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Draco looked down at what she was staring at and the smile that had been on his face vanished. He simply looked up at her expressionless and waited to see what she would do.

She stared at his arm for awhile before bluntly saying "it's glowing."

He sneered and replied sarcastically "good job Granger."

"But doesn't it hurt?" She asked staring at his face searching for signs of pain.

He remained expressionless until the soft glow suddenly became stronger and a violent light was shooting out of it. At that he gasped, clenched his teeth together, squinted his eyes shut and his fists clenched.

Hermione started to panic, he was in pain and she did the only thing she could think of, she clamped her hand over the mark trying to apply pressure to it like you would to a cut to get it to stop hurting. At the touch of her hand though Draco let out a cry of agony and swiped his arm away from her. The glowing eventually subsided and his eyes flashed open dangerously.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" he shouted.

"I was trying to help." she answered quietly still shocked at seeing him in pain.

"So you touched it! Aren't you supposed to be smart. Of course it would make it worse you idiot. Do you ever think before you do something!"

"How was I suppose to know it would make it worse!" she cried angrily

Malfoy narrowed his eyes and Hermione got up and walked to the opposite wall with her cd player. She wiped off the earpiece that had been in Malfoy's ear on her sleeve before sticking them both in her ears and playing music that took her away from any thoughts about Malfoy.

At least she tried not to think about Malfoy. As soon as the song started playing though she found her mind racing reliving the past twenty minutes.

Her first impression was that Malfoy was just the same as always but was covered in dirt and his hair wasn't slicked back but was in messy clumps falling onto his forehead. Then when he got close to her trying to take her wand, she realized he also had horrible body odor and horrible breath. Unfortunately she also realized his body wasn't half bad either. Making sure to keep her thoughts about him hatful she pushed that fact away though. ‘He really needs a shower and a toothbrush' she thought glancing over at him.

She saw him staring intently on his hair as he brought strands in front of his face attempting to finger comb it, and involuntarily she smiled. She liked seeing him concentrate, he looked cute with his nose scrunched up and his eyes not quite so icey, not to mention his slightly pursed, full soft lip.... Realizing what she just thought she shuddered in disgust and tried to push her grin and the thoughts that went with it towards the very back of her mind to become forever lost.

Instead she closed her eyes and reminded how mad she was at him, yelling at her when she was only trying to help, he was such an insufferable prick. Not long after she starting wondering why no one had come to get her yet.

Giving up on his hair he glanced up and his eyes landed on the mudblood. Staring at her he fell into an angry glare. Her hair was as bushy as ever but he knew right now his hair was probably more disgusting than hers, which was clean like the rest of her. He grumpily thought of how unfair it was the mudblood got to bathe but not him. There were a lot of girls he wouldn't mind being stuck with but she was not one of them. ‘She does have her big mouth closed for once though' he thought happily. ‘To bad her brain seems to be on pause too, how could she think touching a violently glowing dark mark would make it feel better? Doesn't she know you can't get rid of the pain until you apperate to Voldermort, she must wasn't she supposed to know everything?" he thought curiously. Then with a running thought through his head about how she probably was incapable of answering what one plus one is unless she read the answer in a book first he sneered at her.

Hermione opened her eyes and caught Malfoy staring and glared right back into his sneering face. "What?!" she snapped. Before he could respond though the door was blasted open.


Up on the third floor Harry was pulling his trunks out of his room and was halfway down the stairs when he was stopped by two redheads, Tonks, and Lupin. "Where are you going?" asked Tonks looking at Harry's trunks in surprise. "To finish the mission Dumbledore and I started, and before you ask; no, I can tell you about it." He directed to Tonks and Professor Lupin who had both opened their mouths to ask just that.

Ron's expression grew firm and said "Right, I'll get my stuff." Harry was just about to go after Ron and try to talk him into letting him go alone but was held back by Ginny. "I'm going too!" she declared not waiting for Harry to reply before walking towards her room. Harry's eyes widened and he ran after Ginny.

"Ginny, no you aren't! You are going to stay here and be safe!" he yelled down the hall, then sprinting towards Ginny's room when he realized she had not stopped walking, and had just slammed her bedroom door shut.

A flustered Ron appeared a second later with trunks in tow shouting "Ready!" As he realized he was yelling this at Tonks and Lupin instead of Harry he frowned. Lupin not wanting to take part in these arguments simply pointed down the hall and Tonks said "In Ginny's room." trying like Lupin to stay out of their way.

Ron heaved a sigh of exasperation and ran towards Ginny's room where he entered but backed out quickly.

Inside the room his sister and best friend were yelling at each other and having taking no notice of Ron were now doing something that Ron could have lived not EVER seeing.

"I'm going and stop trying to stop me!"
"No! I will stop you because you need to be safe and I am not safe to be around!"
"I don't care! I want to be battling Voldermort and his followers .....even if it means I'm going to be in danger Harry!"
"NO ! I forbi....."

