finalizing voice.

He lifted an eyebrow and joined her side as they began to walk.

“James is terribly mad,” he said as they passed a statue of a pouncing troll.


“Yeah. Terribly mad at whoever squealed on us… and you…”

He shot a look at her.

“Hmm. What makes you think I care?”

“If you didn’t squeal on us, then why didn’t you ask what I was talking about?” he asked, completely ignoring her previous statement.

Lily began to panic. “Um…I just decided that it was none of my business,” she lied.

“Liar,” he accused. “You always butt into other people’s business.”

“Like you don’t?” she said with a smirk.

They had now come to the Great Hall and Lily could see James and Remus sitting at the Gryffindor table looking extremely angry.

“Umm… I’m just going to go find Rose and Jade,” Lily stammered, immediately turning around, almost running into just the two she’d mentioned.

“Oh, we’re here,” Jade said with a smile, taking Lily’s wrist and leading her toward the table.

“No…noo…” she murmured, trying to break free of her grasp before James saw her.

“HEY, FELLAS!” Jade shouted, getting the attention of about everyone in the Great Hall.

Remus smirked, James glared, and McGonagall hurried toward the group.

“Sirius, haven’t you caused enough trouble for one day?” she groaned when she saw who Jade was standing with.

“Minnie, it wasn’t even me!” he said in a hurt voice, approaching McGonagall and putting an arm around her shoulders.

“Get off, honestly, Black,” she said sternly, though Lily was sure a smile flickered across her face. “One more disruption during dinner, and the six of you have detention,” she warned crossly, going back to join the staff table.

“Have a seat,” Remus offered the four, looking quite ill and rather angry.

Lily took a seat between Remus and Rose and right across from James.

“Potter,” she greeted.

He glared.

“What’s your problem?” Rose asked reproachfully.

“Yeah, it’s not like I was ever going to meet with you anyway,” Lily murmured through sips of her pumpkin juice.

“You know you were,” James growled, glaring at her from over the rim of his glasses.

“No, I wasn’t!” Lily said a little more loudly.

“Why am I arguing with you? YOU TOOK OUR MAP!” he screamed the last bit, standing up, attracting the attention of the whole school.

“I DON’T LIKE YOU, AND I DIDN’T TAKE YOUR BLOODY MAP! YOU’RE DELERIOUS, POTTER!” Lily was fully aware that McGonagall was approaching their table at a trot, but she wasn’t able to stop yelling.

“Potter! Evans! Quit yelling! And watch your language!!” she ordered fiercely, placing her hands on Lily’s shoulders and forcing her to sit on the bench.

“I didn’t do anything this time, Minnie!” Sirius said brightly.

She ignored him. “Detention for the six of you! Wednesday at seven! I will let you know where to go after Transfiguration on Tuesday!” She walked away looking quite harassed, the six students extremely annoyed.

“Prongs! We have Quidditch practice Wednesday! Why’d you have to go and get us detention?” Sirius whined.

“You think I don’t know that?” he snarled. “I scheduled it!”

“I’m going upstairs before you guys get us any more detentions. Anyone else coming?” Lily offered. Remus, Rose, and Jade immediately jumped up and tailed her. “Meet me at nine o’clock for rounds, James!” Lily reminded before she set off out of the Great Hall, Remus, Rose, and Jade on her tail, leaving the two boys to argue about Quidditch practice.

“You called him James again…” Rose said out of the corner of her mouth.

“Can it...” Lily whispered back, her face falling.

“All right, but that doesn’t change the fact that you called him James… again…” whispered Jade from her other side. From in front of her, Lily saw an unmistakable smirk cross Remus’s face.

“It IS his name, you know,” Lily snapped as they began climbing staircases.

“Yeah, but you don’t call him that, and you know it,” Remus chirped.

Jade laughed unnaturally loud, gathering strange looks from Rose and Lily and a few passing ghosts.

“Remus…” a voice called from the shadows.

“Uh…” Remus began, looking for the owner of the voice.

Frank Longbottom appeared at his side, his face rather red.

“Ifuhgotdapasswordgin….” he said rather quickly.

“Um…what?” said Remus, biting his lip to stop from laughing.

“I forgot the password again!” he replied quite embarrassedly.

“Oh, well that’s nothing new,” said Remus with a chuckle. “Come with us, we’ll let you in.”

“Where’re James and Sirius?” asked Frank, noticeably more cheerful now that he knew that none of his friends were going to tease him about forgetting the password…again.

“Still squabbling about in the Great Hall, I expect,” said Lily, crossing her arms in front of her rather moodily.

“Lily likes James and it makes her mad!” Jade said in a stage whisper, Rose stuffing her fist in her mouth to quit from laughing.

