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“I wonder what Dumbledore wants.” Lily whispered to James as the Marauders walked down the corridor to the Great Hall.

“Who knows…Ohh maybe he’s trying to figure out who made Fanghorns wig fly threw the corridor singing the school song!” James laughed smiling at Lily.

“That was you?!” Hermione asked in false astonishment.

“Who else?” Sirius laughed flipping some of his long black hair away from his eyes.

“I somehow knew you two were behind it!” Remus laughed his arm around Hermione waist.

“Come on who would have enough guts to do it? Snillivus?!” James laughed, taking Lily’s hand in his own.

“I have to admit watching Professor Fanghorn running down the hall chasing it was pretty funny!” Hermione giggled.

“Whatever Pup, you know you were the one who found the spell!” James yelled causing Hermione to laugh even harder and blush.

“No way! Go ‘Mione!” Lily laughed as she looked at Hermione in shock.

“You guys let her in but not me?!” Remus said with a quirked brow.

“It was a welcome prank!” Sirius laughed, punching Remus’s arm playfully.

“Ohh whatever!” Remus laughed as they continued walking down the large marble staircases.

“Still why would Dumbledore want only the seventh years?” Lily asked with a quirked brow, wondering what could be going on.

“Maybe its about Graduation this year.” Peter said with a shrug.

“I doubt it, it’s to early in the year.” Hermione said looking at the group.

“Who knows…Ladies first.” Sirius laughed, motioning for the girls to step into the Great Hall. Hermione and Lily rolled their eyes, walking to their usual seat at the Gryffindor table.

“What if it’s something bad?” Peter asked with a worried glitter in his eyes.

“Ohh stop it Peter, if it were bad he would want the whole school!” Remus laughed, looking to the Headmasters podium where Dumbledore stood looking across the student.

Everything fell silent as Dumbledore placed his hands in the air. “Students I assume you all had a good nights rest?” Dumbledore asked smiling, causing a small amount of people to stir. “Yes well lovely, now onto more pressing matters. Tell me, does anyone in this room know Russian?” He asked causing everyone to glance around in a confused manor. “Well for those of you who do…you will be at an advantage! For we are going to our neighboring school Drumstrang for the Triwizard Tournament!” Dumbledore announced, causing the entire Great Hall to erupt in cheers and laughter.

“The Triwizard Tournament…” Hermione said softly as all the memories of Dragons, Merpeople, and mazes ran threw her mind.

“Everyone get a good nights rest…For we leave in the morning!” Dumbledore yelled, dismissing the students.

“I can’t believe it! We’re going to Russia!” Lily squealed, smiling at Hermione widely.

“I know can’t wait.’ Hermione said with a false smile. She could feel a cold shiver move down her spine, as her mind was flooded with foggy memories.

“This is going to be so cool! Image in new school that doesn’t suspect us!” Sirius said gleefully as he high-fived James.

“Teach them how us English men get it done!” James nodded with a large smirk on his face.

“James don’t you dare do anything stupid!” Lily said sternly.

“What?!” James said putting his hand over his heart dramatically. “Mua?! I can’t believe you would say something like that Lils!” James said with a phony hurt expression.

“Just don’t get yourself killed.” Lily laughed, taking his hand.

“Hey are we dead yet?” Remus laughed, shrugging his shoulders.

“Theres still time!” Hermione laughed, looking at Remus intently.

“We have to go talk to Dumbledore.” She whispered in his ear.

“Why?” He said with a quirked brow.

“Because there will be full moons while we’re there.” Hermione whispered somberly. Remus got an ‘O’ look on his face as he gripped her hand and began walking against the current.

“Head Master…Hermione and I have to talk to you.” Remus said as they walked up to the kindly old man.

“If it is about your transformations Mr. Lupin, I assure you and Miss granger are well taken care of. What is going to happen is we shall all sleep on the train since Drumstrang doesn’t have enough accommodations for us all. Well you and Miss Granger are going to have a compartment at the end of the train, sound proof and damage proof, I assure you everything is settled.” Dumbledore said with a wise smile.

“Okay good, thank you Professor.” Hermione said as they walked off.

“Think our own Compartment.” Remus laughed, running his fingers threw his hair.

“Don’t you get any ideas!” Hermione laughed as he stopped in the middle of the empty corridor, gripping both her hands.

“I wasn’t…I was just saying that I would much rather share a room with you then the boys…Sirius snores, James talks in his sleep, and Peter wets the bed!” Remus laughed as he kissed the top of her head.

“Eww!” Hermione said as she heard him mention Peter.

“Yea try smelling it!” Remus laughed as they started walking again. They rounded the corner, stopping dead in their tracks. They watched as James and Lily kissed each other hungrily. Remus placed his finger over his lips as they tiptoed away. They both had to bite their knuckles to stop themselves from laughing.