Ginny had let out an exasperated cry and before Harry could say another argument she strode up to him, pulled his face down to hers, and kissed him. It had started out as an attempt to shut Harry up by Ginny but as soon as their lips touched their thoughts were overrun by emotions that were now flooding through both of them. Harry deepened the kiss as his arms wound around Ginny's waist pulling her closer and Ginny's hands moved from his cheeks where she had grabbed him towards his neck looping her hands around it.

After what seemed like forever they pulled away from each other panting and grinning like mad. Harry leaned in for another kiss but before he reached her lips Ginny stared at him her grin sliding off her face. Ginny regretfully put her fingers on his lips pushing them back. She was looking down refusing to meet Harry's gaze. She pulled away and Harry's arms fell from her waist in utter confusion. Ginny strode over to her trunks and started packing.

She wanted to keep kissing him so much but as soon as they had pulled away from the kiss she remembered Harry breaking up with her and suddenly she felt her chest tighten and her heart felt heavy. She had to get away from him. She walked to her trunks and while packing she pushed thoughts of Harry away and when they wouldn't she concentrated entirely on Voldermort. As she made her decision on what to do she started swelling in pride thinking about how she was going to help the downfall of Voldermort and was not going to let Harry or anyone else stop her.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked extremely puzzled staring at the back of Ginny thinking how wonderful her bright red hair looked.

"Letting you have your way. I won't go with you on your mission." At this Harry blinked suddenly remembering their argument, and then grinning glad he had won it. However Ginny was not done talking yet.

"Instead I'm going to go find Kingsley and Moody and help them with the giants." She said in a very confident voice brushing past Harry carrying her packed trunk.

"What!?" shouted an alarmed Harry. Ginny paid him no mind though and walked straight to where Lupin and Tonks were sitting on the top stair hands entwined. Lupin had just whispered something into Tonks ear and she was in the process of smiling and moving closer to him, when Ginny broke in.

"Can you two take me to the giants?" At this Ron who had gone back to his room poked his head out.

"Giants? You can't be serious Ginny!"

Ginny glared at Ron after he said this and opened her mouth to argue but decided she didn't want to waste any more time arguing and instead turned around back towards Tonks and Lupin ignoring both Ron and Harry. "So can you?"

Tonks gave a worried expression towards Lupin before answering. "Well we have to question Malfoy now but.."

"Hold you have the Veritaserum?" asked Lupin with a wide eyes.

Tonks eyes slowly became wide and then she answered. "No! Kingsley does..DANG IT! That was our only vile!"

With that both of them had started racing down the stairs towards the door. "Hold on. I'm coming with you!" shouted Ginny sprinting after them not willing to miss her chance to get to the giants. Harry and Ron raced behind them and watched as Lupin, Tonks, and Ginny piled into a car driving off.

"Tonks knows how to drive?" Ron asked shocked. Harry ignored Ron and stared after the car angry he hadn't been able to stop Ginny. Just then Ron remembered what Tonks had said earlier about them having to question Malfoy.

It suddenly dawned on Ron. "Harry, do you by any chance know where Hermione is?" he asked hoping Harry had seen Hermione after Moody had left.

Harry just turned to Ron though, confused until he remembered Hermione had dragged Malfoy into his prison cell/room. Harry's wide eyes told Ron all he needed to know and he raced down to the basement, thinking of what Malfoy might have done to her totally forgetting Hermione had a wand and Malfoy didn't. When he reached for the doorknob though, it fell off into his hands as it's other half on the other side of the door had been blasted off already. He stared at it gaping until he realized what had happened and tossed it on the floor angrily. He tried to shove the door open but whatever spell Tonks had shot at it earlier was keeping it locked. "Damn it!" he shouted.

Harry raced behind Ron and furrowed his brow in confusion as he caught sight of the discarded doorknob on the floor. Looking up at the door and his angry friend who was now trying to open the door using a death glare, he simply shot a spell over Ron's shoulder at the door blasting it to pieces.

Malfoy's and Hermione's heads whipped around both startled by the sudden explosion. Malfoy instantly started laughing and Hermione put on a face of concern trying to squash her urge to laugh which Malfoy's own outburst was not making any easier.

Chunks of wood were littering the floor by the doorway and standing in the middle of it was a very shocked Ron. His hair was blown back with little chunks of wood in it and his eyes were wide staring where the door was just a second ago. The explosion had obviously taken him by surprise as he was standing still trying to comprehend what had happened. Then his mouth started to move spitting out little splinters as he tried to rid his mouth of the pieces of wood that had flown onto his lips and into his mouth. A little behind him was Harry who still had his wand pointed out but was put away at about the same time Ron got his senses back.

"What are you laughing at Malfoy?" The stunned expression gone from Ron's face only to be replaced by anger.

"You!" he said with no hesitation. Ron's ears started turning bright red but before he could respond Harry had spotted Hermione and brushed past Ron.

"Hey! You okay?" Harry said glad and a little surprised to see Hermione simply sitting calmly on the floor listening to music. He had been sure she would have been hurt by or at least arguing with Malfoy.

Finally trusting herself to speak without laughing she smiled and said "Hey guys! Wondered when you would get me, where's Ginny?"

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