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It had been a long day as Hermonie sat looking out the window on the Hogwarts Express. Her best friends Ron and Harry were arguing about quidditch and Ginny was reading Hermonie's Cosmo Girl magazine. As she looked out the window series of events from the summer events played in her head. She was remembering when she found out that she was to be a big sister, when she went to visit Victor Krum, the first time she road a broom at the burrow. Hermonie was in a deep sleep until she heard her friend Ginny...

"Hermonie, Hermonie... you better get up, we only have twenty minutes until we're at the train station." Ginny explained, "You better hurry and get changed before we arrive."
Hermonie stood up and put her hair in a ponytail and did a spell to change her clothes.

"Oh, good Hermonie you're up." Ron said

"Professor McGongell is looking for you," Harry told her, "She said something about a head's meeting."

"Oh my gosh, am I late? I can't be late, I won't be making a good impression of myself if I can't even show up to a meeting." Hermonie stated so quickly that all of her words were jumbled.

"Relax Hermonie, I woke you up early and you have plenty of time. 5 minutes to be exact." Ginny replied.

"Thank you Ginny, what would I do without you?" Hermonie said as she let out a sigh of relief.

"Well, you'd die of boredom listening to these two yapping about Quidditch all day long." Ginny stated.

"Hey, we're not boring." Ron argued.

"Well Ron, actually you were the boring one, not me." Harry said with a smirk.

"I'm not boring!" Ron yelled back at Harry and the next thing you knew the two were arguing about who was boring.

"I have to get going so I'm not late." Hermonie stated and she walked out of the compartment and she made her way down to the head's.

When she arrived she was greeted with a wonderful glow of the bright sunlight that shown brightly upon a red and golden couch obviously for her, and a green and black one obviously for someone in Slytherin.

"I swear if Draco Malfoy is head boy I will..." But Hermonie was never able to finish her thought because just then a very tall and gergous looking Draco Malfoy walked into the room and jumped on the couch.

Hermonie couldn't help but stare at Draco. He had grown up looking nice, wait no, he looked great. His blonde hair wan't to short nor to long and he still have those piercing blue eyes.

"Hey, I'm Draco Malfoy and I don't believe that I know you." Hermonie looked at him stunley sure she had made a few changes with Ginny's help of course, but she always thought that Draco would know her because he picked on her so much.

"I could have a lot of fun with this," Hermonie thought knowing that Draco had a weakness for girls. "Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm... Victoria Hastings." Hermonie stated sweetly.

"So, you must be new then hun?" Draco asked.

"Yeah, I just came here from the...US." Hermonie lied.

"Wow, so why did you decide to come here to this dump?" Draco asked curiously. It was time to let it fly now, because she had a perfect opportunity to get back at Draco for all of these years.

"Oh, I decided to transfer schools, because I heard that there were suppose to be a really hot head boy this year." Hermonie stated trying not to giggle.

"So, you're obviously head girl then, so what friend told you about me?" Draoc asked trying not to blush.

"Oh, just my best friend in the entire world...maybe you know her, she's in our year, her name's Hermonie Granger." Hermonie said looking into Draco's eyes. He looked not only stunned, but shocked too. Hermonie used this as an opportunity to spill a little bit of her discoveries over the summer and to get even with Draco once and for all. "Did you know that there was this really horrible guy who would always call her mudblood, and you won't believe this, but Hermonie is actually a pureblood. She was adopted by muggle parents, because her other parents were murdered by a guy. Oh, what's his name?"


"Yeah, that's it, Voldemort, oh, and did you also know that Hermonie may have to be resorted into Slytherin, because her real parents use to be in Slytherin. She also has a twin brother he's really kind of cute too..." Hermonie said while rattling off all of the details that took place.

"What was his name?" Draco asked curious to know more about Granger, but not really knowing why.

"Blake...Blane...well, his last name is Zoroni no, Zalomi... ah, what is it?" Hermonie teased Draco knowing that her brother was his best friend.

"Oh my gosh! Blaise Zamboni?!?!?!?" Draco screeched looking horrified.

"Yeah, that's it, Blaise Zamboni." Hermonie smirked at Draco knowing that the fun had just started.


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