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Chapter 2

[a/n: Jeez you are all going to HATE me for this chapter LOL no seriously.. in advance sooo sorry for this chapter!!!]

AWESOME chapter pic by secret soul

It felt like they had been running for hours. Hermione could hear everyone around them breathing harshly, trying desperately to regain their breath. Without noticing it, a tear escaped from her eye. She wiped it away hastily, knowing it wasn’t the time to get emotional. She looked at Harry, his face filled with determination but there was also something in there, a feeling of doubt perhaps?

Finally, they reached the front doors and to no one’s surprise, it was shuddering remarkably. More of the Order came and stood by their sides anticipating what was to come from behind the doors. Even students started to come.

“What are the children doing here?” Remus asked worriedly, glancing from the doors, to the Order members and then to the students.

“We couldn’t stop them from coming,” Tonks said. “Remus, they want to fight.”

“They are but children! They are to be safe with Filch and Madame Pomfrey like we had planned!” Remus said, angrily.

“They want to help Remus.”

“Look, this is not the time for arguments. There’s nothing we can do about it now Remus,” Harry said. “Everyone, wands at the ready, they’re just about to break McGonagall’s enchantments.”

“It’s almost time Harry” Remus squinted as the bones on his fingers started to ache as he transformed.

“Remus, just hold it a little longer” Harry said, worriedly. Remus had taken the potion earlier that evening, knowing it was to be full moon.

Hermione glanced behind her. The students all raised their wands, ready to fight, ready to die if necessary, or ready to win.

Draco, Ginny, Neville and Luna were amongst the students. Draco held Ginny’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze.

“Be careful,” he whispered to her tenderly.

“I will,” was her only response though her eyes seemed to convey a secret message to him.

Hermione smiled sadly at them. It had been almost half a year since they had started going out. Draco had left the Death Eaters and sought protection from the Order. It was hard to gain their trust, but Ginny was the first to have given him faith.

She looked around everyone, all of them determined to fight. They had been having dueling lessons all year in preparation. Hermione was assigned to search for more spells that could be useful to them so Harry could teach everyone.

They would be breaking in at any moment now. Hermione tightened her grip on her wand. She glanced at Harry who happened to look her way too. He smiled at her knowingly and whispered the words, “Be careful.”

She nodded her head as he smiled yet again in time to hear a tremendously loud explosion coming from the doors. The Death Eaters suddenly came sweeping inside. Everyone ran forward, ready to fight the first Death Eater that came their way. The battle was bloody as curses were thrown back and forth.

For hours the battle went on, both sides determined not to give up.

“Stupefy!” Hermione screamed at one of Voldemort’s henchmen as they came at her.






Hermione cast her curses and blocked ones that were sent her way, although she got hit with a number of spells. Her body was already starting to ache. She began to hear a lot of students scream as they saw the werewolves and the dementors.

She heard a yell of “Expecto patronum!” from behind her. She turned around and saw a great silver stag erupting from the tip of Harry’s wand. The stag danced around, driving the dementors away.

Suddenly a great wolf launched at Hermione, slamming into her with incredible force. She screamed as it thrashed on her chest, ripping her clothes apart. It growled as it was getting ready to sink its teeth into her arm.

Fortunately, another wolf jumped unto it, stopping its attempts on gnawing Hermione. She watched as the two wolves thrashed at each other, figuring the one that saved her must have been Remus. She smiled, but it soon faded as a Death Eater yelled “Avada Kedavra!” at the wolf.

“NO!” Hermione cried out, but it was too late as a flash of blinding green light erupted from the wand of the Death Eater and the wolf, Remus, fell forward.

Tears escaped her eyes as she yelled at the Death Eater. “Rictusempra!”

She didn’t have time to mourn over Remus’ body as another wolf began to lunge at her. “Immobulus!” The wolf suddenly stopped midway in its enormous leap towards her.

After that, she began to run as two more wolves started to pursue her with an odd glint in their eyes. She ran outside, passing through the great doors. There were a number of students and Death Eaters fighting outside too.

Bodies were scattered all over the place, making it hard not to stumble on one. She soon discovered as she tripped on one and fell. She screamed loudly as she recognized the body. “Neville... No,” she moaned, kneeling on the bloodstained ground.

She saw the wolves coming at her again. “Impedimenta!” she cast at the wolf running towards her. “Stupefy!” she screeched at the other one. After that she looked back at Neville’s body and cried. “Neville….” But there was no time left, she knew she must get up and fight.

She stood up, just as a Death Eater yelled. “Crucio!”

