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“Anne, you must be careful. You must watch your tongue around the King.”

“Hush your tongue, Elizabeth. I’ve spoken to the King this way many times before and it has only captured his attention, not turned him away. I am the one that Henry is to fall in love with, not you. You are simply a common girl, barely fit to walk within these castle walls.”

“I am as royal by birth as you are, if not more.”

“Royal in what way. You are no royal in our world.”

“No, but I am a royal in the world where I was born and where I am meant to be.”

For years, I have listened to my sister’s harsh words. She was convinced that she is of a higher social status than I am and now, she’s positive that speaking and acting as anything other than a proper lady would catch the King’s attention and would put her in his favor. What she doesn’t realize is that while she will get to reap the benefits of being married to the wealthy king, it is I who do all the work. I made all the necessary potions. I have sewn her every gown and made them glitter with the magic that runs through my veins. And here, she gets all the credit.

At one time, I was a lone child wandering the streets of Kent. I knew only two things: my name, and the fact that I was gifted in ways that other’s weren’t. One wonderful day when I was seven years old, I stumbled upon Sir Boleyn and Lady Howard. They offered to take me in as their own child and I graciously accepted. It had been two years since I had left the orphanage and had eaten a decent meal.

I soon found myself to have two sisters and one brother, Mary and George were both younger than I was and Anne was the same age as me. The children soon accepted me into their family and we were quite close. Still, I knew that I was different from all of them. When Anne and I would fight, suddenly, I would be able to start fires from a distance, or even cause massive wind storms that would nearly lift the large residence from it’s footing. These traits were not found in ‘normal’ pre-teen girls.

Then, ten years ago on two days before what the Boleyn’s had dubbed as my birthday, I received a mysterious letter from a place called Hogwarts. When I showed it to my mum and dad, they were skeptical at first. They weren’t planning on allowing me to attend until an elderly man who appeared to be past his prime came to our door and spoke with them. I sat silently along the wall as Mr. Nicholas Flamel told them that I, am a witch. With a proper wand and supplies, I would be able to create potions, charm or curse others, and I would have many other opportunities open to me.

“Would she have an opportunity to gain an audience with the King?” they asked eagerly.

“No,” Flamel replied sharply. “You must never tell anyone of this. The world of magic has always been persecuted by non-wizards.” Mum and Dad’s eyes looked downward. “However,” Flamel continued. “She would have opportunities to charm the King and turn his favor in your direction.”

At this, Mum and Dad eagerly said yes. They gave Flamel five-thousand pounds in turn for him escorting me to school and my tuition for seven years. I accompanied Flamel to a purely wizarding location named Diagon Alley where we purchased necessities and my wand. On September 1st, he took me to an open field just outside of London and put me in a carriage. “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” he said to the large black winged stallion that stood before the carriage. The carriage ride alone was quite lonesome but for the majority of the trip, I was either watching the landscape fly past or reading through my new textbooks.

When we reached the school, I gazed upon the towering castle in awe. Once inside the main gates, I met my first professor and was lead into a large room with about 40 other students in there. As I looked around, I saw only 3 other girls. We became fast friends and spent the majority of our time talking about boys and our lives before we were invited to attend Hogwarts. We were soon separated and sorted into our respective houses and I was placed in the house of Salazar Slytherin.

My first banquet at Hogwarts was a memory that will last me forever. When they called me up to the small stool that stood up at the front of the Great Hall, Most students and even a professor or two gasped in awe when they heard, “Elizabeth Everard.” It was at this banquet that I learned that my family was of royal status in Magical England and that many thought that the entire Everard family had died from the plague.

Being one of 36 girls at Hogwarts made females the rarest of all students. Boys were always attempting to court us and being the proper girls that we were, we didn’t let them. I still don’t quite understand how most of the girls kept their virtue and virginity in those seven years of learning. I managed to lose mine in my fifth year to a dashing seventh year by the name of Eric Donnan.

Eric often told me of how his family was nearly on the same level of royalty as mine, but he regarded me as his queen and nearly knelt at my feet. I felt his flattery was unnecessary and he was merely looking to find a way out of his pants and under my petticoat. However, he continued to be persistent through my 3rd, 4th, and 5th years. I finally agreed to ignore my father’s advice and allowed myself to become attached to him. We immediately became a power couple on campus and were truly something to be reckoned with. Very few crossed our path and even fewer stood up to us for when we were together, we were invincible. We promised each other that we would find each other once again after I graduated.

After I left Hogwarts, I returned back to the home of the Boleyns to find that Anne and Mary were still serving as Ladies-in-Waiting to the Queen of France and George was also being educated in the same court. Father sent me to Westminster Palace to become a Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Catherine. During my time in the palace before Anne, Mary, and George returned, I used a few simple charms to catch the King’s eye. Although I had no love interest in him, Father commanded me to attempt to woo His Grace away from his wife. Although I never accompanied the King to his bedchamber, he did grant me the title Marquess of Hamilton and showered me with gifts. I was quite thankful when father told me to ‘give up’ on His Majesty and that perhaps one of my sisters would do better.

As young as I was, I thought about what professions I could go into. I was content living as Marquess but Father wanted more from me. He suggested I become a Lady-in-Waiting and when I had the opportunity, to move up in the King’s eyes, I should take it. Although I much preferred the notion of becoming an apothecary, for my potion brewing skills are great, thanks to the alchemist that fetched me from my home that evening, Flamel too agreed that I become a Lady-in-Waiting.

When Anne returned home, she had a fit after she found out that I had become one of the Queen’s favourite Ladies-in-Waiting. She demanded to take my place but the Queen was not keen to respond to her needs. Slowly, Anne managed to climb her way up to the level that I was and I must say, she did an excellent job. Now, it was her task to fall in love with the King.

When Mary returned home from France, however, she was the first to gain the King’s attention. She married early and still found a way to sleep with his Majesty. She ended up having a son from him and named the small boy Henry, after his father. Yet once the child was born, the King could care less about his possible Heir for his attentions had already turned to Anne.

I’m afraid I must confess that I feel as though it is partially my fault for waiting so long to slip the love potion into King Henry’s drink. I had made it specifically for Anne though and once Henry had slopped the entire tankard down his throat and on his robes, he was entirely obsessed with Anne. The love potion worked perfectly and gradually. It was entertaining to see Anne flirt mercilessly with every man in the room other than the King himself and then see the King make a forward move towards her and she would retort sharply and cause a row. Still though, the King loved her as no other. My mastery in potions showed itself thoroughly during this time.

This is where I shall begin my tale of love, lies, and deceit.

-Elizabeth Everard

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