“Stop laughing, will you!” requested Lily, throwing exasperated looks at Rose, and Remus who had now joined in the unconventional laughter. “I DON’T LIKE JAMES!” she added.

“Stop screaming,” said Rose, “I’d rather appreciate if you didn’t get us any more detentions today.

“Flobbergidget,” said Remus as they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Look, I’m going to my common room,” said Lily in an annoyed sort of way as the rest of the group fumbled into the portrait hole.

“Oh, all right, bye,” they mumbled in turn, still struggling to keep their laughter down.

“Why they were laughing, I will never know…” Lily muttered as she hurried away from the portrait hole.

“Do you always talk to yourself, Evans?” Lily whipped around.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said when she saw James Potter approaching her rapidly, Sirius at his side. “Have you guys stopped arguing yet?”

“Do we ever?” asked Sirius, letting out his bark-like laughter.

“No,” agreed Lily truthfully.

“Why’d you turn our map in, Evans?” asked Sirius in a pitiful sort of way, a puppy dog pout upon his face that Lily was sure he hadn’t put it there on purpose.

“I told you, I didn’t give Filch your stinking map.”

“Then how did you know that Filch had it?!” James cried exasperatedly.

“Er…” Lily began, her unnaturally intelligent brain reeling. “Okay, so what if I took it? I’m Head Girl! It’s my job!”

James got a triumphant look on his features which quickly turned to anger. “Lily,” he whined, “we spent the better part of two years developing that map!”

“Oh, what a fine way to spend two years!” Lily snapped moodily as the threesome came to a halt outside of the picture of Herbert the Hungry.

“Ah, well, Padfoot, what’s done is done…” said James to Sirius, clearly not listening to Lily.

“Shall we have a moment of silence?” Sirius asked rather seriously.

“We shall…” The two boys bowed their heads, unnaturally still. Lily observed them, a look of wonder and amusement on her face.

“Well, when you two are done mourning about a map…”

They ignored her. “May the map be stolen from Filch sometime in the future by a pair of future troublemakers whose troublemaking abilities marvel our own,” said Sirius as they regained their joking air.

“Are you done now?”

“I think so,” said James with a smile. He tickled Herbert’s unnaturally large stomach and the portrait swung open.

The three walked in.

“Well, my friend,” said Sirius. “I’m going to find Jade.”

“You just got here…” said James.

“Prongs… hot girl… you….Which one would YOU pick?”

“Well, go on then…” said James through a laugh.

Sirius bounced out of the room, leaving Lily and James to themselves.

“So…” began Lily, but was silenced by a glare. “Fine, bye, Potter,” she snarled as she lifted her books off the table in an irritated sort of way and stomped up the steps to her dormitory.


“I’ll take the first three floors, you take the top four,” said Lily moodily that night when she stomped down the stairs to begin rounds.

“Can’t we just do it together? It’s more interesting,” complained James, playing with yet another snitch.

“No,” she snapped, catching the snitch from his hands spectacularly and tucking it in her own pocket.

“Wow,” said James, impressed. “I could’ve used you this year. I had an awful time finding a seeker this time…”

“Okay then…” said Lily, slipping out of the portrait hole, leaving James to thoughts of Quidditch.

“Wait, Lily!” James came running after her.

“NOW what do you want?” she shrieked, scaring a bunch of first years. “You’re supposed to be in bed anyway!” she snapped. “Go, or I’ll give detention to the lot of you!” The group of first years scrambled up the stairs, shooting her harassed looks.


“FINE! You can walk with me if you want, but we’re not going to talk…”

“Good enough for me!” said James, a smile upon his face. It really was a mystery to Lily how quickly he got over his anger.

They walked in silence for a good ten minutes, not finding any troublemakers at all. Then one practically jumped into their arms.

“Prongs, I—”

“Sirius,” Lily scolded. “It’s after curfew! I’ll have to give you a deten—”

“Shut up! All right?!” His eyes looked suspiciously bloodshot and he was trying to lead James away from Lily. “I need to talk to Prongs.”

“Go ahead,” Lily offered. “I’ll be, ah, I’ll be over here.”

She strolled to the staircase and sat down, staring absently at the wall. She tried not to look at the boys, but couldn’t help but notice how angry and upset they were both looking.

“Okay,” Lily heard James say as he began walking back to her. “I should be done soon; I’ll come talk to you then.”

“What was wrong with him?” Lily asked as James joined her.

He looked at her as if she’d just killed his best friend.

“What?” she asked, drawing back a little.

He shot her another look, but softened up a bit. “Your friend just broke up with Sirius.”

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