She screamed in pain and knelt back. “Filthy mudblood, see him?” the Death Eater sneered. “You and the rest will be next.”

Hermione closed her eyes as she cried more in pain. Suddenly she heard someone yell “Expelliarmus!” The pain was suddenly relieved from her. She opened her eyes and saw Ron’s blue eyes looking through it.

“Hermione are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“Yes yes, I’m fine Ron,” she answered, trying to sit up. Ron smiled, helping her up. “Thank y—

Before she could finish her sentence she saw another Death Eater behind Ron.

“Ron!” she yelled, but again, it was too late.

“Avada Kedavra!” a woman’s voice from behind the mask yelled.

Ron still had the warm smile as the green light hit him from behind and he fell on top of Hermione.

“That’s what you get for being a blood traitor,” the woman sneered and took her mask off, revealing the sneering face of Bellatrix Black.

"Ron..." Hermione sobbed as she gently laid Ron down. “YOU!” she shrieked and, without thinking, she used an unforgivable curse. “CRUCIO!”

Bella felt pain, but only for awhile. “Oh come on mudblood, you don’t have the heart to cast an unforgivable curse.” She smirked. “You’re just a filthy mudblood, you are. A weak one! See you’re friend here? HA. He did this to himself for being a blood-traitor,” she said before raising her wand.


The two women stared at each other for a split second before Bellatrix fell limply on the ground, Hermione’s wand still pointed directly at her. She just completed her first murder. She pressed her cold hands on her mouth, sobbing. She was now a murderer.

“Hermione!” Harry ran towards her. “What ar— RON! Noo..” He knelt beside his best friend of seven years and cradled his head in his arms. “Ron, oh God no…”

Harry felt as if the world had just ended as flashes of the train ride in their first year where he and Ron had met came flooding back to him.  Had he known this would happen he would have....


Hermione cried harder than ever. Harry embraced his best friend, mourning for several minutes before putting his fingers on his eyes, shutting them. “Goodbye Ron.” He knew he couldn't stay there for so long. He wanted to sit by his side badly but he must go on if he was going to bring justice to his friend's death. It seemed a life was taken every second.

Harry looked up at Hermione and saw that she wasn’t looking at Ron but at a body in front of her.

“Hermione?” Harry said, tears were glistening in his eyes.

“I killed her…,” she whispered softly. “Harry, I killed her... I-I’m a murderer.”

“You did what you had to do, Hermione,” Harry told her as he stood up and looked at the form of Bellatrix Black sprawled on the grass.

Hermione just stared at the body before her, her hands shaking. "I killed her."

"Hermione," Harry tilted her head to face his. "Hermione, you have to stay focused."

Hermione shook her head.

"Listen to me, Hermione, stay with me, alright? Stay focused, you can’t let this pull you down. We need to fight. For Ron and for every single person who gave their life for this war. You did what you had to do."

Hermione slowly nodded as she wiped her tears. She knew he was right. This was definitely not the time to get affected, not when her friends were slowly being taken away from her. “Voldemort?” she asked.

“I still haven’t found him,” was all he said.

More screams could be heard now. This worried them both greatly. “Come on, Hermione,” he said before taking a last glance at Ron’s body and running towards more Death Eaters.

She bent down and whispered in Ron's ears, "I'm so sorry, Ron. I love you."

She kissed his forehead quickly, wiping her tears, before running after Harry. Her legs were ready to give up but stopped when she heard that familiar laugh. Harry without looking back had run on without her. She turned around and saw Ginny’s body lying on the floor and Draco crying in front of her as Lucius Malfoy laughed.

Suddenly Draco’s face darkened as he drew his wand.

“What? Are you going to kill your own father?”

“You killed the person that's given me a reason to live and with that killed your own unborn grandson, so yes I will kill you,” Draco spoke through his teeth.

“Ginny,” Hermione whispered. Only a few months ago did she announced her pregnancy to Hermione. She had promised not to tell anybody, especially her brother. She was not allowed to come to the battle but, as stubborn as her friend was, she resisted for months and resorted to begging both Draco and Hermione to let her go.

"Love, boy? Are you barking mad? You were sent here to spy on Potter, not shack up with that grimy blood traitor. Do you know what troubles my Lord gave your mother and I when you turned your back on us?" The elder Malfoy roared. "And did you think I would accept a grandson from that girl?"

Draco tightened his grip on his wand and pointed it directly at his father.

“You don’t have guts to kill your own blood, boy,” Lucius drawled. “You never did have a spine on you. It's probably what this weasel liked best about you, I imagine" Lucius sneered as he poked Ginny's body with his feet.

