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Draco Malfoy sat at the Slytherin table as usual taking his time to eat his bowl of porridge. He suddenly looked up a creeping feeling edging up his neck.

He looked towards the door of the Dinging Hall and was greeted with a spectacular sight. A sight that was Hermione Granger. Draco couldn't tell if it was simply the light or maybe something else different but Hermione somehow looked entirely ravishing. As she strided across to Gryffindor table her hair swayed its glossy waves catching the light. Her robes flowed out behind her. Her big round eyes looking directly at her destination.

Draco dropped his spoon in shocksplattering porridge over his two best freinds.

He was in love. There was nothing more to it. He wanted Hermione Granger and when he wanted somethinge got it.

Draco couldn't remember ever feeling a feeling like he felt write at that moment then and he felt as though he could never love or feel that way about anyone ever except for about feeling that way about Hermione.

'Ahhh, Hermione," Draco thought to himself as he went back to his porridge. But how could he impress her.


Draco hang around outside Gryffindor common room for the rest of the day hopping to bump into his love 'accidently'. At around half past four in the evening his beloved appeared heading to her common room.

“Hello there Hermione,' Draco saidlooking longingly at her elegant long swishy locks.

“What do you what?” Hermione asked him suspiciously.

“You” Draco said simply and he pulled her into a long long movie star kiss.

Ron came around the corner and saw this entire scene. He couldn't believe it. He always thought that Hermione had liked him. Now that scum she was with now. She was a traitor to the house to the Weasleys To Harry To him. And his heart broke. Or rather, he went into shock, and had a heart-attack.

But Hermione was too busy with Draco to notice her friend in pain on the floor.

When Draco had pulled her into his arms she thought that she would have pulled away straight away. But she didn't. She kissed him back. People say that you can tell a lot from a first kiss and Hermione realised that she wanted to spend the rest of her life wit this boy

Now that she thought about it though all the signs were there. He was her perfect man. He was smart intelligent handsome good-looking and chivilrous. He was her perfect man.

They eventually pulled away not still noticing Ron's pale body on the floor near to them.

“I-,” Draco wanted to say something but just couldn't. He couldn't get the words out.

“I-,” Hermione wanted to say something too Hermione wanted to say three words imparticular.

And although the words were stayed unsaid they both understood. And they fell into each others arms once more. And they kissed again, until they were interrupted by a loud scream.

They turned around and saw Ginny weeping on the floor.

Hermione fell down to her side.

“What is it?” Hermione asked quickly.

“Look. Ron” Ginny held up her brother pale body and Hermione gasped.

“Oh no! He's dead!”Draco exclaimed.

Suddenly Draco woke up with a start and wiped his brow.

"Phew" he said as he wiped his brow. "It was all a dream"

Then he caught site of a picture on his bedside table a picture a of a certain brunnette.

Maybe it wasn't not a dream after all.

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