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A/N These first couple sentences are just background information

Eden Chandler was a far cry from ordinary, from her semi-messy black hair (which she had added one purple streak to over the summer) to her neon green Converse clad feet. Yes, Eden Chandler was not you average sixteen year old witch. Her outrageous style matched her equally outrageous personality. When she wanted Eden could be calm and reserved, but more often than not she was wild and mischievous which would most likely lead to her down-fall.

Eden was (for the most part) enjoying life in America. Her family had up and left England when she was a child of six, which had left Eden quite distraught at the mere idea of leaving her cousin and best friend, James Potter. Sure he was quite extremely cocky, troublesome, and idiotic (at times)) she loved him all the same. Ten years later when tragedy strikes Eden and her family move back to England for a not so happy reunion.

- - - > August 12, 1977 < - - -

Eden stood in front of her full length mirror, she tried to smile but it seemed forced.

Her vibrant green eyes had lost their sparkle, her once normally proportioned body looked pallid and sickly for her tall 5'10'' frame, and her once attractively messy black (and slightly purple) hair looked coarse and greasy. Eden's once bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality had vanished, to only be replaced with a sullen, unhappy one instead.

Eden Chandler was moving back to England from AMerica. In other circumstances she would be ecstatic but when the reason she was moving back was because of her beloved aunt's death there was no room for happiness. Eden didn't even care she was leaving America and her friends because all of her sadness was used on her aunt's death and she couldn't take anymore depression.

The death had been sudden, her aunt had been out watering her plants and taking care of those pesky lawn gnomes when she had collapsed. The Healer's had told her family that the reason for her death was Breast Cancer. A sickness that both muggles and witches alike could develop. Eden was devastated, for she had never thought that a witch could acquire a sickness that was non-magic related. She had thought that because there was magic that the wizarding world was immune. boy was she wrong.

Eden's thoughts were interrupted however when she heard was a burst of noise downstairs.



I absolutely loathe moving.

Eden scrambled down the stairs clumsily



She spotted her mom standing by the fireplace, which earlier that morning had been adorned with happy pictures of her family and her friends.

How easily things change she thought bitterly.

"Sweetie your dad already took all our things to the new house, so we're just going to floo over now." Mrs. Chandler stated as she held out a copper pot filled to the brim with a green powder.

Eden nodded silently, pinched the powdery substance between her fingers and clearly stated


Before Eden could even open her eyes she was bowled over by something significantly heavy.

A/N This is my first fan fiction and I would SERIOUSLY appreciate your reviews, negative and positive. Any banners that you have time to make would also be absolutely amazing

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