"AVADA KEDAVRA" Draco bellowed. He watched as his father gave him one last surprised look before he dropped beside the redhead he had killed earlier.

Draco dropped to his knees and pulled Ginny away from his father, settling her in his arms. He was to become a father. He was to spend the rest of his life with the girl in his arms and the unborn baby inside of her. He wept as he buried his face in Ginny's red mane, waiting for death to come and take him as well.

Hermione knew she must give Draco the privacy to mourn. She silently created a protective bubble charm around Draco which he did not seem to notice. The charm would only work for several minutes. She hoped Draco would soon be able to protect himself when that time came.

With that, she looked around her. Dead bodies were all over the place, mostly their side.

Then she saw it. A giant light erupted from the sky. She ran closer for some reason knowing Harry would somehow be there. She ran near the Forbidden Forest and stopped. She was right, but he was not alone.

Voldemort was there. 

It seemed like they have been fighting for hours and Harry looked extremely tired and weak. Meanwhile, Voldemort sneered, looking  like his same old immaculate self.

“Ready to die, Potter?” he hissed.

“You wish,” Harry returned .

Voldemort smirked. “You are just like your father, you know. Very brave indeed… before I stomped him like a little cockroach.”

Harry glared at him and instantly yelled “Flagrantia!” At that, Voldemort yelled. “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

The two spells hit together, clashing, green and red fighting off each other. With a jolt from Voldemort’s wand, both spells disappeared. Harry fell down on the ground, kneeling as it seemed to have zapped his energy.

Hermione was shocked. She has never seen this happen before. How can it just disappear like that? She thought.

“Incarcerous,” Voldemort drawled almost lazily. Suddenly ropes were binding around Hermione’s body.

“Look what we have here… it’s your mudblood girlfriend, Potter.”

“Leave her out of this,” Harry choked out, struggling to stand up. “This is between you and me.”

“Oh come on, wouldn’t it be more pleasurable?” he said before pointing his wand at Hermione and yelling, “CRUCIO!”

Hermione felt that familiar pain, like a ragged sword was being run through every corner of her body. “ARGHH” she screamed out in agony.

“Leave her alone!” Harry yelled, “Collorportus!” even though he was still struggling to stand still.

With a lazy flick he blocked the spell as the curse was lifted from Hermione, the pain disappearing with the curse.

“That was a very lousy riposte, Potter,” he spat. “You know, I’m getting tired of these foolish little games. I think it’s about time we end this, Potter.”

Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry and suddenly he was rising two feet above the ground. It looked as if he was being held by the neck.

“HARRY!” Hermione yelled, crying.

Harry looked at Hermione one last time. “’Mione,” he choked.

“Oh don’t worry about her, you’ll see her again in a few minutes.” He smirked. “Gather around my faithful followers.”

His followers were suddenly surrounding Hermione. One tried to grab her by her collar when Voldemort yelled, “NO! Leave the girl to me.”

“I want you all to witness, to fully comprehend, that no one can ever defeat the Dark Lord. Not a crackpot old man who had love as an answer to everything or a foolish boy who thought himself as someone who can actually overpower me.” Voldemort paused before saying, “No one… AVADA KEDAVRA!”

“NO!” Hermione yelled as right before her eyes, the love of her life was taken away from her. “HARRY!”

The blinding light suddenly disappeared and all Hermione could hear was Voldemort’s laugh of victory.

He had won.

Hermione stood up, tears still streaming down her face.

“It’s your turn now mudblood.” Voldemort faced her.

Hermione was still crying over Harry. All she could think about was that he was gone and that she was all alone.

Without any thought whatsoever, she pointed her wand at Voldemort and cast the first spell that came into mind. “Tractus veretio!” she screamed as Voldemort yelled, “Avada Kedavra!”

Both spells crashed into one another. Hermione knew Voldemort’s spell was much stronger. The green light seemed to have enveloped Hermione’s blue light, joining the two lights into one and creating a big whirlpool.

Hermione screamed loudly as the great whirlpool seemed to be absorbing inside her skin, enclosing her body. The last thing she heard was Voldemort’s triumphant laugh.

‘At least I’ll be seeing my parents and Harry and everyone else again’ she thought before everything turned black.

[a/n: I finally got around to editing this chapter and viola!!! Draco's alive!! whew!!
Hopefully that eases some of the reader's pain.. I really was sorry about killing everyone but there wouldnt be a story here if they didnt. I hope you liked this revision and please review if you did!!

For first time-readers of this chapter.. i hope you wont hate me too much and continue to read on!]

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