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For two months or so nothing eventful happened as Melanie contented herself with gathering books from which Ginny and Harry had to choose things and the only things Ginny had to worry about were homework and Quidditch practice. It was a week until Christmas vacation before Melanie called another meeting that just happened to coincide with the next Hogsmeade visit. Ginny was looking forward to going home for the holiday and finally beginning to plan the wedding she was going to have in the summer.

One thing did bother Ginny though and she vented about it to her friends the day of the appointment, “I'm not sure we'll have everything done in time there's so much to choose so many things to do. And thanks to these meetings I'm not getting to spend anytime with you guys.” At which the four rushed to assure her that she spent plenty of time with them and that everything would be done in time. They had about seven months left after all.


Just a week later Ginny sighed with contentment as she surveyed the familiar kitchen and warmed her bare toes in front of the fire. She had arrived from Hogwarts the previous night and now had the house all to herself. Her mother gone to help Fleur with the Twins who had the measles and her father was at work finishing up paper work so that he could take the rest of the holiday off without being burdened with work. So for now she was alone though she hope that Harry would drop in later. She'd made a few decisions about the wedding that she wanted to discuss.

Reminded of the wedding Ginny got up and put on socks and shoes. Chewing a slice of bacon she searched for a quill and parchment. Reclaiming her seat on one of the tall stools in the kitchen she wrote a quick note to her mother as she nibbled a piece of toast. Then putting on a heavy coat and knotting her scarf she flooed, with a flash of green flame, to the wedding shop Diagon Alley.


This time Ginny was well received at the little shop and the saleswomen rushed her back to Ms. Hamilton's office. "Miss Weasley, what an unexpected surprise!" Melanie gushed ushering Ginny to the seating area, "What can I do for you today?" she asked offering coffee.

"Well," began Ginny as she took the cup with a smile, "I've made a few decisions about the wedding. I thought that the best thing would be to come down and talk them through with you."

“Of course, dear.” said the wedding planner getting out the notebook with Harry and Ginny's names written on it, “Now tell me what you've decided.”

“Of course I'll have Hermione as my Matron of Honor, she's my best friend and my sister-in-law, only recently married. Then my friends Luna, Nicola, Kate, and Grace will be my bridesmaids. My friends are so different in coloring and style that I've had a hard time deciding what color to dress them in. But I've finally chosen pale green. I like the color and It'll look good on Harry since I want the men's tuxedo's to have a bit of color and match.” there she paused looking at Melanie for a reaction.

“Brilliant. I was thinking of either that or a pale blue since you don't like pink. The little girls will look adorable too.” Melanie said scribbling away.

Smiling Ginny said, “That's another thing I've decided. I love my nieces and nephew, but I want the attention on Harry and me. So, we'll have the children sit with their parents instead of standing during the ceremony. It'll be more comfortable for them as well.”

Melanie, frowned, though she simply nodded and then said, “Now, I have a lot of little things that you need to give the final say on. Why don't we get started?” With that she pulled out a file thick with booklets and samples.

Oh boy. Ginny thought, The chaos begins.


The next two weeks were a flurry of activity, all the family drifted back in from their various residences, returning home for their favorite holiday. Charlie, Katrina, and Owen came in from Romania. Bill, Fleur, Marie, and Molly (now cured of the measles) came from Paris. Ron and a very pregnant Hermione came from their new townhouse in Muggle London. Fred and George came in from their flat in Diagon Alley. Harry of course was already considered part of the family and he to popped in from London.

It was very lucky that Mr. Weasley had made enlargements to the Burrow when they'd remodeled it the year before. Weasleys were about to burst through the holes in the walls as it was.

The boys including Harry were all commissioned by their mother to go with their father and chop down a Christmas tree and set off early the day after everyone had arrived. They set off slowly with Fred and George telling jokes and everyone else in a good mood. “There.” said Mrs. Weasley frankly, “That ought to keep them out of our hair for a while. Lets get to work girls.”

After a shared laugh the women set to cleaning. All except for Hermione that is. Pregnancy had done strange things to her magic, not to mention her household cleaning spells. She'd once tried to wash dishes and melted them even as she set the tub of water on fire. So Hermione got to play games with the children. Ginny and Katrina got to scrub the upstairs as Mrs. Weasley and Fleur scoured the downstairs. Then they set to putting garlands of holly around the rooms and lit candles in each of the windows. They were just fixing the mistletoe in place when a group of happy voices could be heard getting louder as the men returned from their search singing Christmas carols.

They burst in the back door in a flurry of snow and clothing as they all took of the hats and coats they'd been wrapped up in. The tree was a six and a half foot evergreen full and beautiful. Unlike Muggle Christmas trees it wouldn't get brown or loose needles and it wouldn't have to be watered. There were charms that would automatically water it and prevent the tree from shedding. As soon as the great tree was installed in the living room, the children were let in on the fun and the family spent a cheery hour decorating the tree and drinking eggnog.

After this was accomplished and the presents stacked under and around the tree everyone cheerfully went to bed to dream of the Christmas morning to come.

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