“I hope we don’t look like that!” Hermione laughed as they continued walking towards the Gryffindor.

“I don’t think anyone other than James and Lily could look like…That!” Remus laughed as they came apon the picture of the Fat Lady.

“Fawks.” Hermione said quickly, making the door swing open. They walked into the room, to find Peter and Sirius playing a rather noisy game of Wizards Chess.

“Ohh come off it!” Peter yelled as Sirius knight killed his Queen.

“You just can’t win Peter my boy!” Sirius laughed as the broken pieces moved off the board.

“That’s barbaric!” Hermione laughed, for some reason, it sounded so farmilure.

“So?” Sirius asked simply, not taking his eyes off the board. Suddenly his eyes lit up. “Bishop to G5 Check and mate!” Sirius said in a Sing-a-song voice as Peters King fell, making him hit his head on the table.

“Maybe next time Pete.” Remus said patting his shoulder.

“Yea right!” He replied, resting his cheek in his hand. Remus laughed as he placed his hand on Hermione’s hips. “Now where were we?” he asked with a smirk planted on his face.

“We weren't anywhere.” Hermione laughed placing her arms around his neck.

“Well then we better start from the beginning!” Remus laughed, pressing his lips against hers firmly.

“I wonder what it will be like.” Lily said as Hermione sat behind her, French braiding her hair for her.

“Ohh it’s nice…Not as nice as here, but nice.” Hermione said with a small smile.

“How do you know?” Lily said turning back to look at her briefly.

“Ohh I have a friend there.” Or I will Hermione thought with a smile.

“Really? You can introduce us!” Lily said turning around.

Hermione’s eyes shifted around, how could she introduce them to someone who wasn’t born yet? “No I can’t be graduated already.” Hermione said to save herself, smiling at her own cleverness.

“Ohh alright.” Lily said as she shrugged.

“So how was your you James’ little snog feast on the fourth floor corridor?” Hermione asked with a sly smirk.

“How did you…Aww crud!” Lily said as she turned around. “Did you like watch us you freak?” Lily asked in a joking voice as she smiled at Hermione questioningly.

“No! Remus and I were passing threw…It was rather disgusting!” Hermione laughed as she placed the elastic in her hair.

“Ohh like you’re one to talk! You two always going at it like a couple on animals!” Lily said causing them both to crack up laughing.

“Ohh well who care? Better us catch you then Filtch!” Hermione said, placing a headband on her head to keep her bangs out of her face.

“Well that’s true.” Lily said as she walked over to her dresser, opening the top draw. “Hey I only have one outfit in here!” She said, opening the rest of the draws.

“Well duh! Everything else has been packed smart one!” Hermione laughed as she slipped into her bed. Lily rolled her eyes, before crossing the room to the door.

“I’m gunna go say night to James.” She said walking down the steps.

“Tell him I said night.” Hermione said before pulling the covers over her head.

Hermione looked out the window, seeing a large crescent moon looking back at her, she sighed it was kind of depressing that she would never see the full moon again. She rolled over, turning her back on the window. The room was silent, with the exemption of the usual snort of snore. She looked at the ceiling, feeling the darkness of the room surround her.

I wonder what Harry and Ron are doing right now. She thought to herself as her eyes shifted around the room. I wonder how…Ohh what's their name! Umm…Ron’s little sister…Jenny? Ohh its no use…The past is making me forget! Hermione thought with a soft grunt. Ginny! That was it Ginny! At least I think that’s it…

“Night Hermione.” Lily said as she swayed into her bed, making Hermione laugh.

“What?” Lily asked softly, looking at her through the curtains.

“Nothing.” Hermione said quickly before turning over and pretending to be asleep. She felt the room surrounding her and her restless mind chased away her sleep. Vague images of the trio ran threw her mind, as she tried her hardest to remember. What scared her most was she couldn’t even remember what her father looked like.

She sat up in her bed, hugging her knees to her chest. She felt to guilty, even though she had done nothing. She let out a deep intake of air, trying to steady her nervous body. Maybe she felt guilty because there were people in the future who loved her so much, and yet she didn’t want to go back.

Her thoughts soon drifted to Ron; he loved her so much more than she did him. She couldn’t help but feel bad as she imagined him missing her so much while she was perfectly content with Remus. She did love Ron too, more than a friend. But still the emotions could not compare to what she felt for Remus.

The thought of the golden eyed boy only brought more guilt to her heart. This wasn’t fair to him. They were so much in love, yet she knew in the end she would have to leave him. She would have given anything to stay in the past; still she knew that was not what was meant to happen. It seemed that no sooner had she closed her eyes, she was awaken by a high pitched squeal.

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